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Gilson Reform Re-Issue, Libertarian Institute Dawns

Posted on May 30, 2012 at 9:20 PM

  Dr. Margeret Tse, Libertarian Institute welcome host encourages you to look into tools such as more open and free groups, public entities and markets.  LI will advise you on setting up your local mini-think tank or legal project, or just use the suggested models at its blog.

Current civic Libertarianism dialogue as facilitated by many using LIO has 2 levels:

  1. General Libertarian-oriented/Liberal ( more participative and market-friendly secular democracy improvement as championed by Dr. Hospers), and in them
  2. Libertarian-directional projects aiming at more open and voluntary-friendly societies (such as indicated in the book 'Voluntary City' by Beito to the many studies by Dr. Rothbard). These basically see Libertarians as highly focused advocates of justice and liberty through voluntary and more open, participative or local means; and
  3. The more 'strict ' efforts to legalize both LIO model eco-community approved by the curator around SMILE themes, and user-defined Lib-based communties inspired by the effort or using condign tools. These see Libertarians as embryo pledged rights-upholding freeholders of forthcoming Libertarian communities and cities based entirely on model voluntary structures within the first.

All in the last generation have been driven by a limited circulation paper that collates UN Rights to voluntary initiatives: 'You Have A Right' developed as a young man by the current curator, Michael Gilson-De Lemos (MG),  and circulated to eminent civic, libertarian-interested and other leaders over the years and of course key LIO Fellows, along with various rights projects to reform key problems in statutes and moral-managerial approach known as the 'Gilson Reform', summarized by the 4 D's at the sidebar of Democracy, Decriminalization/de-coercion, Devolution and Development worldwide in civil/civic socity interfaces.

 Under a 30-year agreement, it was the basis of the model Lib-direction USLP platform and an effort to organize materials as shown here: for international starter use.


Some years ago we ( with MG as leader and curator, Dr. Hospers, Dr. Friedman, David Nolan, and myself so it will operate as our personal arm, in other words the modern civic movement founders) began forming a Libertarian Institute to carry out and maintain both the reform and general Lib activity on the main lines of legal and policy change driven by the citizen via e.g. direct democracy, petitions, and judicial action. It is a project to also set and publicize Libertarian group standards and open management in general. MG will be issuing  appropriate legal information and model community standards on LIO themes and so publicing the re-worked 'You Have A Right' and support documents on e.g. a model Libertarian law code based on voluntary community in future years.

To that end we're Beta-testing the LI blog for launch with other projects this Summer for the long-awaited sister Libertarian Institute. In past years we have quietly developed autonomous groups to petition and interact as citizens on the trhemes in many countries and now they're taking off on their own. The e-platform helps inform and network call- contact teams, reports Lib legislative/law wins (there's one daily now somewhere), and analysis direct from MG or interested LIO Fellows to encourage the jurists of tomorrow and e.g. DDIR efforts among others. As such we're already seeing the teams and interested LI fans and publicized groups becoming the main factor for Libertarian legal change worldwide.

Mr. Nolan noted that NO Lib-interest entity as of 2010 (and of now) upholds the Lib-direction and under-issue lines of the strict Libertarian reform--except the emrging LI. All promote a type 1 or 2 phase that in effect assumes a world without Libertarians or Libertarian legal knowledge to inform action: Rothbard's competing governments, CATO limitted government proposals, the emphasis on small government or anarchism, and so forth.This is by design, and the LI alone will speak with the joint authority of movement founders and activist continuity in promoting voluntary groups and communities through legalization on all levels as an interlocking whole.

LI will help certify both strict Libertarian groups and more to its ends and with a self-rating system for the Lib-based as well on the 3 levels, developed by the movement co-founders and already used by many activists. People are already using the law rating system to assess the rights inpacts of laws from A to F and so better direct dialogue and self-organize effort..


The Libertarian Institute blog is linked above and at:  I emphasize that as part of the project to build model LIO  and SMILE-interested community to each major conurbation,  things stated here reference the curator's concerns and not necessarily those of LIO Fellows or any other LIO encouraged project. LIO encourages dialogue towards voluntary tools and not any party or statute per se.

The blog reports the now daily wins happening worldwide as the Gilson Reform spreads...Start your day with encouraging news, or consider starting an independent call team to push local change at this unique and useful Law, Rights & Lib Policy Reporter with News on Rights Work Worldwide.

--R.Swanson, past LIO Advisory Chair, charter founder USLP

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The average LIO fan is an Asian woman like educator Fely Gahan interested in more voluntary tools, transparent democracy, and tolerance. They're (2015) 8 million+ caring homes like yours distributed proportionately in every country, class, and major ethnicity. If you're wondering why China is moving towards more prosperity and India is becoming a lower-tax powerhouse where Ayn Rand is a best-seller--now you know. Find out more.

Ecuador Cmdr. Astronaut Ron Nader, LIO Welcome Host pioneered a civil space agency, now leads projects for free technical education for underserved youth, and says: Share empowering LIO non-partisan fellowship tools of progress and dialogue--and your wins on our sites. LIO Libertarians starting in 1977 drove what has resulted in the international yearly conferences on interstellar colonization now sponsored by NASA.


Most of the world's poor are in the recovering coerced egalitarian countries--whether Communist or fascist-socialist--as often LIO fan led reform is increasing the standard once thought sufficient for social justice. Libertarian Nobelist and LIO Fellow Professor Milton Friedman wanted you to join him in ending pseudo-solutions by sharing concrete SMILE tools to end poverty to your country: Replacing destructive coercive taxes with endowments and voluntary taxes, simplified automatic incomes with amenities such as basic homes and healthcare, legalizing community foodshares, worker/user co-operatives, unions, and corporations that can have a non-profit component, and more. In some countries as China, wages have (2015) risen 20X from the egalitarian Communist norm thanks to SMILE tools, and now 1 in 10 US families--from 1 in 300 when reforms began in 1972-- are millionaires whose dollar buys things like web computers that once cost millions but were illegal--and with 90+% cheaper and better products thanks to continuing deregulation of choice in everything from air travel to phone systems to food.



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