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LIO Activists: Pollution Free Oceans, Sea Homesteads

Posted on April 1, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Along with insterest in voluntarist Seastead and colonies in the Ocean, LIO Libertarian activists and Friends are working to lead or promote coastal eco-parks with no unsafe offshore drilling, and homesteaded fisheries and no-go zones to better preserve sea life:

  • A group in Florida is working to make the offshore a park area of around 500 miles, with insured and third-party monitored (instead of regulated) safe drilling. In time residents may also homestead areas for receational purposes and boat living atomatically with their landed Florida homestead..
  • In Asia activists have saved species and small fisherman from over-fishing by favored companies by advancing homesteaded zones owned by local communities, trusts to preserve certain species, or native families.
  • Activists are working worldwide on no-go zones as mid-ocean parks to cobat dead zones, and to encourage courts to adopt a zero-toerance pollution policy of all shores, rivers. Governments, usually through corporate monopolies, special laws preventing court lawsuits,  or military porograms, account for over 90% of the pollution, say many experts and bodies including the US GAO.

Says the LIO curator: "We would not pollute the family swimming pool or pond for ducks and fish. The ocerans are the family swimming pool and pond of the children of Earth. A system of dialogue and contractual entities is already showing the way."

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