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Libertarian-Liberal Regional E-Conferences Coming

Posted on December 18, 2011 at 8:25 AM

Ever-genial Nizan Ahmad of Bangladesh, long-time LIO fellow and  new Conference lead co-editor for South and West Asia, is congratulated by LIO Fellow Nobelist Dr. Milton Friedman on the opening of his Think Tank. The Conferences will be fully operational into 2013.

(See above for conference links under Libertarian Institute)

A new 'NOW'-networking, organizing and works self-management tool--is underway: Free Facebook and other related e-tools to serve as perpetual 'e-conferences' for those interested in LIO SMILE tools and ideas, typically cultural Libertarian-Liberals, with special focus on Libertariany law and voluntary public administration, Libertarian home and work management, and legal issues. Nizam Ahmad, who founded a think-tank in Bangladesh and is a well-liked local business supporter, is the first co-editor 'on deck' and hopes to also help mentor Libertarian/LIO-interested local networks in his country as well as demand occurs. Particpants will have the opportunity to network to effect voluntary policy through spread of direct democracy and other non-partisan activity, and boost morale and ease the way of  young leaders in activism, culture, and public safety..

Participants will share data and projects, network, and practice English as well. The Conferences will serve as a central source to bring new people in and help them acclimatize and discover voluntarist tools in a learning. projects, and mutual encouragement world co-operative. Theye will be similar to the current LIO Friends but more regional-based, and will help develop a generation interested in peace and free trade, residency, and common action in their region. The regions are:

  • USA-Canada/Oceania/Antartica
  • Eurasia(Euro-CIS and Mediterranean Asia)-Latin America
  • India/SAARC-West Asia
  • Chinas-East Asia
  • Africa

Informational topics will also include:

  • Low-cost educationand college tools
  • Self- and lifestyle improvement
  • Futurism and technology, personal projects, entrepreneurship
  • Events, services, and petitions
  • Volunteer opprtunities, wins, workshops, etc...

Co-editors will highlight likes or projects, suggest resources, periodically welcome participants and in general help keep the conversation going.

Participants are welcome to sign up and begin sharing, and from time to time will be invited to also join local community projects. Strict professionalism is observed, and partipation is, as always, at the curator's pleasure advised by the host facilitator.All Liberal. progressive and libertarian groups may use the facilities to share projects and build interest, but are reminded that LIO is always collaborative in stance and rigidly neutral to issues, secular, and non-partisan in atmosphere: no attacks on public figures or persons are permitted--focus is attacking policy, never people.

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