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Posted on December 28, 2005 at 11:43 PM

Austin, Texas, USA--The paradigm is that Libertarianism is about just politics. Think again.


"As a result of the LIO communities project, over 2000 Libertarian and Libertarian-oriented or using  communities have been developed and registered since effectively zero in 1976, when the project began."


So says LIO advisor  and project co-ordinator  Terry Parker, who is preparing a short overview and manual on the subject and himself created a clothing optional Libertarian-oriented community of several hundred that garnered worldwide interest.


"More dramatically, Libertarian-using communities, most of which are unregistered, are quietly replacing traditional coercive government, particularly in the USA. Thousand of intentional communes, designed communities, and voluntary neighborhood associations are spreading. In Florida, for example, the Department of State acknowledges they are increasingly absorbing government functions and placing them on a more localized and voluntary basis."


The registry has included projects ranging from numerous households, a contractual non-pollution zone by Bangladeshi farmers, Libertarian  investment clubs, and Flying Tigers, a firm that pioneered private and low-cost next day mail.


RESOURCE: The Art of Community and Spencer Mac Callum ; Fail Safe Investing (Update)

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