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Arm Grandpas, Teach Youth Non-Coercion, Remove Eco-Problems: Libertarian Gun, Self-Defense, Systems Approach

Posted on July 25, 2012 at 5:30 AM

Once disarmed grandpas who surprise possible killers? LIO inspired Libertarian 'gun/self-defense rights & more' dialogue is now in all countries, and Libertarian-driven right-to-carry statutes trained and armed citizen guardian volunteers as this elderly man. The offenders were wounded and later arrested.

The same week, analysts point out that Grandpas are now preventing potential and tragic  Aurora, Colorado potential massacres--where police were reportedly aware of sanity issues but there was no action (http://abcnews.go.com/US/james-holmes-psychiatrist-contacted-university-police-weeks-movie/story?id=16943858  ;)-- armed with Libertarian tools...but it is not just a matter of gun rights alone but a comprehensive voluntary system of approach that reduces and prevents problems and engages citizen 'bottom-up' action and input.

These tools range from Lib-inspired concealed carry to  other citizen tools such as mediation, being more alert to environmental causes such as violence-inducing medications and allergies,  and growing world and local dialogue on ending the 'coercive cycle of abuse' --from punitive/rights-disrespecting family to corporate and other institutions to central government and back --that help you reduce the culture of coercion. Setting aside false choices and circular arguments by some of arms vs. safety, regulation vs. responsibility, punishment vs. permissiveness, while ignoring the corrupting example of corrupt statutes and officials--how has this global movement of citizen responsibility for the body politic come about?

'Public safety and defense is the primary  job of the volunteer citizen, not the government' or other auxiliary hired officials...and begins in the household... When LIO first raised the subject in 1971 as a line of discussion and data-development world citizen disarmament coupled with out-of-control crime and totalitarianism seemed inevitable to many. Now, 40 years later, the spread of citizen self-defense/mediation techniques and the effect on reducing problems is worldwide helping nations adopt or better participative democracy and public safety:

  • Armed grandpas work. The same week of the notorious Batman shooter massacre, a similar apparent threat was averted in Florida. In that state Libertarians championed and got passed 'concealed carry' of weapons restoring much of that citizen right along with encouraging self-defense, citizen watch, and social mediation classes ( vs. government proposals to ban use of several martial arts). This Youtube shows an armed grandpa benefiting from the Libertarian approach and saving threatened civilians. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=epZod2qyyN4 (Ironically, the city is where the Libertarian movement for concealed carry was organized, Ocala, which had suffered attempts to prosecute women who defended themselves from rape with illegal pistols and touching off a crime wave induced by official policies, say activists).
  • Check the environment before punishing or regulating. People inspired by Libertarian dialogue continue to focus polemics on environmental causes to misbehavior as the first, not last place to lolok and correct: Along with highlighting the coercive atmosphere created by errant institutions and officials, they have led dialogues on family abuse, school bullying, anti-gay and other bigoted violence, genetic or allergy factors, lead or other additive poisoning in e.g. paint or food, and now over-corrective prescription of behavior drugs as officials--who create the drug problem by mandating or encouraging the practice--then demand restrictions on civil self-defense based on untoward incidents they themselves cause. ( http://lewrockwell.com/kohls/kohls13.1.html )
  • Worldwide relaxation of weapon restrictions, with legalization of citizen watches, and expanded self-defense and courteous behavior classes (as in Japan, which still has arms restrictions but low incidents as most of the population is able to easily disarm a gun-wielder, and teachers teach as the first principle of defense being mutual respect or  rei, the prinsiple also used in developing the modern Libertarian pledge) is spreading (  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firearms_law ) as Libertarians predict they will gear up to lead restoration of the right to bear infantry arms and disarm police (on old British Bobby system ) in every country, and make any worldwide citizen arms including self-defense classes restrictions DOA.
  • Non-coercive behavior mentoring to build virtue, not react to avoidable vice and misbehavior--and end built in coercive cycles that go from abuisive parenting to social misbehavior to totalitarian or abusive systems in a self-perpetuating cycle. Along with the Libertarian pledge of rights-respect focusing good behavor and courage to correct self-created institutional problems--often reflecting poor or hidden data, suppression, or lack of  rights/voluntarism disrespect and citizen involvement-- programs such as positive parenting ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_parenting#Non-punitive_discipline )  , hands are not for hitting (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Rx53-FXaik )    , and conflict reduction classes for youth and officials (  http://www.phillymediators.org/news/free-youth-mediator-training )  spread...so we will rarely need the armed grandpas.
  • Get back on mission: Increasingly, public safety officials say much of the problem is diversion of resources into punishment of lifestyle or psychological issues ( prostitution, drugs, family abuse; see http://www.leap.cc/ ) and confusion of lifestyle/social work-type matters with citizen protection often accompanied by draconian measures ( see http://www.fear.org ). Police presence often creates a rash of false accusations and inappropriate responses by bureucracies that threat the users as a problem. Many police report to LIO departments still spend 90% or more of their time in non-harm matters when they would--as fire safety professionals have learned with libertarian/LIO workshops--rather focus on proaction, education, and awareness (Now many fire and similar officials spend 90% of their time in citizen self-protection and problem avoidance awareness, better interaction on insurance/safety standards, etc.)...In contrast, citizen watch and mediation often does the job for much less or free. ( e, .g. http://www.libertarianinternational.org/apps/blog/show/1713986-win-how-lib-mayor-cut-crime-40- ) using 'granpa and granny' mediators and citizen input and community orgamization participation.
  • Make gun/self-defense  registration accountable and private: Current gun rules typically over-regulate while missing the real issues of liability and good conduct/sanity and are so often politicized. Having e.g. neutral insurance follow a threatening serious weapon with/or certification of conduct/sanity by an accountable actor such as an insurance company may be a good solution for some voluntary communities and be a better transition tool for current quasi-voluntary ones. At present rules make it difficult for e.g. alarmed teachers, gun clubs, or even close families to seek examination on dysfuntional and threatening family members or neighbors, with reports to authorities often met with a shrug, say critics--while imaginary threats to authorities by irate citizens are met with hysterical arrests. At the same time, many Libertarians encourage study and expanded legalization of non-lethal /non-damaging 'stopper' defense weapons or martial arts to end use of force for temporary restraint or disablement until help arrives...while warning that expanding centralized coerced rules will only leave to citizens again prey to gangster regimes or at best smugly abusive officials as public safety declines.

The LIO will-- especially through the good work of LIO Friends and those in public office-- continue to encourage open dialogue among key activists  focused on combined  rights, choices, and data-driven best practice-holistic approaches and info-sharing at the user level, along with encouragement of informed scientific and user-friendly assessments and self-correction.


LIO hopes this will help you by peaceful dialogue better democracy or replace dysfuntional command or coercive policies with aware use of  legalized  communities of voluntary governance led by Libertarian-conversant citizen watchdogs of, in the words of F. Douglass, the  3 boxes of rights: The ballot box, the jury box, the cartridge box.


Massive Libertarian Video Archive NeedsYour Help

Posted on December 29, 2011 at 12:35 AM

LIO Fellow and former US LP Chair Mr. Turney leads project that will save rare documentation of an incredible Lib-catalyzed generation of change

A massive historical archive ( visit http://libertytapes.com/    to get involved OR link to your site)  of Libertarian videos, audios and recordings--including never-distributed or hard to obtain tapes or recordings of Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and  many Libertarian conferences, conventions and organizing meetings--is being transferred to more durable media. This is critical  before they vanish forever from normal decay and the effort need your help, says Jim Turney, former US LP Chair who advises and speaks with many Libertarian groups and who drove the documentation project.

For years Mr. Turney and  his volunteers patiently taped a vast number of Libertarian activities large and small, all the more important as many records have been destroyed when extreme right-wing conservatives posing as small government Constitutionalists seized many LP affiliates in the US, say observers.

In addition Mr. Turney has "many,many recordings" of Green and other activist and key non-profit or coalition events across the spectrum forming an incredible historical and scholarly resource of the citizen-led changes in the last few decades.

The first step of a massive catalog is complete, and some items are appearing at http://lwww.libertarianism.org but the highly expensive transfer invites funding. Many videos can only be run once before self-destruction due to their fragile state, and the work is highly delicate. Donors and well-wishers may purchase completed tapes or' "adopt" tapes, make a general contribution, or may contact the website for additional information or contribute material. Once completed, the LIO has offered to arrange fundraising for an archive to curate copies under its care.

LIO Friends: DIY Democracy Tool Unites Web, Change

Posted on December 29, 2011 at 12:25 AM

US Libertarian-interested  consumer info journalist John Stossel congratulates  Jennifer Jones, who with LIO Friends  is championing use of more web and other technogy to spread democracy and 'civic engagement.'

LIO Friend Jennifer Jones is deeply interested in increased world democracy, participation, transparency and change via petitions  and initiatives...and just sharing key information on what's going on. As a result she's championing 'Do It Yourself'  DIY Democracy among other projects. She invites you to check out the site at: http://diydemocracy.org/welcome/ which explains the robot or 'app' that is powering change in many areas by uniting tools to obtain information and act in a timely fashion.

In addition, more tools are at: http://theprometheusinstitute.org/  which networkls additional data from otrher efforts and is helping LIO Friends and other activists in activities from improving Nigerian elections to crowdsourcing data to call out mis-statements by officials It also has projects such as helping young entrepreneurs with key items. These could anchor a great project for your activist group or personal activism.

Mr. Stossel has a more 'old school' school video project on his work at: http://stosselintheclassroom.org/index.php?p=aboutjohn.html&l=8


More LIO Community Tools Underway in 2012/3

Posted on December 28, 2011 at 8:50 AM

LIO is putting in place additional community support tools for ' I LEAP !" action with the successes of the Pinellas, Florida, pilot. At present several community facilitators are in training for additional 'Libertarian Society' pilots. Unlike the cariety of Libertarian-based efforts by different groups, only these will be under LIO registration as part of the mission to create strict Libertarian-centered but ecumenical networks with the option of eventual model LIO eco-communities. Forthcoming tools include:

  1. Interpersonal: Blogs on Libertarian Living items and making searchable the wonderful work of LIO Friends in many countries, along with a non-partisan Youth/Public Volunteer support e-group. An occasional LIO FRIENDS and SMILE PDF e-journals are contemplated.
  2. Legislative: An institute focused primarily on the original Gilson-Hospers efforts via implementing direct democracy and building starter regional e-conferences. In following our Libertarian co-op philosophy, the institute will take no money. The project will interface with LIO-interested Libertarian, Liberal and rights party representatives in a best-practice group. Public offical certification according to the lines approved by movement leaders in the early decade will be offered.
  3. Educative; We will finish uploading the approved reading program and local e-study support using public venues
  4. Action Community: Manuals will be under editing in Spring for a citizen summit entity to support the integrated communities.
  5. Public Administration: LIO has registered both a Lib and interested study project to engage  non-Lib and promote LI certified non-partisan and especially appointive public officials. At present 200 Libertarians in public office are involved in the project in several countries. This will be the sole "political arm" of the LIO though autonomous as the personal arm of the movement founders and curator.
  6. !-Wins: An archive of both LIO and manuals of interest to Libertarian-oriented activists will be maintained, along with an occasional journal on  I LEAP! focus worldwide.

Finally, SMILE pdf materials and a focus on key SMILE autonomus group links are under discussion.Please note the LIO SMILE and E-I LEAP! communities are distinct.


Nolan Troika System: Machine for Change, Public Office Libs

Posted on December 21, 2011 at 10:20 AM

 David Nolan, late US LP lead founder, wants everybody trying Libertarian public administration. This is one of a series of short items done with LIO  Advisor Dorothy Livengood before Nolan's death and since re-edited extensively combining several notes and short items approved by Mr. Nolan. Nolan championed Troika system described here as angine of citizen non-partisan or trans-partisan change for choice.

Libertarianism is a broad movement of self-empowerment using aware voluntary solutions. In public administration it is centered on presenting proven and promising choices of completely voluntary programs. These 'better awareness and of the principle of our rights.'  It is small government, limited government, anarchism-based, pro-market, socialist, libertine, conservative--and none of these, since the voluntary approach unites all previous classifications. No wonder dictionaries and synonym-finders are confused! Yet it's simple: Look at voluntary alternatives in everything, and as a movement promote a range of the best ones.


In our first generatiuon we've worked to get people familiar in a broad sense-- and political figures interested and excited...while developing our own ' farm team' of people interested in Libertarian voluntary choices. The success has been incredible:

  1. Think tank Infrastructure in many and now study groups in all countries
  2. Community and student networking, and 'awareness projects galore'
  3. A record of wins and interest  e.g in the US from people in all parties-- Congressman Ron Paul (Conservative), Governor Jesse Ventura (Independent), and Senator Mike Gravel (Progressivet)--have championed Libertarian projects as many others in public office are attracted to the US LP (Update: In December  2011 Governor Gary Johnson announced greater involvement in the USLP and Libertarian movement) high and low...and while they're a long way from being 'perfect Libertarians' they're showing the trend is turning: Even the USLP is just Libertarian-direction, the point is more public servants from all backgrounds are really interested in adapting some part of Libertarianism as they understand it.  More: Worldwide we've helped drive Liberalism back to sanity, with the Liberal international now advocating study of Ayn Rand, von Mises, and others.


Libertarianism is not, however, a matter oif one party. It's a method and inclination for finding voluntary ways that do the job better. In that sense it is non-partisan and belongs to everyone. Indeed, Liberal and Libertarian parties that are anything but rights-protection parties may become incoherent and not make sense in the long run. In the US, we found the main battle was pretty basic: ballot access and a fair hearing. Worldwide, in many countries Libertarians are the main rights presence, galvanizing Liberals and moderates.

In the US, in particular, the LP has completed its initial mission, and should continue to be a beacon of activism, education, and resources, or focus for the emerging Libertarian constituency--and inspiration to parties working for individual rights abroad. We prepared a toolkit for that Libertarian-direction work: See www.LibertarianBookClub.org  with a standard (2004) guideline activist platform and short summary ones, and a strategic plan 'continual improvement' toolkit. The most important 3 things you can do are:

  1. Also read libertarian books and sites, and share the pledge with people
  2. Put a simple (e.g. Think Libertarian) non-partisan sticker right now on your car and hand out the Quiz regularly (or share the link with people)  see www.TheAdvocates.org
  3. Get involved either monitoring a local board or get in local appointive public office such as your Neighborhood Association. We don't have trouble getting Libertarians in public office...we have trouble with people getting trained and stepping forward for the many vacancies available (remember, if you run for election it takes several tries).

Yet--There's other work to do.


In the late '70's we developed a long term approach for what we called the "Libertarian Troika"...the idea that in time we would offer 3 Libertarian "parties" to inform, energize and grow  what the world really needs: A large, tolerant, secular, pro-science and pro-peace middle class that views government as an optional service and wants plenty of choices in all areas, from lively free markets to intentional-designed communities. To that end, in future years focus will turn to starting for every country and major region:.

  1. A non-partisan co-operative group (tied with Libertarian community projects) to 'encourage people to get in public office especially appointive non-partisan local office focusing on strict voluntary' programs on a non-attack basis (if you love attacking opponents, this won't be for you).  The aim in each community area of about 1 MM population is a best practice (i.e. we've already done this somewhere) 30 Libertarians and 30+ non-Lib users over two or so decades...in the US, that would be ~10K Libertarians in office. One Libertarian in public elected office without such a network is one lonely Libertarian indeed.  This is also important as some perfectly respectable democracies don;t allow partisan parties, and there is a growing public mood for trans-partisan co-operation and against 'attack politics' and extremists. I've worked with LIO which has agreed to see to initial starter groups and a peer association, and a special platform designed by the people in public office themselves based on their successes, along with...
  2. Non-partisan 'PAC's,' civic groups or program-based 'Un-parties' focused on libertarian change through a) Installing, then b) using Direct Democracy and e.g. Ballot Access, PR and  MMP...the focus always is legalizing choice, never imposing anything on anyone. The organizational momentum will help develop...
  3. A center party for less official abuses and more rights like the USLP  or better Liberal International parties, along with continued promotion of Libertarian-friendly think tanks in every country. The first two actually will power most of what we need to spread voluntary change, but the third will help people rally against abuses.

If you have any doubt about these, an extremist group in a major US Party has decided stopping this is their main priority (Can't say where, as I can't reveal our source).

 I'm very excited about these and other tools. Increasingly, you trun on the TV and people are discussing Libertarianism from learned conferences to silly smear jobs to 'pop culture' refrences on comedies. None of this would have happened if we had not step forward in the early '70's and in my opinion the world would be in a massive Communist dictatorship by now instead. The first Libertarian generation showed against all doubters that it could be done on the civic plan in some form in the US, Norway, Costa Rica, the UK...what's before us is tightening and spreading to all parties and nations.


The day will come when everyone of any sense is a 'libertarian' in the same way anyone today is a 'democrat' or believes in division of powers. A world confederation of free republics 'with option of libertarian communities and programs made legal' will grow as more people see the value. (As our 1980's Movement Mission Statement says, we don't need a 'Libertarian government' or one big happy 'Libertarian Society.'  or even a Libertarian majority. We need more legalization of voluntary options, of choice for rights, with model Libertarian communities and projects from loving homes to co-ops or cities to Century-long ventures to the stars...and should spread interest in that concept by every peaceful and courteous means. )They see the value when they are presented with an example or information. Don't be thrown off by people who say we have fringe ideas--all of what we propose is a legal right or offical policy somewhere--from raw milk to home schools to abolishing taxes and the  military-What we want is legal consistency for rights..and general familiarity with voluntary ways to do this people like.

Tell people!--That's what we, whether as individuals telling friends or as a movement, must do, and all we need do: Always courteously, relentlessly, self-critically, and starting with our loved ones and local community. We are the movement of reason, rights and civilization--not exclusively but as the most informed and dedicated fans--and as we said at the beginning, we rally the champions of rights, the challengers of all cults...and have nothing to justify or apologize for.

There is work to do. Just as the once controversial idea of voluntary choice and associations is increasingly accepted in most of science, religion, marriage, nationality, and many other areas, so it's already spreading for private and public programs of all types. It begins with the will of one person. That person is you.


Libertarian-Liberal Regional E-Conferences Coming

Posted on December 18, 2011 at 8:25 AM

Ever-genial Nizan Ahmad of Bangladesh, long-time LIO fellow and  new Conference lead co-editor for South and West Asia, is congratulated by LIO Fellow Nobelist Dr. Milton Friedman on the opening of his Think Tank. The Conferences will be fully operational into 2013.

(See above for conference links under Libertarian Institute)

A new 'NOW'-networking, organizing and works self-management tool--is underway: Free Facebook and other related e-tools to serve as perpetual 'e-conferences' for those interested in LIO SMILE tools and ideas, typically cultural Libertarian-Liberals, with special focus on Libertariany law and voluntary public administration, Libertarian home and work management, and legal issues. Nizam Ahmad, who founded a think-tank in Bangladesh and is a well-liked local business supporter, is the first co-editor 'on deck' and hopes to also help mentor Libertarian/LIO-interested local networks in his country as well as demand occurs. Particpants will have the opportunity to network to effect voluntary policy through spread of direct democracy and other non-partisan activity, and boost morale and ease the way of  young leaders in activism, culture, and public safety..

Participants will share data and projects, network, and practice English as well. The Conferences will serve as a central source to bring new people in and help them acclimatize and discover voluntarist tools in a learning. projects, and mutual encouragement world co-operative. Theye will be similar to the current LIO Friends but more regional-based, and will help develop a generation interested in peace and free trade, residency, and common action in their region. The regions are:

  • USA-Canada/Oceania/Antartica
  • Eurasia(Euro-CIS and Mediterranean Asia)-Latin America
  • India/SAARC-West Asia
  • Chinas-East Asia
  • Africa

Informational topics will also include:

  • Low-cost educationand college tools
  • Self- and lifestyle improvement
  • Futurism and technology, personal projects, entrepreneurship
  • Events, services, and petitions
  • Volunteer opprtunities, wins, workshops, etc...

Co-editors will highlight likes or projects, suggest resources, periodically welcome participants and in general help keep the conversation going.

Participants are welcome to sign up and begin sharing, and from time to time will be invited to also join local community projects. Strict professionalism is observed, and partipation is, as always, at the curator's pleasure advised by the host facilitator.All Liberal. progressive and libertarian groups may use the facilities to share projects and build interest, but are reminded that LIO is always collaborative in stance and rigidly neutral to issues, secular, and non-partisan in atmosphere: no attacks on public figures or persons are permitted--focus is attacking policy, never people.

How Libertarians Ended Communist Dictatorship

Posted on December 4, 2011 at 3:25 AM

LIO Fellow Brazil's Dr. Margeret Tse greets Czech leader Vaclav Klaus, who noted that Communist oppression ..."would not have fallen without the spread of Libertarianism..." Klaus used Libertarian secession concepts to avert civil war--as then plagued Yugoslavia and Chechnya--by peaceful separation of Czechoslovaklia into 2 friendly republics.

Many Libertarians and Liberals are remembering the fall of Communist dictatorships this week, the XXth anniversary of the dissolution of the Soviet Union by Libertarian International Organization Fellow Boris Yeltsin--and the ultimate irrelevance of military and police establishments in making it happen or defending society except as optional tools. Indeed, the US Government was predicting the continued stability of Communism and the Bush administration was trying to shore up tottering authoritarians even as Libertarian activists tore the regimes limb-from-limb by peaceful means. Many in addition are giving thought to UN Rights Month, and areas where a more voluntary approach can be shared. LIO Fellows played a key role:

  • In the early '70's later curator and Libertarian visionary Michael Gilson travelled at the invitation of Editorial Mir to the USSR---where he met many leaders unhappy with the regime and interested in his Libertarian concepts, including Yeltsin. At the same time, LIO Co-curator Paul Gilson was close friends with Ronald Reagan, and they worked to outline a plan of peaceful transition, navigating between those who saw the US as helpless before Communist triumph and those thirsting for more US military expansion.
  • LIO advisors and observers met with them in the late '70's and with Liberal and aspiring union activists to implement a long term plan to peacefully bring democracy to all nations by: Promoting voluntary concepts, teaching activist tools 'on-ground' and promoting first think tanks with more citizen diplomacy and then citizen networks. This built on official but often ignored national policies.
  • Several of these, such as Reagan and Yeltsin, entered leadership positions and communicated directly through the network, by-passing corrupt military and security establishments on both sides interested in preserving the status quo. The US did the reverse of expected, promoting open sharing of secret information and a planetary defense agreement against e.g. asteroids, and Reagan offered to dismantle the military, secure in the knowledge that a new voluntary and militant force was underway.This assured leaders 'on the fenc'e that there would be no sudden military attack by any party. Yelstin visited America, met again with LIO activists, and various sister city type initiatives were encouraged. The core group was known as the '12 Ruthless Men,' most of whom have passed on.
  • Various Libertarian benefactors saw to the distribution of over 3 million pieces of literature while simulatanously change had been underway in China, including workshops in the Mao era. At the same time, work to loosen right-wing regimes was aided by www.ISIL.org which followed a schedule of world conventions to energize and network local activists in countries from South Africa on. In addition, a determined effort resulted in the sudden movement of many colonial dependencies to a republican status as new countries or in great autonomy. The new atmosphere of determination and Libertarian thoughtools gave people impetus and a sense that now they could act, and nature took its course.As these grew, hundreds of previously contacted leaders and academics were given to understand that '...this time, we move--it's serious.'
  • With appropriate thought tools and spreading how-to support , people began peacefully dismantling the regimes. For reasons of security, most US Libertarian leaders were only informed of the broad outlines.In the late '90's and early 2000's, networks in the Mid-East were stalled by untimely US Military intervention, including the near-peaceful removal of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban.
  • Betterment continues: The improved countries have, depending on the level of use of Libertarian tools, moved forward relatively smooothly or not so much, but all have improved and are enjoying growing economies and rights communities. Hundreds of groups have now formed driving interest in democracy, legal improvements, transparency, markets, choice-based public services, and more.
  • In LIO's OPERATION DEMOCRACY the work continues, aided by better communication among centrist parties and groups, in a new effort that began winter 2010 and has resulted (December 2011)  in change in many countries.

LIO emphasizes that its aim is to simply get people in dialogue, and the curator expressly forbids any use of force or retaliation, or even personal verbal attacks on leaders. Activists should focus on passive resistance, peer education, and a conciliatory and fraternal attitude with officials consistent with voluntary approaches under their UN Rights. LIO activists are encouraging vigorous dialogue in many countries, and in coming years growing Libertarian-Liberal networks to move towards more voluntary approaches will be mentored in every country; following the theme that the proper defense of society is the sole and growing purview of citizens conversant with voluntary tools and ideals, who by education and awareness replace, proactively defuse or undermine improper systems.

The LIO emphasizes as well that it explicitly welcomes interest in Communist or socialist communities of voluntary character.  At present, thanks to social networking, LIO activists inspired by OPERATION DEMOCRACY and following their own indepoendent strategies are bringing tools such as those praised by Klaus to some 3 million people worldwide who're leaders in their communities, unions, or professional groups; or simply enthusiastic networkers. They actively network or organize with many citizen efforts such as Tea Party, OWS, electoral fairness, Democracia Ya, NED, Citizen Diplomacy, Wikileaks, and other entities asserting the rights of  citizens to make their thoughts known peaceably, but LIO takes no stance on any issue.

 See: http://libinst.cz/stranka_en.php?id=2 and http://www.obcinst.cz/en/  as examples of think tank work of interest.

Georgia Libertarians, Liberals Win War of Ideas

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 9:35 PM

TBILISI, Georgia, October 2008--(Updated,Reposted)

Looking at world trouble spots, Tom Krimanovic, a human rights leader in Serbia, summarizes the view: "Don't Send Marines. Send Libertarians." De-coercion and education are great citizen thought-tools for peace and prosperity.


Libertarians are answering the call. While politicians trade threats, a more quiet occupation of the former Soviet state of Georgia is underway as pro-libertarian groups there spread not only democracy but the study of Libertarian ideas and action tools.

Groups from students to entrepreneurs to legislators are studying and implementing Libertarian ideas and continuing a process of 'providing the intellectual and citizen activism weapons  for citizens to advance democracy, free markets, intentional communities, and personal freedom. They're also working across borders with Russian counterparts to exert citizen pressure to defuse tensions, participating in groups such as the innovative http://www.isil.org/store/liberty-english-camp.html  where they learn English and network while using Libertarian and Liberal texts.

Eminent leaders in the region agree. Libertarians were directly active in undermining the dicatorships and providing a structure that moved policy from supporting friendly dicators to citizen diplomacy for freedom. "The fall of communism would not have happened without Libertarian" tools spreading, said Vaclav Klaus, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic at a recent talk to a libertarian group, www.fee.org  in the US. (see Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%A1clav_Klaus ) and Czech ( http://libinst.cz/stranka_en.php?id=2 )

In Georgia group members are studying works such as the Libertarian satire "Adventures of Jonathan Gullible" (see photo). Others work on a civic action group to get people in public office and further develop Libertarian applications. These include working on consumer issues and better public services with voluntary options such as privatization. Worldwide, many Libertarians are leading a trend that sees the concept of government as being primarily ancharged with defense as unhelpful. For information on citizen-to-citizen action where you can lead, google "citizen diplomacy," "sister cities" or check out www.isil.org which invites you to help sponsor a young leader to a conference.

TOOLS: Please check out, donate to help--

Hon.Vito Marcoantonio:Libertarian Father of Civil Rights Act; Union Healthcare, Secession Model, Puerto Rican Freedom

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 12:35 AM

Remembering LIO Observer, Libertarian International Organization Legal Counsel Vito Marcoantonio who broke many paradigms. As LIO Counsel on his death he was succeeded by later LIO Honorary Fellows Chair  Hon.  William P. Rogers. He Championed Civil Rights, Cheap Union Healthcare, and a Secession Model in Use Now.

LIO Fellow and Libertarian International Association Counsel Vito Marcoantonio is being recalled by modern Libertarians-- with world refocus on Civil Rights non-discrimination, health care, union and local autonomy issues-- as a forgotten pioneer ...where he made signal advances in those and related areas with deep relevance today.

Like most Libertarians of his time, previous to the LIO encouraging foundation of increasingly Libertarian-oriented parties as a 'political home' he was involved in many political groups, and interested in instituting progressive public institutions to counter-act religious monopolies and outright Stalinism with the view of later libertarianization. .The attorney served as a distinguished Republican Congressman, member and later in public office for  the American Labor Party, and leader of an enormous open-entry uniion that was persecuted by the government for providing  low-cost health care--and was key strategist in restoring the natural law concepts of both protected private discrimination and breaking the back of religious-driven public offer and public bodies racial and other discrimination.

  1. Civil Rights and Non-discrimination. He authored the first modern Civil Rights Act in the US, which went on to influence many  countries in ending invidious discrimination: His early version, H.R. 3994, was first introduced on March 13, 1941, but it died in committee. A second version, H.R. 7142, was introduced  on July 20, 1942, and it also died in committee. At that point it had done its job of opening eyes and creating a core coalition; and was adopted as a model and rally cry by a determined group of business, union, and legislative leaders--including John Kennedy--for the legislation of 20 years later, spearheaded and passed primarily by Liberal and Constitutionalist Republicans.
  2. As vice-president and leader in the IWO, he worked for a "free union for voluntary, not Stalinist Communism' with a demonstration medical-dental plan for all participants. He warned that dependence on taxation of the rich was to be beholden to their incomes, and called for worker and middle class entities that were self-supporting. Unlike many Communist or other unions, ILO was open to all races and political beliefs, with a model of 'union-provided, not government centralized healthcare' that was extremely low-cost and attracted the ire of doctors for demanding professional improvement and 'allowing plumbers to fire surgeons' among other complaints; the ire of  the still powerful KKK-- which at that time had members in about 20% of American homes and many of whose families have come to control the Republicans, say critics-- for its racial openness; and dismayed insurance companies seeking legal prefrences along with hard-line Stalinists posing as 'Liberals'  and standing in the way of both government imposed 'private insurance only' or centralized options. It was closed under color of political activity but the 200,000 member union "... provided very low cost term life insurance, coverage which could be supplemented with additional protection against sickness..did not employ sales representatives and paid no commissions on policies ... published news in their own languages, organized singing societies, sports teams, marching bands, dance companies, and theater groups.... from a tiny organization of 3,000 to 5,000 members at the time of formation in 1930,  it... attracted to the low cost and nondiscriminatory availability of insurance and the willingness to take on as insureds anyone who worked, even those who worked in dangerous or high risk employment, as well as the mutual aid benefits.... it met pragmatic needs in an economic and social framework...IWO offered insurance to all working people at the same rate regardless of race or occupation and was, at the time, the only service provider where African Americans could obtain insurance at the same rate as others...' in that manner, says one site article.
  3. Was a strong advocate of state autonomy, starting as an advocate of a new 'Commonwealth Free Associate State' status where a US territory or state could on application become non-voting, leave foreign affairs to the rest and be otherwise an independent copuntry. He used the model to promote normalization of the status of Puerto Rico,  which had become a preserve where people were expropriated by corporations favored by politicians in the capital to today a 'Commonwealth' or 'Free Associated State' helping, according to one commemorative site, reverse the situation where : ..."The once land owning farmers, dispossessed by huge sugar plantations...work the unfertile mountain soil or are landless. Only seven percent of the native dwellers in the rural regions are landowners in Puerto Rico … Over the heads of these small farmers hangs a total mortgage debt of about $25 million (NOTE: In the curency of the mid-century)… The landless peasants have been converted into a great army of colonial slaves in the sugar plantations, or are unemployed..."

His interest in voluntary and libertarian communism in a liberal society that also welcomed free markets as opposed to Stalinist monopolies was lost on the FBI, which the story is told by old-timers in the movement at one time had Marcoantonio under constant surveillance-- including meetings with the FBI head and Ezra Benson, an LIO Fellow who became part of the Eisenhower administration. At one time the confused government spies of both the US and USSR were following him about, at a loss to comprehend his work and convinced he was a secet agent for the other country. His ability to get broad support across all parties even led the government to pass primary restriction and anti-fusion (running as a candidate endorsed by several parties) laws that libertarian and other groups in the US are slowly reversing today after a titanic 40-year fight.

LIO past honorary Chair Ralph Swanson, who interacted  withh Marcoantonio, Kennedy and later King, has noted that while there may be room for improvement in matters of discrimination or judicial interpretations, the 'US Federal Rights Act is correct in banning official discimination and that of public offer private businesses, while protecting strictly private firms or organizations in ability' to discriminate, though, he notes, "Even the Ku Klux Klan has begun admitting members of different races..." and the Rights was carefully studied in formulating the standard USLP platform to guide legislative coalitions.Libertarians should not confuse strictly private associations with those of public offer; in any event, most discrimination was forced on business and non-profits by government regulations that ironically were originally supported by racial progressives in many cases, or leftist groups seeking to stir up ill feeling..."

The Freelancer's Union in the US has ( http://www.freelancersunion.org/ )   recently revived many of the IWO service concepts, and Libertarians suggest dialogue on placing many social services in the hands of union and consumer groups unhindered by legislative bans or 'nanny-state' forced centralization. In the US Cover Florida, a Health care exchange predating current efforts to assist consumers has been developed by pro-Libertarians.

The US in later years, egged on by Libertarians, divested itself of its 'ridiculous play-colonial 'empire, says Swanson, with a variety of agreements, mutual free association and governance compacts, or simple independence, maintaining friendly relations. In cases such as the Northern Marianas, Libertarian groups helped mediate transition. Today many Libertarians remain interested in the Commonwealth model as a means to bring greater autonomy and experimentation to US states or local governments--from eased drug laws to non-tax zones-- consistent with the rights of the individual.


Note RE Secreatry E. T. Benson, who wrote extensively on intergrating Libertarian concepts to Mormon religious practice and worked to champion the Sister City concept: "“I am a libertarian. I want to be known as a libertarian and as a constitutionalist in the tradition of the early James Madison ~ father of the Constitution. Labels change ... though in its original British connotation the term liberal fits me better than the original meaning of the word, conservative.”(Ezra T. Benson, The Red Carpet p.206) . At the time the LIO, then the League, was a smaller advisory group, not the growing networks of today.


Libertarian Coalitions Championing B-Corporations, Co-ops

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 12:05 AM

LIO Fellow Nobelist Milton Friedman praised suggestions at an LIO workshop that along with standard 'C' Corporations, there be simplified  'A' (for autonomous untaxed family business and trust), 'B' (for Barter or business for-profits with a non-profit section) and 'D, E & F' (for democratic consumer, employee owned co-op, and freeshare and pay-it-forward) entities. 'Why not the whole alphabet?' he quipped, saying many obscure tax policies had completely distorted or blocked legal options.

LIO-supportive Libertarians and progressives are in coalitions centered in the US to make business non-profits legal. While many have criticized free economc choice as blindly profit-driven, a review by Libertarians revealed a thicket of laws that make for-profit ventures for non-profit purposes illegal or difficult to set up.Libertarian thinking has always viewed all action as for-profit, non-profit simply meaning the benefit is not directly for the principals, and contests the view that non-profit must equal anti-personal.The LIO encourages a vision of free markets that not only welcomes traditional forms but is driven primarily by user and worker co-ops such as credit unions, non-profit endowments, and home based forms and trusts--but policies still make this difficult.

The problem may be a surprise to some, but has long been understood by Libertarian thinkers. For example, many jurisdictions and tax authorities  harass  for-profit co-ops providing free barter services and basic supplies; unions seeking to provide healthcare; corporations and family trusts attempting to combine donations with profit activities--or actually make it illegal for corporations to engage in non-monetary activities 'for public benefit.' In the US, many private health care providers such as hospitals and doctor's co-operatives have shut down 'internal long-term trusts to provide health care for al'l due to the tax complexities. This vacuum where co-op based free-markets and alternate forms are hampered or actually prohibited is then blamed on the 'free' market, say analysts, and promoted by incurious academics who claim it to be an obvious problem of choice-based systems. As a result, people are blamed for not solving problems they're forbidden to solve.

To combat the situation Libertarians have been working with different groups to advance:

  1. 'B' Corporations that legalize a specific or general non-profit goal along with profit sections, with a 3rd party review provision to cut through tax complexities. Groups such as http://www.bcorporation.net/ advance one model. Care must of course be taken that the door is not opened to expand crony  corruption. Libertarians at a recent conference on long-term funding for space colonization, the 100-Year Starship Project, called for use of B-type corporations to these ends.
  2. In Florida  coalitions are successfully working to regularize co-op status in everything from community gardens to religious co-ops providing health care.They hope the example will drive world change. The matter effects even private persons. Recently policies were agreed there on that let people have a homeless person as a guest in their homes without triggering tourist tax and other restrictive laws; mothers are fighting for the right to have baby-sitting and home-learning co-ops without triggering expensive license requirements as day care entities.
  3. Options such as 'free-free-markets'  based on gifting, barter networks, and food share buying programs are being acknowledged and functioning on the internet.Around the world, people are consulting the LIO in their figfhts to legalize small micro-lending, voluntary eco-zones, voluntary safety standards superior to the official ones, and protect community trusts from seizure.
  4. US States have begun removing laws prohibiting simplified eternal family trusts to protect the wealth of small households and create family guarantteed housing, incomes, and other amenities.  Thus say providers 'Alaska's laws are among the most progressive in the U.S., providing a number of unique estate planning and tax savings benefits not available in most other states. Alaska was the first state to pass legislation authorizing self-settled domestic asset protection trusts (commonly called "Alaska Trusts") and continues to be in the forefront in updating and improving its statutes to provide favorable protections for individuals, families and family-owned entities. Alaska has become one of the top states of choice for the location of trusts and family limited liability companies (LLC). '

Emblematic of the problem than people raising money to feed the homeless on the streets being arrested by the police and then questioned by tax authorities. Several links are reported at the LIO 'SMILE' Twitter, which shares good news on Libertarian living tools. Interested activists are invited to share their stories and projects at the LIO Friends network on Facebook. RESOURCES:

>GOOGLE Family co-ops

>GOOGLE Family trusts Alaska

Libertarian Country Counter, Translator: LIO Friends @2000

Posted on November 15, 2011 at 9:00 PM

LIO has placed a free counter at lower right that notes 'Country Unique Visitors' and posts a flag --as LIO Friends are represented in nearly every country from Afghanistan to Zambia, and reached 2000 at their Facebook on November 15th, 2011.  Another 1000+, mostly in Mainland China, share by other channels.

LIO Friends participants regularly network for mutual encouragement and data, sharing social and other entrepreneurship emphasizing SMILE tools and voluntary approaches. Thanks to advances cleared by removal of blocking regulations and expnding voluntarist approaches, the counter is free though it might have cost millions to regularly process such information a generation ago.

A translator has also been added at  the sidebar which provides approximate translations of site material. LIO volunteers will use thecounter  information to help guide outreach efforts along with internal web tools.Some countries may not be represented for technical or censorship reasons.

As of the first 24 hours visitors came from 19 countries and made a typical 140 views:


1. United States 25 November 16, 2011

State Unique Visitors Last New Visitor

1.1. Florida 2 November 15, 2011

1.2. California 4 November 15, 2011

1.3. Texas 4 November 15, 2011

1.4. Idaho 3 November 14, 2011

1.5. Alabama 2 November 15, 2011

1.6. Alaska 1 November 14, 2011

1.7. Maryland 1 November 15, 2011

1.8. North Carolina  3 November 15, 2011

8 out of 51 collected.


2. Argentina 7 November 15, 2011


3. Italy 3 November 15, 2011


4. India 3 November 15, 2011

5. Brazil 2 November 15, 2011


6. United Kingdom 2 November 15, 2011


7. New Zealand 1 November 15, 2011

8. Nigeria 1 November 15, 2011

9. Tunisia 1 November 15, 2011

10. Costa Rica 1 November 15, 2011

11. Czech Republic 1 November 15, 2011


12. Australia 1 November 15, 2011


13. Ukraine 1 November 14, 2011


14. Germany 1 November 14, 2011


15. South Africa 1 November 14, 2011

16. Malaysia 1 November 14, 2011


17. Sweden 1 November 14, 2011


18. Philippines 1 November 14, 2011

19. Panama 1 November 14, 2011

100K+ Libertarian Intros, in 40+ Languages, Fight Illiteracy

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 5:15 PM

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Above. Dr Schoolland and daughter on work in interview.100K+ CD's have been delivered among even more items that address non-coercive society, English, and basic literacy.

The LIO registered  www.LibertarianBookClub.org lead readings--Adventures of Jonathan Gullible (JG) and the companion free Liberty Flash--are now available in over 40 languages, with more translations under consideration. JG, authored by dynamic political economy educator, philanthropist, and talk show host LIO Fellow Dr. Ken Schoolland, is a charming children's book that is also being used in English tutorials and illiteracy worldwide. It expalins through memorable short adventures many supposedly difficult concepts with additional exercises for schools or home study. The short Flash orients the viewer to non-coercive moral and social themes.

Several initiatives  use the items in a "Liberty Camp" youth movement  with an array of activities in China ( https://sites.google.com/site/chinaaustrianeconomicscampc/ ) ; Central Asia and  East Europe ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKR9MzsceZ0 ) and other countries ( http://profitfromfreedom.com/about-the-conferences.html ). The www.LibertarianBookClub.org will be rolling out by-country e-group book/action clubs to support LIO/Libertarian-interested  communities and forums in 2012 alerting people locally of the readings including other free e-books.

While English, Spanish and french cover most copuntries and populations, the translations are of great help in reaching local budding leaders. See: http://www.jonathangullible.com/ to obtain information on JG, offer to translate, or donate--and download the free e-Flash or link it to your site. Please share or link this post.

Libertarian Living: SMILE Tools Thought Machine

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 4:40 PM

LIO has expanded its Twitter on Libertarian Living and voluntary tools in the culture with a Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Libertarian-I-Love-Libertarians-SMILE-LIO-Tools-Libertario/133833440053261

The Facebook will also serve as a non-partisan and enjoyable way to share LIO tools and concepts with people via Facebook shares, mass e-mails and site or e-mail links. A  searchable website is under development to readily help people get familiar with SMILE cultural themes and tools.

The site supports the growing Libertarian-interested community worldwide networking via LIO and focuses on voluntary tools unleashed by LIO/ Libertarian concepts and efforts, plus conscious projects, tips, and sites to immediately imoprove one's personal and home, work/leisure, or civic life, plus occasional amusing items. Recent Facebook (which will include user shared links and items) and Twitter (which will have retweets from follows) topics include...



LIO: Join our new SMILE Facebook.... http://fb.me/RSdzgTfL

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M: Personal talking robot is here--thanks Lib deregulators. http://fb.me/QTO1JGiL

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L: Walnuts work, say proponents. http://fb.me/Mcr4KRFo

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E: Lib Cit Facebook to start LIO community is up! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Libertarian-Citizen/237724059614631 http://fb.me/12j4ldTVF

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@TheIHS A form of protectionism, restrictive immigration policies are stifling entrepreneurship and economic growth.

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nicolesauceAKA Nicole Williams

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@chaykun Is that a coffee order? RT: Are you shipping to the east coast? Just got a new French Press!

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RSVP for an upcoming MeditativesSingles events at http://www.meetup.com/MeditativeSingles  - and if there is not already... http://fb.me/1l7TG9eTC

23 Oct


LynneBeaumontLynne Beaumont

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http://clarityproducts.org  Love organic soap? . Grt Xmas present. Made by blind/disabled people. Fab charity, fab people & fab products please RT

1 Nov


Homeschool_HelpPinellas Homeschool

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Website updated! http://pinellashomeschoolhelp.webs.com/  New content, photos, links, forum and more.

30 Oct




LIO: A contact group of LIO Operation Democracy will meet next week in Libya on driving peaceful change in small countries such as Fiji.

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LIO: Hope you enjoyed our retweets from Follows, + this Atlas Shrugged news... http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/65776.html

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MichaelGilsonMichael MG Gilson

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Palin's dream of seeing Russia from her house may come true:... http://fb.me/YE4IMr9Q

1 Sep


MichaelGilsonMichael MG Gilson

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http://www.newser.com/story/131495/80s-sitcom-nailed-year-of-gadhafis-death.html  http://fb.me/1itet8j0g

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igeldardIan Geldard

by LIBIntOrg


Public spending by UK government department: an interactive guide http://bit.ly/uSho5f

26 Oct


roastydogSpaz McGee

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Corporations pay politicians who pass laws to benefit corporations; laws are enforced by PD's supplied by the military using stolen funds.

26 Oct


AMCTheatresAMC Theatres

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Never say "I'll be right back." #StepsToSurviveAHorrorMovie

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rationalreviewRational Review

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New at RRND:: Modern algorithms crack 17th century code http://bit.ly/s5Ag3B

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Just passed a house with multiple pumpkins on the front lawn plus a tent and a sign saying "occupy front yard."

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Ivory Coast #Gbagbo party will boycott elections http://ow.ly/79KDU  #ivorycoast

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Google: "We received a request from US law enforcement to remove YouTube videos of police brutality." http://www.google.com/transparencyreport/governmentrequests/

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LIO: Enjoy, spread the word with our latest SMILE, follows retweets. Join our Facebook and share your project @ http://www.Libertarian-International.org

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BONUS: Meet Top 1% http://www.intertel-iq.org/membersonly.php  (PhD-level) vs bottom 40% (<95 IQ) http://www.assessmentpsychology.com/iqclassifications.htm  once called slow to dull to feeble-minded.

22 Oct




S: Adult eco-greenhouses! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2051612/Pining-forest-retreat-The-breathtaking-tree-houses-run-rings-homes-solid-ground.html

22 Oct




M: Your robot lover? http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/99573-the-next-stage-of-human-robot-love-meet-mekas-anime-robot-girl

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I: Women drive polygamy? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2049361/If-hadnt-wanted-wives-I-probably-wouldnt-married-How-women-driving-force-polygamous-marriage.html

22 Oct




L: Immortality wonder drugs no longer a joke- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2050788/Anti-ageing-wonder-pill-drug-enable-live-150.html

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E: Superfoods! http://readynutrition.com/resources/be-nutrition-ready-and-store-super-foods_23022011/

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LIO: As Operation Democracy moves along, several dictators now gone.




Barbara Branden Efficient Thinking Course on Youtube

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 1:45 AM

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Founder of psycho-epistemology, or the science of efficent thinking and authentic and aware feeling philosopher Barabara Branden has released her long unavailable seminal course on "Principles of Efficient Thinking." Her work has been credited with launching the entire mental self-improvement and goals analysis movement in personal development and management.The course helps the auditor identify  mental habits, examine common fallacies, improve emotions and sub-conscious activity, and introduces her ground-breaking approaches.Her site is at: http://barbarabranden.com/thinking.html She explains:

Thinking is not an automatic process known to everyone "instinctively." Thinking is an acquired skill and — like every human skill — it involves certain principles which have to be identified and learned.

Barbara Branden's course on this subject, available on audiocassette, deals with the art of thinking in both its theoretical and practical aspects. The theoretical aspect covers in detail the principles that make possible the most efficient use of one's mind; the practical aspect covers specific techniques by which one avoids thinking errors and maximizes the productiveness of one's mental effort.

The course contains ten lectures, and includes a discussion of such issues as the following:

Why a science of thinking is necessary — the relation between efficient thinking and intelligence — the philosophical base of efficient thinking — the nature of intellectual focusing — the various levels of focusing — the problem of concentration — the nature of the subconscious — the subconscious as a "Univac" — the proper use of the subconscious — the psychology of "inspiration" — the effect of repression on thinking

The nature of the conceptual level of consciousness — the nature of intelligence — the destroyers of intelligence — thinking in essentials — the destructiveness of treating emotions as tools of cognition — the manner in which wishes and fears can distort the thinking process — "emotional-perceptual" thinking.

The importance of knowing the source and validation of one's concepts — the role of integration in thinking — forms of the failure of integration — evasion as the sabotaging of consciousness — common aberrations in thinking and consequent mental habits — the inability to think in principles — the misuse of abstractions — the "socialized consciousness" and the destruction of language — failures of discrimination in thinking — the error of intellectual "package-dealing" — the danger of false axioms.

Psychological causes of inefficient thinking: the surrender of the will to efficacy; failure of self-esteem; the "malevolent universe" premise; "social metaphysics" — the source and conditions of intellectual certainty.

 (Reposted November)


John McCarthy. Father of AI, Many Eco-Tools, Recalled

Posted on November 1, 2011 at 6:20 PM

 LIO Fellow John McCarthy, hailed as Father of Artificial Intelligence (AI), organized first AI conferences.

(Repost Nov 1) While the world was focused on Steve Jobs, LIO Observer John McCarthy passed on October 24, and is recalled as a, if not the Father of Artificial Intelligence (he coined the term) and advocate of many innovative ideas in both space and urban development to "empower the average" person and "create sustainable, decentralized scenarios" people could use. A close friend of past LIO curator Paul Gilson, whom he met while Mr. Gilson helped co-ordinate poor releif in California,  they worked to organize several conferences to make everyday use of robotics and machine servants a reality-- and key basis of a leisure society of prosperity and ease of education for all. He had been inactive for several years.

The fact that you're reading this on internet shows the success of the controversial vision. McCarthy suggested scientists had to navigate between ridicule of peers and the public, and leaders "all too read"y to seize the technologies for perverse ends.

Dr. McCarthy advised efforts to teach logic and mediative/conflict resolution techniques in grade school, as conducive to peace and rights in the long term, and as a definite personal benefit--a cause that has far to go

A Wiki Article is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_McCarthy_(computer_scientist)  and his page is: http://www-formal.stanford.edu/jmc/

Friedman 'Free to Choose' On Line

Posted on May 10, 2011 at 1:06 AM

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LIO Adviser Nobelist Milton Friedman revolutionized perceptions with his popular TV series 'Free to Choose' with key excerpts and his paradigm-busting interviews now free online. In this video he explains how no central planner coercively regulates a pencil into existence, but it occurs through the personal and voluntary networks of many across national and cultural boundaries.

Working with other LIO Fellows, in a masterstroke Nobelist Milton Friedman organized a TV series that went direct to the public to overcome tired views on economics and circumvent coercive state educational monopolistic bureaucracies in the US and Canada, launching renewed interest in voluntary choice and recognition that the lack of choice was the real block to actual solutions to poverty, war, and other matters...and playing a key role in reversing the trend against science and for increasing totalitarian measures. Dr. Friedman focused on Libertarian-oriented and directional concepts, and his own scientific work.

So say admirers. Now the series is available online along with other free interviews of the paradigm busting social scientist who travelled the world meeting with young thinkers and established opinion leaders to promote consideration of freer markets, intentional community, and dialogue for the end of oppressive measures mandating the draft and recreational drug and personal lifestyle punishments--and legalization of communal voluntary communities and networks.

Judge for yourself, and link or share the link with friends if you like his approach.


Libertarian Innovative Un-Conference=Open Approach

Posted on February 11, 2011 at 3:06 PM

LIO Fellow George Donnelly and young friend.


LIO Fellow pan-American activist George Donnelly has announced a call for speakers worldwide on Libertarian-interest themes of spontaneous and bottom-up social order, non-authoritarian and open source management, and stateless social communities at an innovative web "Un-Conference" whose very structure demonstrates the concept.


Participants will confer via web from their own homes or project venues  in a platform using some of the latest technology to encourage synergy in networking, ease of participation, open source exchange and innovation and more in a best-practice model. Tools include channels, blogs, a brainstorming wiki, and local meet-up facilitation.


The Un-Conference Facebook has at press attracted over 200 interested fans worldwide. Mr. Donnelly is a human rights activist  and social media consultant whose campaigns have assisted a wide variety of causes. He is also a collaborator with Thoreau Media.



> http://agora.io/etienne

> http://www.facebook.com/AgoraIO (Facebook)

> http://thoreaumedia.com/ and

> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=44775&id=172467869430672&ref=mf Rapid Response team projects of Liberty media project




Mr. Donnelly at his FB says he has helped causes such as:


I get stunning results for causes I care about with innovative media campaigns.

Free Pete and AdamJan 2011 to present

A mutual aid project in support of activists Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller who were caged, the former for wearing a hat, the latter for speaking the truth while court was in session. Including website, innovative and successful social media, video, fundraising drives and a national press release leading to national mainstream media coverage.

I Disobeyed an Unjust LawJan 2011 to present

Four times per year "I Disobeyed an Unjust Law" celebrates the lives of civil disobedients such as Martin Luther King, Jr, Thomas Jefferson, Henry David Thoreau and Mohandas Gandhi with social media campaigns and live streaming video interviews of modern day civil disobedients. Media includes a website, Facebook page, twitter campaign and Civil Disobedience TV.

Free ShaunJan 2011 to present

A mutual aid project in support of a comrade, including fundraising drive, funds management, social media and a website.

Agora I/O: the agorist unconferenceDec 2010 to present

Agora I/O is a new biannual un-conference where you’ll find the greatest people, ideas and tools for advancing the stateless society. You don’t want to miss this, and you don’t have to! Agora I/O is exclusively online, so you can participate from anywhere an internet signal reaches. Plus it’s free!

We Won't FlyNov 2010 to present

A project to resist federal government checkpoints in airports. Jim and I were interviewed by dozens of major national and international media outlets. Together with thousands of others, we made the TSA/DHS take a break from hurting people for a weekend. We also forced top TSA officials to appear in the media and defend their unlawful practices. Media includes a very popular website, a blog, social media campaigns, Facebook pages, real-life protests and an online TV show.

Repudiate the DebtFeb 2009 to present

A website in support of the concept that state debts are the responsibility of state officials and individuals should repudiate them.

Free Baby CheyeneOct 2010 to Nov 2010

A mutual aid project in support of a newborn baby in New Hampshire who was taken from her parents by social workers due to her father's political beliefs. Media included a website and Facebook page which served as central points of news distribution and discussion for the impromptu movement that formed. One wek after the seizure, we met with success - the baby was returned to her parents.

Coverage of Fully Informed Jury PamphletingApr 2010 to Sep 2010

A mutual aid project in support of Philadelphia area fully informed jury activists. Media included popular YouTube videos, social media promotion and a mini-documentary. I was repeatedly threatened, attacked and finally arrested by federal thugs during this project. Today, activists are subjected to considerably less harassment at the Philadelphia federal courthouse.

Open Carry MeetupIn Apr 2010

A community service and publicity event held at a public park in Plymouth Meeting, PA where an open carry activist was attacked by local thugs. Attendance was high, a lot of trash was picked up and everyone had a good time. Media included a press release that resulted in favorable local media coverage.

12 HorsesMar 2009 to Dec 2009

A mutual aid project in support of a New Hampshire couple whose horses were seized by local police and SPCA. Media included a website. The horses were eventually returned.

Eminent Domain is TheftIn Oct 2009

When local thugs in Abington, Pennsylvania sought to steal a little old lady’s property via eminent domain, I covered the resulting, and rather innovative, rally with video and text reporting. I also won an award for my letter to the editor of the local newspaper.

Free Sam DodsonApr 2009 to Jul 2009

A mutual aid project in support of Sam Dodson, who was jailed indefinitely for video taping in a public hallway. Media included a website at FreeSamDodson.com, a popular Facebook page, a CNN iReport, a professional press release with national distribution and other innovative media. Together with others, we achieved a flood of coverage for Sam, including an appearance on Fox’s Freedom Watch TV show from prison. The press release helped garner AP and Boston Globe coverage of Sam and the Free State Project, of which he is a member. After 57 days, the state gave in and released Sam.

93Days.comIn Nov 2008

A mutual aid project in support of Ian Freeman, who was jailed for 93 days for not sitting down fast enough in court. Media included a website. The activist was released by the judge after 3 days in jail.

Libertarian Party Candidates ProjectJul 2008 to Nov 2008

A catalog of Libertarian Party candidates running for office in the United States. An interactive database-backed website using Postrgres and Django.





LIO Fellow Ken Olsen, PC Inventor, Remembered

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 4:03 PM

Ken Olsen invented the Personal Computer, said "If you want to know the benefits and influence of Libertarian thinking, look at your computer." He helped reform of Communism, cell phone legalization; end phone government monopolies.

LIO Observer and Fellow Ken Olsen, who invented and evangelized the PC or Personal Computer--against first ridicule, then lies claiming he was against his own invention in people's homes-- to build a successful company (he had actually ridiculed government plans for a mandatory central mainframe to feed home users regulated by officials) and so revolutionize work and leisure habits everywhere, passed away. An obituary is at: http://www.aolnews.com/2011/02/08/ken-olsen-dead-at-84-5-facts-about-the-digital-equipment-corp/?icid=sphere_tribune_latimes


Olsen had been an inactive Fellow some years before retirement, but unforgettably encouraged the LIO contact group in the mid-'70's that urged legislators to become aware of the many laws that blocked PC ownership and the creation of cell phones and what was later called the internet, such as prohibitions on attachments to phone lines and government forced phone monopolies that deadened innovation. He then organized teams that led his company to pioneer the Personal Computer on which you're reading this.


Microsoft's Gates and others developed their systems using Olsen's computers. He retired wealthy to dedicate himself to humanitarian causes, and predicted webs of computer users would work wonders in advancing voluntary programs and communities circumventing old institutions --from lending across borders to low-cost phone service to vast computer libraries immune to censorship and on call 24 hours, revolutionary predictions that seem obvious today.In later years, he suggested a fruitful path for research would lead to massive computer power in small devices the size of a watch or less even directly connected to the human nervous system.


At LIO's instance, he funded distribution of hundreds of thousands of copies of Libertarian literature behind the Iron Curtain and aided persons distributing small computers to activists there that were called essential in the reform of Communism to a more open system, despite considerable interference from the US Government and military extreme rightists.

LIO Libertarian Twitter, Friends Facebook a Hit

Posted on February 10, 2011 at 6:35 AM

LIO Twitter and Facebook have followers in 120+ countries so far.


LIO has refocused its Twitter as a leadership tool with timely updates of doings of LIO teams, and links to SMILE initiative links, once or twice weekly. The links reflect LIO interests and have tips on 'Libertarian Living' from internet shutdown how-to financial books and to historical pieces, and profile links of LIO Libertarian and supporter leaders and motivators. The LIO Facebook invites activists supportive of the SMILE initiative to become activist fans, share their projects and learn from those of others, and get informed with LIO Advisor mentors on the Facebook, with several joining weekly.


The Twitter has gone from 20 to 500 users and climbing in several weeks with good comments. Links are classified into LIO items, and SMILE ones by letter.


Recent links include:


LIBIntOrg Libertarian

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LIO: LIO Libertarian Teams say South Sudan, many authoritarians in highlighted countries to leave peacefully in effort.



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