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LIO GOOGLE+ for Community News Highlights

Posted on March 28, 2012 at 3:35 PM

With the growing Libertarian International Organization-based and -fan projects, we've started a page for  news/themes highlights at  GOOGLE+  ( or See sidebar).


Project sites will have comprehensive items, but the new site will have highlightsof those  plus additional links on intriguing data and useful tools from the GOOGLE+ fans, along with recurring reminders to use the other sites for new people with an average of 4-21 items and stories a week. In addition:

  • The co-editor's  lifestyle S.M.I.L.E. blog will have a daily "Libertopia Lib Living" tip on the growing voluntary options available thanks in some-to-large part to the work of LIO Fellows and those influenced by the ideas...with collateral additional!/LIBIntOrg" target="_blank">Tweets and Facebook posts by those blog fan communities.
  • Besides items on the LIO Fellows here, continuing news and tips on their projects from the LIO Friends network, which will also have later this year a dedicated blog and site.(Simply join that Facebook to become an LIO Friend and share your inspirational item or voluntary project). A journal site for the LIO Fellows with links to community journals is being planned for 2014-2015 to better synergize their wide interests and catalyze change.
  • Later this year many dedicated sites and e-groups to build LIO/Libertarian-interested  communities. In addition, by-country support-contact communities and portal info-pages will be up as we proceed through 2013. The whole serve to facilitate fan projects and continuity for circles of ,, etc. on an autonomous basis.

The whole represents a massive development of Libertarian-Liberal self-leadership and dialogue since the current curator, working with the LIO Fellows, re-oriented LIO from a tight, salon-like advisory body to a more open network in the last generation dedicated to general reform and conservation by voluntary non-partisan means, and  spreading local community.

LIO works by participants sharing projects and info among themselves and with the public, in an expanding dialogue to expand, and continually improve using, conscious and rights-based voluntary association and community. Join us!



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