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Quickies! Libertarianism=Every day should be Christmas...+ LIO PROJECTS BOOK UNDERWAY

Posted on September 21, 2017 at 4:40 PM


Beloved late LIO Honorary Board Head Dr. Ralph Swanson and team travelled to world entering into many neighborhoods and every country, met with professional leaders to tribal elders, explained Christmas then said:'In brief, many LIO libertarians feel every day should be Christmas generosity and reflection whatever your belief, and we're helping those trying to make it happen and get rid of rules that prevent that!' thus building the LIO fan base to millions of homes, and helping unleash the spread of freer market democracy and increasingly depoliticized services...

We're starting work on 3 great Tools for you in free PDF form. Translator volunteers will be needed...

  • Libertarian Vision brochure: 6-Page Orientation for informal libertarians and fans
  • Libertarian SMILE!--Projects Workbook: 250+ pp with the SMILE! thinkpieces  here in order plus some key LIO Friends projects
  • Country Directory. Top projects/links per country...LIO fans homes are in nearly every 1000-home district worldwide.

Contact us at LIO Friends Facebook to suggest a project--including yours--big or small for inclusion...

Quickie: Getting Excited About Philosophy with Objectivism

Posted on April 6, 2015 at 12:45 AM


Philosophy through EZ listening..?

A life philosophy of rationality, realism, rights, a romantic sense of life? We would like to call attention to 2 ongoing projects below to disseminate the 2 basic works on Objectivism, the Brandens' 'Introduction to Objectivism' and 'Principles of Efficient Thinking'  which seek to alert, motivate, and assist the public with better tools for that philosophy...These're excellent surveys of the Aristotelian critique and proposals developed by Ayn Rand with additional material and integrated by the Brandens. Care is taken to avoid some of Rand's personal philosophy/opinions for an approach suitable to all, and she re-assured us that with her 'For the New Intellectual' these are the best starts.

  • They introduce philosophy as the key tool in life with a structured historical survey and overview of key matters, provocative critiques of common misconceptions, key elements of being objective, and methods to better use of one's reason. Many find the study of philosophy much more comprehensible afterwards.
  • You'll have a better idea of both the drama and the rise of Philosophy and Science, and relevance of Objectivist approaches-- and be motivated to study and use the tools of philosophy more.
  • They're excellent for college students and others looking to improve mental skills and have an overview of philosophy and where it can help in daily life. Many report life transformations from understanding the need to practice better the fundamental ethical virtues of reason, productivity, and ethical pride; and the correlated social/moral virtues of respect for rights and focus on justice.

The links below are easily shared to interest one's e-circle and post on social media. Some parts are free and the sponsors hope to have them all free in time. Meanwhile, the CD's and/or tapes are periodically available at Amazon, with a book version of the Introduction as well. Finally, Nathaniel Branden continued with pioneering and influential work in psychology and self-therapy from a biocentric approach that many find very useful.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mfw7kqVU-U&list=PLyGcWIcRaC8cMUV6BfIHBAqcDvNcxH5xr  (with link to a growing interactive book transcript of Branden's intro)...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3RRM-cqPdU   (with link to purchase added tapes).



Never Waste Your Vote: One Way to Always Vote for a Great Candidate

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 4:35 PM


Past Deputy Public Defender Nicholas Sarwark has a Facebook group for Libertarian-interested lawyers. He's 2014-16 US Libertarian Party Chair @   www.lp.org

I would like to urge fans of the Libertarian International Organization to consider running for political office in their country. Also, you can consider involvement in local non-partisan office such as the many neighborhood and advisory boards (contact your local municipal clerk, or search your city or local website, for information).


How many times have you gone into the voting booth only to be disappointed that there wasn't a Libertarian-interested and rights-loving candidate to vote for? How many times have you been stuck wasting your vote, when you really wanted to vote for someone like you? How many times have you seen 1-3 things that can easily be done, yet are ignored?


 The best way to make that happen is to be that candidate. The US Libertarian Party offers many free e-tools for you, to get you started, regardless of party. Just go to: www.lp.org/campaign-resources . These really work.


So be the person that you want to vote for. It’s a great way to meet people, better things, and brings you many benefits. Your successful public service gives philosophers, teachers, academics, activists something concrete and positive to point out—so the effect will last long after you’re gone. Don't waste your vote this time. Step up to run for office.


Quickie: Progressives become pro-libertarian, old-style left trys to claim credit, smears Libertarians

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 2:55 PM
  • Be advised: in the US progressives are in a growing civil war between increasing pro-libertarian/libertarian-receptives, and the totalitarian old 'new left' trying to hold on.  (Progressives are always 50 years behind Libertarians, conservatives 100 years as respective social accelerators and brakes of mass understanding.)
  • The latest tactic is borrowed from the extreme right which faced a similar debacle with Libertarianism over the last decades and is now seeing conservative worthies praise LGBT rights and pot legalization: Claim credit for Libertarian proposals, smear Libertarians as not having them, then claim credit when things go right implying it was your view all along (or alternately claim that one is the 'true Libertarian' while then spring-boarding the lies to selling anti-libertarian proposals as 'Libertarian.')
  • Just to show that in this repeat of the old claim they were the true 'libertarian communists/anarchists' the extreme left isn't even original but borrowing from the extreme right in this latest take--and that such things will fail because more and more people understand what both Libertarianism and libertarian tools are--an extreme right-winger recently tried to pass himself off as a 'Libertarian' at a conservative US conference ...the audience of mostly youth burst into derisive laughter. Who knows, maybe he'll go to the next Communist conference and claim he's a true-blue Communist? Check it out: https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/02/27/conservative-audience-laughs-former-nsa-chief-refers-unrelenting-libertarian/
  •  We're happy to share credit and indeed do much via coalition work ( e.g. www.ERCPinellas.org ). As I have always said, I don't want Libertarians to legalize pot or privatize government agencies--I want (respectively) the conservatives and communists to ( and now they are). Libertarians like a voluntary and fair-process approach they would like  conservatives and progressives to use better, but always to their respective concerns. But not this--this extreme left tactic of claiming sole credit for Libertarian improvements  is a hijack of history for the unwary.
  • Libertarians/LIO fans have led the way since  1969 on LGBT, anti-pollution, Greening, unrestricted unions, co-operatives, abortion freedom, middle-class tax cuts, and more the progressives of the day opposed. A recent example is fracking, GMO misdeeds, and that silly Canadian pipeline across the US seizing people's property: Progressives were in favor of them, Libertarians sounded the alarm, now progressives ( to be precise: the old totalitarian extreme left minority) claim they were against these things the whole time and it was Libertarians who opposed them (or, in an alternate narrative, Libertarians played a minor role).
  • My favorite story: In 1969 at a workshop of leaders in NYC I alone was in favor of legalizing gay civil unions and even marriage--the gays were dead set against it as a distraction (or didn't understand the concept). They eventually became OK with me and Libertarianism promoting it, however, including through intermediaries a classic routine in the first Saturday Night Live showing a gay couple of the future. You hate gay marriage? Blame me. (BTW, for most persons 'm a staunch supporter of traditional marriage and no divorce.)
  • So let's be clear: Libertarian-receptive progressives have done a lot, and will do more as the extreme left totalitarians die out from media and academia. Call them out at every turn, and in your comments link to this article.


( as always, this is offered for dialogue and is not necessarily the opinion of LIO/ its participants).

Quickie: Extreme Left Campaign VS. Libertarian Net Neutrality? Attack What You Claim to Save

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 2:20 PM
  • L/libertarian LIO Fellows and fans conceptualized, removed blocking legislation, and made material inventions that created the Internet. Coercive Government programs didn't create the web* --and Net/Cable neutrality is a Libertarian promise and concept against which the extreme Left fought tooth and nail in efforts to suppress the Libertarian-developed web--and is now fighting again. The Web is on the whole a public-offer entity that should thus be non-discriminatory. This legal view has nothing to do with out-moded anti-monopoly legislation that in fact creates coerced monopolies.
  • This so-called recent extreme 'left victory' to 'save' net neutrality is meant to destroy it via a regulatory vote in the US that, if you read the measure and are aware of past policies of interpretation, lays a groundwork for government-controlled discrimination and censorship, and bad example for other nations. The typical pro-libertarian sees no reason why scared by the prospect of mythical arbitrary provider charges, you should suffer coercive government-sponsored taxes and service blackouts. What coercive taxes, spying, and censorship as exist by official approval should be abolished, not increased.  I'm sure many LIO Libertarians will continue address coercive regulations that do the opposite of what they claim--and also defend net neutrality.
  • How? As has been done for decades now. No coerced regulation is needed to enforce public-offer status, only class action suits if education/joint consumer action fails. Such personal to mass voluntary consumer action has kept the net neutral.(It also publicizes LIO/Libertarian tools and attitudes, which the totalitarians also fear.)The extreme left hates consumer action, consumer data, consumer unions, and as always uses the slogans of democracy to promote a totalitarian set-up. The extreme Left want you to forget how they suppressed communication under Communism, almost seized control of the world untoil they were stopped by Libertarian action, and in 1970's promoted a web model (according to Sen Ted Kennedy in a discussion with me) that by 2050 would give the entire US a capacity of 1 MB to 'protect people from greed.' In this they're joined by the extreme right and rogue companies anxious to be an aristocracy of 'bribes and pull' insulated from choices by consumers, namely you.
  • This extreme Left campaign against net neutrality will fail. (They're next step, again working with the extreme right against the middle, will be to try and increase cable regulation--which has caused many channels to fall into the hands of a few companies--and end public-access cable as we know it.) We'll see less of these inanities  with the spread of a philosophy of reason, logic, facts, choice.


  • *Coercive Government programs didn't create the web, just as many purported things we 'owe to government' were created by voluntary effort or Libertarians of the day. In US Law government creates and owns nothing: It's a trustee of the people, and many LIO L/libertarians and fans are helping put people in better control.



( as always, this is offered for dialogue and is not necessarily the opinion of LIO/ its participants).



Quickie: Libertarian Obamacare Solution? Obamacare!

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 5:40 AM

...3-point Obamacare was promised but never delivered ( except for things companies couldn't do due to anti-trust blocks*). So let's have dialogue on the original proposal 1) Optional  national plan funded by efficiencies--and an autonomous trust(s), not current political football; 2) Any private (or no ) plan we like; 3) Public-official plans available to the...public.

Also: End the extreme left-wing provision (supported by some extreme right-wing corporations) in 1986 tax act that hampered large non-profit cash accumulations for non-profit endowments--preventing the then non-profit Blue Cross and doctor co-ops plan to provide free/low-cost private healthcare choices for all including immigrants by 1998. Plus silly rules as e.g. restrictions on cross-state purchases.

 *Such as jointly ignore previous conditions. And what about full dental?

NOTE: We're starting a new feature of occasional 'quick analysis' on dialogue topics by the LIO curator or approved by him. Does not represent views of all LIO participants.

Quickie: Vaccines + Libertarians? Release the Trial Lawyers!

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 5:15 AM

Release the product-liability lawyers! A major problem is that in the US and other countries much vaccine-problem data is kept secret by law. Time for open information--and let the jury process drive betterment by flagging problem medicines, data helping quality improvement. Note: FYI US present system under attack--of government-paid but secret compensation for vaccine problems and conscience exemptions--was devised by LIO principals led by MG, Hospers. Time to take the next step and release the data, says MG, and not get tangled in another false-choice debate: restore the power of juries to decide case-by-case as with other medical products.

Is this what the current call for coerced vaccinations for all--and criminalizing even questioning vaccines-- is trying to end? http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/index.html

An example of the debate going on: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/02/15/the-top-6-reasons-why-parents-are-choosing-not-to-vaccinate-their-kids

NOTE: We're starting a new feature of occasional 'quick analysis' on dialogue topics by the LIO curator or approved by him. Does not represent views of all LIO participants.