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Nolan Troika System: Machine for Change, Public Office Libs

Posted on December 21, 2011 at 10:20 AM

 David Nolan, late US LP lead founder, wants everybody trying Libertarian public administration. This is one of a series of short items done with LIO  Advisor Dorothy Livengood before Nolan's death and since re-edited extensively combining several notes and short items approved by Mr. Nolan. Nolan championed Troika system described here as angine of citizen non-partisan or trans-partisan change for choice.

Libertarianism is a broad movement of self-empowerment using aware voluntary solutions. In public administration it is centered on presenting proven and promising choices of completely voluntary programs. These 'better awareness and of the principle of our rights.'  It is small government, limited government, anarchism-based, pro-market, socialist, libertine, conservative--and none of these, since the voluntary approach unites all previous classifications. No wonder dictionaries and synonym-finders are confused! Yet it's simple: Look at voluntary alternatives in everything, and as a movement promote a range of the best ones.


In our first generatiuon we've worked to get people familiar in a broad sense-- and political figures interested and excited...while developing our own ' farm team' of people interested in Libertarian voluntary choices. The success has been incredible:

  1. Think tank Infrastructure in many and now study groups in all countries
  2. Community and student networking, and 'awareness projects galore'
  3. A record of wins and interest  e.g in the US from people in all parties-- Congressman Ron Paul (Conservative), Governor Jesse Ventura (Independent), and Senator Mike Gravel (Progressivet)--have championed Libertarian projects as many others in public office are attracted to the US LP (Update: In December  2011 Governor Gary Johnson announced greater involvement in the USLP and Libertarian movement) high and low...and while they're a long way from being 'perfect Libertarians' they're showing the trend is turning: Even the USLP is just Libertarian-direction, the point is more public servants from all backgrounds are really interested in adapting some part of Libertarianism as they understand it.  More: Worldwide we've helped drive Liberalism back to sanity, with the Liberal international now advocating study of Ayn Rand, von Mises, and others.


Libertarianism is not, however, a matter oif one party. It's a method and inclination for finding voluntary ways that do the job better. In that sense it is non-partisan and belongs to everyone. Indeed, Liberal and Libertarian parties that are anything but rights-protection parties may become incoherent and not make sense in the long run. In the US, we found the main battle was pretty basic: ballot access and a fair hearing. Worldwide, in many countries Libertarians are the main rights presence, galvanizing Liberals and moderates.

In the US, in particular, the LP has completed its initial mission, and should continue to be a beacon of activism, education, and resources, or focus for the emerging Libertarian constituency--and inspiration to parties working for individual rights abroad. We prepared a toolkit for that Libertarian-direction work: See www.LibertarianBookClub.org  with a standard (2004) guideline activist platform and short summary ones, and a strategic plan 'continual improvement' toolkit. The most important 3 things you can do are:

  1. Also read libertarian books and sites, and share the pledge with people
  2. Put a simple (e.g. Think Libertarian) non-partisan sticker right now on your car and hand out the Quiz regularly (or share the link with people)  see www.TheAdvocates.org
  3. Get involved either monitoring a local board or get in local appointive public office such as your Neighborhood Association. We don't have trouble getting Libertarians in public office...we have trouble with people getting trained and stepping forward for the many vacancies available (remember, if you run for election it takes several tries).

Yet--There's other work to do.


In the late '70's we developed a long term approach for what we called the "Libertarian Troika"...the idea that in time we would offer 3 Libertarian "parties" to inform, energize and grow  what the world really needs: A large, tolerant, secular, pro-science and pro-peace middle class that views government as an optional service and wants plenty of choices in all areas, from lively free markets to intentional-designed communities. To that end, in future years focus will turn to starting for every country and major region:.

  1. A non-partisan co-operative group (tied with Libertarian community projects) to 'encourage people to get in public office especially appointive non-partisan local office focusing on strict voluntary' programs on a non-attack basis (if you love attacking opponents, this won't be for you).  The aim in each community area of about 1 MM population is a best practice (i.e. we've already done this somewhere) 30 Libertarians and 30+ non-Lib users over two or so decades...in the US, that would be ~10K Libertarians in office. One Libertarian in public elected office without such a network is one lonely Libertarian indeed.  This is also important as some perfectly respectable democracies don;t allow partisan parties, and there is a growing public mood for trans-partisan co-operation and against 'attack politics' and extremists. I've worked with LIO which has agreed to see to initial starter groups and a peer association, and a special platform designed by the people in public office themselves based on their successes, along with...
  2. Non-partisan 'PAC's,' civic groups or program-based 'Un-parties' focused on libertarian change through a) Installing, then b) using Direct Democracy and e.g. Ballot Access, PR and  MMP...the focus always is legalizing choice, never imposing anything on anyone. The organizational momentum will help develop...
  3. A center party for less official abuses and more rights like the USLP  or better Liberal International parties, along with continued promotion of Libertarian-friendly think tanks in every country. The first two actually will power most of what we need to spread voluntary change, but the third will help people rally against abuses.

If you have any doubt about these, an extremist group in a major US Party has decided stopping this is their main priority (Can't say where, as I can't reveal our source).

 I'm very excited about these and other tools. Increasingly, you trun on the TV and people are discussing Libertarianism from learned conferences to silly smear jobs to 'pop culture' refrences on comedies. None of this would have happened if we had not step forward in the early '70's and in my opinion the world would be in a massive Communist dictatorship by now instead. The first Libertarian generation showed against all doubters that it could be done on the civic plan in some form in the US, Norway, Costa Rica, the UK...what's before us is tightening and spreading to all parties and nations.


The day will come when everyone of any sense is a 'libertarian' in the same way anyone today is a 'democrat' or believes in division of powers. A world confederation of free republics 'with option of libertarian communities and programs made legal' will grow as more people see the value. (As our 1980's Movement Mission Statement says, we don't need a 'Libertarian government' or one big happy 'Libertarian Society.'  or even a Libertarian majority. We need more legalization of voluntary options, of choice for rights, with model Libertarian communities and projects from loving homes to co-ops or cities to Century-long ventures to the stars...and should spread interest in that concept by every peaceful and courteous means. )They see the value when they are presented with an example or information. Don't be thrown off by people who say we have fringe ideas--all of what we propose is a legal right or offical policy somewhere--from raw milk to home schools to abolishing taxes and the  military-What we want is legal consistency for rights..and general familiarity with voluntary ways to do this people like.

Tell people!--That's what we, whether as individuals telling friends or as a movement, must do, and all we need do: Always courteously, relentlessly, self-critically, and starting with our loved ones and local community. We are the movement of reason, rights and civilization--not exclusively but as the most informed and dedicated fans--and as we said at the beginning, we rally the champions of rights, the challengers of all cults...and have nothing to justify or apologize for.

There is work to do. Just as the once controversial idea of voluntary choice and associations is increasingly accepted in most of science, religion, marriage, nationality, and many other areas, so it's already spreading for private and public programs of all types. It begins with the will of one person. That person is you.


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