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Massive Libertarian Video Archive NeedsYour Help

Posted on December 29, 2011 at 12:35 AM

LIO Fellow and former US LP Chair Mr. Turney leads project that will save rare documentation of an incredible Lib-catalyzed generation of change

A massive historical archive ( visit http://libertytapes.com/    to get involved OR link to your site)  of Libertarian videos, audios and recordings--including never-distributed or hard to obtain tapes or recordings of Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and  many Libertarian conferences, conventions and organizing meetings--is being transferred to more durable media. This is critical  before they vanish forever from normal decay and the effort need your help, says Jim Turney, former US LP Chair who advises and speaks with many Libertarian groups and who drove the documentation project.

For years Mr. Turney and  his volunteers patiently taped a vast number of Libertarian activities large and small, all the more important as many records have been destroyed when extreme right-wing conservatives posing as small government Constitutionalists seized many LP affiliates in the US, say observers.

In addition Mr. Turney has "many,many recordings" of Green and other activist and key non-profit or coalition events across the spectrum forming an incredible historical and scholarly resource of the citizen-led changes in the last few decades.

The first step of a massive catalog is complete, and some items are appearing at http://lwww.libertarianism.org but the highly expensive transfer invites funding. Many videos can only be run once before self-destruction due to their fragile state, and the work is highly delicate. Donors and well-wishers may purchase completed tapes or' "adopt" tapes, make a general contribution, or may contact the website for additional information or contribute material. Once completed, the LIO has offered to arrange fundraising for an archive to curate copies under its care.

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