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Oldest Libertarian to World Libertarian Community: Beware Phony Libertarian Moles, Keep Motives High (LIO Advisory)

Posted on October 20, 2010 at 10:56 AM

Dr. Ralph K. Swanson is the oldest living Libertarian, having taken his pledge from Paul Gilson in 1939. The rights activist is recently on a local council.


LIO Advisory by Ralph Swanson, former LIO Advisory Chair, charter member USLP, co-founder Florida Libertarian movement, helped develop modern LIO Libertarian Project.


The following summarizes and replaces previous advisories.


The Libertarian International Organization (http://www.Libertarian-International.org ) notes its over 600,000 pledged Libertarians must not mis-represent themselves to other groups, or accept other non-Libertarian groups as representing themselves as "Libertarian." Police entities are welcome to examine LIO groups as champions of individual rights and resources for voluntary options, but deceptive or entrapment tactics are immoral and encourages user to report any to police superiors. Libertarian progress requires forthright means, and LIO encourages supporters to act with and keep "motives high."



This summarizes several previous advisories stating that one should avoid...

  • People claiming to "make Libertarianism more pragmatic or pure" especially while proposing to "take over" or deceive other entities;
  • Or  that attempt to identify or conflate Libertarianism with its applications, such as small-government, socialist, anarchist or other limited applications or any constitution, country, economic system (Libertarianism adnits all forms of economic organization so long as voluntary), religious or business group ( an example of a trial balloon to confuse being circulated : http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2605050/posts ) ;
  • Or attempt to confuse Libertarian-orientation (less government abuse, more rights) with Libertarian-direction (increasingly voluntarist) or LIO Libertarian approaches, or deride them;
  • Or deride purported Libertarian failure (where have they been for years?) which they will help through changing Libertarianism into something else, without reference to the actual goals of its groups, or call on Libertarians to lie in any way as a purported "Reform" group has done;
  • Claim Libertarianism is 'do your thing' and urge you to ignore the teachings of Libertarian Founders and elders without which there is no Libertarianism, and so what they demand is OK; or that the latest manufactured crisis is reason to believe the world is collapsing unless you support their (deceptive or expensive) strategy now;
  • Or propose expensive schemes on the basis that Libertarians have "done nothing for decades" or that "Libertarians take over" other groups;
  • Attack or misrepresent recieved leaders or groups such as LIO or ISIL, or movement "old-timers" including past local team achievements;

...are typically government informants or troublemakers with set instructions to confuse Libertarian discourse along the lines noted above (many of whom are recent military), moles from religious extremists or other parties or groups, or crackpots with their own opportunist schemes. Please simply hand them literature and send them on their way: do not get involved with them.


Many of these frauds are suddenly presented as candidates, instant experts, and leaders of Libertarian groups. While people make mistakes or have variant opinions, the Libertarian movement is periodically subject to widespread infiltration scemes and attempts to conflate Libertarianism with typically extreme right-wing anti-philosophies, or as a cover for anti-democratic propaganda. These groups are well-organized. In many cases they work with police or military groups with extremist ties to induce unstable persons to perform illegal acts. They may seize control of groups, destroy their documents, and block actual Libertarians, then entoil groups with real legal difficulties from misrepresentation. In allince parties such as the USLP, they exploit the range of views tolerated to confuse even fascist proposals with Libertarianism in some cases.


LIO encourages activists to share non-partisan LIO and Libertarian-interest perspectives with all groups in a courteous manner, never to "take over" or attack any group. Social and economic entrepreneurs should be proactive and open in operations as circumstances allow. We encourage tolerant, secular moralism--not fanatic deception.


LIO encourages candidates wishing to advance Libertarianism/use of Libertarian tools not running for educational, ballot or legislative proposal support reasons to run:

  1. After satisfactory service on appointed then non-partisan elective boards
  2. Several times in low-budget campaigns to build a following
  3. Advance voluntary solutions in a non-attack posture in close consensus with affected groups and listening to the public

It does not condone inexperienced, questionably funded, and attack candidates that misrepresent Libertarian and voluntary approaches of any party, much less Libertarians claiming to advance its views. LIO is of the view that Libertarian concepts are best advanced by civil and private entities, direct democracy, and appointive office; elected office is an important stabilizing but trailing factor and an initiative will expand these  guidelines in due course.


The media and researchers should also employ caution in giving credence to purported or assumed Libertarian spokesmen or academic experts who then propound bizarre or palpably anti-voluntary theories. In one case a candidate was apparently letting people believe he spoke for LIO and when confronted, truthfully denied that he ever supported Libertarianism. At Wikipedia a group of Libertarian editors were discovered to be CVommunist Party advocates. This often misleads the media to conserve rigt-wing enthusiasms with Libertariam in the culture: for example, the recent flap against government firehouses using "Libertarian" fees versus the actual Libertarian program of encouraging proactive education, and fireproof/automatic fire suppressants alomg with comprehensive volunteer groups funded by endowments


The USLP has issued a permanent strategic plan developed by hundreds of members for  independent use by all of methods that work for users of all parties and civic groups worldwide. Nowhere does the USLP plan urge people to deception: http://www.dehnbase.org/lpus/library/spt/report-20011220.pdf   .


Sadly, many Libertarian parties and groups have been captured by these people who then wreak havoc. The LIO is in the process of issuing standards manuals for guidance of all concerned.


LIO is non-partisan and promotes dialogue on the SMILE agenda; and its Fellows and observers advise a variety of groups to strengthen, not weaken, democracy and voluntary solutions with a variety of independent projects and tactics, none of which involve pretending to be, or be pretended to be, anything else, especially under color of "helping" the movement and community.


In 1970 LIO facilitator Michael Gilson-De Lemos stated: "They will seek to herd us, but pledged Libertarians shall be herded as cats: when they see the meat, they shall self-organize as a pride of Lions for Big Game, not run after any rabbit they see."


In particular, teams inspired by LIO helped bring about the spread of best-practice oriented democracy and enterprise; the fall of the Communist and other dictators; the rise of the internet by unblocking legislation; the rise of incomes and lowering of costs by fighting corrupt legalized monopolies; and the slow training of increasingly Libertarian civic leaders against all odds in recent years.


If you look at the articles on the LIO page, you'll see LIO Libertarianism and the movement in general  is doing just fine in slowly but systematically attaining its set goals without this nonsense. All Libertarianism needs to triumph is to share this site and its empowering links with common ground groups to every household, and human goodness will do the rest. We are volunteers for voluntary action. 


I suggest you register your group with LIO and join the Facebook  for updates. We're forming groups worldwide over the next few years to provide continuity and training; in the meanwhile, a reading program at our site of free e-books (above) and other materials approved by leading Libertarians is underway.


Remember that what we teach is simple: That with voluntary options that respect rights, things improve. This overrides but ennobles all institutions.


In writing letters to the editor and commenting on blog posts, please simply add "...for more information on what Libertarians are doing, please see: http://www.Libertarian-International.org ."


In summary, the old advice should be followed: Friends never ask you to do anything dishonest. Non-coercion and proaction is our approach.


Update, 11/14/2010: N.B.-- In contrast, a reader sent us the following noting that nonetheless the word is getting out, while people are busy trying to distort it. The author quotes a 2006 article in the defunct Sierra Times paper. Repeating this type of message is the sort of thing people should focus on:

See: http://nogovernmentcheese.blogspot.com/2006_11_01_archive.html  (Posted Nov 14, 2006)

"(I'm unhappy about) People complaining about third-parties, particularly libertarians. Sometimes, they are the necessary ingredient to get coalitions built and get things done.


(from an article) 'Critics of the Libertarian Party, who focus on their modest if growing number of office-holders, are often unaware of the Party's emphasis on local community networking and consensus coalitions that underlie real politics. Indeed, many of their most signal policy victories--the Earned Income Credit, the increasing collapse of ballot restrictions across the US, and anti-poverty programs such as the Alaska Permanent Fund--are the result of the Libertarian willingness to envision and do the hard work coalitions require, and then share the credit.'


The passage of eminent domain limits and amendments in many state elections this year were largely the work of libertarians..."


He also sent us a part of an e-mail he found where we also learned of an attack on this advisory by someone apparently recently in the military and recently in the USLP who originally complained of infiltration by 'pragmatic libertarians' but suggested one must deceptively infiltrate groups then, when referred to our advisory, "...almost point for point used the behaviors above described like a script, including denouncing it for not understanding Libertarian thinker and LIO advisor Murray Rothbard--who co-created the original advisory which I read decades ago. He advises his readers in the post, after his garbled definitions and out-of-context criticisms, to ignore LIO as not knowing anything about 'American Libertarianism,' " says our correspondent, who adds:  "No person in his right mind would presume to lecture on something they've recently come to study...except an infiltrator. Unfortunately there's one in many meetings meeting unless the senior person takes a stand ready to be instant experts instead of getting expert by using the tools."


Finally, it should be noted that Wikipedia is particularly unreliable on Libertarianism, as we have learned an anti-Libertarian group of editors has been removing stories and substituting common misperceptions.


While USLP directed, this sort of thing affects all Libertarian-interested groups. One hopes educative efforts we describe elsewhere will help, but many are printing this advisory for their next meeting.



Laura Mascaro: Libertarian UnSchooling, Truly Free Schooling Spreads

Posted on September 15, 2010 at 12:40 AM

 LIO Advisor Attorney Laura Mascaro, here at the Juan de Mariana Institute,  is a public intellectual in Spain who champions Unschooling, public participation and other issues. She is working on a world project to promote schooling empowerment in each country.


Balearic Islands, Spain: As public interest grows, LIO Advisor Laura Mascaro  has published a timely new book on Home Schooling, "Education & Liberty." Home Schooling, once viewed as an inherent right then attacked by the bureaucracy, is now being re-legitimized there and the EU as a whole, and she is also promoting a world conference: http://jipli.free.fr/ . LIO activists work so people have maximum lifestyle options in obtaining education that is high-quality and low cost, and by proper investment and technological economy and promotion of choice, truly free and non-coercive for all.


Over the last 40 years, Libertarians have worked to remove legislation blocking education options, pioneer free to low-cost comprehensive schooling (as opposed to expensive and exclusionary coerced public schemes where costs are hidden ), and today aim to bring the tools to every country. Here are some empowering key resources Libertarians helped create or are publicizing that you can use, discuss and share:



> http://www.lewrockwell.com/delemos/delemos16.html" target="_blank">http://web.archive.org/web/20011214194719/http://www.lewrockwell.com/delemos/delemos16.html

( Home Schooled and Free: Thinkpiece on self-directed learners)

> http://www.iahp.org ( Relaxed Homeschooling tools used in infancy equips young to be self-directed learners while improving relations with parents ;)

> http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/family-and-relationships/back-to-school/more-families-are-deciding-that-schools-out-forever/article1703185/ (Overview of Unschooling)

> http://www.libertarianinternational.org/apps/blog/show/787323-us-car-wash-libs-lead-home-school-boards- (Libertarians in action in Florida, USA, includes HomeSchool resource site)

> http://www.freeworldu.org/static/diplomas.aspx  (Free worldwide HomeSchool with 20,000 learners) and http://www.hippocampus.org/;jsessionid=26BD72EE6D1DDB1041DFBE5642629D1D (Free learning tools )

> http://www.khanacademy.org (World free net school)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudbury_school (Sudbury student run schools)

> http://www.pcsb.org/CI/SAC/ (By school Parent-Student Advisory councils in Florida)

> http://www.flvs.net/Pages/default.aspx (Virtual schools now support both public school and Homeschool students )

> http://www.lewrockwell.com/gatto/gatto-uhae-11.html  (Distinguished public teacher on regulatory history)

> http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/65369.html   (Distinguished Libertarian economist gives quick overview of low-cost alternatives in college now available thanks in large part to Libertarian initiatives)

> http://www.charteroak.edu  (US College with ability to test out at low cost, self-design curriculum, credit for life experience or projects, etc. )

> http://www.detc.org   (The growing network of accredited low-cost US distance learning institutions, including low-cost MBA's, certification programs, and Great Books Doctorates)

> http://www.amazon.com/Bears-Earning-Degrees-Distance-Learning/dp/1580082025 (Vademecum for independent learners)

> Life Long Learning  (GOOGLE Search)

Mascaro is also developing a world initiative to help inform and empower people on schooling options in every country.

Please link to this article at your site.

Native American LIO Advisor Meaghan Walker also champions Homeschooling and educational options in Canada and says many feel it has great value for Native and Original Peoples in preserving their heritage.

LIO: Ecuador to Push Libertarian-Oriented Pan-American Free Immigration Treaty of Americas

Posted on July 25, 2010 at 3:34 PM

LIO Advisor, co-founder of the Liberal International and visionary of the European Community former Spanish Minister of Justice Salvador Madariaga called for free working residence and travel worldwide, first by continent, and serious attention to outer space studies. It's happening.

Quito, Ecuador-- After one-on-one talks at a recent Organization of American States meeting in Florida between LIO activists and diplomats, Ecuador announced it will place a free residence and immigration continental zone of the Americas on the OAS agenda.


At the conference, LIO pointed out a dormant agreement, the Treaty of San Lorenzo, already exists mandating free immigration and proposd an autonomous working group.


The LIO process is that border control except in temporary emergencies  is a per se act of war and remnant of feudalism, not appropriate to the modern age. It counsels advocacy of international treaty processes as an appropriate focus to bring about full freedom. It also proposes dialogue on cultural areas to protect native peoples, traces, and local cultures.


The zone will allow free transit and working residency without necessarily counting for citizenship, sources said. Large parts of Latin America under the Mercosur process have the situation in varying degrees. During his administration US President and LIO advisor-observer President Ronald Reagan called for a similar process in North America. Eventually people will be able to travel, study and work freely about the Americas as they would in their home countries.


The continued progress brought to mind Salvador Madariaga, especially as more European states adopt a similar process, with borders "practically abolished" despite predictions of disaster in Eastern Europe in the wake of the fall of Communism.


The LIO contact group recommends Libertarian-Liberal public officials and candidates call for open borders through a treaty process that realistically addresses local issues.



Posted on December 27, 2008 at 2:00 PM

St. Petersburg, Florida, Ongoing, first published October 2007--The paradigm is Libertarians don't lead change by not getting into the community...or if they do, 'car wash' Libertarian activists are Libertarian lightweights who blindly attack government structures. Change your paradigm. For while courts from California to Germany debate the advisability or legality of home schooling , they might join the 21st century and see how Libertarians have helped transform schooling in Florida. So says Julie Chorgo, who points out that in Florida home schooling is simple, widely supported by educators, andt Schoolers even have there own appointive school boards to mentor parents and advise on policy.Chorgo serves on one of the boards and helped lead activism for educational change.


"At one time Florida had some of the most retrograde education laws in the industrial world. But starting with brainstorming sessions begun by Libertarians in the 1980's the landscape has been transformed," said LIO senior advisors Marshall Fritz of the Separation of School and State Project  and Ralph Swanson, who advised the effort which forged several coalitions that resulted 'in massive changes' including:

  • Consensus on an 'all mentor the learner,' not 'authoritarian educator' model
  • A simplified but detailed set of recommended home school standards developed by the home schoolers themselves,  with parents mentoring 2% of learners
  • Schooling choice such as magnet (themed, such as classical academies or techical crfts), charter (parent designed), or easy to create private schools
  • A privately funded voucher program passed through the state
  • Free college tuition funded by lotteries and efficiencies for all students passing tests
  • Diagnostic tests and teacher incentives
  • Accelerated certification of teachers if one has  university degree
  • Work on legalization of the teaching of evolution and advanced biology (UPDATE: In 2008 it was agreed that evolution per se could be taught and teachers could not be fired for using the word).
  • Florida public schools have even adopted the Libertarian suggestion of using the internet so public school students can learn at home or get credit for college courses 'effectively reducing class size to one-on-one tutoring while saving taxpayer funds'

Typically, says Chorgo, home schoolers have been religious families or those with very bright or special needs children,  but are increasingly people who see it as a powerful tool to encourage creativity, bring families closer and help students proceed at their own pace.

Chorgo emphasizes 'complete prparation by not only reading things from educational philosophy to current policy' but community outreach. She's become 'the Libertarian poster' for 'Car Wash Libertarianism' encouraging community activism and participation as part and parcel of the Libertarian Project. In 2005, she  co-founded DisasterHelp, a mentoring group which raises money for disaster victims  engaing disabled persons in community activity and which has attracted praise from local officials such as St. Petersburg mayor Baker..(See: http://www.disasterhelp.cjb.net/  )


What next? Chorgo has created resource websites for parents with hits from around the world, and suggests exploring community school boards of the parents and students with voluntary endowments to create 'truly free' education that will raise teacher salaries.

RESOURCE: http://pinellashomeschoolhelp.webs.com/index.htm


Posted on December 7, 2004 at 3:16 PM

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UPDATE 2010/8: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7FshBjkS6U&feature=player_embedded

 Portugal decriminalizes  drugs, crime falls.


(Repost of previous 2002 LIO advisory)

Portugal, EC--The paradigm is voluntary drug use is hopeless. Think again.


In 1999 a contact group led by LIO advisor Dr. J. Figueres Gomes de Lemos successfully implemented a plan for decriminalization of all drugs in Portugal. This goes beyond the de facto decriminalization in Spain, and is a "major step of transition" according to LIO advisor nobelist Dr. Milton Friedman, who expressed the hope that it will be neutrally monitored by agencies around the world.


The LIO group worked to create a non-partisan commission there that studied the issue and made recommendations that were adopted. Over 100 persons were involved in the network which met with officials, academics, and political leaders. A major point was that Portugal did not want to repeat the disaster created in the US with the Drug War and forced drug use promoted by Pharmaceutical companies such as Ritalin in schoolchildren. Large drug dealing continues under ban.


The plan levies only administrative fines for non-recreational and potentially noxious use use and develops community mentoring groups to assist those unable to handle recreational drugs responsibly. The plan seems to be working well in the second year, with initial reports of decreased drug use, police corruption,and taxpayer cost.


In due course general use with a Doctor's supervision is proposed. Simultaneously, a Liberal-Libertarian group to continue discussion is under way, Causa  Liberal.(Update)


UPDATE RESOURCE: C ATO has now published a preliminary study.