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WikiLeaks Mania? Libertarian Grabbe Site Leads Curve

Posted on December 5, 2010 at 12:10 AM

                    LIO Advisor and "Einstein-like" Economist Dr. J. Orlin Grabbe predicted

Wikileaks phenomenon. Now his pioneer user-helped site is providing top coverage of Wikileaks panic, while challenging  "global underbelly," official secrets culture.


See: http://orlingrabbe.com/


Though officials panic worldwide as Wikileaks reveals their wrongdoing secrets--with calls for its founder to be assassinated and bizarre proposals for even more secrecy--savvy Libertarian fans are turning to the outside-the-box website of information prophet and Libertarian publicist Dr. J. Orlin Grabbe. Users at the time described the site as an interactive and innovative combination of web information and a "hive mind" of advanced and progressive thinkers who were its key users. "Its a new thought-tool, a semi-cyborg encyclopedia of cutting edge information," said one, a Yahoo developer.


The non-obvious but pioneering invention was just one brainchild of the late economist, described as "Einstein-like" by Milton Friedman, and who founded key areas of the economic study of information transfer that revolutionized markets and opened the way for items ranging from essential internet to options protocols. In the process he predicted that with the rise of information availability old structures of official secrecy, information denial and even copyright would crumble or have to be re-evaluated as users became empowered. Attempts to suppress the process would only speed it up as users did work-arounds to generate imitators,  and the backfire would ignite growing public discussion to abolish improper or outmoded restrictions.


Examples might be Nappster, which  fell before legal attacks that in turn created such interest that new information sharing methods have blossomed so the old ways are, say experts, dead letter. Newspapers, libraries,  money transfer such as Paypal and more testify to this "You can't send them back to the farm once they've seen gay Par-ee" phenomennon.


Perhaps emblematic is officials denouncing books for "revealing secrets," such as how to build atom bombs, already available in the public domain by laws proposed by the self-same official bodies.




To help the process along, he founded the expose site OrlinGrabbe, a "Playboy for the Hi-IQ" complete with a special button periodically showing cute if naughty-looking models "for all sexes" balanced by his own formula-laden papers on a range of topics from thoughts on financial analyses to quantum physics and information packets.


His model? "Accelerate thinking" by simply accumulating edgy but obscure information on a host of topics relating to secrecy and hard-to-obtain knowledge. For context, his companion Laissez-Faire Times invited Libertarian leaders to write contrarian and often wildly satirical thinkpieces questioning the underlying assumptions behind those current events, and readers to suggest areas of research or links. As his worldwide readers responded, it became a clearinghouse for enlightening information that would have otherwise been lost. In turn, this attracted opinion leaders who saw the site as the place for game-changing information. As a result, few of his readers will likely find the Wikileaks revelations much of a surpise...or the panic of many officials. With his untimely death, the site has been after a slow start continued by supporters, and is in the process of re-loading older pages as well while making sharing of information easer than ever.


Nor will they be surprised that the market for information is seemingly behaving as Grabbe suggested yet again. As officials have Intrepol hunt the Wikilieaks spokesman Julian Assange on what many are reporting--again contrary to official media--as trumped up charges, Wikileaks is not only replicating itself as staff announce they're starting Wikileaks clones on a variety of models, but bringing the spotlight on less celebrated research efforts in secrecy such as that maintained by the venerable New Scientist.


http://orlingrabbe.com/ shows a variety of Wikileaks edgy stories, from under-reported revelations that mafia connections in government are exposed, to a blossoming of Wikileaks mirror sites, to a satire based on a spoof of the US announcing secret budgets in the confusion. The site, which operated as a blog precursor, now uses openly available blog software with a vengeance.


This much is certain: The model of an edgy site simply publishing information known at first to the few for consumption and action first by opinion leaders, then average citizens, is here to stay, a transformative social invention. With it, public dialogue on the very need for official secrets acts will increase.. and more people will follow the Wikileaks grandaddy site, OrlinGrabbe, to both see and share what is really going on, ahead of the information curve, as they create their own clones and variations.

(Below: sample of Grabbe coverage after sample of  Wikileaks revelations reported in GOOGLE)



1.Check out newsources such as Grabbe and link to them, consider your own site

2.Call for dialogue on official secrets acts in your area

3.Check out and evaluate sample information from Grabbe and Wikileaks as below.




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LIO Adviser Dr. Sharon Presley:Thought Tools for All

Posted on December 2, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Dr.Presley formed the Libertarian Alliance in the mid-60's, and has been a tireless proponent of rational thought and assistive tools such as the freedom of the internet.

We're pleased to welcome back Dr. Sharon Presley, a pioneering Libertarian activist and champion of rational thought for all, not a few academics.


Dr. Presley helped form the US Libertarian Alliance, which with the Radical Libertarian Alliance, ISIL and LIO organized interest in focused and distinct (as opposed to working through other groups or movements alone) cultural change using Libertarian tools. This led to the revival and foundation of Libertarian Parties and, according to fan Salvador Madariaga, father of the European Community and the Liberal International, a refocus of the Liberal movement on choice-based solutions.


This interest as championed by Dr. Presley included a review of history and the social sciences with research on unsung proto-Libertarian activists and feminists of past centuries; promotion of Libertarianism defined as an interdisciplinary field of study and application; and civic action with conscious and overt use of voluntary approaches. Above all, Dr. Presley urged expanded teaching of thinking tools into the grade schools and popular magazines, noting optional logic and critical thinking courses at the university level was too little, too late. Citizens should question authorities, and experts from salespeople to doctors should adopt a more informational and consultative approach.


Dr. Presley predicted against sceptics and regulators the value of the internet for research and critical thinking for all by making resources locked in libraries readily searchable and free; and has warned against attempts to under color of law restrict the internet. She herself has accumulated tools for thinking so they're available internationally to all.


Her work has been influential. Dr. Presley has been a catalyst and voice forming the trend for independent evaluation by an increasingly educated, peer-educated, and self-educated, society.

  • In the US, for example, professionals such as physicians go to increasing lengths to inform patients and involve them in the healing process. This is as opposed to many countries where, often encouraged by coercive public systems,  they remain  brusque and fail to either inform or be informed by the patient, causing many mis-medications.
  • Seminars on creative and efficient thinking, understanding the emotions, and "logic for kids" are increasingly popular.
  • People now regularly consult the internet before talking to professionals, and providers have responded with a wealth of forums, info-sites and research facilities tailored to every interest. Regulators are increasingly finding their rules challenged by consumers clamoring and able to obtain contray information.

Dr. Presley has combined her inspirational work in several websites to form a valuable part in Libertarian education, practical tools for everyone, feminist perspective, and paradigm change.



>Use and share her sites

>Ask that reason oriented workshops come to local schools

>Urge civic leaders to focus on fact-based and measurable policies


LIO Thinker J. T. Fraser, Internet Grandfather, Remembered

Posted on November 22, 2010 at 7:23 AM

Philosopher J. T. Fraser wrote intriguing analyses of Time with implications for spontaneous order, markets, and machine design.

Beloved Philosopher J. T. Fraser, an observer of the LIO Advisory and Observer Board, passed away this weekend.


He pioneered extensive studies of the nature of time and the structure of time sequences, with many implcations for the operation of decentralized and market entities, the creation of knowledge in open environments, the basis of tragedy, the value of innovation and creatrive conflict, and machine design. Students praised him as an involved and patient teacher. He was known as a champion for the idea of the practicality of philosophy and need for more teaching of the subject, particularly logic and applied method,  in personal, intellectual and social development.


He also founded the first learned society to study time on an interdisciplinary basis and was highly interested in that aspect of the SMILE Project, and expressed the hope that this might lead to new breakthroughs in space travel.




A native of Hungary, he played a quiet role for LIO in communicating with scholars leading to liberalization of the Communist bloc countries. His work was used in open concepts that led to the creation of Wikipedia and other user-sustained entities on a Libertarian-interest co-operative user-run model, a concept he first proposed in the 1970's. He endorsed a communication by LIO that, it is felt,  persuaded many legislators worldwide to remove legislation that effectively blocked cell phones and internet creation, and was hailed by students as a little known "grandfather" of the internet. 


Ironically, Wikipedia  posted a statement questioning his notability, much to the amusement of  his admirers as perversely demonstrating his theories on time and open learning.


He also had several pioneering patents in computing based on his philosophical researches. He was retired in recent years from LIO activity.



> http://www.phf.upenn.edu/01-02/fraser.htm

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julius_Thomas_Fraser