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100K+ Libertarian Intros, in 40+ Languages, Fight Illiteracy

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 5:15 PM

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Above. Dr Schoolland and daughter on work in interview.100K+ CD's have been delivered among even more items that address non-coercive society, English, and basic literacy.

The LIO registered  www.LibertarianBookClub.org lead readings--Adventures of Jonathan Gullible (JG) and the companion free Liberty Flash--are now available in over 40 languages, with more translations under consideration. JG, authored by dynamic political economy educator, philanthropist, and talk show host LIO Fellow Dr. Ken Schoolland, is a charming children's book that is also being used in English tutorials and illiteracy worldwide. It expalins through memorable short adventures many supposedly difficult concepts with additional exercises for schools or home study. The short Flash orients the viewer to non-coercive moral and social themes.

Several initiatives  use the items in a "Liberty Camp" youth movement  with an array of activities in China ( https://sites.google.com/site/chinaaustrianeconomicscampc/ ) ; Central Asia and  East Europe ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKR9MzsceZ0 ) and other countries ( http://profitfromfreedom.com/about-the-conferences.html ). The www.LibertarianBookClub.org will be rolling out by-country e-group book/action clubs to support LIO/Libertarian-interested  communities and forums in 2012 alerting people locally of the readings including other free e-books.

While English, Spanish and french cover most copuntries and populations, the translations are of great help in reaching local budding leaders. See: http://www.jonathangullible.com/ to obtain information on JG, offer to translate, or donate--and download the free e-Flash or link it to your site. Please share or link this post.

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