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Quickies! Libertarianism=Every day should be Christmas...+ LIO PROJECTS BOOK UNDERWAY

Posted on September 21, 2017 at 4:40 PM


Beloved late LIO Honorary Board Head Dr. Ralph Swanson and team travelled to world entering into many neighborhoods and every country, met with professional leaders to tribal elders, explained Christmas then said:'In brief, many LIO libertarians feel every day should be Christmas generosity and reflection whatever your belief, and we're helping those trying to make it happen and get rid of rules that prevent that!' thus building the LIO fan base to millions of homes, and helping unleash the spread of freer market democracy and increasingly depoliticized services...

We're starting work on 3 great Tools for you in free PDF form. Translator volunteers will be needed...

  • Libertarian Vision brochure: 6-Page Orientation for informal libertarians and fans
  • Libertarian SMILE!--Projects Workbook: 250+ pp with the SMILE! thinkpieces  here in order plus some key LIO Friends projects
  • Country Directory. Top projects/links per country...LIO fans homes are in nearly every 1000-home district worldwide.

Contact us at LIO Friends Facebook to suggest a project--including yours--big or small for inclusion...

US Gary Johnson Campaign Praised: KEY WINS, DATA @ Libertarian Poll Data (LPD) Workgroup Facebook

Posted on September 2, 2017 at 1:40 AM

 RE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/736882696414329/ Above: Viral LPD meme.

LIO Fans from Afghanistan to Zambia are delighted at the success of the Gov. Gary Johnson/Gov. Weld www.lp.org USA Campaign in setting a goal for creating one in their countries, and for now an easy way of entering Libertarianism into the dialogue. Non-political libertarianist think tanks and groups generally experienced a worldwide surge in interest as well.

During the campaign a workgroup supervised by the LIO curator, his son and daughter current co-ordinators in training, and followed by statisticians in several countries--the Facebook LPD Libertarian Poll Data Workgroup--garnered attention for in-depth poll analyses only LIO d-base data can provide, and accurately seeing through widespread poll manipulation to predict a massive breakthrough for Johnson and a Trump victory.

For reports and more see: https://www.facebook.com/groups/736882696414329   The group has 2000+ users from 120+ countries. Other activities include meme production, data retention, a 'Great Libertarian' of the past semi-regular post, and much data and news provided by users...A final report on the Johnson/Weld campaign is being prepared, and the group follows both elective and activist campaigns by libertarians in many countries.

33: A CHALLENGE FROM KENNON GILSON: 33 per MM in Libertarian-interested Public Official Project with LIBERTARIAN PROGRAM

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 2:05 AM


Kennon Gilson, son of the LIO curator and 5 times Libertarian public official as a teenager, networks 1000+ past and present libertarian and -interested public officials worldwide. In college he studies philosophy, film-making, and education, and his professional association co-founded with David Nolan, Libertarian Program/GOAL, says the focus is on meeting the needs of anyone from pledged Libertarian to just interested in Libertarian-interest tools, and also non-partisan and especially appointive-board or neighborhood council local office where citizens can most easily participate. Kennon hopes to be an educator, counselor and art-filmmaker helping youth in poverty.

It is time for pro-Libertarians to wake up worldwide, whatever their party. We’re missing 10,000 pro-libertarian public officials in the USA of 310 MM voters.


I challenge serious pro-libertarians IN EVERY COUNTRY and all local parties or independents to meet, set a goal of 33 officials per million voters, and get people in local office low-/no-cost. Tools and how-to’s are at the website above.


That is 264,000+ officials around the world advising on voluntary tools and rights.


It’s been known since late USLP director Ron Crickenberger studied the results of the US LP’s first 20 years: Dedicated pro-libertarians were occupying after some years of effort 33 public offices, high or low, per 1 MM citizens ( or 300,000 regular voters). We’ve seen this in NH, Vermont, Costa Rica, Pinellas in Florida.


It is immaterial if the official is a famed Senator or caring neighborhood council member. A pro-libertarian in office is a pro-libertarian in office is a pro-libertarian in office as far as the voter is concerned. Having served is a great calling card.


Their study, re-confirmed in 2002, also revealed:


>>Pro-libertarians in 50+% of the cases LEAD the bodies that they serve, typically elected by their colleagues for their calm, strong knowledge, and consensus approach.

>>Many in appointed public offices—95+% of offices in the USA—who go on to elected office get (as Gary Johnson did) 95+% of their support/votes from those in other parties and independents, about evenly split. This is decreasing as more re-vote for libertarian-type candidates. In the US, the major parties are trying to attract the ‘libertarian vote’ and get endorsements from local LP leaders.

>>Pro-libertarians get into public office as or increasingly more easily than those of other parties as their reputation spreads. The biggest growth constraint of the USLP is (2017) lack of trained pro-libertarians to seek office.


In countries like Costa Rica where local pro-libertarians have put in a lot of presence, they have more in office-to-population than the US or many US states.


Don’t waste your time attacking officials of other parties. The public is seeing pro-libertarians as healers who bring rights/voluntary/Green -sensitive ideas to the table that both conservatives and progressives can use. Focus on showing how that is so.


My group, LIBERTARIAN PROGRAM, urges focus on getting those numbers in primarily non-partisan, appointive/neighborhood, local office (primarily) for interested LIO fans. We use no money and no weapon beyond asking folks where we can help with these tools. As formal libertarian-direction party projects like the www.IALP.org expand, I challenge local groups and families to set that 33-per-million first target.

--July 17, 2017


ALBUM: Libertarios Liberales Latinos: Adelante to A Latin Beat

Posted on May 10, 2016 at 12:50 AM

Now in every nation there  with LIO users, autonomous think tanks, and a growing number of 'Partidos Libertarios' a review of some of the photos sent us of the amazing enthusiasm in discussing Libertarian Philosophy and applied philosophy in daily life and service areas...

(Above)  Latin American Women like artist-petitioner Ester Mendez Delgado of Costa Rica set a new beat as Latin Libertarian-Liberals in a new generation leave the think tanks to Hit the Streets for open dialogue on ballot access, crime and corruption data transparency, and natural co-operatives.

Other organizing issues include proposals for more neighborhood governance and  'libertarian community areas' plus voluntary governance privatizations that actually work--and a free immigration and free trade treaty of the regions, then the Americas.

 the "Abraham Lincoln of Latin America" LIO curator, philosopher, 1904-5 revitalization co-founder  after whom the current curator is named: Michael Francis Lemos, who co-founded the Brazilian Republic, co-designed its flag, tried to turn positivism to libertarian pathways, and led the peacful emancipation of the slaves...

 Argentina and Brasil activists meet...

 Ecuador conference...Libertarians there are working on reviving the free immigration pact for the Americas--the San Lorenzo treaty...




 Costa Rica



 Rep. Mireya Zamora Alvarado







 Hispanos en EE. UU.

Reuters: 22% of US Democrats, 18% of GOP Pro-libertarian: How to Get Their Vote

Posted on April 30, 2015 at 2:20 PM

US President and LIO Fellow Ronald Reagan here appoints a Libertarian official. MG was his personal representative to the leaders of the USSR and China with whom MG had a personal relationship, mediating the transition from totalitarian Communism. To get familiar with baby-step Libertarian civic concerns, read 'Voluntary City' by Beito, 'The Seamless City' by Baker, and check out the libertarian-interest work at www.reason.org ...Activists are urged to check out 'Take Back Your Government' by LIO Fellow Robert Heinlein.


By MG--Opinion piece for discussion by LIO Fans and dialogue groups. Please translate and share.

REUTERS: 19% of Americans now self-identify as 'libertarians'...most from Democrats, Center... We said it years ago at our site--we keep it front and center always in our lead article above--and in time this will be the case in every major area--Russia, China, India, EU, Latin America and already well there in smaller ones as Costa Rica...People were asked if the self-identify as libertarians. Says REASON in regard to the REUTERS Poll:

"...22 percent of Democrats said they were libertarians, more than the 18 percent of Republicans, and just a hair less than the 25 percent of independents....

Now note these people are informal users who get the general idea now, not large-L advocates as the article implies or formal small-l libertarian appliers/users with LIO. Worldwide there're 8 million homes on our d-base plus in a special side project 1.5 million homes with us, of which this 22% across the board number is our 'LIO Shadow"...Note also the Poll is significant as the first one where such a number of people readily self-identify as 'libertarian'--our aim is to continue to build LIO formals. RE: http://reason.com/blog/2015/04/30/19-of-americans-self-identify-as-liberta BTW as you pass this along let friends know about www.libertarianinternational.org I believe it as I'm meeting people who ask me out of the blue my famous line of  "if I've heard about Libertarianism?" Thanks...


There's work to do. It means people like what they see so far, so don't stop. Always separate your favorite SMILE/Libertarian application from the fact that we help enable a range of choice of applications (which is what people like at first). Over the next 2 generations many will become small-l libertarian conscious applier/user formals in the 'LIO Libertarian lifestyle' and we aim for at least 1-5 homes per district as LIO pledged Libertarians (advocates/students of SMILE) referencing our SMILE dialogue platforms. This 19% figure is coming to a country near you.


In brief, don't screw with L/libertarians. LIO Libertarians have since 1969 reversed the feared fall of civilization to so far led change for democracy in 150+ countries. While peaceful, dictators have died and armies fallen. They won't rest until people have the option of liberal secular democracy, then a lively federalism and localism increasingly respectful of UN rights and voluntary libertarian/SMILE concerns. Remember, LIO Libertarianism is not about imposing a political system or lifestyle, but a lifestyle/philosophy of peaceful dialogue that enables rights-based choice. But choice LIO fans will have. And informal 'libertarians'--what we call libertarian-interested--will too.

LIO is in outreach completely non-partisan. In the USA the www.lp.org acts as a vanguard libertarian-direction group bringing many issues to public attention. The demand for pro-Libertarians in public office who're properly trained--not just some well-intended newbie who loves the label--now outstrips our ability as a network and of the www.lp.org to supply. We advance because this is really a trailing indicator of the beginnings from when we began in 1969 of a profound pro-reason/reality and sweet reasonableness philosophical shift. Most libertarian civic change occurs by design via petition/direct democracy (as we see in Florida) and judicial notice. For many, a pro-Libertarian vote is a signaling device of current voluntary concerns in public policy. Thus as we saw in 2012, the Libertarian www.lp.org candidate Gov. Gary Johnson was saying some things, and after the election the other parties are now adopting them because the 1% centrist vote for rights that decides elections always leads, and that's us. (...as I've always said since 1969, I want conservatives to legalize drugs and communists to privatize. Is it happening? Look around you). In time (starting in the 2020's) LIO will contact all of these informal homes, recommend Libertarian lifestyle/SMILE tools, ask if they would like to register with us...and not just the US, but in time all countries starting with the rest of the Americas, EU, Russia, China, India. Speaking personally, from League days to the expansion I started in 1969, people like an alliance of families led by a clan with someone colorful and useful free stuff, world contact prospects, a benign rights and reason sensitive approach. In brief, starting in the US they'll become more informed and militant for voluntary choices, and proceed more from self-conscious attitudes and fuller conversancy.

This is the capstone of progressive Liberalism in all fields. This is like people realizing the earth is round. No, they may get details wrong and not sure of all the scientific proof. But they realize it's round. It is now irreversible.



While I periodically e-mail (though I'll be stopping this soon as we transition to a new outreach system, so for a while all will happen simply by momentum) this 1.5 million, I tell no one how to vote. I do ask them to consider (in order) positive parenting, being a local volunteer or in non-partisan public office, and  reference the recommended deadlock electoral strategy above. These people are mission-driven by a general approach that will not change. Informals are clearly just getting familiar with libertarianist/SMILE tools and our experience is they may start with issues but end up with the relaxed approach and develop at their own pace, and like people sensitive to that approach. Many are community/professional  leaders with strong followings. Libertarian voter=Community Leader interested in rights, tolerance, voluntary tools. So attacking Libertarianism or attempting to lie or seduce them always backfires. They're primarily cultural, with politics and economies are just tools. They want to hear ideas on using voluntary tools for their often different values so they don't clash with others, not how someone is some bad guy. In the coming US presidential elections, here's what they want in brief and how it applies to the major candidates.


  1. Be nice to Libertarians. Say you're respectful of pro-libertarian voters and will appoint some Libertarians.
  2. Pledge to address discriminatory statutes against small parties and encourage direct democracy.
  3. We'll do the rest. And remember--acting in every state and foreign country bit by bit.


The Libertarian deadlock strategy means the Presidential /Senate election is always for the Democrats to lose by ignoring pro-libertarian concerns.

Obama has done as well a job as can be expected, sensitive to libertarian-interested Democrats and in other parties. He's championed space-exploration privatization, legalized guns in certain parks, a middle class tax cut. He gave us a Black President settling many issues. Great. Now Libertarian-interested voters want more.

  1. Hilary Clinton has the advantage that she is the progressive Democrat and also a long-due woman, but has shown no Libertarian-ideas interest and has an honesty issue.
  2. Jeb Bush has cheerfully appointed many LIO Libertarians as Florida Governor, paid attention to Libertarian contributions, and implemented many libertarian-direction policies. He has a too-conservative rhetoric issue. Still, he may yet position himself as the libertarian-friendly practical progressive at heart--and win the day.
  3. Rand Paul has forever lost wide pro-libertarian support by attacking libertarianism and advocates some strange stuff. He may recover it and seems to have realized his blunder, and is raising good questions.
  4. Gary Johnson, the likely www.lp.org candidate, in the last election specifically reached out to various groups who responded well. Blacks, Muslims and thoughtful youth loved him according to our surveys. His Libertarianist management approach of a single message adorned with going to groups, asking what they need, and getting them aware of how a libertarianist voluntary approach might help in a respectful way, if continued, could bring a 2% vote from across the spectrum. Other candidates know the LP vote is different--they're dealing with an organized and growing pressure group that reflects a larger public interest.

A prediction: In a few years pro-libertarians will have a choice of libertarian-interested candidates from all parties.

Yes, at times  the LIO Libertarian-driven advances in the US are easy to forget with the tales of abuses going on...until we reflect that thanks to Libertarian-led coalitions and attitudes, what is really happening is old abuses are coming to light and being addressed. How might  these considerations apply in your country or region?

Join Libertarian-Green Project Wins: 5 Ways LIO Libertarians/Fans Are Saving the Planet

Posted on April 23, 2015 at 5:35 PM

...join a low-traffic fan Facebook to share tools at bottom of article.





  • Takeway: Discussion points on how Libertarian Green policies are working. Spread in your area?
  • Recently Libertarian policies were denounced by the US extreme left and a Nobel economist for pollution spills in US lakes and rivers. One problem: Local Libertarians had been attempting to prevent the problems, which were created by anti-libertarian policies of leftist officials. Why the attacks? Libertarians are actually saving the environment. Top 5:

1. Save the planet from long-term destruction. Asteroid hits, super-volcanoes, space junk, and yes, climate change were ignored until brought to public attention by LIO Libertarians/fans. LIO Fellow Reagan was called crazy for calling on re-targeting nuclear missles to anti-asteroid defense. Now many efforts are underway.

2. Population tripled, yet: Air pollution down by over half, forests and eco-zones tripled in many areas. In 1969 MG set the Libertarian air and sea pollution standard: Return to pre-industrial levels or better via voluntary eco-policies and technical improvement towards a Garden Earth. Sent to over 3000 industrial/national leaders as a goal, politicized official pollution standards still lag behind or impose too much too soon, while private effort has responded to this dramatic goal still ignored by the media. Libertarian cap-and-trade, a transitional measure invented by MG and LIO Fellows, is still misused: Monies collected go to politician’s salaries instead of accredited universities and sustainable Green research labs. In the good news, relaxed regulations have led to voluntary eco-parks, new vast commercial sustainable forests, anti-pollution devices. In the Dominican Republic, the president, also an LIO Fellow, led the country to reserve 40% of the land—i.e. all already common land--to pristine parks. This also boosted tourism and national wealth contrasted to Haiti.

3. Green is now a common mental tool. People are interested now, not hostile to eco-friendly options.

4. You can now sue polluters, protecting your property lines: In 1969 such suits were often forbidden for reasons of ‘resource management’ and ‘ending capitalist greed.’ Result: Without control by courts, legislators went wild until government bodies and cronies became the major polluters. Libertarianism champions respect for property (pollute away on your own if you must, but not on your neighbor’s land) lines, and lobby so class action environmental and property suits are commonplace. As a result, incidents plummeted.

5. Empower you to have the environment you want. Continuing dialogue so all may enjoy, at minimum, tax-free eco-family small and self-sustaining homesteads (as in Florida, USA). This involves flagging extremist efforts to coercively tax or seize your: Cash, land or home, deny aliquot use of runoff/rain water while handing watersheds over to official projects, coercively tax environmental and passive eco-improvements, limit small eco-farms and urban gardens, criminalize speech or price-data open info/comparison, home business, etc.


Resource: Share your tools, ideas at: https://www.facebook.com/LibertarianGreenSolutions


Earth Day: Libertarian Green=Be Wary of "Green" Gee-Whiz Techno-Ecology or Neo-fascist Statutes

Posted on April 22, 2015 at 1:25 PM







Petra Kelly, LIO Fellow, Founder of Modern Green Movement

LIO Fellow (then Advisor) scientist John McConnell led way for Earth Day, here with Earth Day flag. LIO Flag is the same but on white with blood-red accents.

Takeaway: Let’s not forget ‘Passive Green’ is the basis; Green is being used to justify backfiring anti-solutions.


  • While accomodating voluntary deviations, LIO Libertarians dialogue for Green Garden Earth. A lot of people spend a lot of ink and a lot of money to keep you from understanding that. Such disinfo didn’t work for the Communists, who’re now officially libertarian-friendly pro-privatization now. It won’t work for these guys. So share this as basis of debate. Also: http://www.libertarianinternational.org/apps/blog/categories/show/161118-space-sea-gardenearth
  • I helped develop Earth Day, and created the Green ‘libertarian socialist’ movement with my then companion Petra Kelly as well. Those were tough times. The ‘progressive’ left hated ecology as ‘bourgeois indulgence’ along with LGBT rights, pot legalization, suing polluters, and all LIO Libertarian dialogues they now claim to love. Today it’s a civil war among progressives between the growing libertarian-receptive vs. dying neo-Marxists whose only hope is that new generations will forget that Communism=Mass Murder.They knew a Libertarian threat when they saw one. They knew that if they conquered the world, my Green virus would destroy them. They tried to kill me; LIO Libertarianism ended them; Petra was murdered by the Communists. The neo-Communists/Marxists have been trying to take over the Green movement since. They pretend they’ve been always pro-Green and pro-localism. Yet ‘Green’ is a household term. New people may have trouble defining it (as with Libertarianism) but they know it when they see it, and increasingly like it. In the US, 22% of all political parties are self-identified informal (non-LIO) libertarians (small-l libertarian=aware applier)...and many more try to be Green. 'Greening of America' is here.
  • So we must not hesitate to discuss: That Green is about keeping a small, sustainable, and voluntary presence. It involves thinking about costs and benefits cradle-to-recycle on new technologies--which gives results sometimes counter-intuitive. It doesn’t involve unnatural vast coercive programs but personal-local organic good sense. Many officials don’t get that, seeing a coerced regulation as salvation, instead of a sinecure for old tech and new bribes. In this the extreme left conspires as usual with the extreme right. Hence the need for LIO/libertarian-inspired campaigns e.g. calls to not tax small homes in town and country, or to legalize urban gardens/mini-farming, public breastfeeding, medicament and vaccine data and choice, solar panels, low-pollution vehicles, class suits for pollution, prepping, etc.
  • Where I live we just won long battles to legalize pedi-buses, protect bicycle lanes, and Green taxis. A proposal for a polluting ‘Green’ public light rail so costly one could have bought everyone a new Prius every year was defeated. Florida libertarians have revived a coalition to remove anti-Green statutes (While things like started in 1969 when we united for direct democracy this now uses, extremists sell a narrative that libertarian-catalized broad coalitions are odd: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/01/16/green-tea-coalition-strange-bedfellows-fight-for-solar-power-in-sunshine-state /  ;)
  • Yes, we’re just beginning to understand how Green=Continual improvement. But what this process doesn’t involve are vast new coerced programs on climate (are officials reducing pollution--or forcing corporate terraforming?); or to forbid autonomous living; or forced gee-whiz techno-tools that reduce choice to raise costs, involve questionable ‘new’ materials, and backfire—like the recent lighting mandate in the USA banning older bulbs. Green tools for future focus:

o Legality of self-sustaining untaxed Green Homesteads in country and city for every family

o Insulation back-engineer of e.g. walls, appliances that naturally cool, heat, save money in buildings

o Legality of local low-impact vehicles that use batteries, pedals, etc.

o Legality of self-regulating farmer market’s in every neighborhood—not just set areas

o Study of ideal organic soils with encouragement of home-based food production, prepping

o Community progressive air/water pollution reduction guidelines and barrier walls

o Legality of tax-free/deductible organic co-ops, no-pollution agreed zones, firms, retrofits

o Use cap-and-trade to directly grant search for promising low-pollution technology as intended

o Focus on voluntary choices--and not taxing, seizing, or regulating the above when they work


Earth Day is one tool to raise awareness. But Green solutions, like all voluntary choices, start and end at home.

Check out: http://reason.com/blog/2014/09/21/joel-salatin-against-elitism-at-lpac2014



Quickie: Getting Excited About Philosophy with Objectivism

Posted on April 6, 2015 at 12:45 AM


Philosophy through EZ listening..?

A life philosophy of rationality, realism, rights, a romantic sense of life? We would like to call attention to 2 ongoing projects below to disseminate the 2 basic works on Objectivism, the Brandens' 'Introduction to Objectivism' and 'Principles of Efficient Thinking'  which seek to alert, motivate, and assist the public with better tools for that philosophy...These're excellent surveys of the Aristotelian critique and proposals developed by Ayn Rand with additional material and integrated by the Brandens. Care is taken to avoid some of Rand's personal philosophy/opinions for an approach suitable to all, and she re-assured us that with her 'For the New Intellectual' these are the best starts.

  • They introduce philosophy as the key tool in life with a structured historical survey and overview of key matters, provocative critiques of common misconceptions, key elements of being objective, and methods to better use of one's reason. Many find the study of philosophy much more comprehensible afterwards.
  • You'll have a better idea of both the drama and the rise of Philosophy and Science, and relevance of Objectivist approaches-- and be motivated to study and use the tools of philosophy more.
  • They're excellent for college students and others looking to improve mental skills and have an overview of philosophy and where it can help in daily life. Many report life transformations from understanding the need to practice better the fundamental ethical virtues of reason, productivity, and ethical pride; and the correlated social/moral virtues of respect for rights and focus on justice.

The links below are easily shared to interest one's e-circle and post on social media. Some parts are free and the sponsors hope to have them all free in time. Meanwhile, the CD's and/or tapes are periodically available at Amazon, with a book version of the Introduction as well. Finally, Nathaniel Branden continued with pioneering and influential work in psychology and self-therapy from a biocentric approach that many find very useful.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mfw7kqVU-U&list=PLyGcWIcRaC8cMUV6BfIHBAqcDvNcxH5xr  (with link to a growing interactive book transcript of Branden's intro)...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3RRM-cqPdU   (with link to purchase added tapes).



Libertarian International Organization Fellows @ 600: The Original SALON Continues.

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 4:10 PM


Over 225 years ago Henriette De Lemos y Herz Lemos curated the then League and nascent Libertarian International project in our then ancient Salon plus her girl's school networking the greatest minds and activists of the day--and creating the first world corps of liberally educated and self-empowering women. We continue to drive Enlightenment, Science, and Rights awareness.

By MG.

  • The LIO Fellows--SMILE-interested advisors, plus pledged Libertarian advisors, plus 'friends of MG'--is our advisory and inspirational body our curators seek out of cultural and academic leaders...with a sprinkling of contrarians that get even my phlegmatic tolerance pause. Their work helps spur SMILE dialogue and are increasingly serving as your personal think tank and college on edgy and provocative tools and ideas. If their Honorary chair and I are our LIO consuls, they're our advisory Senate.
  • Historically, they're derived from the councils of the Lemos clan and the associated Libertarian communes, and in our modern (post-1592) form their first head was Cervantes ( I recommend 'Don Quixote' be re-read as a Liberalist/libertarianist novel...plus read the dedication to Book 2...you'll be surprised and motivated) followed by Galileo (an early Gilson project was to get him to Harvard University; he agreed and should have been our first great American philosopher but shortly thereafter died; I recommend his 'Dialogue on Two World Systems' for college students). LIO Fellow views are their own.
  • Now I've completed one of my to-do's in my career modeling applied philosophy: to bring their number to an historical high of 600, loosely divided by SMILE area, and a number to maintain over future decades...plus another body of interesting youth leaders as a pool for future Fellows. This has been difficult and time consuming, and while underway many have passed on. While continuing our current futurist social media
  • ...over the next years we'll be improving access to their (and past LIO Fellow) links with a special page, occasional PDF newsletter, plus increasingly posting their illustrative thinkpieces with links and doings here. In addition, we will revive 'The Libertarian' blog and LIO Twitter as your weekly/daily source of timely and actionable SMILE-interest data, news, and tools that you can use. This will of course improve their ability to mutually connect where desired. These folks cover many fields from a scientist working on time-equations to Green activists to experts on direct democracy and life extension. They sure help me, and I know you'll find a lot you home can enjoy. Many have put up additional Facebooks and more...bringing valuable tools to all.
  • Finally, the LIO SMILE community project to develop local Salon networks is piloting fine in Pinellas, Florida, to help people share and process these many interesting links and materials and pass on their own. If you would like to train to develop your own local SMILE Salon, let me know https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Gilson-DeLemos-Futurist-Libertarians/110984002277446?" target="_blank">via my Facebook with futurist libertarians where I pass on some of the things the LIO Fellows bring to my attention...  As always, participation is free, and as we say: Enjoy!

Never Waste Your Vote: One Way to Always Vote for a Great Candidate

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 4:35 PM


Past Deputy Public Defender Nicholas Sarwark has a Facebook group for Libertarian-interested lawyers. He's 2014-16 US Libertarian Party Chair @   www.lp.org

I would like to urge fans of the Libertarian International Organization to consider running for political office in their country. Also, you can consider involvement in local non-partisan office such as the many neighborhood and advisory boards (contact your local municipal clerk, or search your city or local website, for information).


How many times have you gone into the voting booth only to be disappointed that there wasn't a Libertarian-interested and rights-loving candidate to vote for? How many times have you been stuck wasting your vote, when you really wanted to vote for someone like you? How many times have you seen 1-3 things that can easily be done, yet are ignored?


 The best way to make that happen is to be that candidate. The US Libertarian Party offers many free e-tools for you, to get you started, regardless of party. Just go to: www.lp.org/campaign-resources . These really work.


So be the person that you want to vote for. It’s a great way to meet people, better things, and brings you many benefits. Your successful public service gives philosophers, teachers, academics, activists something concrete and positive to point out—so the effect will last long after you’re gone. Don't waste your vote this time. Step up to run for office.


Quickie: Progressives become pro-libertarian, old-style left trys to claim credit, smears Libertarians

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 2:55 PM
  • Be advised: in the US progressives are in a growing civil war between increasing pro-libertarian/libertarian-receptives, and the totalitarian old 'new left' trying to hold on.  (Progressives are always 50 years behind Libertarians, conservatives 100 years as respective social accelerators and brakes of mass understanding.)
  • The latest tactic is borrowed from the extreme right which faced a similar debacle with Libertarianism over the last decades and is now seeing conservative worthies praise LGBT rights and pot legalization: Claim credit for Libertarian proposals, smear Libertarians as not having them, then claim credit when things go right implying it was your view all along (or alternately claim that one is the 'true Libertarian' while then spring-boarding the lies to selling anti-libertarian proposals as 'Libertarian.')
  • Just to show that in this repeat of the old claim they were the true 'libertarian communists/anarchists' the extreme left isn't even original but borrowing from the extreme right in this latest take--and that such things will fail because more and more people understand what both Libertarianism and libertarian tools are--an extreme right-winger recently tried to pass himself off as a 'Libertarian' at a conservative US conference ...the audience of mostly youth burst into derisive laughter. Who knows, maybe he'll go to the next Communist conference and claim he's a true-blue Communist? Check it out: https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/02/27/conservative-audience-laughs-former-nsa-chief-refers-unrelenting-libertarian/
  •  We're happy to share credit and indeed do much via coalition work ( e.g. www.ERCPinellas.org ). As I have always said, I don't want Libertarians to legalize pot or privatize government agencies--I want (respectively) the conservatives and communists to ( and now they are). Libertarians like a voluntary and fair-process approach they would like  conservatives and progressives to use better, but always to their respective concerns. But not this--this extreme left tactic of claiming sole credit for Libertarian improvements  is a hijack of history for the unwary.
  • Libertarians/LIO fans have led the way since  1969 on LGBT, anti-pollution, Greening, unrestricted unions, co-operatives, abortion freedom, middle-class tax cuts, and more the progressives of the day opposed. A recent example is fracking, GMO misdeeds, and that silly Canadian pipeline across the US seizing people's property: Progressives were in favor of them, Libertarians sounded the alarm, now progressives ( to be precise: the old totalitarian extreme left minority) claim they were against these things the whole time and it was Libertarians who opposed them (or, in an alternate narrative, Libertarians played a minor role).
  • My favorite story: In 1969 at a workshop of leaders in NYC I alone was in favor of legalizing gay civil unions and even marriage--the gays were dead set against it as a distraction (or didn't understand the concept). They eventually became OK with me and Libertarianism promoting it, however, including through intermediaries a classic routine in the first Saturday Night Live showing a gay couple of the future. You hate gay marriage? Blame me. (BTW, for most persons 'm a staunch supporter of traditional marriage and no divorce.)
  • So let's be clear: Libertarian-receptive progressives have done a lot, and will do more as the extreme left totalitarians die out from media and academia. Call them out at every turn, and in your comments link to this article.


( as always, this is offered for dialogue and is not necessarily the opinion of LIO/ its participants).

Quickie: Extreme Left Campaign VS. Libertarian Net Neutrality? Attack What You Claim to Save

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 2:20 PM
  • L/libertarian LIO Fellows and fans conceptualized, removed blocking legislation, and made material inventions that created the Internet. Coercive Government programs didn't create the web* --and Net/Cable neutrality is a Libertarian promise and concept against which the extreme Left fought tooth and nail in efforts to suppress the Libertarian-developed web--and is now fighting again. The Web is on the whole a public-offer entity that should thus be non-discriminatory. This legal view has nothing to do with out-moded anti-monopoly legislation that in fact creates coerced monopolies.
  • This so-called recent extreme 'left victory' to 'save' net neutrality is meant to destroy it via a regulatory vote in the US that, if you read the measure and are aware of past policies of interpretation, lays a groundwork for government-controlled discrimination and censorship, and bad example for other nations. The typical pro-libertarian sees no reason why scared by the prospect of mythical arbitrary provider charges, you should suffer coercive government-sponsored taxes and service blackouts. What coercive taxes, spying, and censorship as exist by official approval should be abolished, not increased.  I'm sure many LIO Libertarians will continue address coercive regulations that do the opposite of what they claim--and also defend net neutrality.
  • How? As has been done for decades now. No coerced regulation is needed to enforce public-offer status, only class action suits if education/joint consumer action fails. Such personal to mass voluntary consumer action has kept the net neutral.(It also publicizes LIO/Libertarian tools and attitudes, which the totalitarians also fear.)The extreme left hates consumer action, consumer data, consumer unions, and as always uses the slogans of democracy to promote a totalitarian set-up. The extreme Left want you to forget how they suppressed communication under Communism, almost seized control of the world untoil they were stopped by Libertarian action, and in 1970's promoted a web model (according to Sen Ted Kennedy in a discussion with me) that by 2050 would give the entire US a capacity of 1 MB to 'protect people from greed.' In this they're joined by the extreme right and rogue companies anxious to be an aristocracy of 'bribes and pull' insulated from choices by consumers, namely you.
  • This extreme Left campaign against net neutrality will fail. (They're next step, again working with the extreme right against the middle, will be to try and increase cable regulation--which has caused many channels to fall into the hands of a few companies--and end public-access cable as we know it.) We'll see less of these inanities  with the spread of a philosophy of reason, logic, facts, choice.


  • *Coercive Government programs didn't create the web, just as many purported things we 'owe to government' were created by voluntary effort or Libertarians of the day. In US Law government creates and owns nothing: It's a trustee of the people, and many LIO L/libertarians and fans are helping put people in better control.



( as always, this is offered for dialogue and is not necessarily the opinion of LIO/ its participants).



Shockwaves: Pro-libertarian LIO Fan Elected to Hungarian Parliament to Fight Racism

Posted on March 3, 2015 at 5:50 PM

Zoltan Kesz, or Kész Zoltán in Magyar, will work against racism, to how to save private pensions from expropriation, and promote civil rights and voluntary concepts in Hungary's Parliament--and has ended the super majority of the ruling party. Here he discusses concerns at the CATO Institute.

  • In what observers are calling a stunning turn of events, Kész Zoltán has electrified Hungary in a come-from-behind victory that has broken the super-majority of the Fidesz party. Fidesz, while originally promising a center program, has come under mounting criticism for strange election laws, vast spending, then seizing IRA-style worker and middle-class pensions to compensate, causing a crisis that has unleashed protests, extremist parties, and racism in the growing democracy.
  • Kész Zoltán attended a variety of workshops by libertarian-interested groups, toured the US getting feedback, and has helped develop the Free Market Foundation in Hungary. Running as an independent, he had solid support from the left and dismayed by the current policies that they say threaten the ecology, dissent, and causing other disruptions. He vows to work for more legalizing voluntary solutions, improving dialogue, and dealing with racism. His supporter workgroup is at: https://www.facebook.com/VeszpremKesz
  • His election is part of the growing trend worldwide of public officials interested in applying Libertarian tools pioneered by LIO and LIO fans. According to LIO Friend noted investor-rights and commentator activist attorney David Shellenberger, who follows world affairs, it is "...reason for hope.''







Libertarian Catholic Saint? LIO Fellow Dorothy Day

Posted on March 1, 2015 at 10:40 AM

The Big-L Libertarian spirit: Dorothy Day.

with MG

At a time when we again learn of new extremisms, vast atrocities, and official conspiracies... it's wise to take heart of the LIO Libertarian spirit--and a great proponent now on-track to Catholic Sainthood, my dear mentor--and frequent and often hilarious lunch companion--LIO Fellow and Old Liberal-Libertarian League associate Dorothy Day.

Day worked on three key tools--a non-punitive or restorative approach; the ideal that people should have an inalienable and untaxed homestead of a few acres as a secure base to use economic systems (sometimes called Catholic distributism: She rejected using legislation, however, or attempting to impose the optional approach on all); tolerance based on a loving heart. Her co-operative/intentional community effort while not a cure-all was essential to social life impervious to political manipulations of the economy, and a fund for good deeds. Her Libertarian 'Catholic Anarchism' Movement is still there and a great resource--and more important, many of her proposals are becoming increasing accepted or adapted.

Thus, many people are sharing the tools building eco-community 'prepper' networks, sustainable homes with their own personal social programs, working on de-criminalization and restorative justice, working on interfaith and secular-faith co-operation, etc. During the world economic crisis, many LIO fan/Libertarianist households weathered it all and were able to help others out mirroring her self-reliance concepts.  Above all, she understood as an Aristotle fan that for an action to be moral it must be in input benign, process benevolent, and in result actually beneficent. (Compare to 'our intentions were good, but it failed when we tried to force people.') She was grounded in the benign voluntary approach, started always with an assumption of good will and careful study, and urged people to focus on results that then arose from often easy but powerful changes. Dialogue: Is there something here that your home, extended family, or community network can use?

Day understood that capitalism/communism, selfishness/altruism, reason/caring, theory/action are false choices transcended with a holistic and rights/voluntary approach. She perceptively analyzed many evils of her time, worked in the trenches and lived the value of simple labor, and kept a high-minded and no-nonsense attitude that inspired many. There is no reason to wait for official sainthood to draw emotional, practical, and other inspiration from this Libertarian voluntarist hero of heroes.

Tools: Some useful if not always accurate links to get familiar/start dialogue. Enjoy!

Forget Capitalism & Communism: Mondragon + Growing Libertarian SMILE Economy

Posted on March 1, 2015 at 9:55 AM


Left, LIO Fellow Father Arrizmendiarrieta provided perspective on what is now the SMILE platform  and was one of LIO head's MG's teachers. The genial Bicycling Padre championed worker/consumer co-ops encouraging local entrepreneurs. His Mondragon project is a now a network of eco-friendly firms with their own university, other social services, plus global how-to efforts--and was looked at as a model for future Space communities at the 100 Year Starship conference. In Pinellas, Florida, activists using the there 30,000+ participant LIO Pinellas Libertarians Friends discuss a proposal where consumers can set wages with an extra contribution; activists have now started re-share, pay-it-forward, permaculture/eco-home farming legality, and freeshare networks there. These ideas challenge common assumptions and false choices, and 'flip the script' on prejudices on what capitalism and communism can or can't do when done with a forward,-looking voluntary focus: Libertarian co-op mutualism, grounded on individual respect, using and transcending all socio-economic approaches as optional tools, no more
 Discuss: Would anchors such as Mondragon and this sort of activism in every community be bad? What laws or attitudes block them?



By MG.

Takeway: In the LIO Libertarian future, the poor will be the millionaires. Critics will say Libertarians failed.

Dialogue Sheet.

(Note: This began as a series of talks with LIO Fellows Gene Roddenberry, Robert Heinlein, R.Swanson, Murray Bookchin, Murray Rothbard, and David Nolan in 1974, plus valuable comments by Barbara Branden and Toni Nathan plus my promise to Padre A. The late Swanson developed an original draft. This as always is the curator’s advice for dialogue and as promising tools, and different LIO fans may have different takes.)

The social sciences and most legislative proposals are fatally flawed for 3 reasons: They tacitly assume people are not conscious and hence are mere pawns of wider forces. They ignore that Libertarians are reshaping all societies by providing tools that improve personal awareness and control. They ignore the rise of more user-defined societies and economies with tools as a long-term vision of the SMILE economy, and interest in building blocks as eco-homes and co-op ventures as Mondragon (founded by Libertarian international activists). for example, neither capitalism nor communism gave us the internet--LIO Libertarians did, using voluntary capitalist and communist approaches to change the paradigm. Some 5 key tools that render most predictions obsolete from the start:

1. SMILE. LIO Fellow and Libertarian Gene Roddenberry sought to demonstrate a libertarian-structured and receptive future federation of intelligent, science-aware, and tolerant people--the Star Trek universe--so people could get inspired and in many cases back-engineer the many improvements ( e.g. e-tablets/Ipads originally seen in Star Trek; the portrayal of minorities and women as capable and equal)--but also traditional cultures were respected and left undisturbed except for the prospect of choice. Imagine now that public policymakers are often proposing rules to prevent such a world of choice from happening. Will they win in the long term, depending on unconscious general reactions and a spread of nihilism? LIO fans/libertarians have left behind the old smear that free-exchange is short-sighted, working locally and nationally for a moratorium eventually anchored on property law on air/sea pollution and for more eco-homes, free to low-cost machine servants for all, consumers informed by free exchange of data instead of secrecy-driven regulations, life-extension and user-defined community. In contrast, officials and economists call for contradictory imposed environmental policies that benefit wealth donors or totalitarian movement or use eminent domain to take away family farms and small homes and prohibit urban mini-farms; propose web charges, pro-censorship regulations, taxes; presume consumer choices are stupid and ill-informed creating an anti-rational culture; call for health plans to not treat the elderly--defined by some as over 71--but let them die while seizing private pensions and ignoring or suppressing life extension efforts and calls by LIO fans/libertarians for a retirement age of 50 by better social insurance management and personalized programs; calling for international taxation when the trend is towards libertarian-inspired localist autonomy. Any paper in social/science economics that ignores the growing SMILE direction as aware and insistent is wrong.

2. Eco-Homes and Co-ops; more proactive and user-defined pricing to Null-cost. An economy with eco-homes to local eco-villages as self-sustaining building blocks, and Libertarian-inspired entrepreneurs and co-operatives that see their job as driving costs down do products can be offered at nominal (null) price or free make a mockery of most official policies and economic predictions that stupidly assume 'the market' is driven by senseless anti-rights greed. the truth is many policies forbid free or low-cost services and are being targeted by libertarian/LIO fans: New rules against informal babysitting co-ops, Mondragon-like co-operatives and associations; collecting rainwater to create self-sustaining food ecologies, for coerced regulations creating higher prices and costs, penalizing helping the homeless or draconically taxing the poor who are trying to start a small firm, delegalizing taking films of police and public and private-for-public use officials at work (or too often, at play). Officials hiding corruption and anti-rights measures behind calls to selflessness, not self-empowering choices, are the problem.

3. The coming Libertarian leisure economies by IQ class. As more people are freed to produce intellectually and by providing free/low-cost inventions, financial compensation will-and is already shifting—from lifetime wages to burst of wage activity anchored by investment (or value from discount purchases) returns and co-op goods (such as belonging to an eco-farm, or well-organized extended families) from investments and self-fulfillment activity, and a return to self-sustaining farmlets with city homes able to weather any economic downturn personal or general. Officials are being driven to distraction by the growth of a vast libertarian-imitative informal economy where people trade goods to great benefit. They’re attempting to limit them by banning direct sales or trades of farm products as raw milk, or limiting barter societies and ‘yard sale’/swap meets—or trying to tax all internet sales, informal domestic help or live-ins, or even ban personally taking in homeless people. It's more productive to think of world economies, especially user-defined markets that may set various goals. LIO fans have liberated the Einstein-level plus IQ--the 1 per millions or better--by removing many blocking statutes and taxes so they the super-intelligent act, creating a vast rise in billionaires who earned--not stole via legislation--their money ( along with a bursting of NGO and e-network non-profits for the less financially inclined). At the same time, voluntary-based programs and growing legalization of communal/co-housing living ease a base income and equality experiments. Focus is on removing statutes that block egalitarian business co-ops such as Mondragon. The current 1% vs. 40% debate misses the point--of course the top 1% IQ of doctors, academics, inventors do very well while the slow-normal to highly deficient to insane lower IQ--the 40%--historically suited as domestics have only modest assets ( especially as such studies distort the inequalities, ignoring the vast libertarian/progressive driven public wealth of each citizen, plus where the low-income keep their wealth such as homes and retirement pensions). Many LIO fans are thinking we'll see more inequality writ large and that's a good thing--it means that the hyper-IQ are producing benefits for all--but also on the local level to be fair one must look at local goals that will be more conscious as we see better endowed social programs, and co-operative living arrangements. Old economic dialogues divert attention from how to use voluntary tools to, in each locality, create leisure eco-economies of guaranteed basic sustenance (home, food allotment, income, insurances) and modest 10-hour workweeks with robot servants for all. Many LIO fans are 'Going Galt' by using personal endowments, fanatic cost-cutting, and the web to lower needed workweek to a few hours while increasing their community volunteering and personal activities--yet ready to put in long work when opportunities arise. Nothing shows this more than recent smears on 'selfish Libertarians' during hurricane s sandy while praising FEMA as absolutely required--and arresting those who had accumulated prepper reserves or were going around regulations to bring gas and cheap supplies to their communities. Now, lawsuits are revealing that the whole time the anti-Libertarian/pro-government campaign by the extreme left and right hid that FEMA officials wanted to maximize damage to bring blind trust in the government then defraud homeowners of insurances ( and according to allegations, then buy up the artificially cheap damaged homes) and even threatening them arrest when they got they retrieved their own home-damage reports (so revealing government and crony corporation misdeeds) using their libertarian right to free information. FEMA is being foiled by local libertarian-informed groups, the libertarian-driven freedom of information act and class action suits, and growing interest in libertarian prepping. LIO fans and L/libertarians recognize that these are not exceptions but what anti-rights and anti-choice systems do. With growing public conversancy in libertarian /SMILE tools, a different economy/user-driven economies based on voluntary approaches that actually can work --or are at least not designed to defraud--is intended. The shift of attitude underway is:

• From focusing without context on income differences over a few years looking at the whole nation or world irrelevant to one’s personal action (e.g. scandalized worries comparing the low-income in a distant US state with a billionaire in Canada who now purportedly ‘controls most of society’s resources’ )

• To instead conscious bottom-up planning of multi-generational co-households –plans of 2-10 of the Higher/Middle IQ with allied lower-IQ homes for reaching satisfactory personal and common-use wealth goals over several generations—and supplemented by, not being driven by, now voluntary larger common public programs/social insurances as optional conveniences. (Point of information: a typical group of 100 homes will have 1% over 145 IQ and 2 % over genius 130; ~30% 110+ IQ college and technologist level, 20% average union/clerk-supervisor level, and ~40% at/under 95 IQ low-average to very low IQ domestic/simple labor/need living assistance. In practice, a college-educated and libertarian/SMILE conversant family can help and benefit by ‘adopting’ or establishing mutual help ties with 1 middle and 1 lower-IQ home, and serve as informed advocates of their actual needs against e.g. over-complex programs and aiding them in long-term investment and removing or handling any impairments, and steer people away from offenses-violent behavior and addictions.

Many LIO fan libertarian homes say they’re discussing, modeling, or doing just that by:

• Developing libertarian/SMILE informed neighborhood networks

• Re-contacting and revitalizing their extended families

• Encouraging eco-prepping entire local communities and foodshare programs that buy cheap in bulk for distribution to low-income volunteers, and ending statutes against worker/user co-ops

• Promoting local entrepreneurship classes, re-share, and forward share networks and stores

• Advising, co-housing or ‘adopting’ lower-IQ (bottom 40%) persons or homes for mutual and long-term benefit as a barrier to top-down feudalism, and jointly

• Developing co-housing, shared activity, solo-living assistance, and long-term intergenerational education and wealth plans/permanent portfolio plans with assets in several countries as both an ecological and official-misbehavior protection

• Encouraging cities to adopt independent and labor/asset based local currency choice, de-tax solar energy experiments, and allow farmer’s markets, mass buying via local farms, and more

• Turning poor areas into user-run ones owned by their users to prevent gentrification, aid long-term help

Individually, LIO fans use these tools to help think about what sort of home, community, and local economy they want from short to long term. They defy economic and 'moral' analysis rooted in the totalitarian 1930's.

One final thought about the SMILE economy: The unexplored planets and wealth therein are your home’s in aliquot division with all other families. It may well be that in future times they will own their own planet. At the same time vast ‘government’ but legally public common wealth is being mismanaged so defenseless people live in the streets, and the US Government perversely counts as an asset student loans while demanding new taxes for ‘free colleges’—all due to passing many regulations to hinder by-exam/thesis and other low-cost or free college options. Why let petty regulations and attitudes stand in the way of these present and long-term entitlements?

Discuss these concepts with your family and community along with our other tools to decide on your areas for betterment. What is your home's constitution, learning/prosperity plan, self-sustaining, life extension, mutual help, and other short-to-long term intergenerational approach?

Tools: Take Action-- Some Resources of Libertarian User-Defined Home and on Economy:


What not to do…

• http://www.lpf.org/news-archive/south-florida-libertarians-join-forces-feed-homeless-today/

• http://insider.foxnews.com/2014/01/27/farmer-faces-2-million-fines-after-throwing-birthday-party-her-own-property


Home wealth/Co-housing/Condo

• http://www.thefarm.org LIO Fellow Gaskin’s commune turned condo offers many tools

• http://www.biblio.com/9781891231339 Homeless man discovers Libertarian tools, becomes homeowner.

• http://harrybrowne.org/PermanentPortfolioResults.htm

• https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=make+your+family+wealthy

• https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=family+constitution

• http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-turn-your-family-into-old-money-2012-9?op=1

• http://vickirobin.com/books/summary-of-your-money-or-your-life

• http://iqcomparisonsite.com/IQtable.aspx In general, a billionaire who in general didn’t misemploy legislation to effectively steal money based on our interviews has a 170+ IQ, and of those willing to learn how in the US now one in 10 homes are millionaires--but even modest IQ homes that are helped to save and invest are building substantial wealth over time. Obviously, many highly intelligent people choose more modest living or are not interested in studying precise wealth-building techniques.

Free exchange rethought the Libertarian way…

• http://www.mondragon-corporation.com/eng/

• http://www.heinleinsociety.org/pay-it-forward Heinlein publicized pay-it-forward free exchange approach

• http://free-share.org/

• https://www.freecycle.org/

• http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/Anarchist_Archives/bookchin/gp/perspectives2.html

• http://www.communityeconomies.org/Home

• http://www.ic.org/directory/ecovillages  



Libertarian Party World Alliance Underway

Posted on February 21, 2015 at 2:10 PM


...coming to a nation near you.

By MG, LIO curator.

I'm delighted to share the news of work towards a world Libertarian Parties Alliance. While activist contact groups exist, this will allow more formal work. My friend former www.lp.org chair Geoff Neale was appointed at their recent 2014 convention to help get things rolling. He reports: "...Last year, the National Convention of the Libertarian Party approved a resolution calling for the creation of an international association of Libertarian parties (IALP-MG), and suggested that I be appointed to assist in its creation. Since July of 2014, I have been working with people from the US, UK, Spain and the Netherlands to help found this organization...On March 6th, 2015, this organization will become a reality...Please like and share."

Today, IALP states: We are holding our formal Founding Meeting in Bournemouth, UK on March 6th, 2015. Confirmed Founding Members as of this posting are from Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

The Purposes of the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties (IALP) are:

To establish, maintain and promote a collaborative network of independent libertarian political parties from around the globe; to foster and facilitate the sharing of political strategies, tactics, experiences and best practices among its Members; and, to establish, maintain and promote libertarian political perspectives and solutions as a global brand.

Please join their Facebook to keep abreast:  https://www.facebook.com/IALibertarianParties/ 


There's some interesting history here.   In 2000 I worked with the USLP on developing its correspondent efforts to something more formal in conformity with the oddities of US law. It was agreed that when 3 countries besides the US had explicit party Libertarians in public office, it would be time to revisit the issue. At present, Australia, Costa Rica, Russia, US are notable. In recent years Euro-libertarian parties have created a joint statement and doing essential groundwork. Many other countries--Belarus, Norway, NZ--have libertarians in libertarianist parties, and many LIO fans are in non-partisan office from China to South Sudan.

Oddly enough, as a curator project (LIO endorses no parties) my initial focus in 1969 was reviving the Liberal and creating world conservative and Green alliances. Today, in several countries the Libertarians and greens are basically the same ( I created the Greens with my then companion, Petra Kelley on a common 10-point outline with the Libertarian civic platform). These provided conduits for voluntary and rights-sensitive concepts e.g. In many countries of course the main issue is developing basic libertarian-receptive democracy.

 A project aim (dubbed the 'Troika' approach by David Nolan)  is creating 3 libertarian-receptive parties of the center to discuss or focus on championing rights via voluntary eco-tools: liberalist (libertarian-oriented in our terminology) eco-parties to build the tolerant and stabilizing working-middle class, a libertarian-direction/federalist party such as the www.lp.org with invitation for people to take the non-coercion pledge, and on the local level groups working on LIO model and model-based Libertarian eco-home/eco-community with a focus on non-partisan local and especially appointive office (and centered on a project we share: See: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Libertarian-Program-Libertarians-in-Public-OfficeGOAL/221275797927517  ).  As always, L/libertarians/LIO fans work in all parties: these parties fill a gap and are offered as public conveniences (e.g. the original name for www.lp.org was 'New Liberals' but after discussion with LIO Libertarians was agreed). In due course almost all parties will start from Libertarian tools as a matter of course, whether with focus on the natural conservative/progressive social brakes and accelerators and their constituencies-- or on specific issues. In the US, we've already seen instances where the 'Big Party' candidate chided the www.lp.org candidate as having anti-Libertarian positions.

The civic mission of Libertarianism is to legalize libertarian-based societies from homes on. The www.lp.org has developed considerable institutional knowledge and materials that all parties interested in bettering awareness of rights can use. USLP public officials, despite occasional heated rhetoric, tend to lead the bodies they serve and are valued as calm resources for rights, due process, 'less-is-more' and voluntary options that empower the average person. I predict that as the materials and activist experiences of the different groups are shared, we'll see more great results. I hope to see the IALP logo in all nations with member parties or associated civic groups.

NB: And finally, for all you astro-biology/astrology fans (because we're full-service): Looks like IALP is a 5th House Pisces with Virgo Moon and Libra ascendant (9 AM meeting assumed), strong stellium in Aries and lucky Jupiter in the 11th House of politics. So it's well-aspected for visionary but precise action, likeability, both overt and behind-the-scenes work, and rewards initiative and informality. It will reach a peak of popularity starting in 20 years.

LIO Fans, Libertarians at Work: People's Republic of China

Posted on February 21, 2015 at 2:35 AM

Costa Rica Libertarian-Liberal leader former Legislator Otto Guevara Guth is greeted by Li Yuancho, PRC Politburo. Mr. Li is not connected to LIO, but many in the Li clan say they like LIO tools.

Our survey of 3000 LIO homes in China (2011) report a focus on 3 key areas:

  1. A US of China--the Chinese Dream--with more localist democracy
  2. Stabilize growing free-exchange with anti-corruption and property law
  3. Peaceful attitude with all nations towards science/cultural exchange

LIO L/libertarians there see the 'Chinese Dream' as a nice home, free-exchange for wealth and self-development in an atmosphere of respect for personal-property rights, choices of preferably voluntary-based low-cost social programs that work in a tolerant society.

From 2010 discussion handout:

In the early 1970's LIO Libertarian Advisor Damon Bordenave led a project of dialogue meeting with key persons in PRC and India, helping open up both socialist countries to Libertarian choice concepts. The vast Chinese Lee (or Li) clan has many branches with blood connection to the Lemos, the League founders  and LIO co-founders, and who worked to maintain choice concepts in less equable times.

In China in the last few months, outreach and interest has been considerable as citizens there continue to both liberalize and libertarianize.

  • LIO activists and officials met to review the PRC plan for increasing democratization, and process issues such as development of a United States of China ( see e.g.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federalism_in_China ) on a more con-federal model. Concerns were reviewed on invasion of the PRC by right-wing religious extremist parties under pretense of spreading free markets, accountability tools, and non-interference with eventual LIO clubs. Contrary to popular belief in the West, the PRC has several parties. Libertarian-interest civic groups were discussed as means of innovation starting in small areas; tools such as DDI and juries, and non-partisan local entities examined. Also examined were eco-concepts, free immigration within the PRC (which still has internal controls); abolition of the military to police levels; and ways of addressing the retirement crisis. LIO Fellows discussed how population reduction, universal unions, better wages and self-driven insured regulation could result from LIO tools. A separate workshop on ISO and CALEA standards resulted. It was set to work on Sister Cities more as well. Matters concluded with the PRC participants stating that without LIO dialogue nuclear war might have resulted; today the complaints are over cheap shirts.
  • Groups such as the Unirule think tanks continue seminars and workshops on market reform and public program choice ( http://english.unirule.org.cn ), along with information efforts such as IMPencil ( http://www.impencil.org )
  • A delegation from the Costa Rica Movimiento Libertario headed by Otto Guevara Guth discussed numerous issues to better trade and party-related concerns.
  • Lib-interest groups such as www.ISIL.org have held conferences in China.


(Article was prepared 2010-11 by R. Swanson and John Li )


REVIEW 2011-14: Libertarians: Vast Progress, Key Definitions

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 9:35 AM

Libertarian International Organization curator Michael Gilson-De Lemos--MG--has some great news + good clarifications ( like what's a Libertarian, and civic platform?). Retired, he's a Libertarian in public office in Pinellas county, Florida, US.


Thank you for your interest in our benign, benevolent, and beneficent rights and self-development sharing network and associated unofficial movement. With the dramatic growth since 2000 and changes at LIO, I will be editing here for now. This REVIEW shares wins and hard-to-get data so old-timers may re-focus, newcomers get up to speed. When in doubt be nice, SMILE, and share www.testpolitico.com   or this thinkpiece—MG.





Since 1985 every 2-5 years we review LIO wins and progress. This replaces the previous 25-year reviews after the 1904-6 (led by my grandmather, co-organizer of the 1913 women’s march Katherine Gardner Gilson and my Grandfather J. Gilson, who led the first LIO workshop leading to the UN Rights Declaration—the ultimate statement of Liberal Civilization on which the LIO civic platform is based.) formalization of non-partisan LIO or Libertarian International Organization as a Lemos Council/Liberal-Libertarian League/salons (‘The League” created in 1450 and formalized 1592 by my collateral ancestor, Peter De Lemos, ) project. The League is now LIO Group. Since 1969 when I pledged the first modern Libertarians with LIO permission, I’ve grown it to the largest home-to-home goodwill, human rights, and pro-science network in history. LIO is free, neither accepts nor donates funds, is all-volunteer to highlight your good work. In 1964-66 at the Salmanca meetings it revoked all past Libertarianisms for my then-new LIO (Gilson) Libertarian Pledge (to advocate respect for UN Rights by choices of principled-voluntary, punishment-free, proactive, peaceful tools; not based on initiation of force systems).


First, let me note the sad passing of Dr. Ralph Swanson (Libertarian Pledge by my father in 1939 and past Honorary Chair), the Brandens (co-formalizers of Objectivism or secularized, modernized Aristotelianism), and Toni Nathan (first US Woman to receive a presidential electoralvote) who handled many thinkpieces here. Also, many other LIO Fellows have passed on: Philosopher Stephen Gaskin who led interest in modern LIO Libertarian-based communes to co-housing/condominiums; last of the traditional Iberian-Spanish Libertarian anarcho-communards nobelist J. Saramago, G. Fontenis, and my mentors Joan Catala and Francisco Carrasquer; and Fellows as actor Edward Herrman, M. Anderson, and my honorary godmother and behind-the-scenes tolerance diplomat the Countess Lemos and Duchess Alba. I intend a memorial booklet. I’ll edit here for now.


Now, let’s review progress in our 3 core eco-platforms: Civil (SMILE), Citizen, Civic.


CIVIL Libertarianism:



The majority of libertarians (small-l appliers/users of SMILE tools)/LIO fans are women. Canadian native American activist Meaghan Champion is interested in native autonomy, homeschooling, and community alternate currency tools.

Brief: The Civil Libertarian platform agenda defines Libertarianism as dialogue/study and use of principled/UN rights-based voluntary, non-punitive, proactive, and peaceful solutions in all fields summarized as SMILE. That is, Libertarianism is a subset of the Liberal Arts. The main activity is curation of the LIO Fellows and now Friends (for activists) boards for sharing inspirational data. LIO Friends is now 5000+ with someone in each nation. Join: www.facebook.com/LibertarianInternationalOrganization  


Status: Official small-l LIO libertarian/LIO fans are (2014) at 8 million homes proportionately distributed worldwide: We’ve one LIO fan home per ~1000-home district, so our average libertarian/LIO fan is a working woman in Asia. I’ve stopped active outreach to see how momentum grows us for now: At a later date I intend a funded separate outreach effort to bring this to 5-home teans of 1+ large-L pledged Libertarian. We’re something new in human experience, a new cross-institution invention: an alliance of homes across all borders and cultures interested in rights and benign voluntary tools.


Note: While we welcome unofficial small-libertarians (libertarian-receptives) and Liberalist center LIO fans, our focus is on offical LIO fans/libertarians. Let me greet libertarian unofficials who self-identify and work for more open democracy especially via autonomous groups of LIO Fellows/fans: e.g. users of the older www.ISIL.org , www.TheAdvocates.org , www.FEE.org , www.Liberal-International.org  and newer international www.StudentsforLiberty.org   www.yalliberty.org  and world www.campaignforliberty.org  , and registereds in all political parties including centrist Liberal (build tolerant worker-middle class)--plus libertarian-direction (rights, following with the US www.lp.org ) and Green parties ( eco-democracy) which I helped start as public conveniences with David Nolan and my companion Petra Kelly respectively. To be an official LIO small-l libertarian applier or user, be on our list using ~ 60% of LIO tools. Please share Nolan Chart, be non-violent, and consider non-partisan public office.


2011-2014 Libertarian Civil Wins: S: Normalization of private action on Space colonies in the public mind, also 100-year Starship yearly conferrences catalyzed by LIO fellows towards the ‘Star Trek’ universe; fan Green/Operation Democracy projects underway all nations led ‘Arab Spring’ and progress in Myanmar. Green focus on user choice and air/sea/near-space non-pollution normalization; transparency groups now in all nations. M: Growth of the Libertarian-initiated internet and work to keep it net-neutral with reasonable pricing accomodations, and also censor-free; I: Long-awaited publication of Branden’s hard-to-get Objectivism lectures; L: Formation of ‘Manhattan Beach’ and more citizen-driven life extension/health projects; libertarian-led world reduction in poverty and rise-of-incomes from libertarian-informed freer economies; E: Pilot Non-partisan LIO Libertarian/SMILE community network project meets all goals in Pinellas County, Florida (population 1 million with 300,000 active voters) with 30,000 homes on its list, 100+ LIO/Lib-interested public officials. Training to start post-2018 100 similar official SMILE LIO Libertarian societies on each continent/key nation minus Antartica.


Historical notes: SMILE topics began to be implemented after a series of confidential to-do brainstorms with some 1000 science, consulting, and elected leaders in the 1970’s. While the unleashing of creativity is ongoing, a 3rd conference will be held in the 2070’s. I organized them and they were co-chaired by William Rogers and Carl Sagan. Operation Democracy began in 1971 and has brought democracyt to from 10% to 75% of nations, and reformed the tottering democracies towards rights-awareness and reduction of coercive taxes and regulations blocking people like you from common-sense action (e.g. it was a crime to attach a computer to a telephone, own gold, or invest in mutual funds in retirmenet accounts). The method was contact of organizing professionals to activate their circles for peaceful people-power transition to general democracy 15 years hence. Sister-City groups and citizen diplomacy programs were used very aggressively. This has resulted in the following democracy waves: the fall of petty Latin/Asian fascism and Communism, then many fascist regimes and betterment of e.g. US democracy, then the current push for Islamic Conference nations to democracy then secular democracy with religious freedom. LIO fans in general ask if nations must use troops just mostly protect elections: Let democracy work.




 Here, LIO Fellow C. Bette Wimbush, who led work for direct democracy in Florida and was the first city black city councilwoman in St. Petersburg, is sworn in. The Citizen Platform is that a world of libertarian-receptive Floridas might be a good step forward.

CITIZEN Libertarian platform:


Brief: This eco-platform spreads the ‘Libertarian Constitution’ of a world of regional 2015 Floridas of: libertarian-receptive direct democracy, county/municipal autonomy, and localist focus, without income tax or draft, and privatization-legality (legal private options),-transparency, -eco/garden-city, -more non-partisan office, and -equal party treatment policies. Such policies were installed by LIO fans in Florida. Advocates lead dialogue on voluntary self-government options to a confederate world civilization. The Constitution aids the first 3 UN rights via lib-friendly democracy, federalism, localism. Since 1971 my ALTER model for mission-focus is used: of a generation (30 years) each of SMILE/Libertarian-theme Assimilation, Libertarian pilot/terminology use, Transitional pilots, Evolution and normalization, and Reform-stabilization. The US and the world more generally is at the L stage, and other countries should count specific focus with creation of a libertarian-direction party or national discussion association.We ask pledged Libertarians to be resource people/leaders or ‘Libertarian Service’ in their communities, with Red Cross, Lifeguard, volunteer/public office, etc., activity.


Status/Wins: We’ve 800,000+ pledgers on record, with slight emphasis in the US and the remainder spread about proportionately in all nations. These’re formal pledge or Large-L Libertarian advocates or students of libertarian-receptive federalism ( you may register the starter 2nd-part ‘libertarian certification’ often incorrectly called the NAP with us or any group working to that end with www.lp.org) , with senior ones of 20 years fully adherent to my Gilson Legal Reform. Broadly, the pledge is for union-college educated people seeking more social choice and many interested in my Libertarian Philosophy as meta-philosophy or container community/dialogue protecting all dialogue. We’re exploring a pilot college-local area Libertarian Philosophy Honors club system. A main activity is promotion of general aware use and conversancy in the pledge/ pledge-inspired tools. See: www.facebook.com/pages/Libertarian-Platform-Pledge-Team-Libertario-Libertarien/257115214359027   and the aforesaid Libertarian Citizen/ LIO SMILE community projects.



African-American 9/11 martyr policeman and rights activist John Perry was then lead LIO Libertarian auditor, open to those of ~160+ (hyper-genius) IQ. He modeled interdisciplinary Libertarian philosophy and model eco-come/-village interests. See www.libertarianinternational.org/apps/blog/show/4848774-lio-advisor-john-perry-9-11-martyr-recalled

CIVIC Libertarian Platform (LIO Curator ‘E’ project)


Brief: The aim is legality of LIO homes and co-ops as tools of SMILE growth and as anchors of civilization. As Libertarianism/Green solutions become household words, this is what many first think of as ‘libertarianism’ namely legal projects derived from the Gilson Reform as Libertarian Charter for ideal Libertarian eco-homes and –village co-housing/condos. We’re seeing massive attitude shifts in the US/Europe towards Libertarian-identified favorable attitudes towards multi-cultural sensitivity, LGBT and gay marriage, marihuana legalization and debate on open consumer data and choice in e.g. vaccines, etc. to the point that there is a media consensus of a ‘Libertarian cultural shift’ in these countries. This dialogue is advances by LIO auditor Libertarian homes of senior advocates and ~160+ IQ—i.e. one per country + one per million inhabitants.


Status: We stopped registering pilot homes/eco-villages at 2000. I will issue a final Civic platform after certain legal issues are settled (I promised to delay this to post 2017). My permanent libertarian-directional ( federalist) model legal platform was issued with broad Libertarian interdisciplinary readings was blessed by the US Libertarians under direction of Dr. Hospers, David Nolan, and assent by the 2004 US LP convention, along with a strategic plan, as a toolkit and may be retrieved at: www.LibertarianBookClub.org  (there’re now over 500 home/local clubs worlwide). Political groups may use these as inspiration. As a result, autonomous Libertarianist parties and civic groups beyond the key original ones in the US, Spain (reformed as the www.p-lib.es ) and Norway are popping up and getting people in public office in every continent with Senators in Australia and Costa Rica. As of 2002 Libertarians get elected locally more easily than Democrats and Republicans ( a fact obscured by many running solely to provide legal presence) and in over 50% of the cases lead the bodies they serve. More: there is now a demand for LIO L/libertarians—who’re perceived as rights-oriented, resources on voluntary tools, and polite consensus-builders-- for neighborhood and appointed non-partisan boards that has outstripped the number of civically inclined and trained L/libertarians. To address the public demand and facilitate focus on non-partisan and prefereably appointive/advisory local public office, quango’s and coalitions, over 5000 LIO Libertarians and Libertarian-interested past and present non-partisan public officials from Russia to South Sudan are being networked by my son, himself a past teen Libertarian in 5 public offices—County Youth Advisory, Trail Park, 2 Library Advisory, and Citizen’s Postal Council--in the now official arm and professional association for LIO fans in civic office: www.facebook.com/pages/Libertarian-Program-Libertarians-in-Public-OfficeGOAL/221275797927517 A contact group for activists especially in Libertarianist/ Green parties is underway with manuals archive. LIO as such endorses no party or candidate.


Wins: Wins only means legalization as an option of my model/libertarian-based eco-homes. This implies a personal conscience waiver roadmap for all statutes.This is the formal political mission (adopted 1985/86) of civic L/libertarians adopted in world conference then re-affirmed permanently by the www.lp.org and successors. The rationality of the model has, however, led to wide public adaptation and dialogue. Please note that many unofficial or even avowed non-libertarians (such as US Senator Rand Paul) in elective office are being mis-identified as ‘Libertarian’ /LIO spokespeople. In contrast, many public officals are acknowledging that while you can’t win elections with L/libertarians, you will lose elections without them (whether unoffical or official): in the US –receptives are about 16+% and self-identified unofficals at 2%, and given their centrism and political awareness they’re the swing vote (in Florida, US the GOP and Democrats both explicitly try to court Libs or libertarians or at least not outrage them). Thus president Obama is well-aware he owes his election to pro-libertarians, and has led many libertarian-agreeable policies: a middle class tax cut, low deficit, space industrialization privatization, legality of arms in US parks, etc. For clarification I re-affirm the 1971 policy that most Libs use: Conservatives lag about 100 years behind Libertarians, and progressives 50 years ( hence the reversal of progressives on gay issues) as necessary social brakes and accelerators and advocates of their own interests: we ask only for fair dialogue on rights-based, voluntary options for citizens, and on both right- and left-extremism. Thus if no libertarian-sensitive or at least center to progressive woman/ minority candidate is available, pro-libertarians should vote for deadlock to enforce centrism and dialogue as follows: Nationally/locally a progressive executive/ upper body and conservative lower body; trans-nationally/regionally the reverse.


Finally, we’ve experimented with several blogs emphasizing edgy science and lifetool info for our fans. We’ll be providing these regularly in due course as a free benefit.


USAGE Note: I’ve been asked several times on LIO usages of the terms Libertarian, government, abortion, and anarchism. It seems the USLP sheet on the subject is no longer distributed. Our focus is using terms in the classic and technical sense to aid clarity, especially with things used as auto-antonyms ( confusing words that also mean their opposite) such as government. Government is used to mean rules for officials (NOT the people) especially the military. This is both the classical Aristotelian usage and that of the US Constitution (Article 1, Section 8 ). Government is never to be confused with law, nation, jurisdiction, or common ‘public’ programs or assets. In the US, law and juries are not part of the government, and there is a body of thought the legislature isn’t either—only the executive. Thus people who e.g. call judges or public schools, even though they may improper coercive powers, a part of the government are not entirely correct. Many fans confusingly use government for coercive government programs. In US law the government is a common agent, no more: Weberian and other ‘cult of the omnipotent state usages’ are not used. Following past LIO/League advisor Proudhon, Anarchism is defined as a form of government or constitution where order is maintained through public awareness so punitive rules are increasingly minimized and voluntary associations or agreements used. LIO Libertarianism differs in that it seeks no punitive action, including unfair contracts or non-condign response. Abortion means removal of the pre-born and no more (it includes caesarians, hence the silliness of the pro-life who would ban them); this should be and is becoming non-destructive (think snowflake babies) as technology—once restrained by the pro-life, whose prohibitions resulted in it’s thought 10X more abortions than now—allows. LIO fans work both sides of the issue: privileged decisions for women, better pre-born options. This is an issue of humane behavior; the legal status of the pre-born is irrelevant: Relevant is getting rules out of the way of the science process now solving the problem. In summary, Libertarianism is not anti-government but (Florida) pro-voluntary governance on a libertarian-informed model of direct open democracy, federalism of high-autonomy therein, more autonomous libertarian homes and communities in those. This is not ‘Libertarian’ unless bettered by LIO fans, but technically so so they can work.


Finally, there are 3 types of LIO Libertarians (‘Libs’ ) reflecting 3 levels of participation: Applier, advocate, auditor. Which works for you? Civic (libertarian small-l appliers or users/fans of democracy/SMILE-interest lifestyle tools, the majority of low-key ‘lifestyle’ libertarians); Citizen pledged large-L Libertarian advocates interested in bettering civilization with rights-based less-is-more federal choices, with LIO seniors working directly with us on dialogue for the Gilson Reform; Civil ~160+ IQ LIO auditors home working directly with my family as LIO curators also promoting interest in localist LIO models/imitative eco-homes and -communities. Small-l libertarians speak for themselves on their own projects; large-L Libertarians spokesperson is the chair of their national organization (in the US the www.lp.org  and abroad its correspondents on libertarian-direction projects or ideas they’re doing. That is, no candidate, scholar, or other person is a ‘Libertarian spokesman’ or leader.). For LIO on SMILE we as a group only promote dialogue; on my model and its reform, easily adapted or adopted as a rule of order, the curator views are, as moral authors, final.




@ 8 million worldwide, average L/libertarian is Asian woman.

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LIO Friend Fely Gahan (4th from right) at international understanding event. Gahan, an educator in the Philippines, helps bring the web to tribal groups. She's the average LIO fan: an Asian/3rd world working woman for tolerance, open democracy, voluntary tools.


◾LIO: LIO fans now at 8 million households worldwide: 52% women, in every country & major ethnicity proportionally, about 40% in China & India driving reform. As of July 17, 2013 this exceeded the original LIO goal of one fan per 1000 population. Many are leaders in their extended families and communities. Over the next several years we will be re-formatting the D-base for a continuing contact project for bringing the pledge to lead households and SMILE info over the next 2 generations to every household (OPERATION SATURATION). NOTE: We share our D-base with no one.

◾WHO ARE THE (PRO-)/LIBERTARIANS? LIO encourages dialogue on progress through benign voluntary associations--the SMILE self organizing agenda--( see www.libertarianinternational.org ) and as well in the E part a special curator project to --in a liberal democratic secular and federalist milieu—empower and legalize-normalize model LIO or Lib-based eco-communities whether from non-abusive and self-sustaining households to co-housing to model eco-campuses to designed markets/social communities focused on a co-op based leisure society of robot work to eventual model towns as stabilizers and incubators of conservation and progress.

◾LIO Fans are Libertarians and Libertarian-receptive general supporters and users, and as far as the curator project ( E in SMILE) to promote dialogue and legalization of model communities to protect and better philosophy, science and progress the national goals are to encourage formation of additional 'Libs' over several generations with more formal Libs/libertarians: An eventual 35% aware 'libertarian' appliers from the more informal Lib-receptive and users ( with interest in liberal democracy) ; 1% pledged advocates of core rights and voluntary options ( Large 'L' Libertarian-direction ) from the primarily genius-level 2% professionals/craft masters ( as community advocates of dialogue for voluntary options and federalist localism and as rights watchdogs/ whistleblowers'); and special 1 per million population LIO Libertarian auditors being households about/over 170 IQ responsible to the Gilson-Lemos Household as project curator and movement founder. LIO Friends ( this Facebook) networks core LIO fans who share or encourage personal and social entrepreneurship non-partisan projects and tips on SMILE lines.

◾8 MILLION LIBERTARIAN USERS OR SUPPORTERS Since 1969 when curator M. Gilson-De Lemos began the LIO growth and Empower Libertarian Eco-Community projects with persons pledged to advocate rights and voluntary options--especially in home and public administration--dialogue, LIO has turned the old Libertarian-Liberal League into a massive network for betterment. Since 2005 we have had supporter groups in every country.

◾Our growth model has been always to grow equally proportionate to population composition--gender, major ethnicity, etc.--in all countries, with slight over -representation of women, minorities, native peoples where possible, and the higher IQ. The focus for developing community has been first in Spain/The Americas which have a larger proportion among LIO Fans of libertarian conscious appliers or Libertarian/Libertarian-direction advocates. LIO D-bases are not maintained directly by LIO principals to assure confidentiality. The D-bases are set to be re-organized and a more formal system of e-outreach emplaced in future years. Thus at present the 'typical libertarian' is an LIO Fan/Lib-receptive in China or India, a woman working on democracy, family development, pro-science and against corruption. They influence the general population. In the US we estimate from 5% in 1971 the population after one generation 35% is Lib-interested to Libertarian. Of these 5% are in the Libertarian or Green movements; 5% conservatives, 10% Independent/centrist and 15% Liberalist-progressive in preferred application.

◾LIO Fans are thus in general about 1+ per 1000 of each nation’s population ( or 1 per 500 of the voting population) varying from the highly active to casual users and general supporters in contact with LIO or its projects. In the US the d-base has 300,000 participants typically leaders in their local or professional communities working to catalyze dialogue on a wide array of SMILE issues. These influence the general population starting with the college educated and craft professionals so it is now 35% Lib-receptive and 2% avowed regular Libertarian Party ( a libertarian-direction group focused on core rights and social tolerance, anti-corruption through less government coercive authority, and promoting ‘baby-step’ libertarian-voluntary options) voter or activist and 5% regularly interested as one indicator of interest and social shift. ( The LIO Curator and principals also co-founded the Green movement to advance local-based libertarianist socialism in the Cold War and also spread interest in the ecology and taking such decisions out of the hands of officials and favored corporations and back into legal action by the citizen plus positive eco-homes and community models) : The growing use of the term ‘Green’ is also an LIO indicator). More importantly, all political parties have adopted some LIO tools from sensible privatization to ‘Greening’ to more tolerance advocacy.

◾8 MILLION LIO LIBS: POWERFUL STABILIZER, PEER-SCIENCE FORCE While the LIO is a volunteer network that neither accepts nor donates money but only advocates dialogue on the matters suggested by the curator and its many advisors, 4 MM users many of high intelligence with powerful trans-partisan networks sharing insights on peer-driven or personal voluntary approaches in every field and every nation is a formidable force for both change and the emerging world civilizational stability-- and growing: We note that LIO Fans have reformed through catalysis or in some cases direct leadership every government on Earth, and dramatically overthrown or reformed over 150 extremist, authoritarian or corrupt systems of undesirable qualities towards Lib-receptive democracy or highly participative societies as a ‘stage one’ for of Libertarian civic legalization, that in due course will improve towards ‘stage two’ localist federalism and autonomy with stricter attention to rights.

◾More important, they’re driving interest in more open social modes such as student-driven learning, non-punitive parenting, racial-gender-class dialogue and understanding, open workgroups, market and social co-operatives, co-housing, condo ownership, vast voluntary ecology zones, volunteer NGO’s, community policing and mediation, etc. as tools or engines of process and betterment.

◾The LIO in 2005 began S.M.I.L.E. 'E' model projects through its Libertarian Citizen /Libertarian City Initiatives to network the 1% in each major community interested in SMILE lines and voluntary options in public administration presented on a non-partisan or advisory board basis.

◾While still in the analysis-training and experiment stage, in the next 15 years we hope these will result in some 100 SMILE networks in cities around the world as incubators for small model eco-communities/co-housing model pilots, and as networks for relaxed non-partisan dialogue groups to improve attention to SMILE tools in daily and work life, and seek common ground on core rights of person and their property via better democratic transparency and participation, promote saturation education using voluntary tools, and assist world peace through sharing tools of peaceful people-power.

◾From the original 5 pledgers and some 300 League supporters across the world in 1969 to 8MM today, LIO Fans can look with satisfaction at the incredible changes of the last generation that they have helped bring in often unsung effort and that have halted what many feared was irreversible decline into a now very hope-filled future.

◾Many things all people enjoy—the Personal Computer, cell communications, many inventions—were also created by LIO Fellows who advised each other and LIO Fans of needed legal changes and social memes so their work could bear quick fruit and not languish for generations as has often happened. Many groups now imitate –such as TED—the LIO prototype, and we will continue to expand this inter-generational conversation or salon among the benevolent that began in 1592 when we were the De Lemos Council encharged with promoting free scientific and improvement associations and networking free Republics, philosopher communes, and freeholder libertarian communes under Lemos protection of those dark days.


To help the effort, share your good work--and let your friends and circle know about our encouragement networks: Urge them to select what they like from the dialogue and as we say: Enjoy!



Quickie: Libertarian Obamacare Solution? Obamacare!

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 5:40 AM

...3-point Obamacare was promised but never delivered ( except for things companies couldn't do due to anti-trust blocks*). So let's have dialogue on the original proposal 1) Optional  national plan funded by efficiencies--and an autonomous trust(s), not current political football; 2) Any private (or no ) plan we like; 3) Public-official plans available to the...public.

Also: End the extreme left-wing provision (supported by some extreme right-wing corporations) in 1986 tax act that hampered large non-profit cash accumulations for non-profit endowments--preventing the then non-profit Blue Cross and doctor co-ops plan to provide free/low-cost private healthcare choices for all including immigrants by 1998. Plus silly rules as e.g. restrictions on cross-state purchases.

 *Such as jointly ignore previous conditions. And what about full dental?

NOTE: We're starting a new feature of occasional 'quick analysis' on dialogue topics by the LIO curator or approved by him. Does not represent views of all LIO participants.