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Since the modern LIO Libertarian and allied Green movement began in 1969 with 5 pledgers and several hundred fans, we're now 1+ per 1000 homes in every country. Why stop now?

The Libertarian International Organization  (LIO) helps you build a better world with aware, voluntary, non-punitive tools!  LIO is a set of advisory -encouragement networks  along SMILE lines. Mission: Help you promote peaceful voluntary choices and associations, notably in public administration, as engines of betterment. It is free, non-partisan, all-volunteer, neither takes nor donates funds; mothering Liberal and progressive change. Go to 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 on|

Key news: The formal LIO Libertarian/fan community--LIO--is (2015) at 8 million homes proportionately distributed across classes and ethnicities in every country, with an additional 1.3 million in an added US LIO-fan D-base, resulting in 11% of US Homes--22% of all parties--self-identifying as informal libertarian-interested. Interests are peaceful dialogue on aware use of voluntary tools bettering rights, tolerance, social/scientific progress in all areas. LIO is non-partisan, but most follow the intuitive Gilson Libertarian voting strategy disseminated in 1969: Vote for very honest and preferably libertarian-interested and/or minority persons; otherwise vote to oblige centrist dialogue via progressive executive-upper house and conservative lower house in federal or national/local, and the reverse in state/ regional elections in both private and public-common bodies. LIO fans are active in non-partisan preferably appointive local office, to often lead the bodies they serve and increasingly professional or union groups. In general, progressives as social accelerator tend to be 50 years behind in consciously applying LIO Libertarian (or SMILE) tools, conservatives 100 years as social brake. All are welcome to try or share free SMILE tools to better home, work-leisure, and civic life in the world's largest intentional community bringing goodwill, dialogue, peace in all institutions--thus suppressing anti-rights extremism.

Overview. The LIO was re-founded in 1904: Katherine Gardner-Gilson, G. Thonar, Michael Lemos. It initially focused on training on co-operatives, tolerance, and work on what is now the UN Declaration--a world rights charter. We include the predecessor Lemos-Gil Liberal Salons re-organized 1592 to promote voluntary associations as engines of progress. We're an alliance of homes for goodwill, dialogue, volunteering.  Just share your good work: Use any of our 3 dialogue platforms of progress, rights, voluntary governance since 1969:

  1. Civil Libertarianism: Voluntary eco-tools, all fields (SMILE).
  2. Citizen Libertarianism: Local UN Rights democracy, all nations with Florida as model
  3. Civic (with LIO curator): Libertarian model eco-homes/-community legal.

Formal Participation:.. in the LIO Libertarian world community is also via these 3 levels: You're either an small-l libertarian applier, large-L pledged advocate, or LIO auditor (~170+ IQ homes)/Senior Libertarian focused on 1, 2, or 3 respectively.  (Outreach registration is presently closed. Informal pro-libertarian voters/libertarian-receptives may get on our d-base via e-mail to our Facebook i.e. LIO Friends, right). More: Am I a L/libertarian?

History: Please note the term Libertarian is derived from the Iberian for freeholder who championed justice and city rights--not liberty per se, but justice and free speech. Their voluntary Libertarian communities of old, many around the garden republic of Monfort Lemos--where all voted even in the Dark Ages--inspire many. Join LIO fans exchanging data for eco-homes/co-housing of positive parenting, prepping, and personal development; involvement in community volunteering and non-partisan local public office; and share links/tools. 

Now what? Enjoy our links, and LIO Fellows thinkpieces below: Share to promote brainstorming and dialogue.

"The www.LibertarianInternational.org is informal, effective because it's us, we share many practical and inspiring tools, and LIO Libertarianism is very friendly to women and minorities such as Native and First peoples..."

--Meaghan Champion, Canadian Native American activist, homeschooler, and journalist.

Welcome from Kennon Gilson, student of art and education-philosophy, and great-grandson and collateral cousin-removed of the LIO re-founders.

"Rights, Order and Progress. LIO re-founders Katherine Gilson was also a co-organizer of the great D.C. woman's march in 1913 where she was beaten by police while pregnant with my grandfather--then toured the country galvanizing the equal rights movement...while Michael Lemos peacefully ended slavery and co-founded the republic of Brazil designing its flag, encouraging many liberal-libertarian communes at the time educating the freed slaves. They formalized LIO which had been for over a century the research edge of the venerable Liberal League it now incorporates, hosted by my ancestors from time immemorial. Having been a teen Libertarian in several public offices in the USA, and learned of our history and community including from luminaries as noted philosophers John Hospers and Barbara Branden, David Nolan and Dr. R. Swanson who helped found www.lp.org at a suggestion from my grandfather, and Toni Nathan first woman to get an electoral vote in the US, I'm honored you're looking into the amazing work and ideas of our fans. As a co-editor, I'll do my best to help you share the good work, and try out a benevolent and tolerant Libertarian atmosphere starting at home. Remember, you already enjoy the fruits of many Liberal-Libertarian innovations and campaigns...what we're doing is bringing aware, principled use:

"With more voluntary choices, things improve."


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Georgia Libertarians, Liberals Win War of Ideas

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 9:35 PM

TBILISI, Georgia, October 2008--(Updated,Reposted)

Looking at world trouble spots, Tom Krimanovic, a human rights leader in Serbia, summarizes the view: "Don't Send Marines. Send Libertarians." De-coercion and education are great citizen thought-tools for peace and prosperity.


Libertarians are answering the call. While politicians trade threats, a more quiet occupation of the former Soviet state of Georgia is underway as pro-libertarian groups there spread not only democracy but the study of Libertarian ideas and action tools.

Groups from students to entrepreneurs to legislators are studying and implementing Libertarian ideas and continuing a process of 'providing the intellectual and citizen activism weapons  for citizens to advance democracy, free markets, intentional communities, and personal freedom. They're also working across borders with Russian counterparts to exert citizen pressure to defuse tensions, participating in groups such as the innovative http://www.isil.org/store/liberty-english-camp.html  where they learn English and network while using Libertarian and Liberal texts.

Eminent leaders in the region agree. Libertarians were directly active in undermining the dicatorships and providing a structure that moved policy from supporting friendly dicators to citizen diplomacy for freedom. "The fall of communism would not have happened without Libertarian" tools spreading, said Vaclav Klaus, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic at a recent talk to a libertarian group, www.fee.org  in the US. (see Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%A1clav_Klaus ) and Czech ( http://libinst.cz/stranka_en.php?id=2 )

In Georgia group members are studying works such as the Libertarian satire "Adventures of Jonathan Gullible" (see photo). Others work on a civic action group to get people in public office and further develop Libertarian applications. These include working on consumer issues and better public services with voluntary options such as privatization. Worldwide, many Libertarians are leading a trend that sees the concept of government as being primarily ancharged with defense as unhelpful. For information on citizen-to-citizen action where you can lead, google "citizen diplomacy," "sister cities" or check out www.isil.org which invites you to help sponsor a young leader to a conference.

TOOLS: Please check out, donate to help--

Hon.Vito Marcoantonio:Libertarian Father of Civil Rights Act; Union Healthcare, Secession Model, Puerto Rican Freedom

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 12:35 AM

Remembering LIO Observer, Libertarian International Organization Legal Counsel Vito Marcoantonio who broke many paradigms. As LIO Counsel on his death he was succeeded by later LIO Honorary Fellows Chair  Hon.  William P. Rogers. He Championed Civil Rights, Cheap Union Healthcare, and a Secession Model in Use Now.

LIO Fellow and Libertarian International Association Counsel Vito Marcoantonio is being recalled by modern Libertarians-- with world refocus on Civil Rights non-discrimination, health care, union and local autonomy issues-- as a forgotten pioneer ...where he made signal advances in those and related areas with deep relevance today.

Like most Libertarians of his time, previous to the LIO encouraging foundation of increasingly Libertarian-oriented parties as a 'political home' he was involved in many political groups, and interested in instituting progressive public institutions to counter-act religious monopolies and outright Stalinism with the view of later libertarianization. .The attorney served as a distinguished Republican Congressman, member and later in public office for  the American Labor Party, and leader of an enormous open-entry uniion that was persecuted by the government for providing  low-cost health care--and was key strategist in restoring the natural law concepts of both protected private discrimination and breaking the back of religious-driven public offer and public bodies racial and other discrimination.

  1. Civil Rights and Non-discrimination. He authored the first modern Civil Rights Act in the US, which went on to influence many  countries in ending invidious discrimination: His early version, H.R. 3994, was first introduced on March 13, 1941, but it died in committee. A second version, H.R. 7142, was introduced  on July 20, 1942, and it also died in committee. At that point it had done its job of opening eyes and creating a core coalition; and was adopted as a model and rally cry by a determined group of business, union, and legislative leaders--including John Kennedy--for the legislation of 20 years later, spearheaded and passed primarily by Liberal and Constitutionalist Republicans.
  2. As vice-president and leader in the IWO, he worked for a "free union for voluntary, not Stalinist Communism' with a demonstration medical-dental plan for all participants. He warned that dependence on taxation of the rich was to be beholden to their incomes, and called for worker and middle class entities that were self-supporting. Unlike many Communist or other unions, ILO was open to all races and political beliefs, with a model of 'union-provided, not government centralized healthcare' that was extremely low-cost and attracted the ire of doctors for demanding professional improvement and 'allowing plumbers to fire surgeons' among other complaints; the ire of  the still powerful KKK-- which at that time had members in about 20% of American homes and many of whose families have come to control the Republicans, say critics-- for its racial openness; and dismayed insurance companies seeking legal prefrences along with hard-line Stalinists posing as 'Liberals'  and standing in the way of both government imposed 'private insurance only' or centralized options. It was closed under color of political activity but the 200,000 member union "... provided very low cost term life insurance, coverage which could be supplemented with additional protection against sickness..did not employ sales representatives and paid no commissions on policies ... published news in their own languages, organized singing societies, sports teams, marching bands, dance companies, and theater groups.... from a tiny organization of 3,000 to 5,000 members at the time of formation in 1930,  it... attracted to the low cost and nondiscriminatory availability of insurance and the willingness to take on as insureds anyone who worked, even those who worked in dangerous or high risk employment, as well as the mutual aid benefits.... it met pragmatic needs in an economic and social framework...IWO offered insurance to all working people at the same rate regardless of race or occupation and was, at the time, the only service provider where African Americans could obtain insurance at the same rate as others...' in that manner, says one site article.
  3. Was a strong advocate of state autonomy, starting as an advocate of a new 'Commonwealth Free Associate State' status where a US territory or state could on application become non-voting, leave foreign affairs to the rest and be otherwise an independent copuntry. He used the model to promote normalization of the status of Puerto Rico,  which had become a preserve where people were expropriated by corporations favored by politicians in the capital to today a 'Commonwealth' or 'Free Associated State' helping, according to one commemorative site, reverse the situation where : ..."The once land owning farmers, dispossessed by huge sugar plantations...work the unfertile mountain soil or are landless. Only seven percent of the native dwellers in the rural regions are landowners in Puerto Rico … Over the heads of these small farmers hangs a total mortgage debt of about $25 million (NOTE: In the curency of the mid-century)… The landless peasants have been converted into a great army of colonial slaves in the sugar plantations, or are unemployed..."

His interest in voluntary and libertarian communism in a liberal society that also welcomed free markets as opposed to Stalinist monopolies was lost on the FBI, which the story is told by old-timers in the movement at one time had Marcoantonio under constant surveillance-- including meetings with the FBI head and Ezra Benson, an LIO Fellow who became part of the Eisenhower administration. At one time the confused government spies of both the US and USSR were following him about, at a loss to comprehend his work and convinced he was a secet agent for the other country. His ability to get broad support across all parties even led the government to pass primary restriction and anti-fusion (running as a candidate endorsed by several parties) laws that libertarian and other groups in the US are slowly reversing today after a titanic 40-year fight.

LIO past honorary Chair Ralph Swanson, who interacted  withh Marcoantonio, Kennedy and later King, has noted that while there may be room for improvement in matters of discrimination or judicial interpretations, the 'US Federal Rights Act is correct in banning official discimination and that of public offer private businesses, while protecting strictly private firms or organizations in ability' to discriminate, though, he notes, "Even the Ku Klux Klan has begun admitting members of different races..." and the Rights was carefully studied in formulating the standard USLP platform to guide legislative coalitions.Libertarians should not confuse strictly private associations with those of public offer; in any event, most discrimination was forced on business and non-profits by government regulations that ironically were originally supported by racial progressives in many cases, or leftist groups seeking to stir up ill feeling..."

The Freelancer's Union in the US has ( http://www.freelancersunion.org/ )   recently revived many of the IWO service concepts, and Libertarians suggest dialogue on placing many social services in the hands of union and consumer groups unhindered by legislative bans or 'nanny-state' forced centralization. In the US Cover Florida, a Health care exchange predating current efforts to assist consumers has been developed by pro-Libertarians.

The US in later years, egged on by Libertarians, divested itself of its 'ridiculous play-colonial 'empire, says Swanson, with a variety of agreements, mutual free association and governance compacts, or simple independence, maintaining friendly relations. In cases such as the Northern Marianas, Libertarian groups helped mediate transition. Today many Libertarians remain interested in the Commonwealth model as a means to bring greater autonomy and experimentation to US states or local governments--from eased drug laws to non-tax zones-- consistent with the rights of the individual.


Note RE Secreatry E. T. Benson, who wrote extensively on intergrating Libertarian concepts to Mormon religious practice and worked to champion the Sister City concept: "“I am a libertarian. I want to be known as a libertarian and as a constitutionalist in the tradition of the early James Madison ~ father of the Constitution. Labels change ... though in its original British connotation the term liberal fits me better than the original meaning of the word, conservative.”(Ezra T. Benson, The Red Carpet p.206) . At the time the LIO, then the League, was a smaller advisory group, not the growing networks of today.


Libertarian Coalitions Championing B-Corporations, Co-ops

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 12:05 AM

LIO Fellow Nobelist Milton Friedman praised suggestions at an LIO workshop that along with standard 'C' Corporations, there be simplified  'A' (for autonomous untaxed family business and trust), 'B' (for Barter or business for-profits with a non-profit section) and 'D, E & F' (for democratic consumer, employee owned co-op, and freeshare and pay-it-forward) entities. 'Why not the whole alphabet?' he quipped, saying many obscure tax policies had completely distorted or blocked legal options.

LIO-supportive Libertarians and progressives are in coalitions centered in the US to make business non-profits legal. While many have criticized free economc choice as blindly profit-driven, a review by Libertarians revealed a thicket of laws that make for-profit ventures for non-profit purposes illegal or difficult to set up.Libertarian thinking has always viewed all action as for-profit, non-profit simply meaning the benefit is not directly for the principals, and contests the view that non-profit must equal anti-personal.The LIO encourages a vision of free markets that not only welcomes traditional forms but is driven primarily by user and worker co-ops such as credit unions, non-profit endowments, and home based forms and trusts--but policies still make this difficult.

The problem may be a surprise to some, but has long been understood by Libertarian thinkers. For example, many jurisdictions and tax authorities  harass  for-profit co-ops providing free barter services and basic supplies; unions seeking to provide healthcare; corporations and family trusts attempting to combine donations with profit activities--or actually make it illegal for corporations to engage in non-monetary activities 'for public benefit.' In the US, many private health care providers such as hospitals and doctor's co-operatives have shut down 'internal long-term trusts to provide health care for al'l due to the tax complexities. This vacuum where co-op based free-markets and alternate forms are hampered or actually prohibited is then blamed on the 'free' market, say analysts, and promoted by incurious academics who claim it to be an obvious problem of choice-based systems. As a result, people are blamed for not solving problems they're forbidden to solve.

To combat the situation Libertarians have been working with different groups to advance:

  1. 'B' Corporations that legalize a specific or general non-profit goal along with profit sections, with a 3rd party review provision to cut through tax complexities. Groups such as http://www.bcorporation.net/ advance one model. Care must of course be taken that the door is not opened to expand crony  corruption. Libertarians at a recent conference on long-term funding for space colonization, the 100-Year Starship Project, called for use of B-type corporations to these ends.
  2. In Florida  coalitions are successfully working to regularize co-op status in everything from community gardens to religious co-ops providing health care.They hope the example will drive world change. The matter effects even private persons. Recently policies were agreed there on that let people have a homeless person as a guest in their homes without triggering tourist tax and other restrictive laws; mothers are fighting for the right to have baby-sitting and home-learning co-ops without triggering expensive license requirements as day care entities.
  3. Options such as 'free-free-markets'  based on gifting, barter networks, and food share buying programs are being acknowledged and functioning on the internet.Around the world, people are consulting the LIO in their figfhts to legalize small micro-lending, voluntary eco-zones, voluntary safety standards superior to the official ones, and protect community trusts from seizure.
  4. US States have begun removing laws prohibiting simplified eternal family trusts to protect the wealth of small households and create family guarantteed housing, incomes, and other amenities.  Thus say providers 'Alaska's laws are among the most progressive in the U.S., providing a number of unique estate planning and tax savings benefits not available in most other states. Alaska was the first state to pass legislation authorizing self-settled domestic asset protection trusts (commonly called "Alaska Trusts") and continues to be in the forefront in updating and improving its statutes to provide favorable protections for individuals, families and family-owned entities. Alaska has become one of the top states of choice for the location of trusts and family limited liability companies (LLC). '

Emblematic of the problem than people raising money to feed the homeless on the streets being arrested by the police and then questioned by tax authorities. Several links are reported at the LIO 'SMILE' Twitter, which shares good news on Libertarian living tools. Interested activists are invited to share their stories and projects at the LIO Friends network on Facebook. RESOURCES:

>GOOGLE Family co-ops

>GOOGLE Family trusts Alaska

Libertarian Country Counter, Translator: LIO Friends @2000

Posted on November 15, 2011 at 9:00 PM

LIO has placed a free counter at lower right that notes 'Country Unique Visitors' and posts a flag --as LIO Friends are represented in nearly every country from Afghanistan to Zambia, and reached 2000 at their Facebook on November 15th, 2011.  Another 1000+, mostly in Mainland China, share by other channels.

LIO Friends participants regularly network for mutual encouragement and data, sharing social and other entrepreneurship emphasizing SMILE tools and voluntary approaches. Thanks to advances cleared by removal of blocking regulations and expnding voluntarist approaches, the counter is free though it might have cost millions to regularly process such information a generation ago.

A translator has also been added at  the sidebar which provides approximate translations of site material. LIO volunteers will use thecounter  information to help guide outreach efforts along with internal web tools.Some countries may not be represented for technical or censorship reasons.

As of the first 24 hours visitors came from 19 countries and made a typical 140 views:


1. United States 25 November 16, 2011

State Unique Visitors Last New Visitor

1.1. Florida 2 November 15, 2011

1.2. California 4 November 15, 2011

1.3. Texas 4 November 15, 2011

1.4. Idaho 3 November 14, 2011

1.5. Alabama 2 November 15, 2011

1.6. Alaska 1 November 14, 2011

1.7. Maryland 1 November 15, 2011

1.8. North Carolina  3 November 15, 2011

8 out of 51 collected.


2. Argentina 7 November 15, 2011


3. Italy 3 November 15, 2011


4. India 3 November 15, 2011

5. Brazil 2 November 15, 2011


6. United Kingdom 2 November 15, 2011


7. New Zealand 1 November 15, 2011

8. Nigeria 1 November 15, 2011

9. Tunisia 1 November 15, 2011

10. Costa Rica 1 November 15, 2011

11. Czech Republic 1 November 15, 2011


12. Australia 1 November 15, 2011


13. Ukraine 1 November 14, 2011


14. Germany 1 November 14, 2011


15. South Africa 1 November 14, 2011

16. Malaysia 1 November 14, 2011


17. Sweden 1 November 14, 2011


18. Philippines 1 November 14, 2011

19. Panama 1 November 14, 2011

100K+ Libertarian Intros, in 40+ Languages, Fight Illiteracy

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 5:15 PM

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Above. Dr Schoolland and daughter on work in interview.100K+ CD's have been delivered among even more items that address non-coercive society, English, and basic literacy.

The LIO registered  www.LibertarianBookClub.org lead readings--Adventures of Jonathan Gullible (JG) and the companion free Liberty Flash--are now available in over 40 languages, with more translations under consideration. JG, authored by dynamic political economy educator, philanthropist, and talk show host LIO Fellow Dr. Ken Schoolland, is a charming children's book that is also being used in English tutorials and illiteracy worldwide. It expalins through memorable short adventures many supposedly difficult concepts with additional exercises for schools or home study. The short Flash orients the viewer to non-coercive moral and social themes.

Several initiatives  use the items in a "Liberty Camp" youth movement  with an array of activities in China ( https://sites.google.com/site/chinaaustrianeconomicscampc/ ) ; Central Asia and  East Europe ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKR9MzsceZ0 ) and other countries ( http://profitfromfreedom.com/about-the-conferences.html ). The www.LibertarianBookClub.org will be rolling out by-country e-group book/action clubs to support LIO/Libertarian-interested  communities and forums in 2012 alerting people locally of the readings including other free e-books.

While English, Spanish and french cover most copuntries and populations, the translations are of great help in reaching local budding leaders. See: http://www.jonathangullible.com/ to obtain information on JG, offer to translate, or donate--and download the free e-Flash or link it to your site. Please share or link this post.

Libertarian Living: SMILE Tools Thought Machine

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 4:40 PM

LIO has expanded its Twitter on Libertarian Living and voluntary tools in the culture with a Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Libertarian-I-Love-Libertarians-SMILE-LIO-Tools-Libertario/133833440053261

The Facebook will also serve as a non-partisan and enjoyable way to share LIO tools and concepts with people via Facebook shares, mass e-mails and site or e-mail links. A  searchable website is under development to readily help people get familiar with SMILE cultural themes and tools.

The site supports the growing Libertarian-interested community worldwide networking via LIO and focuses on voluntary tools unleashed by LIO/ Libertarian concepts and efforts, plus conscious projects, tips, and sites to immediately imoprove one's personal and home, work/leisure, or civic life, plus occasional amusing items. Recent Facebook (which will include user shared links and items) and Twitter (which will have retweets from follows) topics include...



LIO: Join our new SMILE Facebook.... http://fb.me/RSdzgTfL

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M: Personal talking robot is here--thanks Lib deregulators. http://fb.me/QTO1JGiL

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E: Lib Cit Facebook to start LIO community is up! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Libertarian-Citizen/237724059614631 http://fb.me/12j4ldTVF

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@TheIHS A form of protectionism, restrictive immigration policies are stifling entrepreneurship and economic growth.

2 Nov


nicolesauceAKA Nicole Williams

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@chaykun Is that a coffee order? RT: Are you shipping to the east coast? Just got a new French Press!

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RSVP for an upcoming MeditativesSingles events at http://www.meetup.com/MeditativeSingles  - and if there is not already... http://fb.me/1l7TG9eTC

23 Oct


LynneBeaumontLynne Beaumont

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http://clarityproducts.org  Love organic soap? . Grt Xmas present. Made by blind/disabled people. Fab charity, fab people & fab products please RT

1 Nov


Homeschool_HelpPinellas Homeschool

by LIBIntOrg


Website updated! http://pinellashomeschoolhelp.webs.com/  New content, photos, links, forum and more.

30 Oct




LIO: A contact group of LIO Operation Democracy will meet next week in Libya on driving peaceful change in small countries such as Fiji.

26 Oct




LIO: Hope you enjoyed our retweets from Follows, + this Atlas Shrugged news... http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/65776.html

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MichaelGilsonMichael MG Gilson

by LIBIntOrg


Palin's dream of seeing Russia from her house may come true:... http://fb.me/YE4IMr9Q

1 Sep


MichaelGilsonMichael MG Gilson

by LIBIntOrg


http://www.newser.com/story/131495/80s-sitcom-nailed-year-of-gadhafis-death.html  http://fb.me/1itet8j0g

26 Oct


igeldardIan Geldard

by LIBIntOrg


Public spending by UK government department: an interactive guide http://bit.ly/uSho5f

26 Oct


roastydogSpaz McGee

by LIBIntOrg


Corporations pay politicians who pass laws to benefit corporations; laws are enforced by PD's supplied by the military using stolen funds.

26 Oct


AMCTheatresAMC Theatres

by LIBIntOrg


Never say "I'll be right back." #StepsToSurviveAHorrorMovie

26 Oct


rationalreviewRational Review

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New at RRND:: Modern algorithms crack 17th century code http://bit.ly/s5Ag3B

26 Oct



by LIBIntOrg


Just passed a house with multiple pumpkins on the front lawn plus a tent and a sign saying "occupy front yard."

26 Oct



by LIBIntOrg


Ivory Coast #Gbagbo party will boycott elections http://ow.ly/79KDU  #ivorycoast

26 Oct


kaeporaNadim Kobeissi

by LIBIntOrg


Google: "We received a request from US law enforcement to remove YouTube videos of police brutality." http://www.google.com/transparencyreport/governmentrequests/

26 Oct




LIO: Enjoy, spread the word with our latest SMILE, follows retweets. Join our Facebook and share your project @ http://www.Libertarian-International.org

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BONUS: Meet Top 1% http://www.intertel-iq.org/membersonly.php  (PhD-level) vs bottom 40% (<95 IQ) http://www.assessmentpsychology.com/iqclassifications.htm  once called slow to dull to feeble-minded.

22 Oct




S: Adult eco-greenhouses! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2051612/Pining-forest-retreat-The-breathtaking-tree-houses-run-rings-homes-solid-ground.html

22 Oct




M: Your robot lover? http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/99573-the-next-stage-of-human-robot-love-meet-mekas-anime-robot-girl

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I: Women drive polygamy? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2049361/If-hadnt-wanted-wives-I-probably-wouldnt-married-How-women-driving-force-polygamous-marriage.html

22 Oct




L: Immortality wonder drugs no longer a joke- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2050788/Anti-ageing-wonder-pill-drug-enable-live-150.html

22 Oct




E: Superfoods! http://readynutrition.com/resources/be-nutrition-ready-and-store-super-foods_23022011/

22 Oct






LIO: As Operation Democracy moves along, several dictators now gone.




Barbara Branden Efficient Thinking Course on Youtube

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 1:45 AM

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Founder of psycho-epistemology, or the science of efficent thinking and authentic and aware feeling philosopher Barabara Branden has released her long unavailable seminal course on "Principles of Efficient Thinking." Her work has been credited with launching the entire mental self-improvement and goals analysis movement in personal development and management.The course helps the auditor identify  mental habits, examine common fallacies, improve emotions and sub-conscious activity, and introduces her ground-breaking approaches.Her site is at: http://barbarabranden.com/thinking.html She explains:

Thinking is not an automatic process known to everyone "instinctively." Thinking is an acquired skill and — like every human skill — it involves certain principles which have to be identified and learned.

Barbara Branden's course on this subject, available on audiocassette, deals with the art of thinking in both its theoretical and practical aspects. The theoretical aspect covers in detail the principles that make possible the most efficient use of one's mind; the practical aspect covers specific techniques by which one avoids thinking errors and maximizes the productiveness of one's mental effort.

The course contains ten lectures, and includes a discussion of such issues as the following:

Why a science of thinking is necessary — the relation between efficient thinking and intelligence — the philosophical base of efficient thinking — the nature of intellectual focusing — the various levels of focusing — the problem of concentration — the nature of the subconscious — the subconscious as a "Univac" — the proper use of the subconscious — the psychology of "inspiration" — the effect of repression on thinking

The nature of the conceptual level of consciousness — the nature of intelligence — the destroyers of intelligence — thinking in essentials — the destructiveness of treating emotions as tools of cognition — the manner in which wishes and fears can distort the thinking process — "emotional-perceptual" thinking.

The importance of knowing the source and validation of one's concepts — the role of integration in thinking — forms of the failure of integration — evasion as the sabotaging of consciousness — common aberrations in thinking and consequent mental habits — the inability to think in principles — the misuse of abstractions — the "socialized consciousness" and the destruction of language — failures of discrimination in thinking — the error of intellectual "package-dealing" — the danger of false axioms.

Psychological causes of inefficient thinking: the surrender of the will to efficacy; failure of self-esteem; the "malevolent universe" premise; "social metaphysics" — the source and conditions of intellectual certainty.

 (Reposted November)


John McCarthy. Father of AI, Many Eco-Tools, Recalled

Posted on November 1, 2011 at 6:20 PM

 LIO Fellow John McCarthy, hailed as Father of Artificial Intelligence (AI), organized first AI conferences.

(Repost Nov 1) While the world was focused on Steve Jobs, LIO Observer John McCarthy passed on October 24, and is recalled as a, if not the Father of Artificial Intelligence (he coined the term) and advocate of many innovative ideas in both space and urban development to "empower the average" person and "create sustainable, decentralized scenarios" people could use. A close friend of past LIO curator Paul Gilson, whom he met while Mr. Gilson helped co-ordinate poor releif in California,  they worked to organize several conferences to make everyday use of robotics and machine servants a reality-- and key basis of a leisure society of prosperity and ease of education for all. He had been inactive for several years.

The fact that you're reading this on internet shows the success of the controversial vision. McCarthy suggested scientists had to navigate between ridicule of peers and the public, and leaders "all too read"y to seize the technologies for perverse ends.

Dr. McCarthy advised efforts to teach logic and mediative/conflict resolution techniques in grade school, as conducive to peace and rights in the long term, and as a definite personal benefit--a cause that has far to go

A Wiki Article is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_McCarthy_(computer_scientist)  and his page is: http://www-formal.stanford.edu/jmc/

NASA, World Conference in Space Privatization Options

Posted on October 27, 2011 at 1:00 PM

 LIO Welcome Host Ecuadorian Astronaut R. Nader in presentation.

As NASA continues to work with Virgin Galactic and other groups in paving the way for increased space privatization options, LIO Fellow and Welcome Host Astronaut Cmdr. Ron Nader did presentations on various systems at the recent International Astronautical Conference.

Cmdr Nader was highly instrumental in developing and publicizing the innovative Ecuadorian Space Agency: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecuadorian_Civilian_Space_Agency which was designed as a civil agency with openness to many private options and non-tax funding from the beginning, and as an engine for peace and education:

"The Ecuadorian Civilian Space Program has three phases, Suborbital, Orbital and Lunar, in the first Suborbital phase, three manned missions are planned, the orbital phase has at least two manned missions and three unmanned missions and the Lunar phase is composed of four unmanned and one manned mission.

ESAA-01, the first suborbital mission is set for year 2012, it will be manned by Ronnie Nader and will carry two scientific experiments designed to study the radiation environment on the suborbital space zone. It is not clear from where the mission will take off, however some EXA executives have stated that, depending on some key factors, it is possible that the mission will launch from some point in the Ecuadorian coastal region.

This first phase employs a novel and ingenious scheme for low cost scientific access to space, renting the exclusive use of suborbital commercial space ships to develop this scientific missions, in order to be able to offer free or nearly no cost access to scientific research opportunities in space for Ecuadorian academic institutions. Other space agencies like NASA, have similar schemes for suborbital space scientific research like its Scientist Participant Suborbital Research Program this is due the convenience and low cost of renting commercial suborbital ships instead of developing and maintaining their own.

All the manned and unmanned missions for the Ecuadorian space program involve scientific experiments developed in the country; the objective, EXA has said, is the "Encourage the scientific and technological development of the country and to inspire the next generations of Ecuadorian scientists, engineers and explorers..." "

LIO Fellow Todd B. Hawley, Space University Founder, Remembered

Posted on October 20, 2011 at 1:45 AM

Space Enterprise was a book by the founders of International Space University, including Todd B. Hawley

The International Space University is gropwing, an innovative idea developed in conversations among LIO Fellows led by the late Todd B. Hawley.Hawley contacted LIO after reading a presentation summary by LIO Fellows at an Astronautical Conference advocating Space privatization and serious industrialization in 1977.From a task list arising from the effort he selected an international space education college and curriculum as essential, an idea that seemed mad  during the Cold War. Says his memorial site: :Todd was a visionary who believed in humanity's capability to open the space frontier as described by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Gerard K. O'Neill. He dedicated his life to fulfilling this vision, and in the process touched the lives of thousands of space leaders and entrepreneurs. "


  1. http://www.isbnlib.com/isbn/0387776397/Space-enterprise-living-and-working-offworld-in-the-21st-century
  2. http://www.isunet.edu/
  3. http://www.celestis.com/memorial/founders/hawley.asp



LIO, Libertarians Drive, Hail 100-Year Starship Conference

Posted on October 1, 2011 at 6:05 PM


  LIO curator and co-ordinator Michael Gilson-De Lemos met with LIO Fellows and other speakers or workshop leaders visioning low-cost, peaceful interstellar travel efforts and autonomous colonies of voluntary character 100 years from now. "The best way to change the future," he told participants, "is to make it." Here he and teen Libertarians in public office at session greet representative of Virgin Galactic, and later LIO Friends and others at Tau-Zero, NASA, Icarus Interstellar, DARPA  and other co-sponsors and participants. Unlike other conferences, it was opened free to the public, many of who participated in comment and brainstorm sessions.

 Libertarians and futurists worldwide praised a pioneering conference on the century long changes to launch interstellar starships to colonize planets in a peaceful way.

For some time LIO has been working for a conference open to the public to begin the needed development, especially private, for Stellar colonization, saying we need to think in terms of at least a century. Efforts first focused at the first 1977 conference on Private Space Industrialization, hosted by the American Astronautical Society at the behest of LIO Fellows Robert Heinlein and G. Harry Stine, with LIO Co-ordinator M. Gilson as a lead keynote speaker, along with other pioneers such as Robert Poole of Reason. This launched a trend for the needed generational and attitude changes for a world movement.

In this year's international Space Week on October 1 2011, this movement became a reality.

Over 100 Libertarians joined attendeess at http://www.100yss.org -- The 100 Year Starship™ Study Conference in Orlando, Florida, USA, which describes itself as: "...an effort seeded by DARPA to develop a viable and sustainable model for persistent, long-term, private-sector investment into the myriad of disciplines needed to make long-distance space travel practicable and feasible.

The genesis of this study is to foster a rebirth of a sense of wonder among students, academia, industry, researchers and the general population to consider "why not" and to encourage them to tackle whole new classes of research and development related to all the issues surrounding long duration, long distance spaceflight. "

In the main session, after greetings from Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic with several astronauts and intellectual leaders, and a keynote update by Virgin representatives, workshops discussed:

>Long range support groups, required legal changes

>Private exploration and law systems

>Faster-than-Light (FTL) Travel research

>Current capabilities

>Century-long private funding

>Status of private-public spaceports

>Milestones for Solar colonization

>Training and international goodwill creating a cohesive culture to drive change-- a "Starfleet" set of groups

>Peaceful use and e.g. defense against asteroid collision, etc.

A long-term Libertarian contact group was created by attendees to be curated byr LIO with a web presence in due course. Mr. Gilson-De Lemos or "MG", LIO Co-ordinator, received a special cerificate of recognition for his work from Libertarians in a separate event. MG made a few remarks of thanks citing his ancestors who had developed the first expeditions past the Equator, discovering the New World, and proposing space travel: "... We were there in 1511, 1921, 1971 and '77, today--and will be there in 2111. Change is slow, but we've been doing this a very, very long time. No one here today doubts the great truth that people strive to be basically good. The Stars are the path to our future heritage, and we will all benefit from Libertarian tools in, as Washington said, a growing social spirit of Justice and Liberality among all peoples."


Ayodele Faiyetole Improving World Habitat

Posted on September 28, 2011 at 11:20 AM

Space Enthusiast, ecologist and champion of micro-entrepreneurship for change Ayodele Faiyetole is bringing solar light to rural schoolchildren in Africa.

 Ayodele Faiyetole who interacts at the LIO Fellows group is with team mates developing projects to, starting with micro-entrepreneurship, bring voluntary improvements and inspire similar work.

After founding a networking effort on Space issues for students from Africa, his current effort is focused on Innovations to Society, which is bringing low-cost solar lamps to rural Africa. See: http://innovationstosociety.org/

" Innovations to Society aims to address the needs of the least-advantaged two billion people in the world. Nearly all of these live in developing countries and lack things that people in first-world countries take for granted -- such as access to electricity or clean energy, clean water, and basic medical services...Our approach is to strongly push high-impact technologies that are suited for particular regions...Employees of MTN Nigeria, through their cooperative society, MTN...Employees Multipurpose Cooperative Society (MEMCOS) have employed one of our functional solar lamps for their schoolkids...Innovations to Society (ITS) solar lamps are efficient, environment-friendly, and produces bright and clean lighting,...(one) also charges varieties of cell phones and other handheld devices..."

LIO Friends and many Libertarians are encouraging a world movement to devolve failing coerced programs or at least not block private and voluntary ones, plus pave the way for voluntary ones to empower the disadvantaged and share information.

Ayodele holds a M.Sc. (Space Management) from International Space University, France. He is the 2009 winner of the prestigious Todd B. Hawley Space Visionary Award, named after the LIO Fellow who carried out the LIO concept of an international space university among other innovations and help found the first privately funded successful space venture, Celestis.  Ayodele is also a Federal Overseas scholar, and has been hailed as a young light in space education efforts for African youth and Pan-African understanding. While LIO does not endorse efforts per se, interested persons are welcome to look at the effort as a model or donate at the site.



LIO Libertarians Help City Farms, Community Garden Choice

Posted on September 28, 2011 at 2:30 AM

LIO Fellow Mike Barr, who served on a local public office on Soil & Water Board, is leading a local movement where people are working on ecological issues, volunteering, and property rights protection. LIO Friends have been working to remove coercive laws against urgan gardens, farms, and community garden co-ops.

LIO Friends, in the LIO network for SMILE activists, are communicating worldwide on spreading personal autonomy tools in urban mutual help and self-support while driving or helping coalitions against an array of problematic policies. Targeted are rules against:

  • Urban gardens and farms; communities such as the Venus Project
  • Community gardens and home or co-op food production
  • Rules forbidding helping the Homeless without government sanction

The problem is worldwide, either from sudden enforcement of once dormant laws to misguided efforts to regulate traditional home food production from raw milk to pies for friends and neighbors, to police arresting people for buying food for the Homeless. At the same time over 30,000 activists worldwide have directly or indirectly received links to helpful tools. In addition, work is increasing to better communication on rules favoring polluters by undermining property rights. Many Libertarians and others in the US are getting involved in local boards to address these issues such as Barr, who was the subject of articles such as : See: http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2007-12-28/news/barr28_1_mike-barr-soil-and-water-environmentalist  and has served to inspire many people. Says the Sentinel:

" Barr's efforts as chairman of the county soil and water board earned him more than a grudging respect from the county's elected leaders, all Republicans....In a scant four years Barr went from being persona non grata -- the Libertarian-dominated conservation district board was kicked out of the county services building -- to being publicly honored by the commission....During his tenure from 2002 to 2006, Barr helped turn a do-nothing board into one of the most innovative and successful soil and water conservation districts in Florida. In November, the County Commission honored him with a proclamation." Also : http://www.libertarianinternational.org/apps/blog/show/787326-us-libs-green-u-s-soil-and-water-boards   





NASA Privatization, State 'Spaceport America' 90% Done

Posted on September 25, 2011 at 5:40 AM

Libertarian concepts of space privatization and localization continue as NASA announces stepped up use of more voluntary-oriented private ventures as "a support entity" for asteroid and other use --while Spaceport America, a state-level venture to create a private-public spaceport in New Mexico, USA, is nearing 90% completion. The link is at: http://www.spaceportamerica.com/

The efforts represent a far cry from when LIO Fellows persuaded the American Astronautical Society in 1977 to sponsor a conference to study private space industrialization and colonization. The conference concluded with the then revolutionary proposal that centralized government agencies should give way to increased voluntary and private companies or at least local ventures, and proceed as a tool for peace. In 1990 LIO Fellows hosted workshops to make state level spaceports and asteroid mining a  reality, and encouraged visioning of autonomous space colonies.

In future years LIO Fellows and activists will be working on bringing interest in low-cost planetary and interstellar space colonization and development minimizing coercive government involvement, replacing uninsured government regulation for private insurance and liability, and international protocols to assure peaceful use and ending space junk. Other countries such as Mexico are examining space freeports and another US state, Virginia, has a spaceport as well: http://www.marsspaceport.com/


The Third Industrial Revolution, G. Harry Stine.


LIO Libertarians Encourage Faster than Light Research

Posted on September 23, 2011 at 10:05 AM

News today that there is additional evidence of FTL or Faster than Light particles was greeted by encouragement from many Libertarians and the LIO/Libertarian International Organization curator. See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/sep/22/faster-than-light-particles-neutrinos  LIO Fellow Dr. Richard Feynman sponsored a private colloquia 2 decades ago to encourage scientists to look into the matter.

The matter is of great interest to LIO curator Michael Gilson-De Lemos, (MG) who in 1976 wrote a controversial thinkpiece noting that the speed limit lacked direct physical demonstration from the nature of space-time itself, and suggesting it was more of the nature of the once common view thatl no typical material could go faster than sound. "It is like epicycles in Ptolemaic Theory. All the evidence was for them, as means to predict planetary motions, except there was no proof of the epicycles or why they had to be. The theory described but did not define."

LIO Fellow Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry also encouraged the visioning process, saying that "There is a real cultural barrier on the subject and challenging it has become academic suicide," suggesting that even if it was a barrier in some sense it could be circumvented by e.g. possible warp or other drives that changed the structure of underlying space-time. Roddenberry and MG worked with Feynman to bring in hand young scientists who might put the matter on a sounder basis.

LIO takes no position on technical matters but encourages voluntary efforts to examine evidence, especially when there appeares to be a taboo on the subject.

Libertarian John Zube, anti-Nazi activist, in 1st Gilson Award

Posted on September 7, 2011 at 4:10 PM

 John Zube and little friend acclaimed by world praise.

Berlin-born Australian John Zube, a modest workingman who faced Nazi persecution, tirelessly preserved and shared rare Libertarian-interest documents, and mentored a budding modern movement, has been honored with the 1st Paul Gilson Memorial Award, with the honorary rank of Most Senior Libertarian advisor and LIO Fellow.

A Palm Leaf Strand of Peace will be preserved at LIO records in commemoration.

The honor is named after the father of the current curator, the well-connected and affable Paul Gilson, who led the first US Troops into the Nazi  concentration camps at Ohrdruf, was decorated at the Battle of the Bulge, proposed an array of programs from Sister Cities to disarmament for space exploration, and helped lead the LIO predecessor, the Libertarian-Liberal League, to growing if discreet influence in the tumultuous XXth century--aided by cronies or supporters such as John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Mildred Loving, Salvador Madariaga, H. G. Wells, and boon companion William P. Rogers.. Mr. Gilson expressed the desire for an eventual honor exemplifying an LIO motto: Silentes, silentes, silentes.

The honor is  recommended  by a confidential group of senior LIO Felows after consultation with peers to be bestowed at least once every 6 years on Libertarian leaders retired from public life who've safeguarded the movement's ideals  at great personal cost. The honor has especial poignancy as Hitler singled out the Libertarians of the day along with Jews for attack in his woirk Mein Kampf as inimical to his socialist fascism.

Zube toiled for years painstakingly copying and tracking documents at his own cost, preserving them on microfiche, delighting with his singular perspectives, and always urging Libertarian supporters to new heights. He shares:

" My main interests are panarchy, as proposed by De Puydt, 1860. Many relevant texts are on www.panarchy.org  & some on www.butterbach.net

Full monetary freedom, as proposed by the Swiss, Jewish & German school, partly represented on www.reinventingmoney.com  - I am working on A to Z compilations on both subjects, towards handbooks.

An ideal declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties. Towards it I compiled an anthology of over 130 private human rights drafts.

Peace through the realization of all genuine individual rights and liberties. My 2 books on this and one by my father, Kurt H. Zube, 1905-1991, are on www.butterbach.net

Speeding up the process of enlightenment, by and among libertarians. a digitized book draft of this from Jan. 2010, is available from me as email attachment. 1779 PEACE PLANS issues on microfiche. Wish to see all freedom, peace & justice titles published on external H.D.."

Mr. Zube has microfiche items for interested libraries and researchers at basically cost. He may be reached via Facebook.



LIO Advisor John Perry, 9/11 Martyr, Recalled

Posted on September 7, 2011 at 7:30 AM

African-American Libertarian Civil Rights attorney and activist , admired Police Officer, ACLU board member John Perry died saving lives during the September 11, 2001 attacks at the World Trade center.


We respectfully remember posthumous senior Libertarian International Organization board advisor John Perry, whose death was hailed as "emblematic" on national TV among the 9/11 martyrs.


Officer Perry was last seen charging up the stairs to the rescue while others urged him to turn back seconds before the building fell. He was 38.




He wasn't even on duty. He was leaving the police to continue his legal and activist work in his growing interests in civil rights, malpractice issues, Libertarian education, and citizen diplomacy for Islamic-Western and other topics of world peace in what friends called a remarkable career. He had stopped in to see to paperwork when he was advised there was an emergency and volunteered to help. It is not thought he was even aware that the attack was associated with Islamic religious extremists.


Perry was a beloved figure in Libertarian local circles, working at a Libertarian book store and emphasizing the non-political and cultural aspects; he had just advised on a pamphlet for LIO on Libertarian concepts A to Z, an example of how he gave readily of his time. His interests in art included impromptu skits and acting roles on TV's Law & Order. The kind but firm attorney, amateur linguist, sports and science enthusiast, and cryonics publicist was also a close friend of another LIO advisor-observer no longer with us, John Kennedy, Jr. He was well-admired for his incorruptible reputation and was recognized for his heroism by the police department.


A scholarship fund has been set up by friends:  http://www.raiseyourvoice.com/Perry-index.html


Article: http://www.odmp.org/officer/15820-police-officer-john-perry


Since 2002 this article is re-posted every year.




Review: LIO Libertarianism and 40 Years of Liberal Progress

Posted on September 6, 2011 at 5:05 PM

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Comedian CK highlights things LIO Libertarians and Fellows helped bring about in the first generation of agressive change. The world is better and enjoys more freedom than ever, but much remains.

EDITORIAL with Ralph Swanson, LIO past Fellows Advisory Chair

We're living in the greatest free and prosperous era of history, thanks to empowering Libertarian tools and the spread of Liberal attitudes--and LIO is a platform to help you better it. People who say our freedoms are in danger as never before, civilization is coming to an end, and so on are either moral idiots or anti-Libertarian and anti-Liberal extremists (often combined with claims Libertarians have done nothing and Liberals are fascists). The last generation has seen a world transformed when many assumed we would be cogs in a vast world coercive Communist dictatorship in 1970, when the current LIO Curator, Michael Gilson-De Lemos,  swore in his first modern pledged Libertarians (of whom I was one) on July 17th, 1970...and outlined in time a world agenda for legal and cultural progress in the next few years that served to network and inspire a world movement as others added their perspectives who might not have realized they had much in common. The above hilarious YouTube (     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r1CZTLk-Gk&feature=youtu.be ) --itself a testimony to the bettering attitudes--by a comedian highlights technical advances, true...but they would have remained on the drawing board had not LIO supporters and other reformers refused to "sit back and wait for a happy ending" as we like to say. Comedian CK points to:

  • Cell phones and answering machines: LIO activists fought to remove laws that made these anti-monopoly innovations a crime.
  • Web and air travel: Again, Lib-led campaigns removed legal blocks and changed attitudes, garnering support across the spectrum and bringing lower prices and high quality with reduced regulations.
  • Travel almost everywhere: As LIO activists help lead change in the Mid-East towards democracy, let us not forget we celebrate the beginning of the fall of most Communist and Right-wing dictaorships this week, 

The SMILE agenda (first so named by LIO advisor Dr. Timothy Leary and re-organized in recent years: http://www.tekgnostics.com/SMILE.HTM ) has started the foundations of what LIO Fellow Gene Roddenberry called "A Libertarian-based  Star Trek Universe" and an end to attitudes incomprehensible to the most enlightened of the growing generation:

  • Space/Sea/Garden Earth communities: In 1970 Space and Sea development was a coerced government monopoly, and the right to sue against polluters or even standards were non-existent. LIO activists led space, sea and Earth  Day conferences. Today NASA is privatizing, Seasteads are being debated, and there is a mass movement for eco-friendliness.
  • Machine/Management/Thought tools; Improve lifestyles/Individual Empowerment: LIO Libertarians have catalyzed a revolution in the beginning of a universal robot servant--the web; in co-op and participative decentralized management; proactive programs and private-government colloquia such as groups to examine long-term threats and conservation needs "way ahead of anything the government is doing" (DARPA), and an array of self-help and creativity enhancing tools, peer workshops, and philosophies that launched the modern seminar movement.
  • Life Extension and Health Empowerment: Declaring "don't let your doctor kill you" LIO Fellows have introduced research on attainable life extension, immortality, and catalyzed coalitions against corp[oration-driven laws limiting health information and natural products.
  • Empowering Libertarian-interested and LIO eco-community pilots: In 1970 there was no such thing as a Libertarian in public office, ballot barriers were horrendous ( in Florida, USA as late as the last decade courts declared Libertarian parties a partisan faction whose regulation by the government and denial of equal rights was essential) where there was even a vote, re-privatization concepts of legalizing alternatives were unknown (and today still confused by extremists with getting rid of government programs instead of making them voluntary), and intentional community was under siege. As more are being familiarized with Libertarian advocates and in public office in their localities, schools, and even on TV every day, things are different. Massive options are now available in many jurisdictions; LIO registered communities are underway with numerous Libertarians in non-partisan public office, encouraging social networks with opportunities for common ground. LIO networks seek to facilitate both voluntary living and peer use, discussion and action on SMILE lines of secular, scientific progress. In Operation Democracy, LIO Libertarians are determined to bring direct and town-hall democracy and rights movements/ watchdogs enlightened by voluntary tools to every nation.

In 1939, when I joined, the world seemed drifting to Fascism and World Communism, and horrifying attitudes of bigotry, racism, high tax rates, lack of peer communication and more were the norm--and we were aware we still lived in a better world compared to 1939. In 1970 organizing was very difficult: voter registration lists were state secrets, local phone calls could cost a day's wage, mail monopolies took months to deliver in even neighboring countries. Yet today we have helped people from all over the world easily get inspired and take action with our site using practically free web and phone tools.

LIO's secret has always been insistent focus on rights and the voluntary process that empowers users and opens networks in an authoritative yet non-authoritarian way. So let us pause to realize how much has been done by many unsung activists and dedicated visionaries--and not listen to the voices still calling for us to nod, agree, expect little, and blindly obey--but instead champion our lives, our liberties, and the simple and benevolent pursuit of our happiness. What will the world be in 2049? You decide.

RESOURCE: To discover what others are doing worldwide right now, and share your non-partisan dreams, link or project large or small-- become an LIO Friend at our Facebook.

LIO Friends Network Grows

Posted on September 5, 2011 at 5:35 PM

Libs are at work worldwide using the LIO Friends project, such as activists helping people develop micro-lending in Afghanistan.

...Now past 1 year after foundation, the LIO Friend's network is twice over the goal of 750 and at press over 1700. It is @ http://www.facebook.com/LibertarianInternationalOrganization . The group will branch out in due course into regional e-conferences, and items will feed an eventual blog site. 

...The new advisory and inspiration group is facilitated by young Libertarians in public office and culture, and helps participants who're typically edgy local activists share personal, financial and social entrepreneurship worldwide on LIO SMILE lines. Users say they're motivated and informed seeing what people are doing using voluntary tools in many areas. Projects led or supported by participants include:

  • Anti-poverty using voluntary empowerment in many countries
  • Democracy including groups leading change in the Mid-East
  • Civil rights including gay, GLBT, and discrimination issues
  • Anti-rape, abuse, and various whistleblower sites and workshops
  • Work on barriers against the homeless, small business, and ballot access
  • Info sites on urban gardens, tax comparisons, space tourism, etc.

Participants are also at work in groups such as: the Elders, Amnesty International, the ACLU, Campaign for Liberty (non-partisan work), Sister Cities,  various unions, and more from across the political spectrum. Many say they take inspiration and encouragement from the example of LIO Fellows leading innovation in their fields.

At press participants are in over 140 countries, with (outside US) strong presences in (in order): Argentina, United Kingdom, Canada , Spain, Italy , Peru , India , Germany , Poland , France, Malaysia , Australia , Sweden , Pakistan , Portugal , Brazil , Costa Rica, Mexico , also China, Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, Japan, West Africa, and Indonesia. There're even supporters from Tristan de Cunha, where web access is difficult and they participate by mail. The  project is the first to unite people worldwide of this type for concerted citizen-driven development.