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Georgia Libertarians, Liberals Win War of Ideas

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 9:35 PM

TBILISI, Georgia, October 2008--(Updated,Reposted)

Looking at world trouble spots, Tom Krimanovic, a human rights leader in Serbia, summarizes the view: "Don't Send Marines. Send Libertarians." De-coercion and education are great citizen thought-tools for peace and prosperity.


Libertarians are answering the call. While politicians trade threats, a more quiet occupation of the former Soviet state of Georgia is underway as pro-libertarian groups there spread not only democracy but the study of Libertarian ideas and action tools.

Groups from students to entrepreneurs to legislators are studying and implementing Libertarian ideas and continuing a process of 'providing the intellectual and citizen activism weapons  for citizens to advance democracy, free markets, intentional communities, and personal freedom. They're also working across borders with Russian counterparts to exert citizen pressure to defuse tensions, participating in groups such as the innovative http://www.isil.org/store/liberty-english-camp.html  where they learn English and network while using Libertarian and Liberal texts.

Eminent leaders in the region agree. Libertarians were directly active in undermining the dicatorships and providing a structure that moved policy from supporting friendly dicators to citizen diplomacy for freedom. "The fall of communism would not have happened without Libertarian" tools spreading, said Vaclav Klaus, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic at a recent talk to a libertarian group, www.fee.org  in the US. (see Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%A1clav_Klaus ) and Czech ( http://libinst.cz/stranka_en.php?id=2 )

In Georgia group members are studying works such as the Libertarian satire "Adventures of Jonathan Gullible" (see photo). Others work on a civic action group to get people in public office and further develop Libertarian applications. These include working on consumer issues and better public services with voluntary options such as privatization. Worldwide, many Libertarians are leading a trend that sees the concept of government as being primarily ancharged with defense as unhelpful. For information on citizen-to-citizen action where you can lead, google "citizen diplomacy," "sister cities" or check out www.isil.org which invites you to help sponsor a young leader to a conference.

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