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Join Libertarian-Green Project Wins: 5 Ways LIO Libertarians/Fans Are Saving the Planet

Posted on April 23, 2015 at 5:35 PM

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  • Takeway: Discussion points on how Libertarian Green policies are working. Spread in your area?
  • Recently Libertarian policies were denounced by the US extreme left and a Nobel economist for pollution spills in US lakes and rivers. One problem: Local Libertarians had been attempting to prevent the problems, which were created by anti-libertarian policies of leftist officials. Why the attacks? Libertarians are actually saving the environment. Top 5:

1. Save the planet from long-term destruction. Asteroid hits, super-volcanoes, space junk, and yes, climate change were ignored until brought to public attention by LIO Libertarians/fans. LIO Fellow Reagan was called crazy for calling on re-targeting nuclear missles to anti-asteroid defense. Now many efforts are underway.

2. Population tripled, yet: Air pollution down by over half, forests and eco-zones tripled in many areas. In 1969 MG set the Libertarian air and sea pollution standard: Return to pre-industrial levels or better via voluntary eco-policies and technical improvement towards a Garden Earth. Sent to over 3000 industrial/national leaders as a goal, politicized official pollution standards still lag behind or impose too much too soon, while private effort has responded to this dramatic goal still ignored by the media. Libertarian cap-and-trade, a transitional measure invented by MG and LIO Fellows, is still misused: Monies collected go to politician’s salaries instead of accredited universities and sustainable Green research labs. In the good news, relaxed regulations have led to voluntary eco-parks, new vast commercial sustainable forests, anti-pollution devices. In the Dominican Republic, the president, also an LIO Fellow, led the country to reserve 40% of the land—i.e. all already common land--to pristine parks. This also boosted tourism and national wealth contrasted to Haiti.

3. Green is now a common mental tool. People are interested now, not hostile to eco-friendly options.

4. You can now sue polluters, protecting your property lines: In 1969 such suits were often forbidden for reasons of ‘resource management’ and ‘ending capitalist greed.’ Result: Without control by courts, legislators went wild until government bodies and cronies became the major polluters. Libertarianism champions respect for property (pollute away on your own if you must, but not on your neighbor’s land) lines, and lobby so class action environmental and property suits are commonplace. As a result, incidents plummeted.

5. Empower you to have the environment you want. Continuing dialogue so all may enjoy, at minimum, tax-free eco-family small and self-sustaining homesteads (as in Florida, USA). This involves flagging extremist efforts to coercively tax or seize your: Cash, land or home, deny aliquot use of runoff/rain water while handing watersheds over to official projects, coercively tax environmental and passive eco-improvements, limit small eco-farms and urban gardens, criminalize speech or price-data open info/comparison, home business, etc.


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Ecuador Cmdr. Astronaut Ron Nader, LIO Welcome Host pioneered a civil space agency, now leads projects for free technical education for underserved youth, and says: Share empowering LIO non-partisan fellowship tools of progress and dialogue--and your wins on our sites. LIO Libertarians starting in 1977 drove what has resulted in the international yearly conferences on interstellar colonization now sponsored by NASA.


Most of the world's poor are in the recovering coerced egalitarian countries--whether Communist or fascist-socialist--as often LIO fan led reform is increasing the standard once thought sufficient for social justice. Libertarian Nobelist and LIO Fellow Professor Milton Friedman wanted you to join him in ending pseudo-solutions by sharing concrete SMILE tools to end poverty to your country: Replacing destructive coercive taxes with endowments and voluntary taxes, simplified automatic incomes with amenities such as basic homes and healthcare, legalizing community foodshares, worker/user co-operatives, unions, and corporations that can have a non-profit component, and more. In some countries as China, wages have (2015) risen 20X from the egalitarian Communist norm thanks to SMILE tools, and now 1 in 10 US families--from 1 in 300 when reforms began in 1972-- are millionaires whose dollar buys things like web computers that once cost millions but were illegal--and with 90+% cheaper and better products thanks to continuing deregulation of choice in everything from air travel to phone systems to food.



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