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Libertarian International Organization Fellows @ 600: The Original SALON Continues.

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 4:10 PM


Over 225 years ago Henriette De Lemos y Herz Lemos curated the then League and nascent Libertarian International project in our then ancient Salon plus her girl's school networking the greatest minds and activists of the day--and creating the first world corps of liberally educated and self-empowering women. We continue to drive Enlightenment, Science, and Rights awareness.

By MG.

  • The LIO Fellows--SMILE-interested advisors, plus pledged Libertarian advisors, plus 'friends of MG'--is our advisory and inspirational body our curators seek out of cultural and academic leaders...with a sprinkling of contrarians that get even my phlegmatic tolerance pause. Their work helps spur SMILE dialogue and are increasingly serving as your personal think tank and college on edgy and provocative tools and ideas. If their Honorary chair and I are our LIO consuls, they're our advisory Senate.
  • Historically, they're derived from the councils of the Lemos clan and the associated Libertarian communes, and in our modern (post-1592) form their first head was Cervantes ( I recommend 'Don Quixote' be re-read as a Liberalist/libertarianist novel...plus read the dedication to Book 2...you'll be surprised and motivated) followed by Galileo (an early Gilson project was to get him to Harvard University; he agreed and should have been our first great American philosopher but shortly thereafter died; I recommend his 'Dialogue on Two World Systems' for college students). LIO Fellow views are their own.
  • Now I've completed one of my to-do's in my career modeling applied philosophy: to bring their number to an historical high of 600, loosely divided by SMILE area, and a number to maintain over future decades...plus another body of interesting youth leaders as a pool for future Fellows. This has been difficult and time consuming, and while underway many have passed on. While continuing our current futurist social media
  • ...over the next years we'll be improving access to their (and past LIO Fellow) links with a special page, occasional PDF newsletter, plus increasingly posting their illustrative thinkpieces with links and doings here. In addition, we will revive 'The Libertarian' blog and LIO Twitter as your weekly/daily source of timely and actionable SMILE-interest data, news, and tools that you can use. This will of course improve their ability to mutually connect where desired. These folks cover many fields from a scientist working on time-equations to Green activists to experts on direct democracy and life extension. They sure help me, and I know you'll find a lot you home can enjoy. Many have put up additional Facebooks and more...bringing valuable tools to all.
  • Finally, the LIO SMILE community project to develop local Salon networks is piloting fine in Pinellas, Florida, to help people share and process these many interesting links and materials and pass on their own. If you would like to train to develop your own local SMILE Salon, let me know https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Gilson-DeLemos-Futurist-Libertarians/110984002277446?" target="_blank">via my Facebook with futurist libertarians where I pass on some of the things the LIO Fellows bring to my attention...  As always, participation is free, and as we say: Enjoy!

REVIEW 2011-14: Libertarians: Vast Progress, Key Definitions

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 9:35 AM

Libertarian International Organization curator Michael Gilson-De Lemos--MG--has some great news + good clarifications ( like what's a Libertarian, and civic platform?). Retired, he's a Libertarian in public office in Pinellas county, Florida, US.


Thank you for your interest in our benign, benevolent, and beneficent rights and self-development sharing network and associated unofficial movement. With the dramatic growth since 2000 and changes at LIO, I will be editing here for now. This REVIEW shares wins and hard-to-get data so old-timers may re-focus, newcomers get up to speed. When in doubt be nice, SMILE, and share www.testpolitico.com   or this thinkpiece—MG.





Since 1985 every 2-5 years we review LIO wins and progress. This replaces the previous 25-year reviews after the 1904-6 (led by my grandmather, co-organizer of the 1913 women’s march Katherine Gardner Gilson and my Grandfather J. Gilson, who led the first LIO workshop leading to the UN Rights Declaration—the ultimate statement of Liberal Civilization on which the LIO civic platform is based.) formalization of non-partisan LIO or Libertarian International Organization as a Lemos Council/Liberal-Libertarian League/salons (‘The League” created in 1450 and formalized 1592 by my collateral ancestor, Peter De Lemos, ) project. The League is now LIO Group. Since 1969 when I pledged the first modern Libertarians with LIO permission, I’ve grown it to the largest home-to-home goodwill, human rights, and pro-science network in history. LIO is free, neither accepts nor donates funds, is all-volunteer to highlight your good work. In 1964-66 at the Salmanca meetings it revoked all past Libertarianisms for my then-new LIO (Gilson) Libertarian Pledge (to advocate respect for UN Rights by choices of principled-voluntary, punishment-free, proactive, peaceful tools; not based on initiation of force systems).


First, let me note the sad passing of Dr. Ralph Swanson (Libertarian Pledge by my father in 1939 and past Honorary Chair), the Brandens (co-formalizers of Objectivism or secularized, modernized Aristotelianism), and Toni Nathan (first US Woman to receive a presidential electoralvote) who handled many thinkpieces here. Also, many other LIO Fellows have passed on: Philosopher Stephen Gaskin who led interest in modern LIO Libertarian-based communes to co-housing/condominiums; last of the traditional Iberian-Spanish Libertarian anarcho-communards nobelist J. Saramago, G. Fontenis, and my mentors Joan Catala and Francisco Carrasquer; and Fellows as actor Edward Herrman, M. Anderson, and my honorary godmother and behind-the-scenes tolerance diplomat the Countess Lemos and Duchess Alba. I intend a memorial booklet. I’ll edit here for now.


Now, let’s review progress in our 3 core eco-platforms: Civil (SMILE), Citizen, Civic.


CIVIL Libertarianism:



The majority of libertarians (small-l appliers/users of SMILE tools)/LIO fans are women. Canadian native American activist Meaghan Champion is interested in native autonomy, homeschooling, and community alternate currency tools.

Brief: The Civil Libertarian platform agenda defines Libertarianism as dialogue/study and use of principled/UN rights-based voluntary, non-punitive, proactive, and peaceful solutions in all fields summarized as SMILE. That is, Libertarianism is a subset of the Liberal Arts. The main activity is curation of the LIO Fellows and now Friends (for activists) boards for sharing inspirational data. LIO Friends is now 5000+ with someone in each nation. Join: www.facebook.com/LibertarianInternationalOrganization  


Status: Official small-l LIO libertarian/LIO fans are (2014) at 8 million homes proportionately distributed worldwide: We’ve one LIO fan home per ~1000-home district, so our average libertarian/LIO fan is a working woman in Asia. I’ve stopped active outreach to see how momentum grows us for now: At a later date I intend a funded separate outreach effort to bring this to 5-home teans of 1+ large-L pledged Libertarian. We’re something new in human experience, a new cross-institution invention: an alliance of homes across all borders and cultures interested in rights and benign voluntary tools.


Note: While we welcome unofficial small-libertarians (libertarian-receptives) and Liberalist center LIO fans, our focus is on offical LIO fans/libertarians. Let me greet libertarian unofficials who self-identify and work for more open democracy especially via autonomous groups of LIO Fellows/fans: e.g. users of the older www.ISIL.org , www.TheAdvocates.org , www.FEE.org , www.Liberal-International.org  and newer international www.StudentsforLiberty.org   www.yalliberty.org  and world www.campaignforliberty.org  , and registereds in all political parties including centrist Liberal (build tolerant worker-middle class)--plus libertarian-direction (rights, following with the US www.lp.org ) and Green parties ( eco-democracy) which I helped start as public conveniences with David Nolan and my companion Petra Kelly respectively. To be an official LIO small-l libertarian applier or user, be on our list using ~ 60% of LIO tools. Please share Nolan Chart, be non-violent, and consider non-partisan public office.


2011-2014 Libertarian Civil Wins: S: Normalization of private action on Space colonies in the public mind, also 100-year Starship yearly conferrences catalyzed by LIO fellows towards the ‘Star Trek’ universe; fan Green/Operation Democracy projects underway all nations led ‘Arab Spring’ and progress in Myanmar. Green focus on user choice and air/sea/near-space non-pollution normalization; transparency groups now in all nations. M: Growth of the Libertarian-initiated internet and work to keep it net-neutral with reasonable pricing accomodations, and also censor-free; I: Long-awaited publication of Branden’s hard-to-get Objectivism lectures; L: Formation of ‘Manhattan Beach’ and more citizen-driven life extension/health projects; libertarian-led world reduction in poverty and rise-of-incomes from libertarian-informed freer economies; E: Pilot Non-partisan LIO Libertarian/SMILE community network project meets all goals in Pinellas County, Florida (population 1 million with 300,000 active voters) with 30,000 homes on its list, 100+ LIO/Lib-interested public officials. Training to start post-2018 100 similar official SMILE LIO Libertarian societies on each continent/key nation minus Antartica.


Historical notes: SMILE topics began to be implemented after a series of confidential to-do brainstorms with some 1000 science, consulting, and elected leaders in the 1970’s. While the unleashing of creativity is ongoing, a 3rd conference will be held in the 2070’s. I organized them and they were co-chaired by William Rogers and Carl Sagan. Operation Democracy began in 1971 and has brought democracyt to from 10% to 75% of nations, and reformed the tottering democracies towards rights-awareness and reduction of coercive taxes and regulations blocking people like you from common-sense action (e.g. it was a crime to attach a computer to a telephone, own gold, or invest in mutual funds in retirmenet accounts). The method was contact of organizing professionals to activate their circles for peaceful people-power transition to general democracy 15 years hence. Sister-City groups and citizen diplomacy programs were used very aggressively. This has resulted in the following democracy waves: the fall of petty Latin/Asian fascism and Communism, then many fascist regimes and betterment of e.g. US democracy, then the current push for Islamic Conference nations to democracy then secular democracy with religious freedom. LIO fans in general ask if nations must use troops just mostly protect elections: Let democracy work.




 Here, LIO Fellow C. Bette Wimbush, who led work for direct democracy in Florida and was the first city black city councilwoman in St. Petersburg, is sworn in. The Citizen Platform is that a world of libertarian-receptive Floridas might be a good step forward.

CITIZEN Libertarian platform:


Brief: This eco-platform spreads the ‘Libertarian Constitution’ of a world of regional 2015 Floridas of: libertarian-receptive direct democracy, county/municipal autonomy, and localist focus, without income tax or draft, and privatization-legality (legal private options),-transparency, -eco/garden-city, -more non-partisan office, and -equal party treatment policies. Such policies were installed by LIO fans in Florida. Advocates lead dialogue on voluntary self-government options to a confederate world civilization. The Constitution aids the first 3 UN rights via lib-friendly democracy, federalism, localism. Since 1971 my ALTER model for mission-focus is used: of a generation (30 years) each of SMILE/Libertarian-theme Assimilation, Libertarian pilot/terminology use, Transitional pilots, Evolution and normalization, and Reform-stabilization. The US and the world more generally is at the L stage, and other countries should count specific focus with creation of a libertarian-direction party or national discussion association.We ask pledged Libertarians to be resource people/leaders or ‘Libertarian Service’ in their communities, with Red Cross, Lifeguard, volunteer/public office, etc., activity.


Status/Wins: We’ve 800,000+ pledgers on record, with slight emphasis in the US and the remainder spread about proportionately in all nations. These’re formal pledge or Large-L Libertarian advocates or students of libertarian-receptive federalism ( you may register the starter 2nd-part ‘libertarian certification’ often incorrectly called the NAP with us or any group working to that end with www.lp.org) , with senior ones of 20 years fully adherent to my Gilson Legal Reform. Broadly, the pledge is for union-college educated people seeking more social choice and many interested in my Libertarian Philosophy as meta-philosophy or container community/dialogue protecting all dialogue. We’re exploring a pilot college-local area Libertarian Philosophy Honors club system. A main activity is promotion of general aware use and conversancy in the pledge/ pledge-inspired tools. See: www.facebook.com/pages/Libertarian-Platform-Pledge-Team-Libertario-Libertarien/257115214359027   and the aforesaid Libertarian Citizen/ LIO SMILE community projects.



African-American 9/11 martyr policeman and rights activist John Perry was then lead LIO Libertarian auditor, open to those of ~160+ (hyper-genius) IQ. He modeled interdisciplinary Libertarian philosophy and model eco-come/-village interests. See www.libertarianinternational.org/apps/blog/show/4848774-lio-advisor-john-perry-9-11-martyr-recalled

CIVIC Libertarian Platform (LIO Curator ‘E’ project)


Brief: The aim is legality of LIO homes and co-ops as tools of SMILE growth and as anchors of civilization. As Libertarianism/Green solutions become household words, this is what many first think of as ‘libertarianism’ namely legal projects derived from the Gilson Reform as Libertarian Charter for ideal Libertarian eco-homes and –village co-housing/condos. We’re seeing massive attitude shifts in the US/Europe towards Libertarian-identified favorable attitudes towards multi-cultural sensitivity, LGBT and gay marriage, marihuana legalization and debate on open consumer data and choice in e.g. vaccines, etc. to the point that there is a media consensus of a ‘Libertarian cultural shift’ in these countries. This dialogue is advances by LIO auditor Libertarian homes of senior advocates and ~160+ IQ—i.e. one per country + one per million inhabitants.


Status: We stopped registering pilot homes/eco-villages at 2000. I will issue a final Civic platform after certain legal issues are settled (I promised to delay this to post 2017). My permanent libertarian-directional ( federalist) model legal platform was issued with broad Libertarian interdisciplinary readings was blessed by the US Libertarians under direction of Dr. Hospers, David Nolan, and assent by the 2004 US LP convention, along with a strategic plan, as a toolkit and may be retrieved at: www.LibertarianBookClub.org  (there’re now over 500 home/local clubs worlwide). Political groups may use these as inspiration. As a result, autonomous Libertarianist parties and civic groups beyond the key original ones in the US, Spain (reformed as the www.p-lib.es ) and Norway are popping up and getting people in public office in every continent with Senators in Australia and Costa Rica. As of 2002 Libertarians get elected locally more easily than Democrats and Republicans ( a fact obscured by many running solely to provide legal presence) and in over 50% of the cases lead the bodies they serve. More: there is now a demand for LIO L/libertarians—who’re perceived as rights-oriented, resources on voluntary tools, and polite consensus-builders-- for neighborhood and appointed non-partisan boards that has outstripped the number of civically inclined and trained L/libertarians. To address the public demand and facilitate focus on non-partisan and prefereably appointive/advisory local public office, quango’s and coalitions, over 5000 LIO Libertarians and Libertarian-interested past and present non-partisan public officials from Russia to South Sudan are being networked by my son, himself a past teen Libertarian in 5 public offices—County Youth Advisory, Trail Park, 2 Library Advisory, and Citizen’s Postal Council--in the now official arm and professional association for LIO fans in civic office: www.facebook.com/pages/Libertarian-Program-Libertarians-in-Public-OfficeGOAL/221275797927517 A contact group for activists especially in Libertarianist/ Green parties is underway with manuals archive. LIO as such endorses no party or candidate.


Wins: Wins only means legalization as an option of my model/libertarian-based eco-homes. This implies a personal conscience waiver roadmap for all statutes.This is the formal political mission (adopted 1985/86) of civic L/libertarians adopted in world conference then re-affirmed permanently by the www.lp.org and successors. The rationality of the model has, however, led to wide public adaptation and dialogue. Please note that many unofficial or even avowed non-libertarians (such as US Senator Rand Paul) in elective office are being mis-identified as ‘Libertarian’ /LIO spokespeople. In contrast, many public officals are acknowledging that while you can’t win elections with L/libertarians, you will lose elections without them (whether unoffical or official): in the US –receptives are about 16+% and self-identified unofficals at 2%, and given their centrism and political awareness they’re the swing vote (in Florida, US the GOP and Democrats both explicitly try to court Libs or libertarians or at least not outrage them). Thus president Obama is well-aware he owes his election to pro-libertarians, and has led many libertarian-agreeable policies: a middle class tax cut, low deficit, space industrialization privatization, legality of arms in US parks, etc. For clarification I re-affirm the 1971 policy that most Libs use: Conservatives lag about 100 years behind Libertarians, and progressives 50 years ( hence the reversal of progressives on gay issues) as necessary social brakes and accelerators and advocates of their own interests: we ask only for fair dialogue on rights-based, voluntary options for citizens, and on both right- and left-extremism. Thus if no libertarian-sensitive or at least center to progressive woman/ minority candidate is available, pro-libertarians should vote for deadlock to enforce centrism and dialogue as follows: Nationally/locally a progressive executive/ upper body and conservative lower body; trans-nationally/regionally the reverse.


Finally, we’ve experimented with several blogs emphasizing edgy science and lifetool info for our fans. We’ll be providing these regularly in due course as a free benefit.


USAGE Note: I’ve been asked several times on LIO usages of the terms Libertarian, government, abortion, and anarchism. It seems the USLP sheet on the subject is no longer distributed. Our focus is using terms in the classic and technical sense to aid clarity, especially with things used as auto-antonyms ( confusing words that also mean their opposite) such as government. Government is used to mean rules for officials (NOT the people) especially the military. This is both the classical Aristotelian usage and that of the US Constitution (Article 1, Section 8 ). Government is never to be confused with law, nation, jurisdiction, or common ‘public’ programs or assets. In the US, law and juries are not part of the government, and there is a body of thought the legislature isn’t either—only the executive. Thus people who e.g. call judges or public schools, even though they may improper coercive powers, a part of the government are not entirely correct. Many fans confusingly use government for coercive government programs. In US law the government is a common agent, no more: Weberian and other ‘cult of the omnipotent state usages’ are not used. Following past LIO/League advisor Proudhon, Anarchism is defined as a form of government or constitution where order is maintained through public awareness so punitive rules are increasingly minimized and voluntary associations or agreements used. LIO Libertarianism differs in that it seeks no punitive action, including unfair contracts or non-condign response. Abortion means removal of the pre-born and no more (it includes caesarians, hence the silliness of the pro-life who would ban them); this should be and is becoming non-destructive (think snowflake babies) as technology—once restrained by the pro-life, whose prohibitions resulted in it’s thought 10X more abortions than now—allows. LIO fans work both sides of the issue: privileged decisions for women, better pre-born options. This is an issue of humane behavior; the legal status of the pre-born is irrelevant: Relevant is getting rules out of the way of the science process now solving the problem. In summary, Libertarianism is not anti-government but (Florida) pro-voluntary governance on a libertarian-informed model of direct open democracy, federalism of high-autonomy therein, more autonomous libertarian homes and communities in those. This is not ‘Libertarian’ unless bettered by LIO fans, but technically so so they can work.


Finally, there are 3 types of LIO Libertarians (‘Libs’ ) reflecting 3 levels of participation: Applier, advocate, auditor. Which works for you? Civic (libertarian small-l appliers or users/fans of democracy/SMILE-interest lifestyle tools, the majority of low-key ‘lifestyle’ libertarians); Citizen pledged large-L Libertarian advocates interested in bettering civilization with rights-based less-is-more federal choices, with LIO seniors working directly with us on dialogue for the Gilson Reform; Civil ~160+ IQ LIO auditors home working directly with my family as LIO curators also promoting interest in localist LIO models/imitative eco-homes and -communities. Small-l libertarians speak for themselves on their own projects; large-L Libertarians spokesperson is the chair of their national organization (in the US the www.lp.org  and abroad its correspondents on libertarian-direction projects or ideas they’re doing. That is, no candidate, scholar, or other person is a ‘Libertarian spokesman’ or leader.). For LIO on SMILE we as a group only promote dialogue; on my model and its reform, easily adapted or adopted as a rule of order, the curator views are, as moral authors, final.




1000+ African libertarians in 1st Rights Conference

Posted on August 13, 2014 at 2:55 PM



African libertarians and LIO Friends organized a gigantic pan-African conference to discuss a United States of Africa, rights activism, anti-corruption, potential liberalist/libertarian-direction parties, and self-empowerment concepts at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


The July 2014 conference attracted over 1100 participants from every country in Africa, said organizers. Students for Liberty in Africa was key in helping bring about the event.


For more on the activities of the group see: https://www.facebook.com/AfricanSFL

Libertarians Look at S.T.E.M. --or B.A.S.E.? An Opinion

Posted on November 11, 2012 at 4:45 PM

Past LIO co-ordinator/curator Libertarian Etienne Gilson--hailed as both the greatest Humanist and Catholic Philosopher since Aquinas--developed the citizen Liberal, Great Books, lifelong learning/self-education, religious documentation and interdisciplinary movements. His protege and successor, LIO co-ordinator M. Gilson, says this:  

How do we educate to a just, humane world? What tools do parents and self-educators need immune from the fancy of the day?

In recent years technocratic themes have grown again. They've rallied in the call for the importance of 'S.T.E.M.' education from toddlers to Presidents--i.e. conversancy and available education on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Educators and worried parents point to people with 'useless' social science degrees. Cases occur where these deservedly get little interest from employers impatient with lack of basic mathematical or current technical expertise or even negativity.

This has unfortunately combined with reactionary elements of the extreme. These groups are trying to disvalue a humanist, secular education. Such education puts the facts in perspective for correct application. Where they propound a variety of anti-reality of climate change, anti-evolution, and anti-markets or rights themes such proponents correctly view tolerant and fact-focused science informed by social reality as the enemy. In the US, members of the Congress Science Committees and other technical groups have recently told children that all evolutionary Science is the work of Satan. An example of the good of this trend is the www.spc.org  a low-cost college that trains on science and market-ready technical degrees--but has a requirement to study practical ethics all but unique in the USA. An example of what is wrong is a call led by some extreme religious-conservative US Republicans and misguided academics to charge humanities students more as 'less useful' to the State (  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/25/state-proposal-vary-cost_n_2014802.html ) as not based on S.T.E.M. …So helpful tools morph into 'unintended' imposed consequences. The prospect of a democratic society or large companies conned by extremists with either naive social scientists OR ethics-free engineers in tow gives pause. Is Liberal education itself--the experience-tested toolkit of a Liberal or kindly, free person-- the real target?

To this end I have recently held a workshop for educators on what I have dubbed B.A.S.E. as equally key in education. Both S.T.E.M. and B.A.S.E.--along with tutoring in exercise, health, and emergency-military organization--are components of a humane, Liberal education.

o Basic concepts of method: Philosophy, logic, systems theory, goal analysis, axiomatics, brainstorming, scientific methods and paradigms, rights development; interdisciplinary and comparative studies in religion, affairs, and sciences supported by life-long interest in Great Books and new skills. So-called Austrian Economics is helping revolutionizing social science by a) An axiomatic approach, and b) A medical organic systems approach i.e. where it treats coercive systems as a social pathology. Lawyers see things business people do not, geographers led many discoveries of geology, people win prizes for ideas in one field that were in fact long known in another.

o Art-humanities, languages, & aesthetic craft: Art is how people model their visions, make things enjoyable, and appreciate the cultural philosophies of others. A picture is worth a thousand words, a great speech many dry treatises to getting action. This includes appreciation, history, and basic techniques in writing, plastic and other self-expression.

o Social sciences and Psychology. Einstein revolutionized physics looking at a social science equation. A mass of social science discoveries have entered common lingo from life-phases to denial complexes. Doctors have discovered hospitals that take account of social science interactions and simple techniques discovered by social scientists thrive. Thus, tools such as color-coding and encouragement of an informal communication atmosphere have fewer iatrogenic mistakes with happier patients who get better quickly. A technologist or scientist unaware of the history of the subject re-invents flat tires.

o Entrepreneurship including Law, Business, Economics, Community Organizing, and Management. LIO Fellow the late George McGovern avowed that his military-techno and social science education led to many proposals that were a disaster. He would have realized that they were a mistake if he had spent a year running a business. This line of learning should be supported by basic certification in a working person's technical skill and, dare I say experience in a union and working person environment as well, not just business field trips.

For decades LIO participants and fans have been promoting things like teaching logic and comparative culture and religion-atheism in elementary school; entrepreneurial education in middle school; great books reading and philosophy in high school. They have worked to end the common practice of training S.T.E.M. graduates in everything except formal logic and actual scientific method so they remind one of artists who can't name colors. They have emphasized that home schooling always occurs and has to be made primary and conscious; welcomed student-run Sudbury schools; fought to legalize free and low-cost by-test Liberal colleges; and fought for free and low-cost life-long and web learning. Now it has a name: along with S.T.E.M. we need, I suggest, a B.A.S.E. focus. Gandhi was a lawyer, Socrates a stone-mason, Hildegard of Bingen revolutionized arts and science while she and ran a community; and I'm a multi-disciplinarian with a union card. LIO has always encouraged prospects like Rand's New Intellectual in modern times: The leader comfortable and respectful of all fields and basic humanity. Culturally, citizen groups like ‘Socrates Café meet a need. Teachers are discovering that using the Peloponnesian Wars is immediately understood by ghetto kids who see those conflicts daily.

The current trend is to integrate S.T.E.M. and what I have named B.A.S.E. in an ongoing learning environment. In what scenario do we need S.T.E.M. students going to colleges where B.A.S.E. is not prized? Specialization tied with appreciation and comfort for the general is what does the trick for most. One usually doesn’t need S.T.E.M. bridge-builders who build marvels that don't work because they ignore the (B) interdisciplinary impacts, are (A) ugly and thus avoided, create (S) traffic jams and accidents by ignoring how drivers actually drive, and (E) cost 3 times more than they should have –except, perhaps, in a armrest-gripping Disaster Movie with Nicholas Cage or Charlton Heston to the rescue.




Posted on June 26, 2012 at 8:45 AM

LIO  Friends and fans are interested citizens or dedicated comunity leaders and activists who start or share autonomous projects such as here where Libs and others woirk on border issues in Central Asia ...encouraged by groups such as the Tajikistan Free Market Center .

These are part  of wider citizen-driven efforts to bring freer immigration, trade, and peaceful co-operation.  Many such activists work through-- or using free tools-- of the Atlas Network, created at  meetings funded and hosted by then co-ordinator Goodwill Ambassador Hon. Lillian de Lemos of the Dominican Republic and facilitated by then co-ordinator in training Michael Gilson-De Lemos (MG). We invite you to participate free and share your secular good work including personal SMILE projects.

LIO fans in our d-bases number over 1 million as we approach Libertarian Day July 17th, distributed in every country with large concentrations in the US, China, and Europe. Though LIO takes in no money with volunteers applying their autonomous effort and is completely non-partisan and private--it is now the largest rights, voluntary reforms and scientific progress encouragement network in history. According to Facebook, advisory groups such as the LIO Friends alone make shares ‘go viral’ to 20% of users, with a reach potential over 2 million. Some 600 Fellows advance intriguing or seminal ideas on SMILE lines…from plans to privately eco-colonize Mars…to time-travel debates…to calls for universal free youth education in violence mediation, statistics and logic. This expansion of the old Liberal-Libertarian Leagues from a few freethinker leaders, republican champions, and sympathetic officials has new needs.

LIO is re-configuring this and specialty sites as follows (please check above and at sidebars for current links):

1. This site is being gradually moved to main focus on Fellow’s SMILE work and LIO reviews, with an eventual Fellow’s e-journal. New sites are being made for Group and the burgeoning LIO Friends with a ‘wins’ blog showcasing beneficial work in every country by Libertarian users and general LIO fans . Our co-editor SMILE blog at www.TheLibertarian.Info  to supplement the Twitter has been well-received averaging 100 new people and 30 views an hour as we enter tips of the day…plus the information of the first generation of civic libertarians that was, as Dr. Swanson put it, ‘in our heads’ so the once small and intimate but now world users can take advantage and correct misperceptions. Much of this information correct misperceptions promoted by Wikipedia and scholars who have never consulted us—such as mis-definitions of mini-archism, general ignorance of ‘Lib history’ and needed links to goals and other statements or edgy SMILE efforts. The curator has started a Facebook site to share his occasional highlights of ‘where we’ll be’ and Tiger Team (lead activist) shares sent to him, and where you can share your links on futurist and other topics.Also, a section to disseminate via web LIO-specific 'memes' suggested by the curator is under study.

2. The support sites and co-related blogs and e-groups for the support areas of the Libertarian Citizen Community project are being slowly fashioned for official launch. Beginning late 2013 we expect some 100 local communities to advance both SMILE sharing and eventual LIO model eco-communities and in time, model towns or neighborhoods while encouraging more aware Lib-based community from condos up. These support projects, while curated for purposes of continuity by the Gilson household are functionally autonomous from LIO and the communities. Communities will help network community leaders and welcome all LIO-interest projects from www.ISIL.org  and www.StudentsForLiberty.org  discussion groups to common ground initiatives of a co-op and eco-interest nature to local science and autonomy citizen groups. In addition, as we now have functional contact groups in every country, we’re consulting on where they would prefer to have a permanent platform of a portal nature. Our aim is for these to become features of the local landscape uniting many of the most intelligent and community aware, and serve as networks and hosts of designed communities as not only conservators of local needs but incubators of beneficial change through dialogue, and enjoyable shared activities in a non-attack, ‘we’re Switzerland’ atmosphere beyond parties.

3. We are consulting to reconfigure our ‘movement portal’ to better reflect Fellow’s projects by 2015. We will continue to add links to LIO/SMILE general alert e-groups. Depending on who is social networking ‘top dog’ we’re considering a general fan group in one or several social networks beyond our Twitter one. Several fans have started exemplary projects which we may highlight due to their ongoing nature in spreading ideas.

Our volunteers suggest changes to make the sites not necessarily pretty but reflective of stated activist needs and usability. We’re very grateful for the positive feedback and kudos, and honored to be as one stated ‘The de facto world Salon, cheering section and workshop for a better voluntary world’ thanks to their ideas, successes, and shared efforts. Finally, we’ve become aware that with growth the Libertarian Standards sheet has ceased to circulate, and as curator we’ve been consulting on language for an inter-networked world and will re-issue them to end confusion by 2016.

As we help each country reaches saturation college (we estimate 25% ) education with improved and free citizen sharing of information levels, we’re seeing a new world where SMILE concepts are an essential tool to initiate dialogue and research. When in doubt, remember our team motto: With dialogue on voluntary alternatives, things improve.


Gilson Reform Re-Issue, Libertarian Institute Dawns

Posted on May 30, 2012 at 9:20 PM

  Dr. Margeret Tse, Libertarian Institute welcome host encourages you to look into tools such as more open and free groups, public entities and markets.  LI will advise you on setting up your local mini-think tank or legal project, or just use the suggested models at its blog.

Current civic Libertarianism dialogue as facilitated by many using LIO has 2 levels:

  1. General Libertarian-oriented/Liberal ( more participative and market-friendly secular democracy improvement as championed by Dr. Hospers), and in them
  2. Libertarian-directional projects aiming at more open and voluntary-friendly societies (such as indicated in the book 'Voluntary City' by Beito to the many studies by Dr. Rothbard). These basically see Libertarians as highly focused advocates of justice and liberty through voluntary and more open, participative or local means; and
  3. The more 'strict ' efforts to legalize both LIO model eco-community approved by the curator around SMILE themes, and user-defined Lib-based communties inspired by the effort or using condign tools. These see Libertarians as embryo pledged rights-upholding freeholders of forthcoming Libertarian communities and cities based entirely on model voluntary structures within the first.

All in the last generation have been driven by a limited circulation paper that collates UN Rights to voluntary initiatives: 'You Have A Right' developed as a young man by the current curator, Michael Gilson-De Lemos (MG),  and circulated to eminent civic, libertarian-interested and other leaders over the years and of course key LIO Fellows, along with various rights projects to reform key problems in statutes and moral-managerial approach known as the 'Gilson Reform', summarized by the 4 D's at the sidebar of Democracy, Decriminalization/de-coercion, Devolution and Development worldwide in civil/civic socity interfaces.

 Under a 30-year agreement, it was the basis of the model Lib-direction USLP platform and an effort to organize materials as shown here: www.LibertarianBookClub.org for international starter use.


Some years ago we ( with MG as leader and curator, Dr. Hospers, Dr. Friedman, David Nolan, and myself so it will operate as our personal arm, in other words the modern civic movement founders) began forming a Libertarian Institute to carry out and maintain both the reform and general Lib activity on the main lines of legal and policy change driven by the citizen via e.g. direct democracy, petitions, and judicial action. It is a project to also set and publicize Libertarian group standards and open management in general. MG will be issuing  appropriate legal information and model community standards on LIO themes and so publicing the re-worked 'You Have A Right' and support documents on e.g. a model Libertarian law code based on voluntary community in future years.

To that end we're Beta-testing the LI blog for launch with other projects this Summer for the long-awaited sister Libertarian Institute. In past years we have quietly developed autonomous groups to petition and interact as citizens on the trhemes in many countries and now they're taking off on their own. The e-platform helps inform and network call- contact teams, reports Lib legislative/law wins (there's one daily now somewhere), and analysis direct from MG or interested LIO Fellows to encourage the jurists of tomorrow and e.g. DDIR efforts among others. As such we're already seeing the teams and interested LI fans and publicized groups becoming the main factor for Libertarian legal change worldwide.

Mr. Nolan noted that NO Lib-interest entity as of 2010 (and of now) upholds the Lib-direction and under-issue lines of the strict Libertarian reform--except the emrging LI. All promote a type 1 or 2 phase that in effect assumes a world without Libertarians or Libertarian legal knowledge to inform action: Rothbard's competing governments, CATO limitted government proposals, the emphasis on small government or anarchism, and so forth.This is by design, and the LI alone will speak with the joint authority of movement founders and activist continuity in promoting voluntary groups and communities through legalization on all levels as an interlocking whole.

LI will help certify both strict Libertarian groups and more to its ends and with a self-rating system for the Lib-based as well on the 3 levels, developed by the movement co-founders and already used by many activists. People are already using the law rating system to assess the rights inpacts of laws from A to F and so better direct dialogue and self-organize effort..


The Libertarian Institute blog is linked above and at: http://rightsandpolicyreporter.wordpress.com  I emphasize that as part of the project to build model LIO  and SMILE-interested community to each major conurbation,  things stated here reference the curator's concerns and not necessarily those of LIO Fellows or any other LIO encouraged project. LIO encourages dialogue towards voluntary tools and not any party or statute per se.

The blog reports the now daily wins happening worldwide as the Gilson Reform spreads...Start your day with encouraging news, or consider starting an independent call team to push local change at this unique and useful Law, Rights & Lib Policy Reporter with News on Rights Work Worldwide.

--R.Swanson, past LIO Advisory Chair, charter founder USLP

To Help Youth Attend China Libertarian-Liberal Conference

Posted on May 30, 2012 at 8:40 PM

Libertarian-Liberal youth as these working for ballot access in Latin America need your help to attend informative conferences that will prevent the wars of the future.

Our friends at www.ISIL.org and www.jonathangullible.com  invite you to attend another path-breaking and enh joyable conference--this time in Mainland China, with more being discussed for other regions such as Latin America--and/or consider sponsoring a young person or student to attend for a low cost. They report:

You have a unique opportunity this summer to meet members of the growing free-market movement in China as well as other fascinating libertarians from around the world, and also enjoy the opportunity to explore this ancient and exotic country with our post-conference tour options. ISIL is co-sponsoring the Austrian Economics Summit/ISIL Asia Regional Conference, and you are invited to participate in this exciting, historic event!

Along with the fall of the Soviet Union, the world’s most momentous story of the last 30 years has been the rise of China from communist basketcase to a largely free-market economic powerhouse, yet still under the rule of the Communist Party. The situation is highly complex.

Li Zhao Schoolland, a native of mainland China, informs us that there is a considerable free-market intellectual network in China. Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty has been a best-seller. Many other translated works on liberty are widely available.

The past two years, Li has organized highly-successful student Austrian Economics Summer Seminars at Northeastern University in Shenyang, and will do a third one in July, 2012. ISIL has provided financial support to these student seminars.

Li is also organizing this Austrian Economics Summit/ISIL Regional Conference in Shanghai at the Huaquio/Kunshan Hilton/Double Tree Hotel, running from evening July 20th through the 22nd, with checkout on the 23rd , plus post-conference tour options.

ISIL is co-sponsoring the conference as an Asian regional event, and is encouraging international libertarians to attend, and to explore this fascinating country.

The goal of the 2012 Shanghai conference is to expound on free-market ideas to a Chinese audience and to learn what free-market economists are doing in China. There will be three groups in attendance:

1) international attendees who are interested in both free markets and China;

2) Chinese academic and research economists who are interested in free-market ideas; and

3) University students who want to learn about free-market principles that are not taught in China.

This symposium is not affiliated with any government institutions in China. ... Li just returned from a two-week planning trip to Shanghai where she met with many of the libertarian activists and academics. The Chinese label this summer symposium "a private intellectual dialogue, aiming to help China to grow."

Help Students to Benefit from the ISIL Conference

ISIL has sponsored hundreds of students, mainly from the ex-communist countries, to the recent conferences. The students, who could otherwise not hope to afford the conference, have benefited greatly from the speakers and by meeting international libertarians. Many have gone home full of ideas and inspiration and have formed organizations and publishing projects, or become teachers and organizers of the Liberty English Camps for youth education that have also been supported by ISIL.

Our goal for Shanghai is 50 students. More if we can afford more. We expect to bring them this year primarily from other Asian countries. The students are responsible for their own travel, and must pay at least a token registration. No such thing as a free lunch!

Each scholarship will cost $800. We seek to raise $40,000 to bring in all these young people.

This is a great investment in the future growth of the global liberty movement. Please go to the ISIL Donation page to contribute to the ISIL Conference Scholarship Fund. Any amount appreciated! (These contributions to ISIL are tax-deductible in the USA).

Past LIO Advisory Chair:Memoirs, Articles for Coming Years

Posted on April 21, 2012 at 2:20 AM

 Dr.Ralph Swanson helped found Sister Cities, worked on the UN Declaration with H.G. Wells, and marched with Martin Luther King Jr. Having joined LIO's predecessor organization--the Libertarian-Liberal League-- in 1939 as a teen to combat racism in Florida, he knew key figures and those who had known LIO figures of the XIXth and early XXth century--such as Miguel Lemos, air pioneer and developer of Gilsonite Samuel Gilson, Robert H. Goddard, Ramon Franco plus  principals in  influential LIO Fellow projects such as the Personal Rights Association , the Liberal International, the British Interplanetary Society, and many others.

Past LIO Advisory Chair Dr. Ralph Swanson shared on his Facebook today that he is done editing or approving extensive notes for his memoirs, some 200 articles, and thinkpieces on the civic movement to be published in future years. These include several articles with David Nolan, Dr. John Hospers, and others; suggested pre-posts by the hundreds for LIO blogs; and expose of improper activity by bad actors in the libertarian rights movement coupled with advice to budding groups worldwide.

He has been retired in recent years which, though handling various age-related health issues, has given him time to work on the materials, he said. He is on a local citizen advisory council but no longer makes public appearances..Over the years he played key roles in founding and administering many groups. Dr. Swanson worked for many years in engineering and in intelligence interrogation matters, and was active in the destruction of the once predominant Ku Klux klan which at the time had a massive influence in the US.

The memoirs are centered around what he sees as 10 key meetings in the last 70 years--including a meeting with Eisenhower and JFK for demilitarization and Sister Cities, planning of Libertarian rights parties, and the recent LIO OPERATIONS DEMOCRACY & DIGNITY.  The LIO and other projects he has designated will see to final format of the materials, including introductions to several LIO-based activist manuals and more, at this website.

Quips the twinkling octagenarian to LIO fans: "Stay Vertical! There is work to do."

LIO GOOGLE+ for Community News Highlights

Posted on March 28, 2012 at 3:35 PM

With the growing Libertarian International Organization-based and -fan projects, we've started a page for  news/themes highlights at  GOOGLE+  (https://plus.google.com/112935643378002952421 or See sidebar).


Project sites will have comprehensive items, but the new site will have highlightsof those  plus additional links on intriguing data and useful tools from the GOOGLE+ fans, along with recurring reminders to use the other sites for new people with an average of 4-21 items and stories a week. In addition:

  • The co-editor's www.THELIBERTARIAN.info  lifestyle S.M.I.L.E. blog will have a daily "Libertopia Lib Living" tip on the growing voluntary options available thanks in some-to-large part to the work of LIO Fellows and those influenced by the ideas...with collateral additional https://twitter.com/#!/LIBIntOrg" target="_blank">Tweets and Facebook posts by those blog fan communities.
  • Besides items on the LIO Fellows here, continuing news and tips on their projects from the LIO Friends network, which will also have later this year a dedicated blog and site.(Simply join that Facebook to become an LIO Friend and share your inspirational item or voluntary project). A journal site for the LIO Fellows with links to community journals is being planned for 2014-2015 to better synergize their wide interests and catalyze change.
  • Later this year many dedicated sites and e-groups to build LIO/Libertarian-interested  communities. In addition, by-country support-contact communities and portal info-pages will be up as we proceed through 2013. The whole serve to facilitate fan projects and continuity for circles of www.ISIL.org , www.FEE.org, etc. on an autonomous basis.

The whole represents a massive development of Libertarian-Liberal self-leadership and dialogue since the current curator, working with the LIO Fellows, re-oriented LIO from a tight, salon-like advisory body to a more open network in the last generation dedicated to general reform and conservation by voluntary non-partisan means, and  spreading local community.

LIO works by participants sharing projects and info among themselves and with the public, in an expanding dialogue to expand, and continually improve using, conscious and rights-based voluntary association and community. Join us!



LIO ADVISORY: LIO Libertarian OPERATION DIGNITY--Voluntary Taxes, Public Services, Unions, Households--Underway to Promote Devolution Dialogue

Posted on March 28, 2012 at 1:20 PM

Developed by LIO Fellows and US Libertarian Party legislators, the "Libertarian Un-Tax" Alaska Permanent Fund reverses taxes--moving away from seizing resources towards endowment-based public services providing an income for all and in time core public services, and tax rate reduction that maximizes revenue with additional voluntarization (We recommend dialogue on to 5% based on internal studies performed by M. Gilson and M. Rothbard with voluntary dedicated streams to autonomous public services such as social pension at 45 vs the current mess; see article at bottom).



  • Instead of less/no government/public program--voluntary choice of programs/non-coercive community program and user governance
  • Instead of no/less taxes--lower unified and recommended tax rates that maximize revenue with voluntary taxes, endowment funding by sovereign autonomous funds: 'coercive taxes are obsolete and as knowledge of this spreads, grossly immoral.'
  • Instead of privatizing/cutting services--voluntary community and comprehensive services with legalized private options
  • Instead of deregulation/no regulation--guideline, data-based practices recommended by consumer, unions and firms with multiple quality and other optional but open and re-insured certifications
  • Emphasize along with market choice proactive choices and fundamental right
  • Instead of charity-Libertarian zero-poverty goal with proactive, non-coercively funded entities and endowments by community, family, and private entities
  • Instead of union as association--unions based on right to attorney/agency.


Along with OPERATION DEMOCRACY focused on dialogue on implementing voluntary options via and including Democracy, Decriminalization and international Development with direct implementation by democracy of Libertarian rights and choice by majority vote (and which has led to work on gay marriage, fair redistricting and massive real estate tax harbors in that state)... LIO has launched OPERATION DIGNITY to focus on the other Gilson  ' D' of  Devolution . LIO-encouraged Meetings have already led to an initiative in the US by the Republicans to abolish all income taxes, starting with state level taxes; and move away from an association model to an agency model for the right to collective-bargain but user-chosen unions. --along with tradional and now virtual consumer unionism .


This will move LIO-supporter dialogue language away from ameliorative Liberal /Libertarian-oriented "smaller government" to implemntational  "rights implemented through voluntary choices and programs." These pave the way for demand for and use of model Libertarian eco-community. This tracks growing public familiarity with 'Libertopian voluntary options' as documented in use-and-spread-the-tools format at the LIO co-editor blog www.TheLibertarian.Info and with massive LIO participant catalyzed changes of the last 40 years, especially in particular programs.

This moves dialogue from what civic Libertarianism permits to what Libertarianism and LIO advocates as best or usual practice, and away from partial forms. That is, Libertarianism defends one's legal freedom to e.g. jump from one's roof dressed in a clown suit, but does not advocate such activity per se. As a policy example, many people equate Libertarian themes with "small to no government."' These are Libertarian-oriented/directional themes, and only if involving poledged Libertarians and voluntary choices. Libertarian focus is now on "voluntary governance" and choice of public and private programs in Libertarian applications in public administration/civic matters, themselves voluntarily funded.


 At no point has the LIO called for the abolition of anything unless coercive: It is a mistake to equate Libertarianism with abolition of e.g. social security (though this may depending on the Constitution or program be prudent), but an array of personal, privately provided to the public, and many community trust (replacing previous coercive government as commonly conceived ) programs; pro-Libertarians have however urged the public to challenge doctrines of state or official omnicompetence, superiority or omnipotence and 're-engineer' by asking if various statutory measures are actually needed or rightful.

As another example, many activists and commentators mistakenly equate legalizing privatized and self or peer/user certified and regulated items such as roads with replacing all public roads with personal roads. Legalizing privatization is not the same as de-communitizing programs, as many conservatives or anarchists enthusastic about Libertarianism improperly conclude. Libertarianism should never be confused with its implementations, and transcends and absorbs in civics all other systems. It is not a form of government or absence of government--it replaces and voluntarizes all forms as the user may understand and need.

This has led to some confusion in Libertarian-direction parties e.g. the USLP candidate Gary Johnson proposes what many view as an outdated and extreme right-wing favored Fair Tax (note: In early years Libertarian supporter proposed e.g. CATO flat taxes as an initial discussion step, and this may be useful in some high-tax countries) that is behind the times in Libertarian US practice (e.g. LIO Fellow Ronald Reagan focused on tax rate reduction that resulted in increased public revenues). even as state parties reflect LIO dialogue such as the Hawa'ii LP (see: http://www.libertarianpartyofhawaii.org/platform1.html "...elimination of the state-supported social welfare system and indeed all taxation for voluntary alternatives along lines of the Libertarian originated Alaska Permanent Fund. ..."

 Libertarian supporters and candidates should, however,neutrally present a range of solutions--from modest improvement to complete voluntarization respectful of user choice (Dallas Accord on presentation, curated by LIO). Besides LIO links that may be provided to the purpose, links to a variety of Lib-interest/solution non-partisan groups per an LIO/USLP dialogue several years ago is sufficient at this time.


Current themes of dialogue and data-dissemination, and citizen initiative on voluntary and non-coercive options include:

OPERATION DIGNITY is the advice of the LIO curator to promote fruitful dialogue and voluntary action; and assist LIO supporters in self-organizing effort. LIO remains neutral as always in any specific proposal, but encourages fans and the public to, upon review, proceed according to their freely chosen strategies towards  better fellowship, mutual respect, and understanding.




Why Pay Taxes when User Fees are Better

September 27th 2005

 Libertarians Slash, Replace Taxes with Spending Challenges, User Fees, Trusts, and Permanent Funds

Libertarianism targets tools to enhance individual rights, and their liberty of use, replacing coercive old-fashioned government programs by creative non-government alternatives, fulfilling the Constitution’s ideals.

The myth? Taxes are “the price we pay for civilization.” Textbooks say no system of justice can exist without it; that it’s the first task of public management; and even Franklin said that, like death, you couldn’t avoid them. Overturn that myth: if civilization is less coercion, taxes are the price we pay for incomplete civilization.

The reality? Once enacted taxes not only grow but become the engine for abuses of power needed to enforce their increasing scope. Adults are treated like government slaves—democratically authorized or not—taxed in every area, from the womb to the tomb. Rights and privacy vanish in “implied powers” to enforce taxes.As taxes multiply people have no idea of the real total tax burden (over 60% in many cases); what they’re spent for (One Libertarian weapon in tax reduction is simply embarrassing legislators by revealing they’re raising taxes for things no one’s defined or, like education, are supposedly already funded); or why: The US has gone from a Constitution with a few optional taxes by relatively un-intrusive methods to co-operating with international “standards” actually demanding that any country with low taxes raise them..

 Libertarian Information  

The truth? All ignore numerous examples, from parts of Elizabethan England to medieval German towns to lotteries for public funds to Ancient Thailand to the Amish to the present where taxes aren’t used.

Is there a better way? Yes. Libertarian tools are being adopted: To treat public services as a business with an attitude that costs should go down constantly, nut rise. Why not think big and seek well managed services that pay you, and make that challenge to officials? Stop confusing Public with Government: they’re not the same. A private entity can have a public purpose; the real difference is if you’re being compelled. Junk the free rider model, where taxes are justified on the basis some will benefit from “universal services” who don’t pay, making service inertia a virtue. Why not public trusts designed to be open to all? More:

• Spending Challenges. Citizen Teams are getting a hold of public budgets and finding that, by challenging each item line by line and asking if voluntary options are even being considered, they’re locating what consultants have said for years: by the program’s own standards often over 90% of money spent is wasted compared to options of self-help, co-ops, competing firms, or using simple business methods. The trick: Test budgets line-by-line for voluntary alternatives, and standard methods: user needs, best practices, performance standards, business accounting.

• User Fees and Lotteries: Some things are just wanted by some users. Libertarians suggest set-asides for low-income and to keep reducing the fees, and earmarking lottery funds.

• Self-help through co-operatives, personal accounts. Examples: user-owned public utilities, IRA’s.

• An “Un-Tax” with Permanent Funds. I had a hand in this. At 12 I wrote a short paper suggesting that if government assets and efficiency savings were simply earmarked, captured and invested by long term “permanent” funds not run by government, all could soon get a check that would simultaneously cure unemployment, poverty, basic costs, and retirement woes. I had no idea that I’d overturned 200 years of economics, but my well-connected doting Dad did, and sent the paper to Attorney General William Rogers, later Alaska Governor Jay Hammond (they were all old buddies), Libertarian economist L. von Mises, Robert Kennedy, and even Martin Luther King Jr., who as it turns out had similar thoughts. Libertarian legislators in Alaska took up the idea, and the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend plan arose. Now Alaskans have no income tax and a small family gets about $10,000 yearly and growing. Remember: a twelve year old could figure this out.

 Bottom Line? Take Action.Taxes are obsolete. Bring these tools to your community: Share this article; call for tax exemptions: of conscience, homesteads, elderly; for challenge teams; local Permanent Funds. It’s time for attitude change: To see officials calling for more taxes, ‘fair taxes,’ or any tax as uninformed or incompetent. For info on fund, Libertarian Dick Randolph: http://www.apfc.org/publications/TP5-3.cfm


By Michael Gilson-De Lemos



I LOVE Libertarians! 'The Libertarian' World Lifestyle Blog Up

Posted on February 21, 2012 at 6:00 PM


Starting with 1400 hits in a sneak preview for the humorous-but-serious LIO blessed Libertarian Lifestyle Blog The Libertarian

  • The BLOG shares SMILE news items, movement perspectives and recondite history, and Lifestyle tips premised on the LIO long-range view that 'Libertopia' is spreading--and will accelerate as readers share the blog links and items, along with those of the many resource links to interest friends and one's circle--and better one's life.The format is link plus amusing (one hopes) or provocative comment; the idea is for LIO fans and others to get something useful a day with a chuckle and a little inspiration in a worldwide, pro-multicultural, positive Lib  atmosphere.
  • Many pro-Libertarians have complained of over-political, US centered, or attack-based sources and expressed the need for one to serve as core for a sense of world Libertarian-liberal community Living. After initial positive comments on our Twitter, the blog was underway. Additional features for sharing work in other languages and LIO Fellows at work are under review.
  • The Twitter (  https://twitter.com/LIBIntOrg ) will continue to share additional user SMILE-interest retweets plus LIO bulletins, while an associated Facebook "I Love Libertarians" allows additional reader-driven sharing for potential inclusion and immediate reader use.
  • Regular features will include  'awards' for self-defeating legislation and ridiculous anti-Libertarian attacks vs cultural influence, and challenges to cultural mis-information;  periodic focus on TED and other cultural tools of interest--and focus on inspirational world Lib activists, personalities with great SMILE tools, and LIO Friends or fans in public office
  • The Libertarian continues the inspiration of  late LIO Fellow William Sidis. Libertarian champions David Nolan and John Hospers were key in developing initial stories and format. Perspectives do not necessarily present LIO views, but are there to ease sharing of beneficial information; and the venture is independent.
  •  It is free, and we hope you will click it daily, share and as we like to say: Enjoy!

LIO Libertarians: Super HI-IQ SMILE Circle Formalized

Posted on December 28, 2011 at 9:10 AM

An informal contact Circle to locate and engage the Super-High IQ/EQ underway by LIO since 1972 has been formalized. More people are 'Supers' given the massive increase in population than ever, with likely new heights of IQ/EQ being attained.

In general, those with over 165-175+  IQ's (Einstein level or above) are highly favorable to LIO voluntaristic themes.The group will engage those of regular high genius (over 140 or able to do Master to PhD work). About 5000 adults in the world are targeted and many now interface with the Circle. If you do well on EQ or pschological maturity tests and US College GRE's (~1500+) or SAT's (~1500 V + M) you may be a Super please contact LIO.

The Circle will have a contact Facebook and other public means more for awareness purposes, but actually work through ad-hoc contact on agreed themes. It is not meant as a formal LIO advisory entity at this point, but an awareness-raising venture.


Circle felt that current political nations as structures and the economic crisis ignored the massive changes happening because saturation of college education (25% of population ) was being reached with great shifts in competency expectations, choice desires, and personal needs e.g.  the need to allow the rise of a leisure-study oriented society (as LIO has long predicted via voluntary means).

They concurred to the following along: Interests of world peace and liberal democracy with Libertarian characteristics, abuse and professional problems experienced by the Higher-IQ/EQ in dealing with the misconceptions of the community and in particular regular geniuses,  and removing the Higher-IQ psychologically damaged and of problem tendencies from influential positions, namely promote:

  1. Dialogue on secular world democracy, peace, and local autonomy
  2. By-test or thesis learning and "Super PhD's" since many drop out from colleges such as e.g. a Harvard as too slow , and sensitivity to special needs K-PhD+ with life-long and open-learning type entities
  3. Better interdisciplinary and cross national contact, with location and mentoring of "Supers" in developing nations. Recognition that as a proportionally a normal person seems slow to a High IQ, a High IQ seems slow to a Super; promotion of voluntary policies to encourage movement of average IQ of population to 130-140 with advent of robot servants; dialogue on improving educational resources for the less intelligent or those with special needs still underserved; spread of mental improvement techniques to maximize the undeveloped abilities of most people.


Participants pointed to recent incidents of Supers being murdered for being bi-sexual, or professional problems and firing for demanding adherence to quality standards.A case was cited of a young person who had spent years in an insane asylum who was later realized to be a Super; concern was expressed that many Asperger or ADD type diagnoses may reflect incomprehension that one was dealing with 'a Super bored or frightened out of his skull.' Several expressed the view that many Supers have low-level psychic perception that make faith-based religious views primitive and directly unverified. Several stated the Flynn effect--the rise of general IQ's-- was not just an artifact of old IQ tests but real, pointing to the eugenic and self-development effect of e.g. better self-education tools, schooling and food, of women's new ability to select smarter and more stable mates, of massive destruction of the stupid through war, and the open-secret invidible to researchers that many Supers and High-IQ men have in fact been circumventing restrictive marriage laws by using semen donation services and the spread of free loive to have in many cases hundreds of High-IQ children.

Many felt that policies such as anti-immigration, high taxation rates, attacks on copyright, laws mandating business monopolies, the current educational state systems, prohibitions against cloning or adult incest (note: incest definitions vary wildly in different countries, from allowing adult contact to forbidding second cousin or same-last-name relationships), and sensationalist movies with 'the mad scientist meme'  were at least subconscious attacks on the Supers comparable to anti-Semitism or racial bigotry.

It was agreed that LIO would sponsor resource websites so each could develop their own personal and autonomous strategy, based on shared 'starting point' data, and to also engage interdisciplinary people of regular high IQ or interest.. Interest was also expressed in an "HBI" or half-baked idea journal of short suggestions for review. Many had also taken action in promoting the adult education and peer sharing project TED.




More LIO Community Tools Underway in 2012/3

Posted on December 28, 2011 at 8:50 AM

LIO is putting in place additional community support tools for ' I LEAP !" action with the successes of the Pinellas, Florida, pilot. At present several community facilitators are in training for additional 'Libertarian Society' pilots. Unlike the cariety of Libertarian-based efforts by different groups, only these will be under LIO registration as part of the mission to create strict Libertarian-centered but ecumenical networks with the option of eventual model LIO eco-communities. Forthcoming tools include:

  1. Interpersonal: Blogs on Libertarian Living items and making searchable the wonderful work of LIO Friends in many countries, along with a non-partisan Youth/Public Volunteer support e-group. An occasional LIO FRIENDS and SMILE PDF e-journals are contemplated.
  2. Legislative: An institute focused primarily on the original Gilson-Hospers efforts via implementing direct democracy and building starter regional e-conferences. In following our Libertarian co-op philosophy, the institute will take no money. The project will interface with LIO-interested Libertarian, Liberal and rights party representatives in a best-practice group. Public offical certification according to the lines approved by movement leaders in the early decade will be offered.
  3. Educative; We will finish uploading the approved reading program and local e-study support using public venues
  4. Action Community: Manuals will be under editing in Spring for a citizen summit entity to support the integrated communities.
  5. Public Administration: LIO has registered both a Lib and interested study project to engage  non-Lib and promote LI certified non-partisan and especially appointive public officials. At present 200 Libertarians in public office are involved in the project in several countries. This will be the sole "political arm" of the LIO though autonomous as the personal arm of the movement founders and curator.
  6. !-Wins: An archive of both LIO and manuals of interest to Libertarian-oriented activists will be maintained, along with an occasional journal on  I LEAP! focus worldwide.

Finally, SMILE pdf materials and a focus on key SMILE autonomus group links are under discussion.Please note the LIO SMILE and E-I LEAP! communities are distinct.


Review: LIO Libertarianism and 40 Years of Liberal Progress

Posted on September 6, 2011 at 5:05 PM

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Comedian CK highlights things LIO Libertarians and Fellows helped bring about in the first generation of agressive change. The world is better and enjoys more freedom than ever, but much remains.

EDITORIAL with Ralph Swanson, LIO past Fellows Advisory Chair

We're living in the greatest free and prosperous era of history, thanks to empowering Libertarian tools and the spread of Liberal attitudes--and LIO is a platform to help you better it. People who say our freedoms are in danger as never before, civilization is coming to an end, and so on are either moral idiots or anti-Libertarian and anti-Liberal extremists (often combined with claims Libertarians have done nothing and Liberals are fascists). The last generation has seen a world transformed when many assumed we would be cogs in a vast world coercive Communist dictatorship in 1970, when the current LIO Curator, Michael Gilson-De Lemos,  swore in his first modern pledged Libertarians (of whom I was one) on July 17th, 1970...and outlined in time a world agenda for legal and cultural progress in the next few years that served to network and inspire a world movement as others added their perspectives who might not have realized they had much in common. The above hilarious YouTube (     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r1CZTLk-Gk&feature=youtu.be ) --itself a testimony to the bettering attitudes--by a comedian highlights technical advances, true...but they would have remained on the drawing board had not LIO supporters and other reformers refused to "sit back and wait for a happy ending" as we like to say. Comedian CK points to:

  • Cell phones and answering machines: LIO activists fought to remove laws that made these anti-monopoly innovations a crime.
  • Web and air travel: Again, Lib-led campaigns removed legal blocks and changed attitudes, garnering support across the spectrum and bringing lower prices and high quality with reduced regulations.
  • Travel almost everywhere: As LIO activists help lead change in the Mid-East towards democracy, let us not forget we celebrate the beginning of the fall of most Communist and Right-wing dictaorships this week, 

The SMILE agenda (first so named by LIO advisor Dr. Timothy Leary and re-organized in recent years: http://www.tekgnostics.com/SMILE.HTM ) has started the foundations of what LIO Fellow Gene Roddenberry called "A Libertarian-based  Star Trek Universe" and an end to attitudes incomprehensible to the most enlightened of the growing generation:

  • Space/Sea/Garden Earth communities: In 1970 Space and Sea development was a coerced government monopoly, and the right to sue against polluters or even standards were non-existent. LIO activists led space, sea and Earth  Day conferences. Today NASA is privatizing, Seasteads are being debated, and there is a mass movement for eco-friendliness.
  • Machine/Management/Thought tools; Improve lifestyles/Individual Empowerment: LIO Libertarians have catalyzed a revolution in the beginning of a universal robot servant--the web; in co-op and participative decentralized management; proactive programs and private-government colloquia such as groups to examine long-term threats and conservation needs "way ahead of anything the government is doing" (DARPA), and an array of self-help and creativity enhancing tools, peer workshops, and philosophies that launched the modern seminar movement.
  • Life Extension and Health Empowerment: Declaring "don't let your doctor kill you" LIO Fellows have introduced research on attainable life extension, immortality, and catalyzed coalitions against corp[oration-driven laws limiting health information and natural products.
  • Empowering Libertarian-interested and LIO eco-community pilots: In 1970 there was no such thing as a Libertarian in public office, ballot barriers were horrendous ( in Florida, USA as late as the last decade courts declared Libertarian parties a partisan faction whose regulation by the government and denial of equal rights was essential) where there was even a vote, re-privatization concepts of legalizing alternatives were unknown (and today still confused by extremists with getting rid of government programs instead of making them voluntary), and intentional community was under siege. As more are being familiarized with Libertarian advocates and in public office in their localities, schools, and even on TV every day, things are different. Massive options are now available in many jurisdictions; LIO registered communities are underway with numerous Libertarians in non-partisan public office, encouraging social networks with opportunities for common ground. LIO networks seek to facilitate both voluntary living and peer use, discussion and action on SMILE lines of secular, scientific progress. In Operation Democracy, LIO Libertarians are determined to bring direct and town-hall democracy and rights movements/ watchdogs enlightened by voluntary tools to every nation.

In 1939, when I joined, the world seemed drifting to Fascism and World Communism, and horrifying attitudes of bigotry, racism, high tax rates, lack of peer communication and more were the norm--and we were aware we still lived in a better world compared to 1939. In 1970 organizing was very difficult: voter registration lists were state secrets, local phone calls could cost a day's wage, mail monopolies took months to deliver in even neighboring countries. Yet today we have helped people from all over the world easily get inspired and take action with our site using practically free web and phone tools.

LIO's secret has always been insistent focus on rights and the voluntary process that empowers users and opens networks in an authoritative yet non-authoritarian way. So let us pause to realize how much has been done by many unsung activists and dedicated visionaries--and not listen to the voices still calling for us to nod, agree, expect little, and blindly obey--but instead champion our lives, our liberties, and the simple and benevolent pursuit of our happiness. What will the world be in 2049? You decide.

RESOURCE: To discover what others are doing worldwide right now, and share your non-partisan dreams, link or project large or small-- become an LIO Friend at our Facebook.

LIO Monthly Site Topics Revamped

Posted on March 27, 2011 at 3:25 PM

The LIO site will start a new format of topics in April, 2011 (Updated May, September 2011). Each month will be dedicated to a key theme of interest to friends and activists, along with thinkpieces and profiles of current interest. The format is approximate and will be introduced gradually. As themes are updated we will return to about 5-12 thinkpieces yearly centered mostly on LIO Fellows

  • Starting in March  four months will deal with the four segments of the LIO program for civic betterment (Democratization for choice, De-coercive law, Devolution for choice of services and international Development of peace );
  • In  August and September  special focus on LIO Friends and their exemplery and autonomous personal projects of partcipation or leadership in advancing voluntary alternatives, editorials, advisories, and project statuses..
  • October -February monthly focus on each area of the SMILE initiatives with the work of LIO Fellows.
  • In July Highlights of the last year in building Libertarian-interested community and Liberal structures and update on conferences and events of interest: the "I LEAP!" areas of building Libertarian-interested networks and community e.g. Interpersonal, Legislative/Coalition and Think Tanks, Educative/Action Community, and Public Administration/ Public Office Key by LIO Friends.

As always, items will focus on reviews of lead Libertarians and LIO fans at work, plus data, advisories and examples of voluntary action that refute mistaken paradigms on what Libertarians are actually doing--while providing useful templates for team action and discussion.

From time to time a PDF e-zine style summary of Libertarian action suitable for creating flyers based on the items will be linked, as we say, in due course. Mayl 2011 will therefore focus on Development for international peace and the key projects underway.