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We're spreading to this motto:

Libertarian Individuals Mean Community Progress.


Since the modern LIO Libertarian and allied Green movement began in 1969 with 5 pledgers and several hundred fans, we're now 1+ per 1000 homes in every country. Why stop now?

The Libertarian International Organization  (LIO) helps you build a better world with aware, voluntary, non-punitive tools!  LIO is a set of advisory -encouragement networks  along SMILE lines. Mission: Help you promote peaceful voluntary choices and associations, notably in public administration, as engines of betterment. It is free, non-partisan, all-volunteer, neither takes nor donates funds; mothering Liberal and progressive change. Go to 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 on|

Key news: The formal LIO Libertarian/fan community--LIO--is (2015) at 8 million homes proportionately distributed across classes and ethnicities in every country, with an additional 1.3 million in an added US LIO-fan D-base, resulting in 11% of US Homes--22% of all parties--self-identifying as informal libertarian-interested. Interests are peaceful dialogue on aware use of voluntary tools bettering rights, tolerance, social/scientific progress in all areas. LIO is non-partisan, but most follow the intuitive Gilson Libertarian voting strategy disseminated in 1969: Vote for very honest and preferably libertarian-interested and/or minority persons; otherwise vote to oblige centrist dialogue via progressive executive-upper house and conservative lower house in federal or national/local, and the reverse in state/ regional elections in both private and public-common bodies. LIO fans are active in non-partisan preferably appointive local office, to often lead the bodies they serve and increasingly professional or union groups. In general, progressives as social accelerator tend to be 50 years behind in consciously applying LIO Libertarian (or SMILE) tools, conservatives 100 years as social brake. All are welcome to try or share free SMILE tools to better home, work-leisure, and civic life in the world's largest intentional community bringing goodwill, dialogue, peace in all institutions--thus suppressing anti-rights extremism.

Overview. The LIO was re-founded in 1904: Katherine Gardner-Gilson, G. Thonar, Michael Lemos. It initially focused on training on co-operatives, tolerance, and work on what is now the UN Declaration--a world rights charter. We include the predecessor Lemos-Gil Liberal Salons re-organized 1592 to promote voluntary associations as engines of progress. We're an alliance of homes for goodwill, dialogue, volunteering.  Just share your good work: Use any of our 3 dialogue platforms of progress, rights, voluntary governance since 1969:

  1. Civil Libertarianism: Voluntary eco-tools, all fields (SMILE).
  2. Citizen Libertarianism: Local UN Rights democracy, all nations with Florida as model
  3. Civic (with LIO curator): Libertarian model eco-homes/-community legal.

Formal Participation:.. in the LIO Libertarian world community is also via these 3 levels: You're either an small-l libertarian applier, large-L pledged advocate, or LIO auditor (~170+ IQ homes)/Senior Libertarian focused on 1, 2, or 3 respectively.  (Outreach registration is presently closed. Informal pro-libertarian voters/libertarian-receptives may get on our d-base via e-mail to our Facebook i.e. LIO Friends, right). More: Am I a L/libertarian?

History: Please note the term Libertarian is derived from the Iberian for freeholder who championed justice and city rights--not liberty per se, but justice and free speech. Their voluntary Libertarian communities of old, many around the garden republic of Monfort Lemos--where all voted even in the Dark Ages--inspire many. Join LIO fans exchanging data for eco-homes/co-housing of positive parenting, prepping, and personal development; involvement in community volunteering and non-partisan local public office; and share links/tools. 

Now what? Enjoy our links, and LIO Fellows thinkpieces below: Share to promote brainstorming and dialogue.

"The www.LibertarianInternational.org is informal, effective because it's us, we share many practical and inspiring tools, and LIO Libertarianism is very friendly to women and minorities such as Native and First peoples..."

--Meaghan Champion, Canadian Native American activist, homeschooler, and journalist.

Welcome from Kennon Gilson, student of art and education-philosophy, and great-grandson and collateral cousin-removed of the LIO re-founders.

"Rights, Order and Progress. LIO re-founders Katherine Gilson was also a co-organizer of the great D.C. woman's march in 1913 where she was beaten by police while pregnant with my grandfather--then toured the country galvanizing the equal rights movement...while Michael Lemos peacefully ended slavery and co-founded the republic of Brazil designing its flag, encouraging many liberal-libertarian communes at the time educating the freed slaves. They formalized LIO which had been for over a century the research edge of the venerable Liberal League it now incorporates, hosted by my ancestors from time immemorial. Having been a teen Libertarian in several public offices in the USA, and learned of our history and community including from luminaries as noted philosophers John Hospers and Barbara Branden, David Nolan and Dr. R. Swanson who helped found www.lp.org at a suggestion from my grandfather, and Toni Nathan first woman to get an electoral vote in the US, I'm honored you're looking into the amazing work and ideas of our fans. As a co-editor, I'll do my best to help you share the good work, and try out a benevolent and tolerant Libertarian atmosphere starting at home. Remember, you already enjoy the fruits of many Liberal-Libertarian innovations and campaigns...what we're doing is bringing aware, principled use:

"With more voluntary choices, things improve."


view:  full / summary

Peru: LIO Fans Start Student Entrepreneur Co-op

Posted on February 11, 2011 at 4:24 PM

Student Lorenita Gonzales is a Libertarian International Organization fan and activist in Peru. With friends she's developed a Community of Entrepreneurs.


(This inaugurates a series where we profile community leadership by LIO fans: Regular activists who share or are inspired via the Libertarian International Organization tools.)

Lorenita Gonzales is a college student in Peru who is spreading the good word on market concepts, education, and the value of entrepreneurship...including organizing an innovative co-op "Entrepreneur Community" for education, motivation, and more.


The growing group recently started a Facebook at:  www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=122180401130404&v=wall and networks students interested in or involved in entrepreneurial projects.


Supporters believe activities such as peer-sharing entrepreneurship concepts and their value are critical in personal and social development.

Libertarian Innovative Un-Conference=Open Approach

Posted on February 11, 2011 at 3:06 PM

LIO Fellow George Donnelly and young friend.


LIO Fellow pan-American activist George Donnelly has announced a call for speakers worldwide on Libertarian-interest themes of spontaneous and bottom-up social order, non-authoritarian and open source management, and stateless social communities at an innovative web "Un-Conference" whose very structure demonstrates the concept.


Participants will confer via web from their own homes or project venues  in a platform using some of the latest technology to encourage synergy in networking, ease of participation, open source exchange and innovation and more in a best-practice model. Tools include channels, blogs, a brainstorming wiki, and local meet-up facilitation.


The Un-Conference Facebook has at press attracted over 200 interested fans worldwide. Mr. Donnelly is a human rights activist  and social media consultant whose campaigns have assisted a wide variety of causes. He is also a collaborator with Thoreau Media.



> http://agora.io/etienne

> http://www.facebook.com/AgoraIO (Facebook)

> http://thoreaumedia.com/ and

> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=44775&id=172467869430672&ref=mf Rapid Response team projects of Liberty media project




Mr. Donnelly at his FB says he has helped causes such as:


I get stunning results for causes I care about with innovative media campaigns.

Free Pete and AdamJan 2011 to present

A mutual aid project in support of activists Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller who were caged, the former for wearing a hat, the latter for speaking the truth while court was in session. Including website, innovative and successful social media, video, fundraising drives and a national press release leading to national mainstream media coverage.

I Disobeyed an Unjust LawJan 2011 to present

Four times per year "I Disobeyed an Unjust Law" celebrates the lives of civil disobedients such as Martin Luther King, Jr, Thomas Jefferson, Henry David Thoreau and Mohandas Gandhi with social media campaigns and live streaming video interviews of modern day civil disobedients. Media includes a website, Facebook page, twitter campaign and Civil Disobedience TV.

Free ShaunJan 2011 to present

A mutual aid project in support of a comrade, including fundraising drive, funds management, social media and a website.

Agora I/O: the agorist unconferenceDec 2010 to present

Agora I/O is a new biannual un-conference where you’ll find the greatest people, ideas and tools for advancing the stateless society. You don’t want to miss this, and you don’t have to! Agora I/O is exclusively online, so you can participate from anywhere an internet signal reaches. Plus it’s free!

We Won't FlyNov 2010 to present

A project to resist federal government checkpoints in airports. Jim and I were interviewed by dozens of major national and international media outlets. Together with thousands of others, we made the TSA/DHS take a break from hurting people for a weekend. We also forced top TSA officials to appear in the media and defend their unlawful practices. Media includes a very popular website, a blog, social media campaigns, Facebook pages, real-life protests and an online TV show.

Repudiate the DebtFeb 2009 to present

A website in support of the concept that state debts are the responsibility of state officials and individuals should repudiate them.

Free Baby CheyeneOct 2010 to Nov 2010

A mutual aid project in support of a newborn baby in New Hampshire who was taken from her parents by social workers due to her father's political beliefs. Media included a website and Facebook page which served as central points of news distribution and discussion for the impromptu movement that formed. One wek after the seizure, we met with success - the baby was returned to her parents.

Coverage of Fully Informed Jury PamphletingApr 2010 to Sep 2010

A mutual aid project in support of Philadelphia area fully informed jury activists. Media included popular YouTube videos, social media promotion and a mini-documentary. I was repeatedly threatened, attacked and finally arrested by federal thugs during this project. Today, activists are subjected to considerably less harassment at the Philadelphia federal courthouse.

Open Carry MeetupIn Apr 2010

A community service and publicity event held at a public park in Plymouth Meeting, PA where an open carry activist was attacked by local thugs. Attendance was high, a lot of trash was picked up and everyone had a good time. Media included a press release that resulted in favorable local media coverage.

12 HorsesMar 2009 to Dec 2009

A mutual aid project in support of a New Hampshire couple whose horses were seized by local police and SPCA. Media included a website. The horses were eventually returned.

Eminent Domain is TheftIn Oct 2009

When local thugs in Abington, Pennsylvania sought to steal a little old lady’s property via eminent domain, I covered the resulting, and rather innovative, rally with video and text reporting. I also won an award for my letter to the editor of the local newspaper.

Free Sam DodsonApr 2009 to Jul 2009

A mutual aid project in support of Sam Dodson, who was jailed indefinitely for video taping in a public hallway. Media included a website at FreeSamDodson.com, a popular Facebook page, a CNN iReport, a professional press release with national distribution and other innovative media. Together with others, we achieved a flood of coverage for Sam, including an appearance on Fox’s Freedom Watch TV show from prison. The press release helped garner AP and Boston Globe coverage of Sam and the Free State Project, of which he is a member. After 57 days, the state gave in and released Sam.

93Days.comIn Nov 2008

A mutual aid project in support of Ian Freeman, who was jailed for 93 days for not sitting down fast enough in court. Media included a website. The activist was released by the judge after 3 days in jail.

Libertarian Party Candidates ProjectJul 2008 to Nov 2008

A catalog of Libertarian Party candidates running for office in the United States. An interactive database-backed website using Postrgres and Django.





Libertarian Dialogue: Direct Democracy in All Nations

Posted on February 11, 2011 at 2:44 PM

Direct Democracy expert Prof. Ted Becker advises DDI projects.

The Libertarian International Organization is encouraging rights activists to work for dialogue on DDI in all countries--the combination of Direct Democracy, citizen Initiative including plebiscite and referenda, MMP (mixed-member proportional, or at large by party legislative representatives additional to direct by district  ones) representation, and eased ballot requirements--as essential to citizen participation, official accountability, and implementation by direct citizen authorization of e.g. Libertarian voluntary options. Dialogue may include devolution of decisions to local neighborhood levels, as is done in parts of the US, Switzerland, and elsewhere where Direct Democracy is equivalent to the vote, a system praised by Thomas Jefferson and others (typically of 1000 voters). The LIO encourages both individually-decided public programs, and where there is a consensus a range of communities as designed or as desired by the users on the local level, consistent with respect for rights and voluntary participation.



The LIO has started a conversation that DDI should be treated as a political priority, and  as structurally essential and implemented in every country on local-regional levels and national or federal levels where devolution does not apply. In addition, encouragement includes the concept that citizens should be able to e.g. set governmental budgets in their own homes by a simple system of check-offs, enjoy electronic or Tele-democracy voting, and dialogue on other innovations.


Many countries have become aware that these are desirable components of open governance and improved social quality through accountability. New Zealand, including at the instance of LIO Libertarian activist initiated coalitions, has adopted MMP with good results; Florida, USA has direct citizen amendment of the constitution creating a more choice-oriented trend in public policy championed by LIO activists; and many countries have dramatically eased ballot requirements creating a wave of independent and 'third party' candidates. Many intentional communities use forms of DDI as well.


Neither Direct Democracy nor other methods may be understood as means of oppression or subversion of rights: typical experience has shown an independent judiciary and citizen education is adequate protection. In practice, as is seen in countries such as Switzerland, DDI best facilitates obliging a social dialogue, removing corrupt officials or racket rule, increasing citizen involvement and education, and building consensus in setting policies for increased choice or better management.  In addition, elements such as fair ballot access are basic, and quickly implemented or improved where there is DDI.


LIO Fellow and international DDI champion Prof. Ted Becker and others have developed valuable websites to network and inform activists and policy leaders. The autonomous LIO registered public administration project will focus on moving to help citizens if desired implement DDI/MMP as first priority; then use these for ballot access improvements and authorize Libertarian choices in each area and improve Liberal localism and other improvements desired by citizens; and ease proportionately representative elected officals, facilitating a natural political dialogue and evolution at whatever pace the electorate deems comfortable. Dialogue includes this be developed as a non-partisan effort involving joint support by all parties and groups.



> http://www.world-wide-democracy.net/

> https://fp.auburn.edu/tann/ (Tele-democracy)

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixed_member_proportional_representation MMP

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_democracy DDI across the globe

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communes_of_Switzerland Swiss communes

http://www.iandrinstitute.org/ US status



> Form a coalition to improve along these lines in your area or country

> Dialogue on multi-party common ground


Mongolian President with LIO Group

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 5:56 PM

Shown here leading and galvanizing anti-Communist revolution, Libertarian-Liberal and now President of Mongolia Elbegdorj Tsakhia, called "EB."


Longtime LIO Advisor friend EB has joined the curator contact group after an invitation to join the LIO Cultural Advisory Board. A biography is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsakhiagiin_Elbegdorj


EB is working in sometimes rocky initiatives that have brought Mongolia a quasi-free market and stock exchange, popular rule, increasing income, and accountable officials. His party, the Democratic Party, is profiled at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Party_(Mongolia) and its site is at: http://www.demparty.mn/en/index.html


His supporters are interested in using Libertarian concepts to assist traditional peoples and translating Libertarian-oriented books; and in spreading Mongolian models to countries presently transitioning from authoritarianism as an approach based on dialogue and improving empowerment of the individual. They note that the small country is so to speak readily scalable to a country of any size, and can serve as an excellent template for consensus change. EB attended a recent ISIL meeting ( profiled at ISIL: http://www.isil.org/resources/fnn/2004spring/mongolian-jefferson.html )where he intereacted with fellow Libertarian activists and students or advocates of voluntarism. EB has asked that sponsors help bring deserving students to Libertarian conferences in the US and abroad. His Democratic Party platform:


We value...

o The inalienable rights and freedoms of all peoples

o The private property which enables to guarantee freedom

o The individual interest and awareness of responsibility

o The individual capability and passion

o The family being wealthy

o The lean government that minimizes its interference in every way

o The open and sufficiently responsive government

o The civil and open society

o The competitive market economy

o The gender equality


Our principles...

o The democracy and individual freedom

o The rule of law and minimized government interference

o The private property and facilitation to create wealth

o The individual and the people

o Mongolia and the other nations

Libertarian Dr. Ken Bisson Leads Public Health, Longevity

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 5:25 PM

Libertarian light Ken Bisson, MD, is an advocate of best practices in weight loss and longer life in the US, and has created centers in many cities.


LIO advisory Fellow and friend Ken Bisson, MD, is a dedicated rights activist known for his work in several Libertarian political and non-partisan groups (  http://www.theadvocates.org/about/board-of-directors  ), as a former Vice-Chair of the US Libertarian Party, and as host of a periodic cruise to bring activists and thinkers together to share perspectives.  He is known in his area for Libertarian-based analyses of problems and gentle presentation of more voluntary solutions. Recently, he was appointed to public office in his County's Planning Commission.


This activity may pale compared to his dedication to public health through better information. In recent years he has carefully studied general government recommendations, best practices in diet and weight loss, and how they relate to individualized genetic factors revealed through testing. He has developed an approach and  organized a system to deliver his methods to people living in many areas. One might say the idea is not only that a simple but satisfying diet--which some may find very different from over-generalized official rules -- combined with good health practices is the best. In addition, both diets and adherence can benefit from being individualized.


He continues his scientific and presentation work with peers. The public may consider his group, which provides free consultations, at:


LIO Fellow Ken Olsen, PC Inventor, Remembered

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 4:03 PM

Ken Olsen invented the Personal Computer, said "If you want to know the benefits and influence of Libertarian thinking, look at your computer." He helped reform of Communism, cell phone legalization; end phone government monopolies.

LIO Observer and Fellow Ken Olsen, who invented and evangelized the PC or Personal Computer--against first ridicule, then lies claiming he was against his own invention in people's homes-- to build a successful company (he had actually ridiculed government plans for a mandatory central mainframe to feed home users regulated by officials) and so revolutionize work and leisure habits everywhere, passed away. An obituary is at: http://www.aolnews.com/2011/02/08/ken-olsen-dead-at-84-5-facts-about-the-digital-equipment-corp/?icid=sphere_tribune_latimes


Olsen had been an inactive Fellow some years before retirement, but unforgettably encouraged the LIO contact group in the mid-'70's that urged legislators to become aware of the many laws that blocked PC ownership and the creation of cell phones and what was later called the internet, such as prohibitions on attachments to phone lines and government forced phone monopolies that deadened innovation. He then organized teams that led his company to pioneer the Personal Computer on which you're reading this.


Microsoft's Gates and others developed their systems using Olsen's computers. He retired wealthy to dedicate himself to humanitarian causes, and predicted webs of computer users would work wonders in advancing voluntary programs and communities circumventing old institutions --from lending across borders to low-cost phone service to vast computer libraries immune to censorship and on call 24 hours, revolutionary predictions that seem obvious today.In later years, he suggested a fruitful path for research would lead to massive computer power in small devices the size of a watch or less even directly connected to the human nervous system.


At LIO's instance, he funded distribution of hundreds of thousands of copies of Libertarian literature behind the Iron Curtain and aided persons distributing small computers to activists there that were called essential in the reform of Communism to a more open system, despite considerable interference from the US Government and military extreme rightists.

LIO Strategist Gen. Robert Richardson III, Remembered

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 12:32 PM

Libertarian International Organization Fellow General Robert Richardson III strategized on space defense, outer space migration, and peaceful end of Communist and other dictatorships through clever citizen diplomacy.

Retired US Air Force founding figure Brigadier General  Robert Richardson III passed away. The honorary co-ordinator of the Public Safety Advisory Group of the LIO--succeeding Salvador Marariaga, father of the Europen Community--he led an LIO contact group to bring pro-Libertarian ideas and help citizens move away from dictatorships, and organized a Citizen Advisory council with many LIO Advisors that developed the SDI process and also made many recommendations on moving towards more privatized outer space frameworks. A biography is at: http://www.af.mil/information/bios/bio.asp?bioID=6901 Names of the Group are kept confidential until they pass on.


He co-chaired a task group with LIO Advisory Board Chair emeritus Ralph Swanson and the "10 ruthless men" a sub-contact group of the LIO that networked and included figures such as A. Fisher, Boris Yeltsin and Ronald Reagan to discuss ways of promoting "re-structuring" towards citizen participation, think tanks of economic Libertarianism in every country, and conversion of nuclear missiles to planetary defense and peaceful energy fuel as exists today outside of national defense institutions; eventuating also in things such as the Atlas Research foundation and think tank network. The group was led by then LIO Advisory chair William Rogers, a noted American diplomatist and legal resource, and longtime intimate of the past two and current LIO curators. The General in recent years had become a staunch advocate of space colonization and groups such as http://www.spacetransportation.us/index.php to introduce space privatization ideas, and welcomed rcent construction of state level spaceports as in New Mexico.


See also:




LIO Libertarian Twitter, Friends Facebook a Hit

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 6:35 AM

LIO Twitter and Facebook have followers in 120+ countries so far.


LIO has refocused its Twitter as a leadership tool with timely updates of doings of LIO teams, and links to SMILE initiative links, once or twice weekly. The links reflect LIO interests and have tips on 'Libertarian Living' from internet shutdown how-to financial books and to historical pieces, and profile links of LIO Libertarian and supporter leaders and motivators. The LIO Facebook invites activists supportive of the SMILE initiative to become activist fans, share their projects and learn from those of others, and get informed with LIO Advisor mentors on the Facebook, with several joining weekly.


The Twitter has gone from 20 to 500 users and climbing in several weeks with good comments. Links are classified into LIO items, and SMILE ones by letter.


Recent links include:


LIBIntOrg Libertarian

S: More semi-privatization: Space Taxis -- http://www.deccanherald.com/content/135393/companies-racing-build-space-taxis.html

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LIBIntOrg Libertarian

S: Semi-Privatization: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2011/feb/05/nlv-company-wants-build-inflatable-space-station-n/

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LIBIntOrg Libertarian

M: Private net efforts- http://www.guardian.co.uk/global-development/poverty-matters/2011/feb/04/computer-technology-development-zambia

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LIBIntOrg Libertarian

M: Uh-oh. You've reached the end of the net- http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/feb/01/internet-last-addresses-ipv4-ipv6

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LIBIntOrg Libertarian

I: SF Trying to end private cops- http://www.lpsf.org/the-news/226-wsj-san-francisco-reconsiders-contract-force.html

7 Feb Favorite Reply Delete »

LIBIntOrg Libertarian

L: LIO Advisor K. Bisson heads weight reduction best practice- http://www.resultsweightloss.com/how-we-work/medical-staff/dr.-bissons-story

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LIBIntOrg Libertarian

E: Venus Project attracts Libertarian interest - http://www.thevenusprojectdesign.com/

7 Feb Favorite Reply Delete » LIBIntOrg Libertarian

LIO: LIO Libertarian Teams say South Sudan, many authoritarians in highlighted countries to leave peacefully in effort.



>Link our Twitter to your site or e-mail signature, and share with friends.


Somalia LIO Libertarians Develop Somaliland, Democracy

Posted on February 9, 2011 at 9:56 PM

Somalia=Libertarian Paradise? It's coming, say determined activists.


Somalia broke apart starting in 1989 into chaos due to what many feel was misguided US government interference to impose a 'friendly' right-wing Islamist regime under color of 'democracy' and centralization. Local Libertarians were murdered in their beds by government thugs, and to add insult to injury, corrupt or incompetent US media apologists derided Somalia as a 'Libertarian Paradise' showing the evil of 'Libertarian anarchism'  and 'market fundamentalism.'


Somali Libertarians and Liberals met with LIO advisors and worked to use Libertarian tools to in their words 're-route' the situation, and have stabilized part of the country using secession tools in a breakaway region, Somaliland, which now enjoys democratic reforms, rising incomes and a freer economy ( see:  http://www.somalilandgov.com/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somaliland ). In the remaining Somalia LIO Advisor Michael Van Notten travelled the country after an analysis of the original proto-Libertarian clan-supervised Somali law system, the Xeer (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xeer ), to meet with elders on using the practices to circumvent corrupt officials and provide free, low cost justice and stability and enable dialogue. One area, Awdal, has proposed additional autonomy.


The Somali group  has now begun a long term networking project in Somalia to build a consensus to move towards a Somaliland model. In addition, an LIO Advisor is working on projects to help develop entrepreneurship and dialogue which will be profiled later this year.

LIO Libertarians in 'Immortality' Push

Posted on February 9, 2011 at 7:37 PM

LIO Libertarians  with Life Extension Researchers



Researchers and activists including LIO Libertarians and advisors have announced they continue a push for effective immortality, possibly in a generation.


If a person were immortal, statistically accidents would kill them in about 700 years, according to LIO curator Michael Gilson-De Lemos, who praised the effort and helped change thinking organizing the "Committee for Elimination of Death" in the '70's which met with many scientists and leaders and so changed the paradigm allowing scientists to think in terms of life extension and immortality, not just disease cures. Effective biological immortality would be a great step, and would drive dramatic safety and anti-coercion life-quality  improvements--and is a major interest of LIO in bringing together and encouraging effort in the SMILE initiative.


Dubbed the Manhattan Beach project, the initiative works to focus scientists and business on specifics that would lead to breakthroughs, starting with a working group of the top workers in the subject, including in actual aging reversal.



> http://www.manhattanbeachproject.com/

> http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=9062

> http://hplusmagazine.com/2009/09/28/aubrey-de-grey-singularity-and-methuselarity/


What You Can Do:

> http://www.maxlife.org/

> http://www.maxlife.org/force-download.php?file=Life-Extension-Express.pdf ( Longevity self-help program)


1st Gilson Awards To Be Announced.

Posted on February 9, 2011 at 10:55 AM

A confidential LIO Committee has made the first long-awaited Gilson Award of Recognition including two little known Libertarians who guided the world movement including an author and activist who died when the government denied his medical marihuana medication. They must come from different countries, and may not all be the same sex or race. In addition, a special recognition was voted of a past advisor.


The Award, which is an honor only, named after past LIO head Paul Gilson who led the first American Liberation of a concentration camp and guided LIO through much of the tumultuous XXth century, is provided to those previously honored as LIO Board fellows. 


One is given to hail a living LIO activist, another memorializes a past senior LIO Libertarian, and a third memorializes a Libertarian martyr or long toiling leader as symbols of self-leadership, inspiration and emblems of the many unsung Libertarians and human rights activists and champions of enlightened tolerance, science, and progress with attention to voluntary means.


The awards will be announced in the coming months.

LIO History Series To Start

Posted on February 8, 2011 at 6:14 PM

A series of short essays on LIO history and other topics has been prepared by Honorary Advisory Chair Emeritus Dr. Ralph Swanson. The essays will be loaded over the next several years highlighting past events, major figures, and more.


Swanson first participated in the LIO in 1939 where he received many accounts of early LIO history and interacted with LIO figures and friends such as H. G. Wells, John Kennedy, Ayn Rand, and others. He is a founding figure in the US Libertarian political movement, and helped develop many contacts of a diplomatic nature.


LIO, formerly the Libertarian League, derived from freeholder (Libertarian) and other councils associated with the de Lemos-Gil family. It has today evolved into an advisory, motivational, and leadership development  network worldwide of senior innovators and regular activists and community leaders to encourage dialogue and progress through more voluntary social structures by their own freely chosen strategies, with attention to lines set by the de Lemos curators who provide historical continuity, long term focus, and consistent approach. Non-partisan, it accepts no money, and advances no issues, helping people implement voluntary systems to better decide issues, especially in the encouragement of cities structured as general or Libertarian republics or communities.


In 1970 the now current curator, Michael Gilson-De Lemos,  started actions that re-oriented LIO from a discreet network of senior activists to the driver of a world movement to bring pledged Libertarians and Libertarian-oriented communities to every major region under a system of voluntary law as areas of social stabilization, and innovative progress.

International Libertarian Month Each October

Posted on January 10, 2011 at 6:42 AM

Costa Rica Libertarian Congress member Otto Guevara Guth speaks to class, and says continuing outreach and dialogue is essential.


As part of a long term project, October is International Libertarian Month  sponsored by the LIO. The project Facebook is at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Libertarian-Month-LIO/100952926646495?v=wall to share your activity or support.


LIO friends, Libertarian supporters, and Libertarian can unite internationally each October to do simple, low-cost but highly effective local outreach on a regular basis. The outreach consists of familiarizing associates, neighbors, public officials and community leaders of core non-partisan Libertarian and SMILE sites to increase public conversancy, accurate information, and interest in voluntary alternatives and current Libertarian-interest projects.Sites to be promoted would include www.Libertarian-International.org; www.ISIL.org, and www.TheAdvocates.org until all persons are acquainted with such links or outreach materials, to see Libertarianism as a movement for bettering rights via peaceful dialogue on voluntary solutions and choice in personal, work and civic life.


Sample activities would be sharing links and ideas in a pleasant way with:

  • Friends, addressbook, and sites including links to one's e-mail or groups
  • Public officials, and local educators, media and opinion leaders 
  • Distributing non-partisan literature from these groups; putting on a bumper sticker

In addition, people are encouraged to write letters to the editor, let fellow students know at beginning of class year, and speak to local groups. Networking and encouraging dialogue in this way is essential  to developing Libertarian-oriented leadership, according to the founders of the outreach project, and helpful in re-charging teams. Always let people know the activity is part of International Libertarian Month to share peaceful solutions and remeber the contributions of all to progress.



Join the Facebook and simply share this article page or other links. Thank you. 

Libertarian Philosophy: Spread Use of Philosophy

Posted on January 1, 2011 at 10:25 AM

Family, the first vocation...and first vocation of a Libertarian Philosopher--MG.


I've revised this old dialogue sheet for all concerned. Enjoy!

Takeaway: Start lovingly in logic at age 4 and all else follows. That's what LIO Libertarians do. Discuss.

  • A short way of thinking about Libertarian Philosophy is that it's about the spread and aware use of Philosophy. Long term, we continue the Enlightenment process begun by Peter Lemos. The curator works on spreading these to all nations--please see if this is something you can pass on to local educators:
  1. Study of logic, scientific method and comparative philosophies K-12, and Libertarian pledge.
  2. In college, US core curriculum showing philosophy application, initiated by LIO principals in the 1800's
  3. New Intellectual super-BA's ( 210 credits) with entrepreneurial, hard philosophy, diverse majors/minors.
  • I suggest for most students be sure to have at least one vocational major and add on to the 180 credits most programs will pay for 45-60 CLEP type exam credits at the end (so as not to mess up your grants).
  • This involves spreading educated lay conversancy in the concept of an objective starting point as evidenced by the the Brandens' seminars 'Principles of Efficient Thinking' and 'Principles of Objectivism.' (BTW, Ayn Rand concurred with me on this for those approaching philosophy more formally).
  • In 2, this includes an Applied Ethics course for all examining various approaches around a critical thinking model ( see LIO Fellow's Keith Goree's 'Ethics Applied' and the critical thought model in it).


  • Libertarianism is always understood in this context as the sub-discipline of the Liberal Arts of interest to L/libertarians, including themes of rights, ideal Libertarian community, mutually supportive ecologies, etc. Always remember that in civics Libertarianism=Philosopher-farmer communes, historically. A world with many hyper-tolerant college eco-campuses on a co-op model centered on reason is a useful image.
  • In 1969 I specifically defined these ( Libertarianism and Libertarian Philosophy) for modern use and have built the current world community on that basis, intending to include as exemplary (i.e. recommended but non-mandatory) my own theoretical (some published) and applied/organizational (look around you) work. In so doing I wished to place on a clear basis what we’ve been doing since the Lemos councils and early Libertarian communes.
  • The Liberal philosophy is understood as defined by the UN Declaration and underlying sentiments, polite debate, scientific method: Libertarian Philosophy is an approach and conscious start point in LIO dialogue, which I summarize A-J as follows.

Key dialogue and lifelong study themes:

A-Aristostelian/Axiomatic and Objectivist, also SMILE focus.

B-Best & Comparative Practices/6 sigma.

C-Communities of Libertarian form (as bulwarks of philosophic/free living).

D-Development in Logic, Meditation, Conflict Resolution, and Ethics Applied K-14.

E-Entrepreneurship/Open Management Training;Self-Empowerment Ethics.

F-Formal New Intellectual Super-BA*

G-Great Books Studies/Life-Long Learning, all cultures and fields

H-Holism and Systems/Ecologies Approaches.

I-Interdisciplinary Focus.

J-Joint Analysis: Axiomatics, Axiology, Aesthetics.


* I did the first 'New Intellectual' BA as Rand's private student. If you get nothing else from Rand, check out her take on Dilthey/Sorokin in 'For the New Intellectual'  and see where this might apply for you. She felt this was the ball game in re-anchoring civilization. Her proposal is you're not educated until comfortable in the major sciences, philosophy, and entrepreneurship/business as the forgotten Liberal Art. FYI--My BA majors-concentrations (30 credit minimum): Business Studies, Economics & Mathematics, Educational Studies, Philosophy & Civilization, Psychology.


Just select and and print out A-J and write, under each some goals or  research areas, every few years.


If you want to be helpful here, remember one of our slogans: We don't sit back and hope for a happy ending.

  • Everyone benefits from a little philosophy at least, and as De Toqueville says US Democracy is  ( and I say must be, and so similar libertarian-friendly democracies) the most philosophical of cultures. As of 2011, this project is the main force in the spread of world philosophy. After considerable work the trend away from core curricula is reversed, people are taking longer BA's, critical thinking courses both infused and direct are in K-12, and the spread of Applied Ethics we've spearheaded is creating Ethics Bowls and more around the US. From being ridiculed we're seeing entrepreneurship minors spreading everywhere.


  • Perhaps (update 2014) the best we've done is convincing the GRE's to stop mixing up religious and philosophy majors. The result is improved understanding of what who're serious philosophy students and what they can do: They're at the top of verbal and logic, and in the GRE math section with the engineers ( I suggest all formal students strive to be familiar with calculus, linear algebra, real analysis, and very good at algebra games). In addition, by removing legal blocks to voluntary educational approaches (e.g. e-courses) we're accelerating the move towards saturation college education ( i.e. college for the top 30% of the population namely 110+IQ).

...Student of philosophy?

  • For those interested in focusing on formal development of philosophy, I recommend a super-BA + union membership + competence in agriculture/real estate + martial arts + psychology/counseling or education for practitioners (actual philosophers). That is, they should perfect their leadership in the basics of civilization and prosperous society--how to facilitate and guide a sustainable community/co-operative/extended family and make sure things happen. Family is our first vocation, and certainly of Libertarian Philosophers. Philosophers should only seek a Philosophy PhD is they wish to be scholars--Philosophy scholars/teachers are not necessarily the same as philosophers.


  • Most philosophy students, of course, already have added majors and are sucked up by medical, law, and advanced science schools--or if easily bored, drop out and become inventors and millionaires.


  • Finally, for a philosophy minor here is what I recommend to every student, college or no at the same time they get familiar with a practical craft (food, home building...) and also a technology:
  1. Rhetoric/Public Presentation
  2. Intro Philosophy (think of these variant philosophies as learning biases/toolkits)
  3. Applied Ethics
  4. Logic I ( and workshops on emotional sensitivity and meditation)
  5. Philosophical Analysis (Typically a course raising awareness of philosophy acting via culture)
  6. A capstone project/thesis evidencing use of philosophy in your favored subject

This is what we've come to call in among Libertarians 'Hard Philosophy' as opposed to defective or merely speculative work courses. Again, I urge getting oriented with the Brandens and starting daily meditation (i.e. habit of disciplined self-aware mental focus exercises). These should if in college be connected to the core curriculum respectively:

  1. Composition and Foreign Languages; Fitness/Platoon/Martial Arts are good.
  2. Entrepreneurship/NPO minor/Life-College Success or Goal Analysis seminar
  3. US Democracy/RRNR + 3 sciences with lab courses; Managerial Accounting Workshop
  4. Programming, Financial portfolios/Lib Math II, Applied Calculus and Statistics
  5. 3 Courses Humanities and Art, workshop in Economics/Banking/Project Management
  6. Read some foundational books in your subject. Aristotle beckons.

Uh, yes, that's a combined AA/AS where you figure out how to not just do a great job but be a job creator with some sense of how to get something done economically. And if anyone asks you what job philosophers (or the philosophically trained do, you answer "Be your boss (or servant leader/facilitator)."

Nathaniel Branden Objectivist Primer Hailed

Posted on December 29, 2010 at 7:27 AM

Philosopher and Psychologist Dr. Nathaniel Branden has made his seminal 'Introduction to Objectivism' available to international acclaim. He is also interviewed at: http://www.newdimensions.org/program.php?id=2441


LIO friend and honorary board adviser Dr. Nathaniel Branden was recently recognized with an award at the Libertopia conference, where attendees hailed and highlighted publication of his long-requested transcription of his seminal Introduction to Objectivism lectures. The lectures were the first organization and presentation of the philosophy and life improvement system, which may be described as a modern and updated form of Aristotelianism. Many users feel it is the best and most approachable introduction to the themes, integrations and discoveries emphasized by Rand and Branden. Branden notably emphasized that improvements in rational philosophical awareness and civic structures go hand-in-hand, and are not just the realm of a few experts but vital concerns of everyone.


The influential and interdisciplinary-interest lectures were delivered via tape recordings in an innovative seminar format that welcomed  the general public. The format simultaneously launched the modern lifestyle improvement, self-esteem, and commercial lectures movements. Users say it had an energizing influence among advocates and scholars of free markets and constitutional government as well. Many philosophy students praised it as bringing philosophy out of the classrooms and back to the people where it belonged. Many felt their use suffered in that the lectures were not transcribed and recordings were sometimes hard to obtain. The English transcription is hoped to be a first step to needed translations into other languages, which in principle should be facilitated with modern translation software. Many of Dr. Branden's other works are available in translation in 18 languages and growing.  Another valuable series on improving thinking by Barbara Branden awaits transcription at this time (http://www.barbarabranden.com/thinking.html) .


The LIO encourages interest and education in rational- and reality- based approaches to improve lifestyle and promote self-development and scientific progress, within and without formal milieux, as part of its SMILE focus. It is hoped that as the transcription becomes available in every country, many things will advance with the generated public interest and understanding. The new edition is available at: http://www.lfb.org/product_info.php?products_id=292 and Dr. Branden has a website of his activities at: http://www.nathanielbranden.com/catalog/about.php . The LIO will add the book to the Libertarian Book Club reading extended reading course in 2011 ( http://www.libertarianbookclub.org ) and place it 'front and center' in due course in its projects along with other key books.



>Obtain a copy and share the link with your addressbook and e-groups.

>Urge purchase by your local library or donate a copy.

>Suggest it as a supplementary reading or basis for a college course.

Islam Libertarians Lead Charge

Posted on December 12, 2010 at 5:17 PM

Dr. Dean Ahmad of www.minaret.org travels worldwide and develops workshops and conferences on Libertarian-interest topics for Islamic participants. He says interest is greater than ever.


Worldwide, Islamic Libertarians are leading the charge in many areas for interest in voluntary- and choice-based solutions both in their countries and internationally. In addition, Islamic leaders are showing increasing interest in voluntary alternatives to public management by working in Libertarian coalitions locally.

  • In Central Asia and the Mid-East, LIO supporters are at work in establishing free market and economic choice think tanks, and leading or advising successful popular movements in addressing authoritarian regimes and policies. Many are  with projects of e.g. the Atlas Foundation http://atlasnetwork.org also.
  • http://www.minaret.org has been leading in international workshops on a variety of Libertarian-interest issues, including peace dialogues.
  • http://www.islamicresourcebank.org is a directory of policy experts, many interested in Libertarian-Islamic oriented themes.
  • LIO supporters are actively seeking out and engaging local Islamic leaders in the US in coalitions on e.g. public safety issues.

LIO world supporter sites had over 10% Islamic participants as of October, 2010. LIO also encourages dialogue on implementing freedom of religion and speech statutes in Islamic Conference countries--which are the last holdouts predominantly--as essential to tolerant discourse, technical progress and undermining terrorist activities.



  • Share this story
  • Engage local Islamic leaders in your community on common ground

2011 Libertarian-Interest World Conferences

Posted on December 11, 2010 at 2:06 PM

2011 Libertarian-Interest world conferences are being announced, with a growing emphasis on global youth outreach.


Topical conferences include:

The student of today is the opinion leader and social entrepreneur of to-morrow. To assist international students seeking to attend the conferences, please contact the organization.

WikiLeaks Mania? Libertarian Grabbe Site Leads Curve

Posted on December 5, 2010 at 12:10 AM

                    LIO Advisor and "Einstein-like" Economist Dr. J. Orlin Grabbe predicted

Wikileaks phenomenon. Now his pioneer user-helped site is providing top coverage of Wikileaks panic, while challenging  "global underbelly," official secrets culture.


See: http://orlingrabbe.com/


Though officials panic worldwide as Wikileaks reveals their wrongdoing secrets--with calls for its founder to be assassinated and bizarre proposals for even more secrecy--savvy Libertarian fans are turning to the outside-the-box website of information prophet and Libertarian publicist Dr. J. Orlin Grabbe. Users at the time described the site as an interactive and innovative combination of web information and a "hive mind" of advanced and progressive thinkers who were its key users. "Its a new thought-tool, a semi-cyborg encyclopedia of cutting edge information," said one, a Yahoo developer.


The non-obvious but pioneering invention was just one brainchild of the late economist, described as "Einstein-like" by Milton Friedman, and who founded key areas of the economic study of information transfer that revolutionized markets and opened the way for items ranging from essential internet to options protocols. In the process he predicted that with the rise of information availability old structures of official secrecy, information denial and even copyright would crumble or have to be re-evaluated as users became empowered. Attempts to suppress the process would only speed it up as users did work-arounds to generate imitators,  and the backfire would ignite growing public discussion to abolish improper or outmoded restrictions.


Examples might be Nappster, which  fell before legal attacks that in turn created such interest that new information sharing methods have blossomed so the old ways are, say experts, dead letter. Newspapers, libraries,  money transfer such as Paypal and more testify to this "You can't send them back to the farm once they've seen gay Par-ee" phenomennon.


Perhaps emblematic is officials denouncing books for "revealing secrets," such as how to build atom bombs, already available in the public domain by laws proposed by the self-same official bodies.




To help the process along, he founded the expose site OrlinGrabbe, a "Playboy for the Hi-IQ" complete with a special button periodically showing cute if naughty-looking models "for all sexes" balanced by his own formula-laden papers on a range of topics from thoughts on financial analyses to quantum physics and information packets.


His model? "Accelerate thinking" by simply accumulating edgy but obscure information on a host of topics relating to secrecy and hard-to-obtain knowledge. For context, his companion Laissez-Faire Times invited Libertarian leaders to write contrarian and often wildly satirical thinkpieces questioning the underlying assumptions behind those current events, and readers to suggest areas of research or links. As his worldwide readers responded, it became a clearinghouse for enlightening information that would have otherwise been lost. In turn, this attracted opinion leaders who saw the site as the place for game-changing information. As a result, few of his readers will likely find the Wikileaks revelations much of a surpise...or the panic of many officials. With his untimely death, the site has been after a slow start continued by supporters, and is in the process of re-loading older pages as well while making sharing of information easer than ever.


Nor will they be surprised that the market for information is seemingly behaving as Grabbe suggested yet again. As officials have Intrepol hunt the Wikilieaks spokesman Julian Assange on what many are reporting--again contrary to official media--as trumped up charges, Wikileaks is not only replicating itself as staff announce they're starting Wikileaks clones on a variety of models, but bringing the spotlight on less celebrated research efforts in secrecy such as that maintained by the venerable New Scientist.


http://orlingrabbe.com/ shows a variety of Wikileaks edgy stories, from under-reported revelations that mafia connections in government are exposed, to a blossoming of Wikileaks mirror sites, to a satire based on a spoof of the US announcing secret budgets in the confusion. The site, which operated as a blog precursor, now uses openly available blog software with a vengeance.


This much is certain: The model of an edgy site simply publishing information known at first to the few for consumption and action first by opinion leaders, then average citizens, is here to stay, a transformative social invention. With it, public dialogue on the very need for official secrets acts will increase.. and more people will follow the Wikileaks grandaddy site, OrlinGrabbe, to both see and share what is really going on, ahead of the information curve, as they create their own clones and variations.

(Below: sample of Grabbe coverage after sample of  Wikileaks revelations reported in GOOGLE)



1.Check out newsources such as Grabbe and link to them, consider your own site

2.Call for dialogue on official secrets acts in your area

3.Check out and evaluate sample information from Grabbe and Wikileaks as below.




About 10,600,000 results (0.15 seconds) Search ResultsNews for wikileaks revelations

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Dec 2, 2010 ... State-controlled TV is silent on WikiLeaks claims that US diplomats see Russia as a criminal state.

www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/.../russian-media-ignore-wikileaks - CachedThe 10 most important WikiLeaks revelations - War Room - Salon.com

Nov 29, 2010 ... From Iran to Yemen to Israel to North Korea to the UN -- what the leaked documents tell us about the world.

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Dec 1, 2010 ... How is the Wikileaks revelation that the Head of the IAEA is claimed to be “solidly in the U.S. court” going to affect the supposed ...

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Dec 2, 2010 ... Cable sent in 2006 indicates that the Irish government has been making it increasingly difficult for American weapons shipments to Israel to ...

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Oct 29, 2010 ... I am appalled by the testimony of violence contained in the hundreds of thousands of Iraq-related military documents released last week by ...

www.heraldtribune.com/article/20101029/LETTERS/101029733Second Opinion: The WikiLeaks revelations - Baltimore Sun opinion ...

Jul 27, 2010 ... The WikiLeaks revelations. Americans have known for some time that the war in Afghanistan was not going well, and many have suspected that ...

weblogs.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/2010/07/post_84.html - CachedWikileaks revelations are deeply embarrassing to the us - The Inquirer

Jul 26, 2010 ... Wikileaks revelations are deeply embarrassing to the US. Collateral murder and Pakistan's corrupt duplicity in a losing war come to light ...

www.theinquirer.net/.../wikileaks-revelations-deeply-embarrassing-us - CachedWhat Are the Most Significant WikiLeaks Revelations? - PBS

Nov 29, 2010 ... What are the most significant WikiLeaks revelations? The U.S. diplomatic cables portray the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab ...

www.pbs.org/.../what-are-the-most-significant-wikileaks-revelations.html - CachedVideos for wikileaks revelations

WikiLeaks US embassy cables: as it happened ...

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 From: http://orlingrabbe.com/



Wikileaks: US Gov Turns Blind Eye as US contractors buy Afghan policemen drugs and little boys



Meet the people who want Julian Assange "whacked"

"Why can't we act forcefully against WikiLeaks?" asked neoconservative Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol earlier this week. "Why can't we use our various assets to harass, snatch or neutralize Julian Assange and his collaborators, wherever they are? Why can't we disrupt and destroy WikiLeaks in both cyberspace and physical space, to the extent possible? Why can't we warn others of repercussions from assisting this criminal enterprise hostile to the United States?"



Interpol Updates Website with Assange Photo to Help the International Manhunt



Noam Chomsky: WikiLeaks Cables Reveal "Profound Hatred for Democracy on the Part of Our Political Leadership"



WL Central - An unofficial WikiLeaks information resource



cryptbin: An easy way to encrypt and share information with high-grade security in your browser



One command to get a full archive of WikiLeaks material to be mirrored or shared: "wget -m http://wikileaks.ch"



Proposals, Issues, Discussion of General P2P DNS Proposals



WikiLeaks on the Run & Sneakernet DNS



Huge List of WikiLeaks Mirrors



Wikileaks Mirrors



Julian Assange answers your questions at the guardian.co.uk



Money Laundering with Bitcoin: http://bitcoinlaundry.com/



Pentagon To Withhold Budget Figures Out Of Respect For American Families

ARLINGTON, VA—Officials at the Pentagon announced Monday that they would no longer make the budget of the Defense Department public, explaining that the information would be "extremely disrespectful" to American families at a time of economic turmoil. "Disclosing the cost of even one Patriot missile could seriously damage the morale of a nation just trying to keep food on the table," Defense Secretary Robert Gates said of the new policy. "It would be a slap in the face to all the hardworking citizens who continue to struggle and sacrifice day after day." Gates added that revealing the expense of maintaining America's military presence in more than 150 nations worldwide might also break the spirits of returning veterans unable to obtain adequate health care.



Kundalini Syndrome



Quantum Tantra: How the Hippies Saved Physics



WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia’s Growing Influence



How the US media is dumping on WikiLeaks - and censoring the cable disclosures







"I love WikiLeaks for restoring distrust in our most important institutions."



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Canada steps closer to stopping women from being forced to give sex away for free



US Feds Command States down to Local Governments to Buy New Street Signs



Panicking Worldwide Nation States Extending 'Great Firewall of China' Around Wikileaks



WikiLeaks' site back with new Swiss address http://wikileaks.ch/ after US Company Takedown



Avoid TSA by Driving. Think Again. TSA Checkpoints Coming to a Highway Near You.



Wikileaks: Cable reveals Coverup of US behind airstrike that killed 21 children in Yemen



Introducing the Hot New Social Network, PhoneBook. Allows User to Call Friends, Speak to Them



WikiLeaks.org Domain taken down by US DNS provider. Legit tech reason or political?



Libertarian Romanians Ended Communism, Lead Reforms

Posted on December 2, 2010 at 12:46 PM

 www.ISIL.org representative Valentina Nicolae is one of the many Romanian Libertarian activists commanding growing respect as groups expand.

Romanian Libertarians, many of them women, once waged grim battles in schools, the streets, and organizing coalitions to lead the overthrow of the Communist dictatorial system--and now face a more pleasant if protracted one of public information on Libertarian and Libertarian-interest policies, and lifestyle tools, for the public in their country.


A growing number of LIO supporters and inquiries from that country evidence the foundation of Libertarian groups and entities that are providng empowering information, so the country moves towards honest and freer markets, lifestyle choice, and civic transparency. They note that Romania is leading the way in many areas, having an effect on neighboring countries. Libertarians are presently working with the venerable and revived National Liberal Party, which was founded by Ion Bratianu, one of the members of a contact group created in the early 1800's by LIO (then the Libertarian and Liberal League) to establish parties and clubs of tolerance and promotion of reason, and local self-rule, worldwide under a concept urged by co-founder Francisco Gil de Taboada y de Lemos, who also conceived the Spanish Liberal Constitution. The focus has been tax reduction, secularization, and market and intentional community normalization and  institutions--including voluntary communal communities, sharing arrangements and co-operatives once banned by the government.



>Check out www.ISIL.org which can arrange for you to sponsor with very little money young Romanian activists and future leaders to their conferences and workshops

>Donate to one of the groups for literature translation of Libertarian materials into Romanian

>Show this to officals and friends to look into engaging a Romanian city with yours in the Sister City Program and volunteer as an appointed public official  http://www.sister-cities.org


LIO Adviser Dr. Sharon Presley:Thought Tools for All

Posted on December 2, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Dr.Presley formed the Libertarian Alliance in the mid-60's, and has been a tireless proponent of rational thought and assistive tools such as the freedom of the internet.

We're pleased to welcome back Dr. Sharon Presley, a pioneering Libertarian activist and champion of rational thought for all, not a few academics.


Dr. Presley helped form the US Libertarian Alliance, which with the Radical Libertarian Alliance, ISIL and LIO organized interest in focused and distinct (as opposed to working through other groups or movements alone) cultural change using Libertarian tools. This led to the revival and foundation of Libertarian Parties and, according to fan Salvador Madariaga, father of the European Community and the Liberal International, a refocus of the Liberal movement on choice-based solutions.


This interest as championed by Dr. Presley included a review of history and the social sciences with research on unsung proto-Libertarian activists and feminists of past centuries; promotion of Libertarianism defined as an interdisciplinary field of study and application; and civic action with conscious and overt use of voluntary approaches. Above all, Dr. Presley urged expanded teaching of thinking tools into the grade schools and popular magazines, noting optional logic and critical thinking courses at the university level was too little, too late. Citizens should question authorities, and experts from salespeople to doctors should adopt a more informational and consultative approach.


Dr. Presley predicted against sceptics and regulators the value of the internet for research and critical thinking for all by making resources locked in libraries readily searchable and free; and has warned against attempts to under color of law restrict the internet. She herself has accumulated tools for thinking so they're available internationally to all.


Her work has been influential. Dr. Presley has been a catalyst and voice forming the trend for independent evaluation by an increasingly educated, peer-educated, and self-educated, society.

  • In the US, for example, professionals such as physicians go to increasing lengths to inform patients and involve them in the healing process. This is as opposed to many countries where, often encouraged by coercive public systems,  they remain  brusque and fail to either inform or be informed by the patient, causing many mis-medications.
  • Seminars on creative and efficient thinking, understanding the emotions, and "logic for kids" are increasingly popular.
  • People now regularly consult the internet before talking to professionals, and providers have responded with a wealth of forums, info-sites and research facilities tailored to every interest. Regulators are increasingly finding their rules challenged by consumers clamoring and able to obtain contray information.

Dr. Presley has combined her inspirational work in several websites to form a valuable part in Libertarian education, practical tools for everyone, feminist perspective, and paradigm change.



>Use and share her sites

>Ask that reason oriented workshops come to local schools

>Urge civic leaders to focus on fact-based and measurable policies