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LIO Observer Ayn Rand Recalled as Movie Opens

Posted on April 1, 2011 at 9:10 PM

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Ayn Rand became involved with LIO in the 1930's, became inactive, and was re-activated shortly before her death. The artist-philosopher revived interest in Aristotelianism as a modern approach--through her work as an advocate of focused awareness, causal thinking, self-empowerment,and constitutional freedom.

April 15 was, in the Roman calendar, associated with Libertarian freedom, and is when a new movie based on Philosopher Ayn Rand's romantic thriller, Atlas Shrugged, comes to the screen--after an equally epic saga to be made and distributed in the face of sceptics.


The story presents the overthrow of a US totalitarian government when the most productive people simply go on strike, creating a domino effect and leading to a televised speech where the hero outlines an objective and secular philosophy and the relation of totalitarianism to arbitrary thought and action. Rand was vilified for years--and lionized--as her work was perversely misrepresented as e.g. fascist. The attached national TV appearance in the US greatly increased interest in her best selling books and acceptability in the electronic media. Rand was not associated with the US Libertarian Party after an unpleasant experience with anti-Rand religious fanatics led to doubts about its role. LIO advisors are presently reviving the New Intellectual Society next year, the oldest group dedicated to studying her work and publicizing Aristotelian concepts for the average person.


Rights advocates across the world are already calling for movie versions in their own languages in a unique phenomenon. Links to the movie trailer in English and Spanish, along with trailers of her other movies, are available at our Libertarian International Organization Facebook--please page down the Wall. Her work, Anthem, is a free-ebook at the Libertarian Book Club linked @   . Her work has been published in her native Russia, where, though long by US standards, they're considered by some somewhat short in the land that created the 18 hour movie and epic super-long novel.


Says LIO past Advisory Chair R. Swanson, " I knew the woman and she was deeply interested in our cause and the need for the spread of a rational philosophy as the foundation for other improvements. She was very enthusiastic about the concept of a completely voluntary society from a constitutional point of view and the heroic spirit of everyday people. She was drill-sergeant tough with her students as one would expect of a no-nonsense philosophy teacher who won't let you get away with anything, but 'off-duty' and personally was a kind and tolerant person who was at heart an artist. She felt the answer to family problems and the future were things that empowered the child such as Montessori education and the like. As a self-taught immigrant, that she wrote with such a poetic command of English was incredible. She had courage when others faltered. Her husband was a very surprising person, an artist who made them a fortune in real estate with a knack for summarizing complex issues with pithy comments out of the blue."


Note: The Roman April 15 festival related to a community event of resolving rights and sharing goods in a community meal related to a sacrifice of cattle to Tellus, who guarded rights and boundaries. There is a tradition that people were freed at this time or assumed citizenship. See: In the US, April 15 is also when unpaid income taxes are due.




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