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Libertarian LIO Fellow Vaclav Havel Recalled

Posted on December 18, 2011 at 8:20 AM

 Czech leader Vaclav Havel's father was an LIO (then the League) Advisor who sought to create model proto-Libertarian voluntarist neighborhoods  for the poor and middle class that were then expropriated, and whose ancestors  in turn were involved in the salon of  then co-ordinator Henriette De Lemos y Herz that was the center of much of our predecessor League's activity in the early 1800's. Vaclav was denied a liberal education by the coercive Communist regime for suspected 'Libertarian anarchist and middle class market-poetic and democratic tendencies.' Indeed.

In a period where cultural Libertarians and Liberals have seen many distinguished LIO Fellows and Friends pass on--David Nolan, Dr. Hospers, Christopher Hitchens, Geraldine Ferraro--Public Safety Group member Vaclav Havel must now be recalled.

Havel hand in glove with activists to overthrow Communist dictatorship through firmly peaceful and hence successful means that deserve imitation and are LIO policy. He later led the country to peaceful development, and remained interested in efforts to bring about more voluntary markets, voluntary public services, and voluntary socialist and research communities.

As health allowed he was active in working for change in the Mid-East by behind the scenes encouragement, and also recoimmeneded these projects in which he was deeply in support and for especial interest by LIO supportive activists:

  1. European Tolerance Council: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Council_on_Tolerance_and_Reconciliation
  2. Human Rights Foundation: http://www.thehrf.org/
  3. Victims of Communism memorial http://www.victimsofcommunism.org/ 

Havel continued his main cultural work with plays, publicizing efforts to inspire youth and other educative or arts activities, and encouraging interest in the marriage of new technologies and the arts.

His advice to LIO  Friends: "Think in generations, act in the now, and smile."


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