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Shockwaves: Pro-libertarian LIO Fan Elected to Hungarian Parliament to Fight Racism

Posted on March 3, 2015 at 5:50 PM

Zoltan Kesz, or Kész Zoltán in Magyar, will work against racism, to how to save private pensions from expropriation, and promote civil rights and voluntary concepts in Hungary's Parliament--and has ended the super majority of the ruling party. Here he discusses concerns at the CATO Institute.

  • In what observers are calling a stunning turn of events, Kész Zoltán has electrified Hungary in a come-from-behind victory that has broken the super-majority of the Fidesz party. Fidesz, while originally promising a center program, has come under mounting criticism for strange election laws, vast spending, then seizing IRA-style worker and middle-class pensions to compensate, causing a crisis that has unleashed protests, extremist parties, and racism in the growing democracy.
  • Kész Zoltán attended a variety of workshops by libertarian-interested groups, toured the US getting feedback, and has helped develop the Free Market Foundation in Hungary. Running as an independent, he had solid support from the left and dismayed by the current policies that they say threaten the ecology, dissent, and causing other disruptions. He vows to work for more legalizing voluntary solutions, improving dialogue, and dealing with racism. His supporter workgroup is at: https://www.facebook.com/VeszpremKesz
  • His election is part of the growing trend worldwide of public officials interested in applying Libertarian tools pioneered by LIO and LIO fans. According to LIO Friend noted investor-rights and commentator activist attorney David Shellenberger, who follows world affairs, it is "...reason for hope.''







@ 8 million worldwide, average L/libertarian is Asian woman.

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 7:00 AM


LIO Friend Fely Gahan (4th from right) at international understanding event. Gahan, an educator in the Philippines, helps bring the web to tribal groups. She's the average LIO fan: an Asian/3rd world working woman for tolerance, open democracy, voluntary tools.


◾LIO: LIO fans now at 8 million households worldwide: 52% women, in every country & major ethnicity proportionally, about 40% in China & India driving reform. As of July 17, 2013 this exceeded the original LIO goal of one fan per 1000 population. Many are leaders in their extended families and communities. Over the next several years we will be re-formatting the D-base for a continuing contact project for bringing the pledge to lead households and SMILE info over the next 2 generations to every household (OPERATION SATURATION). NOTE: We share our D-base with no one.

◾WHO ARE THE (PRO-)/LIBERTARIANS? LIO encourages dialogue on progress through benign voluntary associations--the SMILE self organizing agenda--( see www.libertarianinternational.org ) and as well in the E part a special curator project to --in a liberal democratic secular and federalist milieu—empower and legalize-normalize model LIO or Lib-based eco-communities whether from non-abusive and self-sustaining households to co-housing to model eco-campuses to designed markets/social communities focused on a co-op based leisure society of robot work to eventual model towns as stabilizers and incubators of conservation and progress.

◾LIO Fans are Libertarians and Libertarian-receptive general supporters and users, and as far as the curator project ( E in SMILE) to promote dialogue and legalization of model communities to protect and better philosophy, science and progress the national goals are to encourage formation of additional 'Libs' over several generations with more formal Libs/libertarians: An eventual 35% aware 'libertarian' appliers from the more informal Lib-receptive and users ( with interest in liberal democracy) ; 1% pledged advocates of core rights and voluntary options ( Large 'L' Libertarian-direction ) from the primarily genius-level 2% professionals/craft masters ( as community advocates of dialogue for voluntary options and federalist localism and as rights watchdogs/ whistleblowers'); and special 1 per million population LIO Libertarian auditors being households about/over 170 IQ responsible to the Gilson-Lemos Household as project curator and movement founder. LIO Friends ( this Facebook) networks core LIO fans who share or encourage personal and social entrepreneurship non-partisan projects and tips on SMILE lines.

◾8 MILLION LIBERTARIAN USERS OR SUPPORTERS Since 1969 when curator M. Gilson-De Lemos began the LIO growth and Empower Libertarian Eco-Community projects with persons pledged to advocate rights and voluntary options--especially in home and public administration--dialogue, LIO has turned the old Libertarian-Liberal League into a massive network for betterment. Since 2005 we have had supporter groups in every country.

◾Our growth model has been always to grow equally proportionate to population composition--gender, major ethnicity, etc.--in all countries, with slight over -representation of women, minorities, native peoples where possible, and the higher IQ. The focus for developing community has been first in Spain/The Americas which have a larger proportion among LIO Fans of libertarian conscious appliers or Libertarian/Libertarian-direction advocates. LIO D-bases are not maintained directly by LIO principals to assure confidentiality. The D-bases are set to be re-organized and a more formal system of e-outreach emplaced in future years. Thus at present the 'typical libertarian' is an LIO Fan/Lib-receptive in China or India, a woman working on democracy, family development, pro-science and against corruption. They influence the general population. In the US we estimate from 5% in 1971 the population after one generation 35% is Lib-interested to Libertarian. Of these 5% are in the Libertarian or Green movements; 5% conservatives, 10% Independent/centrist and 15% Liberalist-progressive in preferred application.

◾LIO Fans are thus in general about 1+ per 1000 of each nation’s population ( or 1 per 500 of the voting population) varying from the highly active to casual users and general supporters in contact with LIO or its projects. In the US the d-base has 300,000 participants typically leaders in their local or professional communities working to catalyze dialogue on a wide array of SMILE issues. These influence the general population starting with the college educated and craft professionals so it is now 35% Lib-receptive and 2% avowed regular Libertarian Party ( a libertarian-direction group focused on core rights and social tolerance, anti-corruption through less government coercive authority, and promoting ‘baby-step’ libertarian-voluntary options) voter or activist and 5% regularly interested as one indicator of interest and social shift. ( The LIO Curator and principals also co-founded the Green movement to advance local-based libertarianist socialism in the Cold War and also spread interest in the ecology and taking such decisions out of the hands of officials and favored corporations and back into legal action by the citizen plus positive eco-homes and community models) : The growing use of the term ‘Green’ is also an LIO indicator). More importantly, all political parties have adopted some LIO tools from sensible privatization to ‘Greening’ to more tolerance advocacy.

◾8 MILLION LIO LIBS: POWERFUL STABILIZER, PEER-SCIENCE FORCE While the LIO is a volunteer network that neither accepts nor donates money but only advocates dialogue on the matters suggested by the curator and its many advisors, 4 MM users many of high intelligence with powerful trans-partisan networks sharing insights on peer-driven or personal voluntary approaches in every field and every nation is a formidable force for both change and the emerging world civilizational stability-- and growing: We note that LIO Fans have reformed through catalysis or in some cases direct leadership every government on Earth, and dramatically overthrown or reformed over 150 extremist, authoritarian or corrupt systems of undesirable qualities towards Lib-receptive democracy or highly participative societies as a ‘stage one’ for of Libertarian civic legalization, that in due course will improve towards ‘stage two’ localist federalism and autonomy with stricter attention to rights.

◾More important, they’re driving interest in more open social modes such as student-driven learning, non-punitive parenting, racial-gender-class dialogue and understanding, open workgroups, market and social co-operatives, co-housing, condo ownership, vast voluntary ecology zones, volunteer NGO’s, community policing and mediation, etc. as tools or engines of process and betterment.

◾The LIO in 2005 began S.M.I.L.E. 'E' model projects through its Libertarian Citizen /Libertarian City Initiatives to network the 1% in each major community interested in SMILE lines and voluntary options in public administration presented on a non-partisan or advisory board basis.

◾While still in the analysis-training and experiment stage, in the next 15 years we hope these will result in some 100 SMILE networks in cities around the world as incubators for small model eco-communities/co-housing model pilots, and as networks for relaxed non-partisan dialogue groups to improve attention to SMILE tools in daily and work life, and seek common ground on core rights of person and their property via better democratic transparency and participation, promote saturation education using voluntary tools, and assist world peace through sharing tools of peaceful people-power.

◾From the original 5 pledgers and some 300 League supporters across the world in 1969 to 8MM today, LIO Fans can look with satisfaction at the incredible changes of the last generation that they have helped bring in often unsung effort and that have halted what many feared was irreversible decline into a now very hope-filled future.

◾Many things all people enjoy—the Personal Computer, cell communications, many inventions—were also created by LIO Fellows who advised each other and LIO Fans of needed legal changes and social memes so their work could bear quick fruit and not languish for generations as has often happened. Many groups now imitate –such as TED—the LIO prototype, and we will continue to expand this inter-generational conversation or salon among the benevolent that began in 1592 when we were the De Lemos Council encharged with promoting free scientific and improvement associations and networking free Republics, philosopher communes, and freeholder libertarian communes under Lemos protection of those dark days.


To help the effort, share your good work--and let your friends and circle know about our encouragement networks: Urge them to select what they like from the dialogue and as we say: Enjoy!



1000+ African libertarians in 1st Rights Conference

Posted on August 13, 2014 at 2:55 PM



African libertarians and LIO Friends organized a gigantic pan-African conference to discuss a United States of Africa, rights activism, anti-corruption, potential liberalist/libertarian-direction parties, and self-empowerment concepts at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


The July 2014 conference attracted over 1100 participants from every country in Africa, said organizers. Students for Liberty in Africa was key in helping bring about the event.


For more on the activities of the group see: https://www.facebook.com/AfricanSFL

Libertarian 3P 'Inter-Foreign Policy' Spreads

Posted on January 1, 2014 at 3:35 PM


 League fan General Eisenhower and JFK called Sister Cities the true defense of democracy--not the US or other military. They met in then LIO curator's Paul Gilson's home to formulate what became the US policy to replace its military with peace organizations.

The LIO and its predecessor, the Libertarian-Liberal League, has been encouraging dialogue and activist contact to bring about world peace through legalization of highly particpative and Federal Liberal Democracy and Libertarian-based community. Libs approach Foreign policy as the province of the pacific citizen, not primarily of public officials however defined--no more then medicine or daily health is about just emergency ambulances.

Most military officials now agree, deploring 'mission creep' and other mis-use of troops for every emergency while discounting the primary role and the need for  diplomats, private support groups and the average citizen. As one activist in Serbia, Tim Krsmanovic --honored with other Lib/LIO supporters who led the transition from coercive communist dictators-- put it: Don't send Marines, send Libertarian ideas ( See www.isil.org/resources/fnn/2003summer/vilnius-report.html ;).

Pro-libertarian candidates, public officials, and LIO Friends who wish to explain Libertarian themes to the public should be aware of publicizing the '3P' process. that Libertarianism does not focus on emergency-foreign/military policy but helping define and lead on  inter-foreign policy and civil defense truly led by citizens to bring peace, cultural exchange, and mutual trade and prosperity among inhabitants of  sister democracies--and handle emergencies by, on the whole, preventing them while laying the better basis for citizen networking of their own more nuanced response.What is 3 P?

  1. Proaction through citizen-paradiplomacy and prepping leaders.
  2. Problem-reaction by limited official, private/private-public character responders.
  3. Problem elimination through aggressive  Lib program spread.



The LIO hopes that all countries will legalize  insured militia/emergency groups and limit their armed forces to emergency-self-defense/internal operations with even formal abolition of the military component as Costa Rica has done. The UN guarantor nations--China, France, Great Britain, Russia, US the same with the US continuing the movement towards itself providing world assistance to Article 33 help on consultation with appropriate partners, especially where humanitarian--instead of lengthy interventions . We encourage dialogue on ending all forms of draft, emphasis on diplomacy, and transparent voluntary endowments to fund armed forces--not destabilizing coerced taxation or deficit policies unknown tomost citizens-- while not passing statutes which interfere with citizen's righs to arm themselves or have emergency preparations. No country should involve armed forces except to help protect observers of democratic-secular transition or elections; in emergency disaster operation where requested; and where terror is a factor should emphasize rewards for turning in suspects for a fair trial by a jury with primary work by police and citizen advice to local officials which has proven most effective and respectful of local rights.


The LIO will continue to inform distinguished statespersons and diplomatists of all parties and countries of these SMILE-interest themes. As LIO interested public officials grow in each country these views continue to become the normalized paradigm. The LIO encourages all supporters in initiating presentations and dialogues on these lines. Foreign policy, with the presence of  pro-Libertarians and LIO activists in every country, is becoming increasingly irrelevant as the 3P themes spread.

Candidates, activists and public officials should focus on a) How they can stautes get out of the way of the 3 P process; b) Encourage citizens through non-coercive tax/ non-monopoly community entities within their jurisdiction, c) See that public agencies are on -point and not misused for politicizing reasons through transparency. A presidential or local candidate might e.g. focus dialogue on starting a national-local conversation on what citizens can do or are doing to lead the process, and cost containment through suggestions by the responders.

Prepared by Ralph Swanson with Barbara Branden 2009 and privately circulated to Islamic leaders. Revised and late published 2014 in 2015.

Arm Grandpas, Teach Youth Non-Coercion, Remove Eco-Problems: Libertarian Gun, Self-Defense, Systems Approach

Posted on July 25, 2012 at 5:30 AM

Once disarmed grandpas who surprise possible killers? LIO inspired Libertarian 'gun/self-defense rights & more' dialogue is now in all countries, and Libertarian-driven right-to-carry statutes trained and armed citizen guardian volunteers as this elderly man. The offenders were wounded and later arrested.

The same week, analysts point out that Grandpas are now preventing potential and tragic  Aurora, Colorado potential massacres--where police were reportedly aware of sanity issues but there was no action (http://abcnews.go.com/US/james-holmes-psychiatrist-contacted-university-police-weeks-movie/story?id=16943858  ;)-- armed with Libertarian tools...but it is not just a matter of gun rights alone but a comprehensive voluntary system of approach that reduces and prevents problems and engages citizen 'bottom-up' action and input.

These tools range from Lib-inspired concealed carry to  other citizen tools such as mediation, being more alert to environmental causes such as violence-inducing medications and allergies,  and growing world and local dialogue on ending the 'coercive cycle of abuse' --from punitive/rights-disrespecting family to corporate and other institutions to central government and back --that help you reduce the culture of coercion. Setting aside false choices and circular arguments by some of arms vs. safety, regulation vs. responsibility, punishment vs. permissiveness, while ignoring the corrupting example of corrupt statutes and officials--how has this global movement of citizen responsibility for the body politic come about?

'Public safety and defense is the primary  job of the volunteer citizen, not the government' or other auxiliary hired officials...and begins in the household... When LIO first raised the subject in 1971 as a line of discussion and data-development world citizen disarmament coupled with out-of-control crime and totalitarianism seemed inevitable to many. Now, 40 years later, the spread of citizen self-defense/mediation techniques and the effect on reducing problems is worldwide helping nations adopt or better participative democracy and public safety:

  • Armed grandpas work. The same week of the notorious Batman shooter massacre, a similar apparent threat was averted in Florida. In that state Libertarians championed and got passed 'concealed carry' of weapons restoring much of that citizen right along with encouraging self-defense, citizen watch, and social mediation classes ( vs. government proposals to ban use of several martial arts). This Youtube shows an armed grandpa benefiting from the Libertarian approach and saving threatened civilians. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=epZod2qyyN4 (Ironically, the city is where the Libertarian movement for concealed carry was organized, Ocala, which had suffered attempts to prosecute women who defended themselves from rape with illegal pistols and touching off a crime wave induced by official policies, say activists).
  • Check the environment before punishing or regulating. People inspired by Libertarian dialogue continue to focus polemics on environmental causes to misbehavior as the first, not last place to lolok and correct: Along with highlighting the coercive atmosphere created by errant institutions and officials, they have led dialogues on family abuse, school bullying, anti-gay and other bigoted violence, genetic or allergy factors, lead or other additive poisoning in e.g. paint or food, and now over-corrective prescription of behavior drugs as officials--who create the drug problem by mandating or encouraging the practice--then demand restrictions on civil self-defense based on untoward incidents they themselves cause. ( http://lewrockwell.com/kohls/kohls13.1.html )
  • Worldwide relaxation of weapon restrictions, with legalization of citizen watches, and expanded self-defense and courteous behavior classes (as in Japan, which still has arms restrictions but low incidents as most of the population is able to easily disarm a gun-wielder, and teachers teach as the first principle of defense being mutual respect or  rei, the prinsiple also used in developing the modern Libertarian pledge) is spreading (  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firearms_law ) as Libertarians predict they will gear up to lead restoration of the right to bear infantry arms and disarm police (on old British Bobby system ) in every country, and make any worldwide citizen arms including self-defense classes restrictions DOA.
  • Non-coercive behavior mentoring to build virtue, not react to avoidable vice and misbehavior--and end built in coercive cycles that go from abuisive parenting to social misbehavior to totalitarian or abusive systems in a self-perpetuating cycle. Along with the Libertarian pledge of rights-respect focusing good behavor and courage to correct self-created institutional problems--often reflecting poor or hidden data, suppression, or lack of  rights/voluntarism disrespect and citizen involvement-- programs such as positive parenting ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_parenting#Non-punitive_discipline )  , hands are not for hitting (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Rx53-FXaik )    , and conflict reduction classes for youth and officials (  http://www.phillymediators.org/news/free-youth-mediator-training )  spread...so we will rarely need the armed grandpas.
  • Get back on mission: Increasingly, public safety officials say much of the problem is diversion of resources into punishment of lifestyle or psychological issues ( prostitution, drugs, family abuse; see http://www.leap.cc/ ) and confusion of lifestyle/social work-type matters with citizen protection often accompanied by draconian measures ( see http://www.fear.org ). Police presence often creates a rash of false accusations and inappropriate responses by bureucracies that threat the users as a problem. Many police report to LIO departments still spend 90% or more of their time in non-harm matters when they would--as fire safety professionals have learned with libertarian/LIO workshops--rather focus on proaction, education, and awareness (Now many fire and similar officials spend 90% of their time in citizen self-protection and problem avoidance awareness, better interaction on insurance/safety standards, etc.)...In contrast, citizen watch and mediation often does the job for much less or free. ( e, .g. http://www.libertarianinternational.org/apps/blog/show/1713986-win-how-lib-mayor-cut-crime-40- ) using 'granpa and granny' mediators and citizen input and community orgamization participation.
  • Make gun/self-defense  registration accountable and private: Current gun rules typically over-regulate while missing the real issues of liability and good conduct/sanity and are so often politicized. Having e.g. neutral insurance follow a threatening serious weapon with/or certification of conduct/sanity by an accountable actor such as an insurance company may be a good solution for some voluntary communities and be a better transition tool for current quasi-voluntary ones. At present rules make it difficult for e.g. alarmed teachers, gun clubs, or even close families to seek examination on dysfuntional and threatening family members or neighbors, with reports to authorities often met with a shrug, say critics--while imaginary threats to authorities by irate citizens are met with hysterical arrests. At the same time, many Libertarians encourage study and expanded legalization of non-lethal /non-damaging 'stopper' defense weapons or martial arts to end use of force for temporary restraint or disablement until help arrives...while warning that expanding centralized coerced rules will only leave to citizens again prey to gangster regimes or at best smugly abusive officials as public safety declines.

The LIO will-- especially through the good work of LIO Friends and those in public office-- continue to encourage open dialogue among key activists  focused on combined  rights, choices, and data-driven best practice-holistic approaches and info-sharing at the user level, along with encouragement of informed scientific and user-friendly assessments and self-correction.


LIO hopes this will help you by peaceful dialogue better democracy or replace dysfuntional command or coercive policies with aware use of  legalized  communities of voluntary governance led by Libertarian-conversant citizen watchdogs of, in the words of F. Douglass, the  3 boxes of rights: The ballot box, the jury box, the cartridge box.



Posted on June 27, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Over 1000 core/10,000 co-activists are being inspired by www.Libertarian-Institute.Info to move policy by targeted dialogue with legislators and officials, and direct democracy to uphold rights says Dr. Swanson. The  new 'action think tank' for empowering average citizens working in every country works by inspiring autonomous citizen contact teams or solo action, and highlighting models you can adapt in your area--results shared every weekday..

OPINION: By Dr. Ralph Swanson, LIO Past Advisory Chair

I would like to personally welcome your interest in the free Libertarian Institute. I urge you link to it—and find a rights issue you like, get inspired with our tools of action, and share your success for potential publication to inspire others. The yet to be fully launched at www.Libertarian-Institute.Info  is now the largest Libertarian legal activist organization in history, with over 1000 activists or teams in 100+ countries reporting an average of 10 participants. Attracting the most dedicated legal activists from the LIO’s titanic list of over 1 million LIO- or Libertarian-fans or social entrepreneurs in every country, it serves as a morale and progress center for those interested in change by contacting policymakers, developing petitions, and more to advance both voluntary choice/rights-friendly policies to better democracy, and items of the updated 1969 ‘Gilson Reform’ that launched the civic movement to legalize Libertarian community--and now reports a win each weekday. Note: Mr. Gilson’s work was basis for the libertarian-direction USLP platform that united, grew, defined the movement; his full work is being slowly shared beyond Libertarian and select leaders.

As Mr. Gilson’s or ‘MG’s—the LIO co-ordinator-- long-awaited less-is-more think-tank to help legalize and build strong Libertarian groups via standards and data for: solo and small contact team activists; coalitions; jurists and law students; political/legal action committees in every country, it is the sole group to the purpose planned and blessed by we modern movement founders including Dr. M. Friedman, David Nolan, Dr. M. Rothbard, and myself, as our personal arm. It helps those forming libertarian groups in addressing legal environments while sharing management tips to build best-practice open lib-type groups or LIO networks. Unlike other think-tanks or policy schools, it’s international, neither takes nor donates money but is strictly volunteer, and does not react to transitory issues but helps you work long term. While coalition-focused and welcoming all interested in any reform element, it keeps the comprehensive view intact.

We help the many people not interested or able to participate in the political or other work that exists; or if you want to take successful action from home by calling or writing policymakers and media, or guidance on forming coalitions and citizen watchdogs and so be the leading edge in bettering the legal culture and spreading citizen participation, this is for you. It is an ideal intersection for disabled, senior or youth activists or those of limited time or means yet much enthusiasm; who wish to do something for e.g. an hour or so a month for maximum results; for those in legal-management studies; for all to learn more and spread good news or applications. Please note LI is distinct from LIO whose Fellows, Friends and fans may not share all LI’s views, and is non-partisan with participants of all kinds.


As long-term Rock of Gibraltar of strict Libertarian perspective in rights dialogue and also legalization of community and best practice, we’re already being told by activists who’ve ‘gone beyond’ and get ‘friendly fire’ from less focused libertarian-direction groups that this is proving a motivator, reality check, and relief. In just this month they’ve seen:

1. Anti-Union and pro-flat-tax statements by the USLP, CATO, and many conservative-leaning ‘Lib’ groups—even as libertarians or fans like them are leading in efforts to abolish taxes and reach out to unions.

2. Calls for ‘kiddie electrocution’ by CATO, CEI, and punishing abortion by some—even as international rights norm, abortion options legalization and anti-death penalty work is succeeding around the globe.

3. Cluelessness on what Libertarians are doing in the field by LRC contributors e.g. hysteria over democracy in Egypt, claims ‘no libertarians have been elected’ or have influence, or ignorance of Libertarian Democracy work—even as Libs lead efforts for a world revolution in democracy paving the way for more change...

These great groups say they’re moving policy in a libertarian-direction, espouse no or ‘competing governments’ or less or ‘limited government’ constitutionalism for a good reason: That’s what they do, and all they do. While informed by Libertarianism, and many co-founded by LIO principals and welcome by LI in their autonomous work, and sometimes thinking of themselves as libertarian, they’re libertarian-direction: Some coercive policy may be mixed in as one would expect from transitional groups; as of course also in Liberal/libertarian-oriented groups—yet many get valuable skills.

As many activists move with their skills to implementation, they will find LI a logical tool if they enjoy lobbying, legal-management matters or direct action to implement Libertarian elements--one at a time. In addition, one need not agree with all of the LI view to find something on which to work--with encouragement, on-point analysis or useful links for the attorney, activist, and group facilitator. LI’s symbol is not freedom but the older one of the balance of freeholder justice and fair dealing over an ancient freeholder (libertarian) market: A world symbol for a world effort, one call or e-mail or letter or signature or link-share at a time. People are already doing this no matter what officials plan, so...Join LI!

Libertarian Democracy Op Update: 14 Countries Improve

Posted on June 27, 2012 at 8:15 AM


...fans starting in the Mid-east have adopted  this meme to spread the good word and stay on mission, using English as the effort lingua franca to engage emerging professionals in the various countries. The meme at right has also become popular in explaining the effort which has used everything from ham radios to contact/phone-trees as well per LIO-inspired pamphlets. The effort is the current phase of LIO's long term dialogue--initiated with the blessing of then US President Eisenhower--to by peaceful methods legalize federal and direct democracy with choices of designed and  libertarian community and scientific voluntary association--and peaceful space colonization and future focus using voluntary and private tools.

Note: In 1940 there were, not counting small countries, 14 democracies (Great Britain, United States of America, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Uruguay ) . LIO principals have been key in the spread of democracy since that time, starting with work on the Libral International.

LIO's OPERATION DEMOCRACY is being segued by activists interfacing through www.Libertarian-Institute.Info  to gently continue pressure as changes are made. The initiative began in 2010 as an effort to end the excuse for war and set core conditions for voluntary systems by moving the last 40 countries towards democratic process, and continuing with efforts to on dialogue to bring direct democracy, dialogue on marlets and tolerance, and initiate Liberal-Libertarian civic groups in all counties.Help was greatly due to co-ordination with local unions and professional societies, say activists--as well as tools circulated to help e-activism and 'street networking'  with many civic and open society groups which provided workshops. China and Russia were not included in the effort as they're treated by LIO facilitators as emerging democracies where think tanks and other efforts are well at work as in manmy countries where LIO Friends help drive initiatives such as: http://www.southasia.fnst.org/Recent-events/380c4599i1p/index.html

In the US and other advanced countries, predictably, many extreme conservatives and leftists some purporting to be 'libertarians' have written articles or made statements that direct democracy cannot be used to support rights, that democracy is the enemy of freedom, that unions need to be regulated by the government, and other confusions based on gimmicked defintions--along with ritual declarations of libertarian lack of progress, or Liberal/progressive evil. The peaceful organizing has been marred in some countries by big-power military intervention, but effortts remain focused and long-term.

Activists say they will focus on secular legalization ( e.g. ending official religions) and promoting market and user-designed communty tools along with tolerance initiatives.


Marine Col. William Gilson Recalled

Posted on March 28, 2012 at 1:05 PM

Libertarian International Organization Fellow Observer Col. William Gilson, USMC, advised on military trends.

LIO remembers the signal work of Col. William Gilson, United States Marine Corps.

Said by friends to be gifted with 'the legendary Gilson charm and diplomacy,' Col. Gilson advised LIO on military trends and worked behind the scenes for encouraging those working for  friendly military and trans-partisan contacts leading to the end of the Cold War and fall of the Latin and other dictators. He had been inactive in recent years but followed work towards world peace with interest, and was deeply supportive of historical study of aviation.

Col. Gilson served on the Board of the Dallas Military Ball, where he was Chairman in 2007. He has served as the Commanding Officer of the Marine Corps Aviation Association and on the Board of the Veterans Memorial Air Park. Col. Gilson also gave generously of his time to the Wounded Warrior Program and Young Marines Association.






Nolan Troika System: Machine for Change, Public Office Libs

Posted on December 21, 2011 at 10:20 AM

 David Nolan, late US LP lead founder, wants everybody trying Libertarian public administration. This is one of a series of short items done with LIO  Advisor Dorothy Livengood before Nolan's death and since re-edited extensively combining several notes and short items approved by Mr. Nolan. Nolan championed Troika system described here as angine of citizen non-partisan or trans-partisan change for choice.

Libertarianism is a broad movement of self-empowerment using aware voluntary solutions. In public administration it is centered on presenting proven and promising choices of completely voluntary programs. These 'better awareness and of the principle of our rights.'  It is small government, limited government, anarchism-based, pro-market, socialist, libertine, conservative--and none of these, since the voluntary approach unites all previous classifications. No wonder dictionaries and synonym-finders are confused! Yet it's simple: Look at voluntary alternatives in everything, and as a movement promote a range of the best ones.


In our first generatiuon we've worked to get people familiar in a broad sense-- and political figures interested and excited...while developing our own ' farm team' of people interested in Libertarian voluntary choices. The success has been incredible:

  1. Think tank Infrastructure in many and now study groups in all countries
  2. Community and student networking, and 'awareness projects galore'
  3. A record of wins and interest  e.g in the US from people in all parties-- Congressman Ron Paul (Conservative), Governor Jesse Ventura (Independent), and Senator Mike Gravel (Progressivet)--have championed Libertarian projects as many others in public office are attracted to the US LP (Update: In December  2011 Governor Gary Johnson announced greater involvement in the USLP and Libertarian movement) high and low...and while they're a long way from being 'perfect Libertarians' they're showing the trend is turning: Even the USLP is just Libertarian-direction, the point is more public servants from all backgrounds are really interested in adapting some part of Libertarianism as they understand it.  More: Worldwide we've helped drive Liberalism back to sanity, with the Liberal international now advocating study of Ayn Rand, von Mises, and others.


Libertarianism is not, however, a matter oif one party. It's a method and inclination for finding voluntary ways that do the job better. In that sense it is non-partisan and belongs to everyone. Indeed, Liberal and Libertarian parties that are anything but rights-protection parties may become incoherent and not make sense in the long run. In the US, we found the main battle was pretty basic: ballot access and a fair hearing. Worldwide, in many countries Libertarians are the main rights presence, galvanizing Liberals and moderates.

In the US, in particular, the LP has completed its initial mission, and should continue to be a beacon of activism, education, and resources, or focus for the emerging Libertarian constituency--and inspiration to parties working for individual rights abroad. We prepared a toolkit for that Libertarian-direction work: See www.LibertarianBookClub.org  with a standard (2004) guideline activist platform and short summary ones, and a strategic plan 'continual improvement' toolkit. The most important 3 things you can do are:

  1. Also read libertarian books and sites, and share the pledge with people
  2. Put a simple (e.g. Think Libertarian) non-partisan sticker right now on your car and hand out the Quiz regularly (or share the link with people)  see www.TheAdvocates.org
  3. Get involved either monitoring a local board or get in local appointive public office such as your Neighborhood Association. We don't have trouble getting Libertarians in public office...we have trouble with people getting trained and stepping forward for the many vacancies available (remember, if you run for election it takes several tries).

Yet--There's other work to do.


In the late '70's we developed a long term approach for what we called the "Libertarian Troika"...the idea that in time we would offer 3 Libertarian "parties" to inform, energize and grow  what the world really needs: A large, tolerant, secular, pro-science and pro-peace middle class that views government as an optional service and wants plenty of choices in all areas, from lively free markets to intentional-designed communities. To that end, in future years focus will turn to starting for every country and major region:.

  1. A non-partisan co-operative group (tied with Libertarian community projects) to 'encourage people to get in public office especially appointive non-partisan local office focusing on strict voluntary' programs on a non-attack basis (if you love attacking opponents, this won't be for you).  The aim in each community area of about 1 MM population is a best practice (i.e. we've already done this somewhere) 30 Libertarians and 30+ non-Lib users over two or so decades...in the US, that would be ~10K Libertarians in office. One Libertarian in public elected office without such a network is one lonely Libertarian indeed.  This is also important as some perfectly respectable democracies don;t allow partisan parties, and there is a growing public mood for trans-partisan co-operation and against 'attack politics' and extremists. I've worked with LIO which has agreed to see to initial starter groups and a peer association, and a special platform designed by the people in public office themselves based on their successes, along with...
  2. Non-partisan 'PAC's,' civic groups or program-based 'Un-parties' focused on libertarian change through a) Installing, then b) using Direct Democracy and e.g. Ballot Access, PR and  MMP...the focus always is legalizing choice, never imposing anything on anyone. The organizational momentum will help develop...
  3. A center party for less official abuses and more rights like the USLP  or better Liberal International parties, along with continued promotion of Libertarian-friendly think tanks in every country. The first two actually will power most of what we need to spread voluntary change, but the third will help people rally against abuses.

If you have any doubt about these, an extremist group in a major US Party has decided stopping this is their main priority (Can't say where, as I can't reveal our source).

 I'm very excited about these and other tools. Increasingly, you trun on the TV and people are discussing Libertarianism from learned conferences to silly smear jobs to 'pop culture' refrences on comedies. None of this would have happened if we had not step forward in the early '70's and in my opinion the world would be in a massive Communist dictatorship by now instead. The first Libertarian generation showed against all doubters that it could be done on the civic plan in some form in the US, Norway, Costa Rica, the UK...what's before us is tightening and spreading to all parties and nations.


The day will come when everyone of any sense is a 'libertarian' in the same way anyone today is a 'democrat' or believes in division of powers. A world confederation of free republics 'with option of libertarian communities and programs made legal' will grow as more people see the value. (As our 1980's Movement Mission Statement says, we don't need a 'Libertarian government' or one big happy 'Libertarian Society.'  or even a Libertarian majority. We need more legalization of voluntary options, of choice for rights, with model Libertarian communities and projects from loving homes to co-ops or cities to Century-long ventures to the stars...and should spread interest in that concept by every peaceful and courteous means. )They see the value when they are presented with an example or information. Don't be thrown off by people who say we have fringe ideas--all of what we propose is a legal right or offical policy somewhere--from raw milk to home schools to abolishing taxes and the  military-What we want is legal consistency for rights..and general familiarity with voluntary ways to do this people like.

Tell people!--That's what we, whether as individuals telling friends or as a movement, must do, and all we need do: Always courteously, relentlessly, self-critically, and starting with our loved ones and local community. We are the movement of reason, rights and civilization--not exclusively but as the most informed and dedicated fans--and as we said at the beginning, we rally the champions of rights, the challengers of all cults...and have nothing to justify or apologize for.

There is work to do. Just as the once controversial idea of voluntary choice and associations is increasingly accepted in most of science, religion, marriage, nationality, and many other areas, so it's already spreading for private and public programs of all types. It begins with the will of one person. That person is you.


How Libertarians Ended Communist Dictatorship

Posted on December 4, 2011 at 3:25 AM

LIO Fellow Brazil's Dr. Margeret Tse greets Czech leader Vaclav Klaus, who noted that Communist oppression ..."would not have fallen without the spread of Libertarianism..." Klaus used Libertarian secession concepts to avert civil war--as then plagued Yugoslavia and Chechnya--by peaceful separation of Czechoslovaklia into 2 friendly republics.

Many Libertarians and Liberals are remembering the fall of Communist dictatorships this week, the XXth anniversary of the dissolution of the Soviet Union by Libertarian International Organization Fellow Boris Yeltsin--and the ultimate irrelevance of military and police establishments in making it happen or defending society except as optional tools. Indeed, the US Government was predicting the continued stability of Communism and the Bush administration was trying to shore up tottering authoritarians even as Libertarian activists tore the regimes limb-from-limb by peaceful means. Many in addition are giving thought to UN Rights Month, and areas where a more voluntary approach can be shared. LIO Fellows played a key role:

  • In the early '70's later curator and Libertarian visionary Michael Gilson travelled at the invitation of Editorial Mir to the USSR---where he met many leaders unhappy with the regime and interested in his Libertarian concepts, including Yeltsin. At the same time, LIO Co-curator Paul Gilson was close friends with Ronald Reagan, and they worked to outline a plan of peaceful transition, navigating between those who saw the US as helpless before Communist triumph and those thirsting for more US military expansion.
  • LIO advisors and observers met with them in the late '70's and with Liberal and aspiring union activists to implement a long term plan to peacefully bring democracy to all nations by: Promoting voluntary concepts, teaching activist tools 'on-ground' and promoting first think tanks with more citizen diplomacy and then citizen networks. This built on official but often ignored national policies.
  • Several of these, such as Reagan and Yeltsin, entered leadership positions and communicated directly through the network, by-passing corrupt military and security establishments on both sides interested in preserving the status quo. The US did the reverse of expected, promoting open sharing of secret information and a planetary defense agreement against e.g. asteroids, and Reagan offered to dismantle the military, secure in the knowledge that a new voluntary and militant force was underway.This assured leaders 'on the fenc'e that there would be no sudden military attack by any party. Yelstin visited America, met again with LIO activists, and various sister city type initiatives were encouraged. The core group was known as the '12 Ruthless Men,' most of whom have passed on.
  • Various Libertarian benefactors saw to the distribution of over 3 million pieces of literature while simulatanously change had been underway in China, including workshops in the Mao era. At the same time, work to loosen right-wing regimes was aided by www.ISIL.org which followed a schedule of world conventions to energize and network local activists in countries from South Africa on. In addition, a determined effort resulted in the sudden movement of many colonial dependencies to a republican status as new countries or in great autonomy. The new atmosphere of determination and Libertarian thoughtools gave people impetus and a sense that now they could act, and nature took its course.As these grew, hundreds of previously contacted leaders and academics were given to understand that '...this time, we move--it's serious.'
  • With appropriate thought tools and spreading how-to support , people began peacefully dismantling the regimes. For reasons of security, most US Libertarian leaders were only informed of the broad outlines.In the late '90's and early 2000's, networks in the Mid-East were stalled by untimely US Military intervention, including the near-peaceful removal of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban.
  • Betterment continues: The improved countries have, depending on the level of use of Libertarian tools, moved forward relatively smooothly or not so much, but all have improved and are enjoying growing economies and rights communities. Hundreds of groups have now formed driving interest in democracy, legal improvements, transparency, markets, choice-based public services, and more.
  • In LIO's OPERATION DEMOCRACY the work continues, aided by better communication among centrist parties and groups, in a new effort that began winter 2010 and has resulted (December 2011)  in change in many countries.

LIO emphasizes that its aim is to simply get people in dialogue, and the curator expressly forbids any use of force or retaliation, or even personal verbal attacks on leaders. Activists should focus on passive resistance, peer education, and a conciliatory and fraternal attitude with officials consistent with voluntary approaches under their UN Rights. LIO activists are encouraging vigorous dialogue in many countries, and in coming years growing Libertarian-Liberal networks to move towards more voluntary approaches will be mentored in every country; following the theme that the proper defense of society is the sole and growing purview of citizens conversant with voluntary tools and ideals, who by education and awareness replace, proactively defuse or undermine improper systems.

The LIO emphasizes as well that it explicitly welcomes interest in Communist or socialist communities of voluntary character.  At present, thanks to social networking, LIO activists inspired by OPERATION DEMOCRACY and following their own indepoendent strategies are bringing tools such as those praised by Klaus to some 3 million people worldwide who're leaders in their communities, unions, or professional groups; or simply enthusiastic networkers. They actively network or organize with many citizen efforts such as Tea Party, OWS, electoral fairness, Democracia Ya, NED, Citizen Diplomacy, Wikileaks, and other entities asserting the rights of  citizens to make their thoughts known peaceably, but LIO takes no stance on any issue.

 See: http://libinst.cz/stranka_en.php?id=2 and http://www.obcinst.cz/en/  as examples of think tank work of interest.

Libertarian Living: SMILE Tools Thought Machine

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 4:40 PM

LIO has expanded its Twitter on Libertarian Living and voluntary tools in the culture with a Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Libertarian-I-Love-Libertarians-SMILE-LIO-Tools-Libertario/133833440053261

The Facebook will also serve as a non-partisan and enjoyable way to share LIO tools and concepts with people via Facebook shares, mass e-mails and site or e-mail links. A  searchable website is under development to readily help people get familiar with SMILE cultural themes and tools.

The site supports the growing Libertarian-interested community worldwide networking via LIO and focuses on voluntary tools unleashed by LIO/ Libertarian concepts and efforts, plus conscious projects, tips, and sites to immediately imoprove one's personal and home, work/leisure, or civic life, plus occasional amusing items. Recent Facebook (which will include user shared links and items) and Twitter (which will have retweets from follows) topics include...



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@TheIHS A form of protectionism, restrictive immigration policies are stifling entrepreneurship and economic growth.

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http://clarityproducts.org  Love organic soap? . Grt Xmas present. Made by blind/disabled people. Fab charity, fab people & fab products please RT

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Website updated! http://pinellashomeschoolhelp.webs.com/  New content, photos, links, forum and more.

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LIO: A contact group of LIO Operation Democracy will meet next week in Libya on driving peaceful change in small countries such as Fiji.

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Palin's dream of seeing Russia from her house may come true:... http://fb.me/YE4IMr9Q

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Public spending by UK government department: an interactive guide http://bit.ly/uSho5f

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Corporations pay politicians who pass laws to benefit corporations; laws are enforced by PD's supplied by the military using stolen funds.

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Never say "I'll be right back." #StepsToSurviveAHorrorMovie

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New at RRND:: Modern algorithms crack 17th century code http://bit.ly/s5Ag3B

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Just passed a house with multiple pumpkins on the front lawn plus a tent and a sign saying "occupy front yard."

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Ivory Coast #Gbagbo party will boycott elections http://ow.ly/79KDU  #ivorycoast

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Google: "We received a request from US law enforcement to remove YouTube videos of police brutality." http://www.google.com/transparencyreport/governmentrequests/

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S: Adult eco-greenhouses! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2051612/Pining-forest-retreat-The-breathtaking-tree-houses-run-rings-homes-solid-ground.html

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L: Immortality wonder drugs no longer a joke- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2050788/Anti-ageing-wonder-pill-drug-enable-live-150.html

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E: Superfoods! http://readynutrition.com/resources/be-nutrition-ready-and-store-super-foods_23022011/

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LIO: As Operation Democracy moves along, several dictators now gone.




LIO Fellow Todd B. Hawley, Space University Founder, Remembered

Posted on October 20, 2011 at 1:45 AM

Space Enterprise was a book by the founders of International Space University, including Todd B. Hawley

The International Space University is gropwing, an innovative idea developed in conversations among LIO Fellows led by the late Todd B. Hawley.Hawley contacted LIO after reading a presentation summary by LIO Fellows at an Astronautical Conference advocating Space privatization and serious industrialization in 1977.From a task list arising from the effort he selected an international space education college and curriculum as essential, an idea that seemed mad  during the Cold War. Says his memorial site: :Todd was a visionary who believed in humanity's capability to open the space frontier as described by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Gerard K. O'Neill. He dedicated his life to fulfilling this vision, and in the process touched the lives of thousands of space leaders and entrepreneurs. "


  1. http://www.isbnlib.com/isbn/0387776397/Space-enterprise-living-and-working-offworld-in-the-21st-century
  2. http://www.isunet.edu/
  3. http://www.celestis.com/memorial/founders/hawley.asp



LIO, Libertarians Drive, Hail 100-Year Starship Conference

Posted on October 1, 2011 at 6:05 PM


  LIO curator and co-ordinator Michael Gilson-De Lemos met with LIO Fellows and other speakers or workshop leaders visioning low-cost, peaceful interstellar travel efforts and autonomous colonies of voluntary character 100 years from now. "The best way to change the future," he told participants, "is to make it." Here he and teen Libertarians in public office at session greet representative of Virgin Galactic, and later LIO Friends and others at Tau-Zero, NASA, Icarus Interstellar, DARPA  and other co-sponsors and participants. Unlike other conferences, it was opened free to the public, many of who participated in comment and brainstorm sessions.

 Libertarians and futurists worldwide praised a pioneering conference on the century long changes to launch interstellar starships to colonize planets in a peaceful way.

For some time LIO has been working for a conference open to the public to begin the needed development, especially private, for Stellar colonization, saying we need to think in terms of at least a century. Efforts first focused at the first 1977 conference on Private Space Industrialization, hosted by the American Astronautical Society at the behest of LIO Fellows Robert Heinlein and G. Harry Stine, with LIO Co-ordinator M. Gilson as a lead keynote speaker, along with other pioneers such as Robert Poole of Reason. This launched a trend for the needed generational and attitude changes for a world movement.

In this year's international Space Week on October 1 2011, this movement became a reality.

Over 100 Libertarians joined attendeess at http://www.100yss.org -- The 100 Year Starship™ Study Conference in Orlando, Florida, USA, which describes itself as: "...an effort seeded by DARPA to develop a viable and sustainable model for persistent, long-term, private-sector investment into the myriad of disciplines needed to make long-distance space travel practicable and feasible.

The genesis of this study is to foster a rebirth of a sense of wonder among students, academia, industry, researchers and the general population to consider "why not" and to encourage them to tackle whole new classes of research and development related to all the issues surrounding long duration, long distance spaceflight. "

In the main session, after greetings from Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic with several astronauts and intellectual leaders, and a keynote update by Virgin representatives, workshops discussed:

>Long range support groups, required legal changes

>Private exploration and law systems

>Faster-than-Light (FTL) Travel research

>Current capabilities

>Century-long private funding

>Status of private-public spaceports

>Milestones for Solar colonization

>Training and international goodwill creating a cohesive culture to drive change-- a "Starfleet" set of groups

>Peaceful use and e.g. defense against asteroid collision, etc.

A long-term Libertarian contact group was created by attendees to be curated byr LIO with a web presence in due course. Mr. Gilson-De Lemos or "MG", LIO Co-ordinator, received a special cerificate of recognition for his work from Libertarians in a separate event. MG made a few remarks of thanks citing his ancestors who had developed the first expeditions past the Equator, discovering the New World, and proposing space travel: "... We were there in 1511, 1921, 1971 and '77, today--and will be there in 2111. Change is slow, but we've been doing this a very, very long time. No one here today doubts the great truth that people strive to be basically good. The Stars are the path to our future heritage, and we will all benefit from Libertarian tools in, as Washington said, a growing social spirit of Justice and Liberality among all peoples."


Ayodele Faiyetole Improving World Habitat

Posted on September 28, 2011 at 11:20 AM

Space Enthusiast, ecologist and champion of micro-entrepreneurship for change Ayodele Faiyetole is bringing solar light to rural schoolchildren in Africa.

 Ayodele Faiyetole who interacts at the LIO Fellows group is with team mates developing projects to, starting with micro-entrepreneurship, bring voluntary improvements and inspire similar work.

After founding a networking effort on Space issues for students from Africa, his current effort is focused on Innovations to Society, which is bringing low-cost solar lamps to rural Africa. See: http://innovationstosociety.org/

" Innovations to Society aims to address the needs of the least-advantaged two billion people in the world. Nearly all of these live in developing countries and lack things that people in first-world countries take for granted -- such as access to electricity or clean energy, clean water, and basic medical services...Our approach is to strongly push high-impact technologies that are suited for particular regions...Employees of MTN Nigeria, through their cooperative society, MTN...Employees Multipurpose Cooperative Society (MEMCOS) have employed one of our functional solar lamps for their schoolkids...Innovations to Society (ITS) solar lamps are efficient, environment-friendly, and produces bright and clean lighting,...(one) also charges varieties of cell phones and other handheld devices..."

LIO Friends and many Libertarians are encouraging a world movement to devolve failing coerced programs or at least not block private and voluntary ones, plus pave the way for voluntary ones to empower the disadvantaged and share information.

Ayodele holds a M.Sc. (Space Management) from International Space University, France. He is the 2009 winner of the prestigious Todd B. Hawley Space Visionary Award, named after the LIO Fellow who carried out the LIO concept of an international space university among other innovations and help found the first privately funded successful space venture, Celestis.  Ayodele is also a Federal Overseas scholar, and has been hailed as a young light in space education efforts for African youth and Pan-African understanding. While LIO does not endorse efforts per se, interested persons are welcome to look at the effort as a model or donate at the site.



NASA Privatization, State 'Spaceport America' 90% Done

Posted on September 25, 2011 at 5:40 AM

Libertarian concepts of space privatization and localization continue as NASA announces stepped up use of more voluntary-oriented private ventures as "a support entity" for asteroid and other use --while Spaceport America, a state-level venture to create a private-public spaceport in New Mexico, USA, is nearing 90% completion. The link is at: http://www.spaceportamerica.com/

The efforts represent a far cry from when LIO Fellows persuaded the American Astronautical Society in 1977 to sponsor a conference to study private space industrialization and colonization. The conference concluded with the then revolutionary proposal that centralized government agencies should give way to increased voluntary and private companies or at least local ventures, and proceed as a tool for peace. In 1990 LIO Fellows hosted workshops to make state level spaceports and asteroid mining a  reality, and encouraged visioning of autonomous space colonies.

In future years LIO Fellows and activists will be working on bringing interest in low-cost planetary and interstellar space colonization and development minimizing coercive government involvement, replacing uninsured government regulation for private insurance and liability, and international protocols to assure peaceful use and ending space junk. Other countries such as Mexico are examining space freeports and another US state, Virginia, has a spaceport as well: http://www.marsspaceport.com/


The Third Industrial Revolution, G. Harry Stine.


LIO Libertarians Encourage Faster than Light Research

Posted on September 23, 2011 at 10:05 AM

News today that there is additional evidence of FTL or Faster than Light particles was greeted by encouragement from many Libertarians and the LIO/Libertarian International Organization curator. See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/sep/22/faster-than-light-particles-neutrinos  LIO Fellow Dr. Richard Feynman sponsored a private colloquia 2 decades ago to encourage scientists to look into the matter.

The matter is of great interest to LIO curator Michael Gilson-De Lemos, (MG) who in 1976 wrote a controversial thinkpiece noting that the speed limit lacked direct physical demonstration from the nature of space-time itself, and suggesting it was more of the nature of the once common view thatl no typical material could go faster than sound. "It is like epicycles in Ptolemaic Theory. All the evidence was for them, as means to predict planetary motions, except there was no proof of the epicycles or why they had to be. The theory described but did not define."

LIO Fellow Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry also encouraged the visioning process, saying that "There is a real cultural barrier on the subject and challenging it has become academic suicide," suggesting that even if it was a barrier in some sense it could be circumvented by e.g. possible warp or other drives that changed the structure of underlying space-time. Roddenberry and MG worked with Feynman to bring in hand young scientists who might put the matter on a sounder basis.

LIO takes no position on technical matters but encourages voluntary efforts to examine evidence, especially when there appeares to be a taboo on the subject.

LIO Libertarian Leads Secession, Autonomy Education

Posted on May 5, 2011 at 12:54 AM

LIO Fellow Dr. Russell Means confers with Fellow, US feminist leader, satirist and researcher Carol Moore who exposed official corruption at Waco in a bestseller, and now champions spreading interest in micro-communities and legal mechanisms for autonomy and secession  as key conflict management and choice tools that reduce, not increase, conflict and choice.

 Her site has new book with profile (http://carolmoorereport.blogspot.com )

Shortly after the fall of Communism, Czechoslovakia faced civil war from long- standing tensions among her two major ethnic groups, which Communist leaders had used to oppress each other and so strengthen their position, say critics. Inspired by pro-Libertarian leader Vaclav Klaus, who has indicated that one should not rush to secession but it is valid to put on the table, the groups instead separated into two countries which were then better positioned to resolve differences and are now firm allies. In contrast, countries such as Iraq, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan,  and others attempted to force centralization creating war-torn breakups or conflict that have drawn the whole world into supporting seemingly endless peacekeeping missions. Sometimes a bad social bargain, like a bad partnership, needs to be dissolved. Which is the wiser path?

Researcher and activist LIO Adviser Carol Moore has no doubts, working for decades to encourage interest in peaceful and rights-based devolution as a powerful tool of  conflict-reduction, conciliation and lifestyle choice; and of protection of minorities and cultural groups. Interest is increasing each decade in secession- and increased autonomy- based tools as a positive, natural and normal way of handling issues:

  • In 1979, LIO advisors helped end war in Namibia centering dialogue on localism
  • The Soviet Union devolved into a confederation, China has set a policy for eventual localism in a "United States of China" and the most peaceful and prosperous part of Iraq, the north, simply separated de facto to manage its affairs.
  • While Europe expands as a common entity on federal lines, attention increases towards more local rule and autonomy, and use of traditional languages.
  • Interest in charter cities, co-operatives, and intentional communities is spreading. States such as California and Florida have developed streamlined charter city and community association procedures. In the US many communities are disincorporating and hiring public services from private companies. Designed communities, once denounced as crazed Libertarian anarchism, have become a business as consulting companies provide plug-and-play methods and services. People are discovering personal secession from non-functional public entities as choice and local opt-outs increase.Examples of increasingly non-coerced service exist in every area from roads to pension plans. Co-operatives or services helping people to aid families abroad, to barter, to getting discounts have blossomed with the internet.
  • In the US, there is legal interest in increasing state autonomy and devolution to local and personal levels. Piecemeal service secession has garnered interest. Said one policymaker in a recent brainstorm: "Why not 50 Social Security, medical and other programs? Why not cities competing by offering local services as they do library systems?" Some communities have encouraged local barter, money and other systems led by community groups down to the neighborhood level. In Vermont, the state may not participate in the Obamacare plan, citing what it feels is its own superior state plan; in the capital, Burlington, a food-co-op with local farmers toprovision a good part of the city has attracted international attention. Incidents such as Waco, however, where the long established principle of letting religious and voluntary communities mostly find there own way was ignored suggest there is much to do.

Moore consults on secession tools, urges use of the approach in big ways or small as a normal method of addressing problems and discovering solutions.


1-Share or link to this article; look into local co-operatives that may exist already

2-Inventory issues in your life where you can most benefit

3-Propose secession and personal opt-out as a method of handling local problems






World Drug, Supplement Choice Protection Update

Posted on May 5, 2011 at 12:24 AM

LIO Friends and Local Libertarians and Liberals are in world action and continue world contact and local efforts showing that 'national policy' when restrictive of rights is increasingly a thing of the past.


They report drug and food liberalization and decriminalization efforts may bear fruit in several countries.The efforts are non-partisan, not advancing legislation per se but the removal of blocks to more voluntary efforts. A growing number of  people are concerned that restrictive laws hamper life extension and quality efforts, citing use of marihunana for cancer pain and survival, vitamin and mioniral supplements with the ill-effects of denatured foods, and the use of traditional drugs for mental improvement and stress--and pave the way to mandatory treatments that historically often are revealed as bad medicine, or anti-cloning laws that may hinder life-ectension technologies.

In Uruguay a series of workshops has led to a Marihuana proposals backed by major parties that are expected to pass.

In Marshall Islands a plan to completely legalize recreational drugs, tax the revenue, and use the taxes to build sea walls and assist other ecological projects is under study.

In Mexico meetings have been held to decriminalize such drugs and use the revenue for infrastructure projects with major figures of several parties, reviving a plan that passed the Mexican legislature. In addition, groups are meeting to look into protection of traditional foods and remedies.

In Europe a petition effort is underway against attempts to regulate or ban food supplements and natural foods with some medicinal effect such as Vitamin D and Bee Pollen.

In the US great headway is being made via direct democracy and initiative efforts focused on medical marihuana and a variety of issues from protection of Vitamin supplements to proper and open labels for genetically engineered foods.

Libertarians at Work Tackling Emerging Issues

Posted on May 5, 2011 at 12:22 AM

The Lifeboat Foundation, here in a Popular Science article, is one of a growing number of efforts  founded by Libertarians and LIO Friends to proactively address emerging issues to safeguard humanity against the worst while networking on opportunities for the best, and has been praised by government military strategists as "Way ahead of us." LIO Fellows are also well involved. See:  http://lifeboat.com/ex/main


A common and foolish argument against voluntary action is people are too greedy, irrational or stupid to be trusted, which may perhaps say more about the subconscious world of the critic than humanity.

LIO, Libertarian-direction or using activists  have  historically been at the forefront of efforts to safeguard the future and provide tools empowering average people.The best plan for the future is not ban but unblock discussion of many plans for the future respectful of rights--the appropriate method for emerging issues.

One pilot project seeks to vision the very protection of the future itself. The Lifeboat Foundation brings together many experts and the interested general public to discuss and take personal action on an array of projects somewhat on the LIO advisory network model. It was founded by Libertarian activists who contacted an array of innovative thinkers both recognized and 'out of the box.'

Issues addressed range from matters of immediate concern to long term issues such as misbehaving nano-technology and the threat of asteroid collisions or stellar events. The idea is to promote public discussion and also ideate concrete plans that the average person or small community can do something about, not just international or large efforts and not dependent on politicized governments or large corporations. The program raises funds, promotes fora, and positions discussion among other actrivities, and particpants also meet with senior policymakers to exchange perspectives.

Examples of discussions or projects underway include a post-coercive and post-political world, faster than light travel, non-punitive ending crime and terror , contact with leaders on the need for plans to handle 'first contact' and needed legal mechanisms, milestones to end poverty, a flexible civil defense able to withstand surface destruction for decades by a e.g. disruptive asteroid strike or supervolcano eruption, safeguarding heirloom seeds and genetic codes, and a chart with likely threats to and opportunities for humanity in the next few thousand years. Many participants say a main benefit is they're spurred to more informed and personal action. Often they had been quietly working on projects with little hope of public interest until they had this tool for interdisciplinary feedback and public and policy interest,

LIO platforms network without endorsement LIO Friends--those generally supportive of the broad LIO project and using voluntary tools--and other participants in these and similar efforts to assist inspiration, comparison of best practices and mutual exchange of data. In particular, we encourage interest in similar but micro-projects in communities and even families as the data or potential needs become better defined in public awareness.